Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 43: Pre-speech

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Chapter 43.2

The demon woman handed the coffee to Monica at the door and looked at the door for several times before she reluctantly left.

Monica opened the delicate carton, and the fragrance inside was intoxicating. It was a waste of such a good snack for some people. Thought about it, she took it down with ease and prepared to wait for the people inside to send in.

The conversation in the office continued——

Ling Xinrong was mad at the "nephew" in front of him, but he couldn't do anything about him. After all, he's not the child who could be pinched before.

"Ling Senhao, I just want to say, a man has to stay on the line. Hmph, let's go." The conversation broke up with unhappiness.

"Senhao, how are you looking at the photos sent by auntie the other day?" Ling Yueying was reconciled and continued to stay cheeky, but couldn't hold the air conditioner across.

"If there's nothing else, I'm going to start working. I don't like people waiting around while I'm working."

Ling Yueying just had such a good "temper". She also hated the itchy teeth[1], and the smile on her face was almost impossible to stop. "Then you work hard, next time auntie will come to see you."


Ling Yueying thought that things were turning around, and she smiled, but the answer was, "Take what you bring away. I'm only in my 20s, not in my 60s. I can't eat these supplements." This was to mocked that Ling Yueying married a 60-years-old man.

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But it's not over. "And my marriage is not for anyone to worry about."

This time Ling Yueying was completely angry. Regardless of the gifts, she stepped on her high heels, slammed the door and left.

"I have no patience at this point, but I still pretend to be a good man——" Ling Senhao said coldly.

Monica was also a human being. She knew what happened. The boss must be very angry at the moment. It's time to perform her duties as a good subordinate. After thought about it, she took out the pastry from Mo's Restaurant and went to the office.

Ling Senhao took a bite of pastry lightly, and his anger dropped a little.

Monica took out the schedule in a timely manner, "President Ling, the speech for the school has been determined, Business School of S City University and Drama School of S City."

Ling Senhao raised his eyebrows, "You made it?"

Then he said, "Change!"

Monica, of course, obeyed the instructions, but still had doubts, "But these two schools are top universities in S City..."

Ling Senhao said meaningfully, "Change to Art College of S City."

Monica suddenly realized and smiled, "Oh, I see, President Ling."

Ling Senhao finished all this, put down his pen and rubbed the screen of his mobile phone. Now he was looking forward to seeing the expression on his face when he met him.

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[1] 此刻也恨的牙痒 // Uh, I don't know the meaning of it, anybody knows?

Chapter 43.2

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