Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 41: Cooperation

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"Actually... that..." Mo Shaoqing was still organizing the language. Ling Senhao had already started to turn over the menu.

"I'd like to have chicken soup with mushrooms, golden needle fat beef, ham rolls with asparagus, two fried codfish, one rice and two mixed fruit and vegetable salads."

So many?

"Are you alone?"

Ling Senhao smiled, "No, I invite someone."

"Yes, please wait a moment." Mo Shaoqing found that the unsmiling Mr. Ling was very dignified, and he laughed very harmlessly, looked very attractive, and of course, he was handsome when he did not smile.

Because the business was not so good these days, Mo Shaoqing asked several staff members to take turns on duty and let Master Yue go back to have a rest, so he had to take Ling Senhao's order by himself this time.

Mr. Ling invited someone? And obviously two staple foods. Who was the honored person? Cooperative partner? Or... girlfriend?

It's hard to imagine what Mr. Ling's girlfriend would look like! Forget it, don't think about it. Mo Shaoqing skillfully fished up the mushrooms, drained them, cut them into four small pieces, and put them into the pot of the boiled chicken soup.

Add grapeseed oil into the pan, put two pieces of fish fillet, sprinkle a small amount of Morton salt. When the surface of the fillets is slightly burnt out, put them into the plate, add lemon, and sprinkled with black pepper.

Put the hot fat beef slices into the sour soup and continue to cook. Simmered the mushrooms with water and put them into the sour soup.

Cut up the fruits and vegetables and put them into a glass bowl, then add to the homemade salad and mix well.

Everything went well in an orderly way.

Monica walked into Mo's Restaurant in a hurry, but she was stunned at the moment when she saw the cold front courtyard. Then she went to Ling Senhao's table and sat down.

"President Ling, haven't the couple come to apologize?"

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"Not yet," Ling Senhao flipped through the menu in his hand aimlessly, "but soon——"

Monica looked at the figure of Boss Mo busy walking around in the kitchen, and couldn't help asking, "President Ling, don't you plan to tell Boss Mo?" When did the boss be so kind-hearted and learn from Lei Feng[1]?

"Of course..." It's impossible.

As a successful businessman, of course, he couldn't be the kind of person who couldn't do things silently and not knowing what to think. Ling Senhao raised a smile and soon disappeared. Monica doubted whether she had seen it.

The wait was long and full of expectations. When Mo Shaoqing prepared the meals and served the table, Monica was already hungry that her chest stuck to her back.

Seeing the two people on the table, Mo Shaoqing couldn't help but wonder. Eh? Was the person President Ling invited was Sister Monica?

Monica sniffed it hard and praised him, "Hmm~ the little boss's cooking has taken to the next level!"

Mo Shaoqing was about to say something. Suddenly there was a gust of wind again at the door. Mo Shaoqing thought that there was business again and he turned back immediately——

A couple in plain clothes came in with a boy of seventeen or eighteen.

The man asked, "Excuse me, is the boss here?"

"I am, may I ask..."

The man's face suddenly changed, "I'm so sorry, Boss Mo, my son is blind and dare to do such a thing. You are generous. Please forgive my son!" The man almost kneeled down.

Mo Shaoqing was frightened by the man's action. He took a few steps back to stand still.

The man's eyes met Ling Senhao's impatient eyes behind him. "Ah, let's talk about it in another place."

"Ah?" Who was this man? Mo Shaoqing was puzzled, but after all, there were guests downstairs, so it's better to said it in another place.

On the terrace, Mo Shaoqing knew that it was the main protagonist of the accident that day and the middle-aged woman in the police station.

After removed the makeup and added simple clothes and jewelry, the woman was a very ordinary middle-aged woman. At this moment, her face was completely free of the arrogance of that day.

The middle-aged woman sobbed, "I'm sorry, Boss Mo, my eyes are not good and I didn't mean to offend you. On that day, I uttered wild words. I didn't learn and had no culture, so I always spoke like this."

The middle-aged man then said, "It's my son who had no eyes... Hey, say something!"

The couple sang and play together, it was a perfect match.

The cowardly boy who had been hiding behind stood out, "Sorry Boss Mo, it's all my fault..."

"I shouldn't owe money and not pay back. No, no, I shouldn't have someone smashing your restaurant... It's all my fault..."

Mo Shaoqing looked at the apology farce coldly and said nothing.

The woman was annoyed, "Blame you all, you listen to that bitch and order so many dishes, and don't give money yet, did I teach you this?" She looked like going to fight.

"Because Xueman said that the boss looked down on her, she must come back to find her place, so I ordered the most expensive dish, and I......"

Mo Shaoqing was also speechless about this. At present, the boy really had no responsibility, and the shirk responsibility was also first-class. He thought of the girl who fell on the ground that day and couldn't help feeling that she was worthless. But he didn't want to take care of other people's family affairs, and he was not interested in listening.

"Leave the compensation then go, and don't come to our restaurant in the future."

"Yes, yes——" The couple agreed repeatedly.

"Not go yet?" Mo Shaoqing raised his eyebrows.

"Well, since you have forgiven my son, what about our company..."

"Company? What's the matter with the company?" Was there any inside information?

The man thought that Mo Shaoqing didn't recognize him, and he was anxious. "Boss Mo, I will compensate for all the money. As long as you speak, please be generous. Let President Ling let us go!"

Mo Shaoqing was going to laugh angrily. He thought that the family was sincerely apologizing. He didn't expect that there was such a thing.

President Ling? He recognized the surname Ling, it seemed that he was the only one who had dinner below. What exactly was going on? Mo Shaoqing thought it was necessary for him to understand.

He went downstairs and saw Ling Senhao waved to him.

"What's wrong, Mr. Ling? Is there something wrong with the dishes?"

Ling Senhao didn't answer but Monica, who was eating with relish, replied, "Of course not, Boss Mo. Your cooking is super delicious!"

Mo Shaoqing took a deep breath. "That... I'd like to ask, Mr. Ling, who are you?"

Monica said, "Let me introduce. Actually, this is Ling Senhao, the president of Xingyang Group." then she gave a mischievous blink and said, "My immediate superior."

Immediate superior? Mo Shaoqing thought that Ling Senhao might be a manager of Xingyang Entertainment, but unexpectedly he was the president of Xingyang Entertainment, and Xingyang Entertainment had an inseparable relationship with Claire Group...

Think of it this way, it seemed that he could never be as successful as the other person!

Ling Senhao picked up the napkin and wiped the corner of his mouth, "I'm just an ordinary businessman..."

Mo Shaoqing was not fond of go around in circles. "But why do you want to help me?" (TN: to beat about the bush)

"I'll be frank, but you don't need to do this. After all, such an apology, I would rather not..." Because there's no point in apologizing like that.

Ling Senhao just said lightly, "The compensation is still compensation. Everyone should take responsibility for what they do." It's not like I want to help you.

Mo Shaoqing was not hypocritical either. At this time, he blamed others for bullying. After all, it's true that he had helped him. They could also give the other person a lesson.

Mo Shaoqing said, "Thank you anyway. Maybe I can't help you, but I owe you one."

Ling Senhao replied, "In fact, it's not so much that you owe me a favor as that I help you. Actually, I have my own plan."

"Ah?" Mo Shaoqing was shocked again. He really couldn't see what value he had in him that the president of Xingyang Entertainment liked.

"Our head office is actually Claire Group, which started with the hotel industry."

"I wonder if you've heard of Claire group?"

How could I had never heard of it? I used to work next door to Claire Group. But of course, Mo Shaoqing couldn't show it. "I know that this is an internationally famous enterprise. There are hotels under Claire Group in H City, C Island, capital and other places, but there are still few hotels in Southern China."

Ling Senhao laughed, "Yes, we want to cooperate with you!"

"Cooperation? What does cooperation mean?" He was still not sure what the other person meant.

Ling Senhao explained, "I'm actually a member of Claire Group's head office."

Mo Shaoqing: "..."

Come on, don't said it so lightly.

"Our company is building a new five-star hotel in the nearby cities, which requires many restaurants to settle in, and your restaurant, no matter the price or the taste of the meal, is very in line with our company's requirements."

Frankly speaking, your restaurant was delicious and not expensive. You could come to work in our hotel.

It has to be said that every restaurant hoped to be able to enter a high-end hotel. Mo Shaoqing was overwhelmed by this huge surprise.

Ling Senhao continued to persuade, "If you can enter our hotel, tthis time it will not be me helping you, but mutual benefit. And your restaurant can start to chain..."

It's really a fantastic prospect, but Mo Shaoqing took a moment to think about it, it's just an illusory pie. Not to mention the golden finger of space, the success of the restaurant had a great effect on the space in a certain sense. Besides the capital, their restaurants were just starting to make money. What kind of entry, what kind of chain, it's just a blank check.

"This..." Mo Shaoqing hesitated and just said that he owed him a favor. If he explicitly refused, how would he faced him?

"Sorry, I can't promise you."

Ling Senhao loosen his hand, "Oh, that's a pity!"

But your tone was not like a pity. Mo Shaoqing couldn't bear to speak up. But he also vaguely felt that was strange, so easy to give up?

Ling Senhao looked at his tangled little expression and thought it was funny. This little guy couldn't hide anything. It's all written on his face!

Since you are so "disappointed"! Then I would be blunt...


[1] Lei Feng was a soldier in the People's Liberation Army and is a communist legend in China. After his death, Lei was characterized as a selfless and modest person devoted to the Communist Party, Mao Zedong, and the people of China

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