Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 9: Not Yet

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"I'll send you back."

What? He said he'd send himself back? Gao Yang almost thought he had heard something wrong, "No need, I live near here."

"Are you sure?" Qin Shaoyan looked at him calmly.

He doesn't know why, Gao Yang felt that if he nodded at this time, something bad might happen, so he had to brace himself and said, "Of course, it will be best if someone can send us."

Although he said this sentence very reluctantly, Qin Shaoyan was very satisfied with his current situation. "Then, let's go."

Young Master Qin waved his hand and led the way. Gao Yang pushed the baby stroller like a young wife. There were five or six shopping bags hanging on the stroller, quietly following in the rear.

Qin Shaoyan glanced back and saw the way he was pushing the stroller. He was very tired and looked uncomfortable. "Can I help you?"

"No, no need." Gao Yang quickly shook his head.

Qin Shaoyan suddenly smiled, "Are you afraid of me?"

Gao Yang said in his heart that he was not afraid of him, but he did not dare to tell the truth and had to say, "No."

"But I think you look nervous." President Qin was so sharp. He had been taking over the business of the company since he was 16 years old. He did not become the director as soon as he entered the company, but started from the most basic work. He knew every link of the company, contacted more than 60% of the company's people, and gained a pair of discerning eyes. He could see at a glance that Gao Yang was very nervous when he faced him, as if he was a little guilty. Qin Shaoyan was really puzzled about this. They had only met several times in total and only had one close contact. Why was Gao Yang so afraid of him? It seemed that he had done something wrong and was afraid to be known by him.

"No." Gao Yang pretended to be calm. Anyway, you couldn't know. I'm afraid you wouldn't succeed!

"You..." Qin Shaoyan hesitated for a moment, then changed his words again, "I'll come." Then he pushed Gao Yang aside.

Gao Yang looked at the back of Qin Shaoyan pushed the stroller and was in a complicated mood. Compared with Gao Yang's uneasiness, Little Gao Xun was very happy. He looked up, a pair of big black eyes stared at Qin Shaoyan, Qin Shaoyan looked down at him, he smiled at the other and looked very friendly.

Qin Shaoyan was surprised a moment. The baby was so cute that it reminded him of a scene from his childhood.

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The car was parked in the underground parking lot. Qin Shaoyan folded the stroller and put it in the trunk. Gao Yang held Little Gao Xun and sat in the back of the car.

"Address." Qin Shaoyan started the car and asked Gao Yang to speak without asking.

Gao Yang struggled for a while in his heart and finally gave up the fake address under the gaze of Qin Shaoyan.

"Xingfu Road No. 33, North Street."

Qin Shaoyan raised his eyebrows, "It's not close to here."

But it's not far. It's only half an hour to walk. He liked to walk more and exercise more. Wasn't that good for his health?

"All right."

Qin Shaoyan didn't speak anymore, he was driving. Gao Yang was relieved.

When the car arrived at the gate of the flower shop, the shop was closed. It was dark inside. There was a car parked at the gate. Qin Shaoyan glanced at the license plate and frowned. It was a military jeep, and the identity of the person using the car was not low.

The man that was standing beside the jeep was dressed in military uniform and stood upright. When he saw the person coming down from the luxury car, he quickly determined which one he was looking for. It's true that the temperament of the two people was far from each other. One could see that he was a successful person at a glance, and he was not an ordinary successful person. The other, needless to say, was a part-time worker.

"Mr. Gao."

Gao Yang looked at him with a blank face and said to himself who was this person. He doesn't know him. How did he know me, it's a soldier who came to me. I didn't seem to break the law, right? "You are?"

"Oh, that's it." The brother soldier explained, "My boss asked me to send you something. It looks like you're not here so I'm waiting."

Didn't came to arrest him, which made Gao Yang nervous for a long time.

Gao Yang didn't know how long he had been waiting at the door. He was very embarrassed. "I'm really sorry. I have something to go out today. Who's your boss? I don't seem to know any great people."

"My boss asked me to tell you that Tao Zi bought clothes for his godson." the brother soldier replied flatly. He took a big package out of the car. Gao Yang held the baby in his hand. Qin Shaoyan naturally helped him to pick it up.

"..." Gao Yang looked at the big bag and felt a headache. His baby's godfather was a local tyrant. If he doesn't agree with him, he would start the buy-mode to buy more clothes for his baby. Wait online, urgent!

"Trouble you." Gao Yang was ashamed of Tao Zi.

"No trouble, it's my pleasure to do some work for our lady boss."

...Lady boss! I seemed to have heard something amazing! What should I do? Would I be silenced?

"Your boss, is it Yun Kuo?" Qin Shaoyan asked suddenly.

The brother soldier was stunned. The aura was too strong, and it felt like a fight with his boss. "Yes, you are?"

"He should be very busy these days." Qin Shaoyan raised his lips, "He still has time to run to do other things, it seems he is not as busy as said."

The brother soldier realized that the relationship between this person and his boss seemed unusual. "Not so bad." It's just a small joint military exercise. The 15th group army hadn't been afraid of anyone.

"Say hello to him on my behalf." Qin Shaoyan was carrying a heavy package, "By the way, please help me to bring a sentence. His wife is such a wastrel. Does he care?"

How many clothes could a baby wear in a winter when he was less than five months old? Were you going to change one for him in a day and a different one the next day? And it could only be worn for one season, it would not be worn the next year.

Gao Yang agreed very much. He's really a wastrel. Oh, wait... What's the situation? Was that what understanding meant? Does this person knew Tao Zi and the man named Yun Kuo?

Gao Yang's heart became cold for a moment. This man and Tao Zi knew each other. Was his secret far from being discovered by him? What the fuck! This was really a shit fate!

Gao Yang sat at the bedside. After Little Gao Xun slept, he kept this position for nearly an hour.

"Baby, dad has a kind of feeling that can't be covered. Do you want to run with dad?" Gao Yang pinched Little Gao Xun's plump face and laughed while sleeping. He was thoughtless and doesn't know his father's worries at all.

In fact, Gao Yang was worried too much. First of all, Tao Zi was not a mouthful person, and Qin Shaoyan was not a person who would inquire about other people's privacy. Second, Tao Zi, as a doctor who knew a lot of secrets, had a very strict mouth. Otherwise, no one else would be able to see him.

Gao Yang was anxious here. Qin Shaoyan just got a call from Yun Kuo when he came in.

"My guard met you today?"

Qin Shaoyan put on the slippers at home and threw the key in the wooden box above the shoe cabinet. "What? I found the secret, are you afraid?"

Yun Kuo chuckled, "What do you think?"

"I don't think you have enough pressure, Commander Yun."

"I'm in my early thirties. It's time to develop my personal life."

"Rabbit don't eat grass near their nest." The implication was that everyone grew up together, and the relationship was as good as your own family, you had the nerve to start. (TN: being good to neighbors)

"You won't let it go." Yun Kuo heard from his guard that Qin Shaoyan personally sent the man named Gao Yang back as a driver and brought something back to others, which was the treatment enjoyed only by people close to him. He especially wanted to ask President Qin how he felt when he chased a father with a baby and didn't know what his mother was like.

"We are just ordinary friends."

Yun Kuo sneered. Could he believe this sentence when it's put on Qin Shaoyan?

"Go check it if you like. Otherwise, I'll ask Tao Zi for you. He's still the godfather of that baby."

Qin Shaoyan knew that he was a master who saw the excitement and never bothered, so he said, "He helped me a little by accident, but he didn't pay attention to it. I just wanted to thank him, not so complicated."

When Yun Kuo heard this, his heart stopped for more than half of the time. This plot was so old-fashioned that it's not as good as his military performance. Although it's almost the same every year, there would always be one or two recruits that would shine.


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