Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 43: Pre-speech

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Chapter 43.2

Several people ate in the canteen nearby. After sat down, Mo Shaoqing solemnly apologized to Xu Chengxuan for his absence.

Xu Chengxuan doesn't care about this. "Hey, how can I blame you? I'm not good. I misjudged the rehearsal time of the script. And ah, the people I'm looking for don't have any acting cells."

Mo Shaoqing was still very guilty, "That is Lin Wan's side..."

Xu Chengxuan explained while eating, "I'll explain her side. Don't worry, Xiao Wan is very good at talking."

The celebration time was five days in a row with the weekend. If the students didn't want to do anything, they could have a rest in these five days. If there was a stage show, they need to make preparations one or two months in advance. If it's only a garden party, they need to make preparations two weeks in advance.

In the woods, Xu Chengxuan was comforting Lin Wan who was crying.

Without the usual liveliness and loveliness, Lin Wan's dazzling face was wept, "It's totally ruined. What can I do in the future?"

Xu Chengxuan who had been pestered by her for half an hour, was a little impatient, but he was still patient and comforted her, "What do you want? You can't go to the stage with semi-finished products. Otherwise, you can join us to be a maid's cafe shop. Maybe some scout or director will come for coffee? And the cake made by the senior is delicious..."

"Xu Chengxuan——" Lin Wan cried discontentedly, she asked resentfully, "How can you just eat and drink? Now it's me, your girlfriend. Your future is going to be ruined. How can you still want to eat!"

Xu Chengxuan didn't think so. He didn't expect Lin Wan to enter the entertainment circle in this way. Then he took the tissue and handed it to her, "But you can't put everything on that illusory opportunity? Who knows if there will be a director and a star scout under the stage? Don't you think so?"

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Lin Wan couldn't help being angry and sneering, "Haha, you said it so lightly. Do you know that opportunities are for people who are prepared? How rare is an opportunity? Do you know how difficult it is for the performance department to enter the entertainment circle? You're just gonna talk about it here!"

This sarcastic remark, in a word, she poured a basin of ice water on Xu Chengxuan, from head to toe. He laughed at himself, "It turns out that these weeks' efforts are just a joke?"

Xu Chengxuan suddenly felt very tired. He gave up the activities in his class, wrote scripts, changed scripts, and found someone to rehearse. All these things were not worth mentioning in her eyes?

Xu Chengxuan looked at the girl in front of him. When did that innocent and beautiful girl become like this, as if she had never thoroughly understood. "Then you think so, I wrote the script for you, and I also found someone for rehearsal. How about you? One of arm-flinging shopkeeper, and said that the people in our department have no acting skills, and say that they are not good-looking. Please! I was invited by everyone, not your servants. Why don't you pick some handsome men and beautiful women from your department to help you since you don't like that people can't act?" (TN: somebody who asks others to work but does nothing him/herself)

Lin Wan was speechless, "I... that's not... that's my stage play. I'm the main character. Why do I invite other students? Do you share the fruits of my victory?" She didn't say a word. There were too many handsome men and women in the performance department. She was afraid that they robbed her limelight.

"Besides, this stage play was unsuccessful..." Lin Wan mumbled, "you mean I'm responsible for everything? Do you blame me for the absence of Mo Shaoqing? "

Xu Chengxuan was laughed at by her. "I'd like to ask you to make some sense. This is my script for you. It's not Mo Shaoqing. What are you talking about all of a sudden? Shaoqing returned home because of urgent matters."

Xu Chengxuan suddenly realized something, "You have been blaming Shaoqing for your feelings!"

Lin Wan broke the pot and said all her discontent, "Yes, he is still your good brother? If he hadn't been absent for so long, would this play be so? And who are the people you invited?"

Xu Chengxuan was angry and laughed, "Okay, you're right. It's me. Difficult. To. Please."

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Chapter 43.2

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