Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 10: Tang Chen

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"Qin Xiaoyan, do you like your little brother?" When the man laughed, he had two dimples. His eyebrows and eyes were curved and bright.

He stroked his slightly raised stomach, and his thin lips pressed together and his voice was cold and very nice. "You can take care of him later."

In October, the good-looking man gave birth to a beautiful baby. The baby was very sticky to Qin Shaoyan.

"Yan Yan, hug."

"Yan Yan, tell a story, don't sleep."

"Yan Yan, you should come to pick me up earlier... Yan Yan... Yan Yan..."

Qin Shaoyan opened his eyes suddenly. The room was still dark. He wiped his forehead and sweated his hands. How long hasn't he had this dream? It's been several years.

He got up from the bed and opened the heavy curtains, the sun suddenly poured in. "Good morning, Xiao Bai."

Today, the entire company headquarters of Huanyu Group was in a low pressure. Because their president was not in a good mood, so they had to clamp their tail to avoid the disaster.

"Dai Jia, come in."

The person who was named Dai Jia was the Secretary of the President, he knocked in with the tragic face of "the wind was bleak, the water was cold, and the heroes were gone forever".

As soon as Dai Jia saw the man who was releasing the powerful low pressure and bowing his head to a batch of documents, his scalp became numb. "President Qin."

Qin Shaoyan signed his name on the paper, covered the folder and points to the flowers on it. "The flowers are too ugly and smelly. Next time order from Xingfu Road No. 33, North Street."

Dai Jia took out the paper and pen he had with him and recorded, "Yes, President Qin."

"Also," Qin Shaoyan pointed a pink folder on the table, "take this to Jie Ni, and let him tell the planning department that if you can't do it well, don't do it, go back to farming. Is this level written by primary school students? I don't know that our company still employs child labor."

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"Yes." Dai Jia picked up the folder and said in his heart that someone had hit the muzzle of the gun again. Looked at the name on the folder, haha, it turned out that it was that little bitch. No wonder she would be brushed down by the boss. It has been said that she should spend less time thinking about dressing up and learn some real skills. After growing a fox face, she knew to flirt with her boss every day. This kind of person would not jump around for a few days.

He walked into the assistant office of the president and throw the pink folder with perfume on Jie Ni's desk. "Fuck! I feel like my fingers are going to rot if I take one more minute. Return this dirty thing to her quickly. If the boss says it's not good to write again, just get out."

Jie Ni was making a note of the data in the computer, she was busy, and his face was blown by the wind brought by the folder thrown at the table. "Hm, the perfume changed. This time is the new perfume from Diya's House, it's called Summer Temptation."

"I think this person is sick. Whoever has nothing to do will make the document so fragrant. It's sprayed directly." Dai Jia rolled his eyes.

Jie Ni waved her hands, "Go quickly. What do you think you don't understand? Go back to work, I'm busy." He was busy to death every day and had no time to manage others. The boss was a robot. Why does he press our workforce every day? Wait online, urgent!

Xingfu Road No. 33, North Street.

Huang Qianyi arranged the flowers that had just been transported from the flower bed. Gao Yang was washing and changing all the vases. Little Gao Xun was lying on the stroller, reaching out to catch the rattle hanging above his head.

"It's Christmas in a few days. Shall we arrange it in our shop?" Gao Yang asked.

Huang Qianyi put false heather flowers into the vase. "Well, I'm going to the flower garden today. The landlady there said she would send me a Christmas tree. I'll get it tomorrow. Let's decorate it and put it in the door."

"Shall we do some activities, too? On Christmas Eve, you can buy a bunch of flowers and send an apple. Is it better to give something or a discount on Christmas day? "

"Let's get a discount. We give discount 20% for actual delivery."

While they were working and chatting, they suddenly heard several screams outside the door, which could be heard even at the end of the street. Huang Qianyi and Gao Yang both stop their work. What happened? What the hell happened in the daytime? Before they could go out to see the situation, they saw a black shadow swishing in from the door. It was so fast that people couldn't see clearly.

The shadow asked, "Which places people can hide?"

It turned out to be a man. How could he wear black in the daytime? Before Gao Yang could speak, he ran in.

Gao Yang: "..." Brother, how could you not be an athlete dug by the national sports association when you run so fast.

In a few seconds, a black wave of people rushed past the door, almost like a gust of wind. He just listened to them running and shouting, "Ah! It's Tang Chen! Tang Chen..."

Tang Chen? Wasn't that the new movie star of the year? Gao Yang suddenly realized that it was a group of star chasers. At this time, the person who ran to the back of the shelter hid behind the wall, stretched out his head, his face was covered by a black mask, only showed a pair of big eyes and blinked and looked at the outside, which was very interesting.

Gao Yang waved to him, "Come out, they have run far away." At that speed, I'm afraid it's already thousands of miles away.

"Thank you." The man thanked him gratefully.

"Are you Tang Chen?"

The well-known Tang Chen was nervous for a while, "No!"

Gao Yang chuckled, "I'm not a fan of you. I won't do anything to you. You can rest assured."

Tang Chen listened to him to say so, he breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest, "That's good, that's good."

Gao Yang raised his eyebrows, which was unexpectedly simple. Wasn't it that the entertainment circle was a place where people eat and didn't spit the bones? This one looked very deceitful. "Sit down, I'll pour you a glass of water."

"I've seen your movie. It's good, young man." Huang Qianyi said smilingly, it's the first time had such close contact with a big star.

"Thank you, aunt." Tang Chen said politely. He made his debut very early, and at first ran a long way as a supporting actor, playing as the fourth actor and fifth actor, but he was lucky enough to meet a good agent and the best company.

"Could you sign for me if you don't mind?" Huang Qianyi said that although she's not his fans, she still liked him.

"Of course." Of course, Tang Chen didn't mind. He wrote, "To the lovely auntie, I wish you a prosperous business".

Gao Yang poured him a glass of lemonade. "You'd better not stay here too long. There will be more and more people in a while."

"Mm-hmm." Tang Chen nodded, took out his mobile phone from his pocket and opened the screen. Before he could dial it out, a call coming in, the caller was "Mom Qian".

"Tang Chen! Where are you? Do you know you are going to audition this afternoon? Didn't I let you watch the script at home? Even if you run out, you will be recognized by others. Now the photos have been uploaded to the internet!" His agent Qian roared at the other end of the phone, and Gao Yang could hear the loudness.

Tang Chen obviously had a rich experience. He took his mobile phone far away. Hmph, don't want to listen to this henpeck. "Mama Qian, I'm on the Xingfu Road of North Street... Um, which number?" He raised his head and asked Gao Yang.

"33." Gao Yang said.

"Xingfu Road No. 33 North Street, come here to talk." Then he hung up the phone.

Half an hour later, a low-key silver car stopped at the gate of the flower shop. The agent in professional clothes walked into the flower shop with a black face.

"Tang Chen!"

Tang Chen picked his ears. "Don't be so loud. There are children."

Qian Zhiwen took a deep breath. Well, for the sake of children, he's not angry. "You'd better explain to me what's going on!"

"I just want to come here to buy something. Bai Ye said that he saw it here last time, and I came here to try my luck. Who knew it, I would be found out." Tang Chen was also very aggrieved. He curled and there was dark cloud hung above his head. He was found out by the girl that was wearing a see-through lens.

No need to ask Tang Chen, Qian Zhiwen knew what it was. "Let's go back."

"Why, don't you scold me?" Tang Chen was surprised. He didn't scolded him for an hour and a half before he refused to stop.

Qian Zhiwen chuckled, "Is it useful for me to scold you? Did I scold you a little before? You don't keep playing the game. Come on, let's go.."

"Oh." Qian Zhiwen was like this, Tang Chen was really a bit uncomfortable.

"Thank you so much today." Qian Zhiwen took out a transparent case from his pocket and gave it to Gao Yang. "This is my business card. Tang Chen still has work in the afternoon. Please have a meal another day."

Gao Yang saw Tang Chen winked at himself behind Qian Zhiwen, he smiled and accepted the business card. "OK."


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False heather flowers or known as Taiwan beauty (Cuphea hyssopifolia)

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