Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 8: Send You Back

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"I heard that my baby son had a fever last night?"

Gao Yang didn't rest until early this morning. He couldn't sleep well when he was lying in bed. He was worried that Little Gao Xun would burn again. He woke up every half an hour and felt his forehead hot. He didn't go to sleep until he was really tired in the morning.

He just fell asleep for less than an hour, he was woken up by a series of life-threatening calls. As soon as he picked it up, he didn't said a word, and then he said in a hurry.

"Well, he has a fever. We'll go back after taking the antipyretic. He hasn't burned any more now. Zheng Weiming said it's not serious. Just take the medicine." Gao Yang's voice was hoarse. He took his mobile phone and didn't open his eyes.

"I said how long before I left, he became ill. Your father is really. Before I left, I told you not to abuse him." Tao Zi gushed and began to scold Gao Yang, "Did he wearing less clothes? His situation may cause fever repeatedly. Don't worry, if he still has a fever the day after tomorrow, go to the hospital. Give him more hot water, don't wrap him up while he has a fever, the child's body function is not fully developed, and it's not easy to dissipate heat. Dress him normally, and don't take him out to be hit by the wind."

"Okay." Really troublesome.

"I have more few days here. When it's cold, I'll buy some thick clothes for my godson. Don't buy from those ugly and poor quality local stalls. I'll buy them. Do you hear me?"

If Gao Yang really wanted to roll his eyes, it seemed that he was a stingy father and didn't heard his words! No matter how hard it was, the child must not suffer! At first glance, he was a father who would not suffer from his own children. "Okay, okay, I know. Is there anything else?"

"Hm, take a picture of my godson." Tao Zi thought for a moment, "Nothing else."

"That will do."

Gao Yang said and hung up the phone. If there's nothing else, don't talk nonsense and wasted the phone charges.

Tao Zi was caught off guard. His gloomy mobile phone was thrown aside and his head was buried in a soft pillow.

Then the bathroom door was opened from inside and a man came out. The man was about 1.9 meters tall, with a naked upper body, a white bath towel around his waist, wide shoulders and narrow hips, a standard inverted triangle body, strong arms, and perfect eight abdominal muscles. At first sight, he knows that he was a trainer. He had a scar on his chest, about five or six centimeters long, which made him more dangerous.

He went to the bedside and rubbed Tao Zi's head, "Aren't you afraid of boring yourself?"

"No way." Tao Zi's voice muffled.

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The man smiled and said, "Hurry up, don't you want to go to the hospital?"

Tao Zi looked up and gave him a vicious look, "You have the nerve to say! I said last night that I am very busy recently, and you want me to go to work." He obviously said it and did so ruthlessly. Now he couldn't get up at all, okay? This damn man!

"Oh, it's my fault. I apologize." the man said insincerely, "Who made you so tempting last night?"

"Yun Kuo!" Tao Zi gnawed his teeth.

"Hm, what?"

"You are so shameless. Do your soldiers know that?"

"Do they know that I can't control it?" Yun Kuo took the man out of the bed and put him on his leg, "You know that. Which clothes you want to wear?"

Tao Zi wore nothing, so it was awkward to be held naked. He pointed to the blue shirt hung in the wardrobe, "That one."

Yun Kuo never served anyone, Tao Zi was the first one. He dressed him and fed him breakfast and took him to the hospital.

"Are you going back tomorrow?" Before getting out of the car, Tao Zi asked and clung to the car door.

"Hn." He had only two days off.

"Then accompany me to buy some clothes for my godson this evening, and you will help me take them back." Tao Zi said.

Yun Kuo frowned. "Taozi, do you like children very much?" (TN: peach (桃子))

"It's ok." He didn't like children very much either. He just liked Gao Xun because he was the first child he delivered in his medical career.

"You should know we can't have children." He didn't want to interfere with Tao Zi's preferences, but he wanted to make it clear that since he was with him, he had to have the awareness of no children. Surrogacy was not to be thought of, he would not agree.

"I know why you talk so much nonsense. Hurry up and go." Tao Zi waved his hand impatiently. Of course, he knew it. He doesn't plan to raise children in the future. Otherwise, how would he recognize his godson?

Little Gao Xun's illness came and went quickly. He was lively again in three days.

Gao Yang pushed the baby stroller that was given as a present by Huang Qianyi to Little Gao Xun and went to the nearby shopping mall to buy some winter clothes for Little Gao Xun.

Winter clothes were not easy to dry, even if there was a washing machine now, it couldn't be dried in a day. Gao Yang planned to buy more pieces, so he doesn't have to worry about the baby's lack of clothes.

There were quite a lot of baby clothes shops in the shopping mall. There was a street selling baby clothes. Gao Yang was not in a hurry and planned to go shopping one by one. He didn't know how big the baby should wear, so he listened to the advice of the shopping guide. He bought the smallest size, which was made of pure cotton and comfortable to wear.

By the time he reached the sixth store, Gao Yang had several shopping bags in his hand.

The decoration of the sixth store was very distinctive, which made people know that the good in it was not cheap at a glance. Gao Yang thought that he couldn't afford to buy it, so he pushed the car in. (TN: I don't know, it's really car/vehicle)

The clothes in this shop were basically worn by two to five-year-old children, and few clothes were worn by babies for several months. The styles of the clothes were all trendy. There were no identical clothes could be seen on the market. The price was naturally super expensive. A small shirt would be one thousand or two for such a cloth. You might as well go to rob it.

"Welcome." There was only one young lady in the shop. She should be the owner of the shop.

"I'll take a look." Gao Yang said.

"Yes." The female shop owner seemed to be used to this kind of casually looking guest. She walked over to the counter and asked, "Do you want a cup of coffee?"

This sentence of course was not to ask Gao Yang. Then a cold male voice sounded, "Not drink, your craft is too bad."

Gao Yang listened to the voice that familiar to him. He stopped and looked back at the counter. There was a man sitting there. He was busy with his head down. Seeing the unforgettable face, Gao Yang felt a chill rising from the bottom of his feet to his head.

"You workaholic, can't you take a break when you come with me?" Was it true that you would not be tired if you looked at the business plans and statements all day long? It's really impossible for the machine to do it.

"When you sit down with me, I'll understand." Qin Shaoyan lightly replied.

"I'd rather draw in my design room." Hate it. If she had to, she would have quit.

At this time, Qin Shaoyan felt that there was a bunch of eyes looking at him. Looking up, he saw that Gao Yang lightning seemed to quickly take back his eyes and turn to other places. This person was really the same as before... terrified. Qin Shaoyan also saw the baby carriage. Did he had a baby?

"Whatever." Qin Shaoyan uttered an endless sentence.

"Ah?" Qin Li couldn't respond, and what was he said?

Qin Shaoyan began to clean up the things on the table. "You haven't come home for nearly half a year. She just wants you to go back to accompany her. Dating is not the purpose. You can do it by yourself. Jie Ni will come to pick up the things later." He walked out quickly, as if chasing someone.

When Gao Yang came out of the shop, he had only two words in his mind: run fast. He didn't expect that he could meet that man when he came out to go shopping. He was really afraid of anything.

"Do you want to race with the baby stroller?" Qin Shaoyan grabbed Gao Yang's arm to prevent him from hitting the person in front of him. "In such a place, isn't it appropriate?"

Gao Yang scolded on his heart, how should he face him? Pretended not to know and said, "Sir, who are you?" or "long time no see"?

Qin Shaoyan saw Gao Yang stared blankly, he resisted the impulse to poke. "Mute?"

"Hello." Gao Yang said dryly.

Qin Shaoyan looked down at the baby sitting on the stroller. "Your baby?"

Gao Yang saw him and asked the child. He was nervous and nodded, "Um, my child."

Qin Shaoyan raised his eyebrows, "You come to buy clothes for the children alone?"

"Yes." He wanted to be accompanied, but unfortunately it was impossible.

"You..." Qin Shaoyan wanted to ask when you got married, but what came out from his mouth was different, "How old is your baby?"

"Four and a half months." Gao Yang clenched his hands tightly, he wouldn't find anything, would he?

Qin Shaoyan was stunned. Four and a half months... He was still anxious. Did he had a girlfriend before that night or later?

"Let's go shopping together." If someone who was familiar with Qin Shaoyan heard it, their jaw would fell and surprised. When would he go shopping with others? Even his mother would do something utterly shameless for a while until Qin Shaoyan couldn't work safely.

"No... need." Gao Yang doesn't want to go shopping with him. Wouldn't he felt embarrassed to go shopping with the former "gold master"?


Gao Yang forced a laugh twice. "I plan to go back." I've already bought several sets of clothes, which were almost enough to wear. There was little time to bought them again. It's more important to get away quickly.

"Oh, I'll send back then."


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