Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 43: Pre-speech

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As soon as the voice fell, Lin Wan suddenly had a bad premonition. Looking at her boyfriend's strange eyes, she panicked. She wanted to explain, but Xu Chengxuan got her ear and said, "But don't forget, your future is none of my business!"

Then he put Lin Wan's bag on the chair and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Lin, I'm not waiting for you. Thank you. I hope you can enter the entertainment circle tomorrow and soar to the sky!"

"Hey—— Xu Chengxuan, you come back to me!" Lin Wan shouted regardless of her image, only to retrieve Xu Chengxuan's meal, then he continued to move forward until his back disappeared.

The two people had the biggest quarrel ever. Of course, everyone knew nothing about it.

The days near the weekend were always enjoyable, but Donghu Building was not peaceful at the moment. The office was full of people come and go, the typing sound was endless. Everyone was on a tight string. It's definitely a weekend to work overtime.

"Ah, the weekend is planned!" female employee A sighed.

"Yes, we are busy, but after taking over Ling Group Media, we are the people of Xingyang Entertainment! In the future, I can meet many big stars here!" said female employee B excitedly.

"But no matter how the company changes outside, it has nothing to do with a small staff like us, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, huh, it's boring." Female employee B was soon discouraged.

At this time, female employee B swept to female employee C who had bought coffee from outside and hurriedly pulled her aside, "Oh my god, everyone is so busy, you actually go to Mo's to buy afternoon tea."

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"Where's mine, I also listen to——" female employee C pointed to the upstairs implicitly, "just bought it!"

"But then, isn't the chairman is the nephew of Ling Group Media's boss? Where does the nephew buy the uncle company?" Female employee B wondered.

"Oh, you don't know anything! Since ancient times, there has been a lot of gratitude and resentment among the great families..." Female employee A sold a pass and looked at the people attracted by her contentedly. Only after everyone's urging, she said with satisfaction, "Ling Xinrong, the current head of Ling Group, and our president's mother are half-siblings..."

"Oh——" A sudden enlightenment, everyone began to talk about it.

"It's not a related nephew. I heard that for Master Ling's future heritage, both sides have been quarreling for a long time. But Master Ling is really biased! Ling Group gave the eldest son and the third daughter, but said that the second daughter had married abroad. The youngest son was still young, devoted to art, would not manage anything, it's hilarious." another person broke the news.

"Yes, yes, I'm confused. Not to the children from the first wife, but to the children from another family." Once again, everyone agreed.

"So, this company can't be regarded as an acquisition. It's part of the family property given by Master Ling! It's just that the outside world said he's biased!"

"Master Ling is also the top of the rich list in China. He actually threw such rumors to calm the outside. I'm also laughing about it!"

"What are you doing!" The flat sound surprised them, made the employees immediately return to their positions, "Everyone works hard, don't think about something all day long. Do you talk about the chairman?"

The superior of the so-called "demon woman" scolded several employees, looked at them nodding their heads as satisfied as quail, and leisurely carried away the coffee and snacks bought by female employee C. Leaving a hard-working female employee C, she also wanted to show her face in front of the president!

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