Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 10: Zhao Yanyuan Starts to Make Trouble

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As usual, Xin Nanyi drove to the company after morning exercise and went to the practice room to watch them practice.

As soon as he pushed open the glass door, he habitually counted the heads, one, two, three, four, five? Not right, one was missing.

"Where is Zhao Yanyuan?" Xin Nanyi interrupted several people who were practicing dancing.

Their gestures were taken down, and the hands that were originally raised were immediately lowered, and their heads were shrunk like little chicks, slowly moved and squeezed together.

Xin Nanyi knew there was a problem when he looked at them one by one.

"Qiao Cheng, you're the captain. Come on."

Qiao Cheng took a step forward, lowered her head and gritted her teeth without talking.

Xin Nanyi smiled and sat down on the stool. He said softly, "Do you think that if you don't say anything and sell her out, I don't know anything?"

They kept their heads down and did not speak.

Xin Nanyi sneered at the sight.

When Zhao Yanyuan returned to the practice room, she saw Xin Nanyi sat on a stool, crossed his hands and looking at her who had just come in. Other members stood behind Xin Nanyi with their heads down.

"Your courage is quite big!" Xin Nanyi smiled coldly.

Zhao Yanyuan thought that she was exposed, she clenched her fist and her face became purplish red. She shouted angrily, "I'm not looking for the way for myself, for our group? What else do you want to do to bury our future completely before you are willing to do it?"

Xin Nanyi must have looked at her for a long time. When she was in a cold sweat, he said unhurriedly, "This is the first time you have spoken to me at this volume. Say it! What's the way out?"

Zhao Yanyuan was shocked for a moment, only to notice Ji Chuqi, who had been secretly winking at her. Didn't they said it?

As soon as Xin Nanyi noticed the doubt in Zhao Yanyuan's eyes, he turned his head and looked at Ji Chuqi, which scared her down immediately. He turned back to Zhao Yanyuan and said, "Your own guilty conscience slip of the tongue, but also live up to their painstaking efforts to hide a few for you."

He sat on the stool with his legs folded and his hands crossed, "Say it! Anyway, you are still my artist. As long as your contract remains unchanged, I have the right to know about you."

Zhao Yanyuan was stared at by Xin Nanyiwith cold eyes. The more casual he was, the more scared she was. She rolled down her throat nervously. After fighting for a while, she said, "A director came to me and told me to try a role."

"Where did he know you?"

"Brother Jin introduced it."

"Brother Jin?"

"Jin Lincong."

Xin Nanyi knew this person when he heard his name. This man was one of Xin Yu's gold agent, but most of the artists he brought were actors. Now, Lu Yufeng, Xin Yu's only movie emperor, was brought by him. However, as Xin Nanyi knew, Mr. Jin Lincong had always been committed of one of the agent's big taboos- a very good womanizer. Because of this reason, Xin Yu had been reluctant to bring female artists to him. Now he had only one female artist under his hand, which he had dug it himself and had an affair with.

"You and Jin Lincong met at the gym?" Xin Nanyi knew it when he thought about it with his toes. (TN: completely exposed to the outside)

Zhao Yanyuan's eyes flashed a little surprise, glanced at the other members quickly, and nodded her head.

"It seems that you have never heard what I said."

Zhao Yanyuan immediately went back and said, "If we listen to you, it will never happen."

"Is it?" As soon as Xin Nanyi stood up, Zhao Yanyuan immediately stepped back and put her hands on her chest to make a defensive move.

Xin Nanyi sneered scornfully, then sat back and said, "What are you going to do in the future? To become an actress?"

When other members of Q&P heard this, they all looked up at Zhao Yanyuan for fear of hearing a "yes" in her mouth.

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Zhao Yanyuan quickly waved and said, "Of course not. I just want to seize this opportunity."

Q&P members were led to the same idea by her ambiguous words: if Yanyuan could take advantage of this opportunity to became popular, she may be able to help the team.

Xin Nanyi turned his head and looked at their small expressions, and secretly said in his heart, really naive! Even if Zhao Yanyuan was really popular, he really wanted to pull Q&P and towing an airplane. The team couldn't afford to stood up, it's not one or two people who were not popular had the final say.

Xin Nanyi didn't want to be a big enemy or do anything that was not pleasing. He sighed and said, "It's not impossible for you to audition for this role, but I hope I will take you there myself. After all, I'm still your agent. It's a bit too shameful for me if you even have a lens test taken by someone else."

When they heard Xin Nanyi yielded, Q&P happily said "yeah!".

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yanyuan despised the mingling of secret joy and changed her face quickly, so she would not be stubborn to answer back. She used the usual means to deal with Jin Lincong. Her eyes were affectionate, her lips were raised, and she said sweetly, "Thank you, Nan Ge."

Xin Nanyi did not took her words at all. Instead, Ning Ning who was pampered took the initiative to take a step forward to pounded his back lightly

Qiao Cheng and Qi Chaohan poke at each other with a wink in the back. After a short period of eye contact, they saw a little firmness in each other's eyes and then walked to the front hand in hand.

Xin Nanyi slept on a stool. Ning Ning's hands were tired of beating his back and Yi Ke took the initiative to take over.

Xin Nanyi raised her eyes slowly and said, "What's the matter?"

"Nan Ge, we want to return to produce the album." said Qiao Cheng with courage.

Xin Nanyi sat up straight. This was the first time they asked him. Looking at the two girls in front with uneasiness and expectation, he said for a long time, "Have you all thought of returning the album?"

"Yes!" Everyone answered firmly, except Zhao Yanyuan.

She said hesitantly, "But I'm going to make a TV show, I don't have that much time to practice and prepare to return."

The other members were stunned, and the expression on their faces was immediately complicated.

Zhao Yanyuan said nothing to them and added, "In fact, we can postpone the return. As long as my TV series starts, I'm a little famous. Isn't it more advantageous to return then?"

Xin Nanyi asked lightly, "How do you know you can choose?"

Zhao Yanyuan's expression on his face was stagnant and stammered, "I will try my best to win this role."

Qiao Cheng, as the team leader, came out to break the deadlock among the members and made a decision, "Well, let's postpone our return until Yanyuan's TV series is finished."

Xin Nanyi, who was on the sidelines, silently made up the knife again, "When did I promise to return to you?"

As soon as Xin Nanyi said that bluntly, there was no movement.

Their faces were frozen.

Zhao Yanyuan sneered, look! I knew it was not so easy for him to agreed to return. You were really stupid enough to relied on him.

Xin Nanyi added quietly, "You are not strong enough now, and your figure does not belong to the perfect women's body. Now, how many girl bands with three high-pitched voice, legs for playing, and ant waist are still tepid, do you think you can be popular? Q&P is not the girl band brought out by the company's main producers themselves. They don't have much expectation for this group, nor are they willing to pay more costs, nor will they give you more opportunities. Before you get to your best, even if I come back to you, it's a waste of money and energy."

As soon as Xin Nanyi's words were finished, the small hammer on his back fell again. (TN: delivering repeated heavy blows)

He closed his eyes again and said, "You'd better do the work in front of you first! Be realistic, don't stand high."

A few days ago, Xin Nanyi applied to the company for a special driver to take charge of Q&P. Today, the driver just came to report.

The driver's name is Wang Xiaoming, who applied to Xin Yu only this year. He had no qualifications or contacts. He was exactly the clean person Xin Nanyi needed.

Xin Nanyi gave a seven-seated car as a transportation and the key to Wang Xiaoming.

On the audition day, Xin Nanyi took Qiao Cheng and Zhao Yanyuan to the audition site with the car. Zhao Yanyuan didn't want to do it. It was her own business. How could she take Qiao Cheng with her? Was it to make her stand out? Anyway, she was confident that the director would choose her.

Zhao Yanyuan auditioned for the third female actor in a comedy romantic. She was not very pleasant or annoyed. Zhao Yanyuan had now lost weight. She had an exquisite figure and beautiful appearance. She had a pair of apricot eyes with a different charm. In appearance, she was very suitable for this role. But with her fame and qualifications, it's impossible to get the audition, let alone be selected, unless she had a solid background. However, even if Jin Lincong was even more powerful, she couldn't achieve this level.

Zhao Yanyuan tried a short drama according to the script, and the director and the assistant director passed her without much thought.

When she submitted the contract, the assistant director with a shiny face like a Mediterranean sea, wiped a lot of oil on Zhao Yanyuan's tender hand.

Zhao Yanyuan didn't look at the contract carefully, so she picked up the pen next to him and prepared to signed it.

Xin Nanyi stopped her, took the contract and read it carefully under her dissatisfied eyes.

At this time, the assistant director turned to Qiao Cheng, who had been obediently stayed next to Xin Nanyi.

"Is this little girl here for an interview, too?" The assistant director's eyes looked at Qiao Cheng without concealment, and Qiao Cheng hid behind Xin Nanyi. As soon as Xin Nanyi leaned slightly, his huge body completely covered the eyes of the assistant director.

"No." Xin Nanyi didn't want to said more. He kept looking at the contract.

"I think this little girl is also very ingenious! This beautiful little face is very recognizable. You can let her try a role too. Take the chance to make her popular!"

"No." Xin Nanyi was still cold.

The assistant director asked for nothing. He touched his nose awkwardly and said, "Okay, then you can see the contract first and sign it to me." He finished and went out.

Zhao Yanyuan was a little angry, "Nan Ge, how could you talk to the assistant director in that tone just now? What if he deliberately rectified me in the production group?"

When Xin Nanyi didn't spoke, it was Qiao Cheng who said, "Yanyuan, have you really decided? I don't think that assistant director is a decent person."

Zhao Yanyuan said with disapproval, "The current circle is like this. Where there are any good people as long as they can be popular?"


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