Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 42: Preparations For School Anniversary

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Ling Senhao smiled at Mo Shaoqing and said, "Xingyang Entertainment has just been established. Our company is still short of many artists. I think your comprehensive quality is enough to make a start. Do you have any interest in joining our company?"

Then he added, "Of course, as the company's first artist, your contract is definitely the best, and we will give you the best resources."

"To be honest, I think my restaurant is already..." It's already very busy, but I don't know why. Mo Shaoqing couldn't say it when the words on the tip of his tongue.

But, an entertainment company couldn't find manpower? Why does he look for such an ordinary student like him? Mo Shaoqing was full of doubts, but Mr. Ling on the other side was sincere.

This... For those who helped him, Mo Shaoqing always knew how to repay them with gratitude. If he refused, but he had already refused once. If he refused again, he doesn't know what to say, wouldn’t it be ingratitude...

But Xu Che's words echoed in his mind last time. The entertainment industry was a dangerous place...

Ling Senhao saw his hesitation and suddenly hesitated in his heart. He faintly regretted. Did it embarrass him? Was he too intensive just now? In what way?

But only after signed it, could they have further contact with each other. Otherwise, their status would be just the diners and the shop owner for their entire lives...

"I can give you some time to think about it."

Mo Shaoqing looked up in surprise, but heard the next sentence——

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"But I hope to hear a positive answer!"

Well, the sincerity was fake. Mr. Ling was really strong.

Before Mo Shaoqing returned to school, his family held a major family meeting.

On the dining table, Mo Shaohong reported the business of the restaurant since its opening in detail. In addition to some necessary expenses, such as water, electricity and food materials, he made a net profit of about 40000 from the middle of February to the beginning of May. Although the business was not good recently, the family has also compensated 30000 yuan, which could make up for many losses.

"Your family Shaoqing is promising! Xia Rong, you can enjoy your old age in the future with Hanwen. No need to worry about them." Wang Lifang sighed.

"Haha, I still wanted to let my children play, but I didn't expect it to happen. Although they have experienced some setbacks... " Mother Mo's face was proud. She mentioned the bad news and soon shut up.

But Father Mo said happily, "Yes, I always think there is hope in the future. When we retire, we can go to the restaurant to help, or help Shaohong and Shaoqing to lighten the burden."

Mother Mo snorted, "You, are you used to being in charge of the company, do you want to go home and continue to be in charge of the children's shop?"

Father Mo yelled back, "Why I can't! I'm just helping. How should Shaohong manage the restaurant?"

Mother Mo ignored Father Mo, "By the way, Shaoqing, Mr. Ling has helped our family. We should repay them well later."

Mo Shaoqing mumbled, "Oh, yes."

Father Mo agreed, "Your mother is right. Our family is not an ungrateful person. Mr. Ling will come to eat again in the future. Please don't accept the money!"

"I see." Your son may be signing a deed a contract... sob sob!

"The salary and bonus were agreed to be increased before. It can't be calculated. The salary can be increased in a few months. But after this incident, everyone's morale is a bit low. I think this month, all employees, except Han Sisi, will be given a bonus of 300 and a chef of 600." Mo Shaoqing suddenly thought of the promise before and decided to give some sweetness to everyone.

"Yes, that's right. We can't give them any more holidays. We have to get back on our feet." Brother Mo added.

In this way, the bonus was given to Brother Mo, who was in charge of finance. Although it cost thousands of yuan more, Mo Shaoqing thought it was worth seeing everyone so happy. People didn't expect to have a bonus in the first month. They were surprised and said they would be more motivated in the future.

Mo Shaoqing has clear rewards and punishments. Although he knew that Han Sisi was not to blame for this, it's also because of her. She had an unshirkable responsibility. Han Sisi also apologized formally. Mo Shaoqing did not dismiss her.

Taking advantage of everyone's excitement, Mo Shaoqing announced some news...

It's hard for Mo Shaohong to be in charge of the finance and most of the material procurement. After many considerations, Mo Shaoqing decided to be promoted one person to be a store manager to manage other small and big things.

As a matter of fact, Mo Di was his second brother. He worked hard not to say that he was also his own family. He was most relieved to leave the shop in his hands.

But Mo Di had always been in the army. He was upright and didn't know how to change and manage. As we all know, Mo Shaoqing didn't want to leave us the feeling of "nepotism". He gave all positions to his own people, so that the employees had no determination to advance.

Then he could only choose from the remaining chefs. Master Yue and his aunt were old. Li Zhiye was good, his position was flexible and could be managed before and after. But Chef Yue was his master. It's not reasonable to let his apprentice be the store manager if he crossed the master.

After several discussions with his family, Mo Shaoqing decided to hire another person with management experience to be the store manager, and offered 4000 yuan of salary. Other benefits were the same as those of the employees, so he left the matter to his eldest brother. In addition, Mo Di and Li Zhiye were promoted as deputy store managers, with a salary increase of 500.

When everything was finished, Mo Shaoqing quickly tidied up his things. At the end of May, the school day was just around the corner. Mo Shaoqing rushed back to school.

Before leaving, Mo Shaoqing secretly stuffed a red envelope to his brother. Besides the money he was given back, there were wages and bonuses. Mo Shaohong knew his younger brother's temperament, but he didn't push it off, so he took it up.

It's the middle of May since Mo Shaoqing arrived at the school. The celebration of S City Art College was at the end of May every year, followed by June, when the last students left the campus, which was called "graduation season".

Because of these two important days, May to June was the busiest time for the school.

In view of the particularity of the school, a large number of social elites were invited to participate in activities or give speeches every year. At the same time, they would also invited a lot of media people to come in and shoot publicity.

Many of these social personages were alumni of the school, such as directors, stars, hosts... and a lot of scouts. It could be said that if you perform well on the school day stage, you were likely to be liked by a star scout or director of an entertainment company, and then you would start your career, sign a contract and soar to the sky.

In order to give Lin Wan the chance, Xu Chengxuan reported a stage performance and decided to rehearse a stage play. The script was conceived by him for a long time. The male protagonist was him, and the female protagonist was Lin Wan.

But Mo Shaoqing didn't participate in the rehearsal because of the family affairs. In the later stage, due to some reasons such as improper rehearsal of actors, inadequate preparation of props and many others, caused the script rehearsal to fail. So their dormitory could only follow the class to prepare the maid's coffee shop activities together.

Mo Shaoqing's restaurant business had been publicized by Xu Chengxuan for a long time. Now the whole class, oh no, it's all departments and everyone knew it. Everyone unanimously recommended Mo Shaoqing as the café manager and concurrently as a pastry chef and waiter.

"Shaoqing, no one in our class can take on the important task except you!" Min Xiaoli, the college branch secretary, persuade patiently.

So Mo Shaoqing accepted this regrettable job under the expectation of everyone.

A group of college students, who don't know the value of life's daily necessities, bought a few bags of coffee beans and coffee machines in the imported snack area and spent the money in the class.

Well, Mo Shaoqing helped, he shouldn't believe these art students who only knew art and don't understand human suffering.

A class meeting was held temporarily in the class. Because Mo Shaoqing was the store manager, even the class leaders listened to him. "As everyone know, we don't have much money. The problem now is that we don't have all the ingredients for making cakes and tablecloths, the costumes for the waiters, and the furnishings for the classroom, except for the coffee machine and the coffee beans. Now we have to work together.” When Mo Shaoqing finished, all the people below were silent.

In fact, this was also expected by Mo Shaoqing. College students were far from united and loving as high school classmates. Some of them were always indifferent to the things in the class. Some of them were willing to contribute and cringe when it came to getting money, but this was not incomprehensible.

Although Xu Chengxuan was careless, he also spoke of righteousness. Seeing that everyone was silent, he suddenly got angry and shouted to the boy beside him angrily, "Hey, you are responsible for purchasing materials. You spend almost all the class fees and funds. You still haven't paid for it. And you guys, all want to freeload?"

Mo Shaoqing knew that it was meaningless and useless to force everyone to do so. First, he said, "I am willing to produce all the decorations, flowers, and cake ingredients, but I own all the cake income of the coffee shop. And this is most likely the last school celebration we attended."

Mo Shaoqing's words were like a stone thrown into the pond, a ripple appeared, and his classmates began to whisper. The boy who was accused by Xu Chengxuan stood up weakly, "I worked in the snack street coffee shop, I can ask the boss to borrow some tables and chairs."

"Okay, good!" Mo Shaoqing's eyes of encouragement and approval give some girls in the class confidence.

"I can provide tablecloth!"

"My aunt next door makes curtains. Let me ask her to borrow some cloth."

"I have an oven at home. I can bring it here."

"I'll borrow some shelves."


It may be known that the purpose of Mo Shaoqing was not to ask everyone to donate a lot of money. The students talked about it.

"OK, everyone, please be quiet. Those who are willing to contribute will register with the college branch secretary. Then I will give you a bonus and salary according to your work." Mo Shaoqing put the final work on Min Xiaoli, the college branch secretary. Who let her hand over such a tiring work to herself? In Min Xiaoli's aggrieved and resentful eyes, Mo Shaoqing led his roommates to the cafeteria.

"The fourth, you're so good. It's so easy to take care of them." Xu Chengxuan said with a smile as he jumped away.

"Well, don't jump. I'm dizzy." The world was suddenly quiet when the eldest slapped him.


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