Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 9: Xin Nanyi Interviewed Shen Che

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She stayed up all night. In the early morning of the next day, Shen Che went to the police station to report the case and then took the money to a good law firm. She gathered all the charges and evidences of Huang Lianhai and his family and sued them to the court. Although you were run away, no matter how rigorous the process of the law, but the guilty would not escape. The sky still ruled the earth. All of you who owe me all come back, where do you want to run?

Q&P did not had teachers' guidance these days. As soon as Xin Nanyi went to the battle in person, he pointed out the problems while looked at them during their practice.

The dance teacher was tentatively Shen Che. As for the music teacher, Xin Nanyi asked his old friend Qin Wenlou to spare several hours a week to give them vocal lessons. Qin Wenlou did not know whether he really liked Xin Nanyi or Guarneri's violin, so he happily agreed. And now it's summer vacation time. He could come once every other day to give them a solid foundation. Of course, these, Q&P doesn't know yet. Xin Nanyi planed to find a suitable time and excuse to get angry with Xin He first, and then take the two teachers to Q&P's practice room.

Three days later, Xin Nanyi and Shen Che made an appointment to meet in a coffee shop.

Xin Nanyi arrived half an hour early in the morning and sat down in a secluded corner of the cafe. Shen Che was also a person who had been popular for several years. It's better to reduce the sense of existence as much as possible in the contract negotiation in the public arena.

Shen Che arrived at the appointed time. Although she was wearing a cap and glasses, T-shirt and jeans were the kind of ordinary people who could not be found in the crowd, Xin Nanyi recognized her at the first sight when she entered the door. He waved to her, and Shen Che was shocked when she saw him. She didn't expect that he was a fat man with a big body.

It's also a shame. Although Xin Nanyi has lost seven pounds in the past ten days, it's still not obvious in appearance.

Shen Che arranged her thoughts without a trace, and then walked over.

Xin Nanyi naturally saw the hesitation of her steps, and the radian of her mouth remained unchanged.

He took the initiative to shake hands with her, and when he sat down, the answer was already yes.

Shen Che was now in a state of depression, but her temperament was much quieter. She took off her glasses and hat and showed her whole face. There were some wrinkles in the corner of her eyes. At present, due to many days of hard work, she was a little bit dark, but the smile on her lips was gentle and polite. The facial features were beautiful. It seemed that as long as she dressed more, she would still be the best of the stage who charmed all living beings. But the precipitation time, the sails had to do more to give the beauty between her gestures unspeakable charm.

"Did Miss Shen handle everything?" As soon as Xin Nanyi ordered her a cup of coffee, she chatted gently.

Shen Che knew that he must know her own troubles. She said with a smile, "It's almost over. There's another lawsuit. I've handed it over to a lawyer. I won't delay my work."

"Miss Shen, I want to invite you to be a dance teacher for my girl band. Although I am Xin Yu's agent in name, I have no working relationship with Xin Yu."


"Xin Yu was founded by my father, Xin Yu. Now my uncle is in charge." (TN: 辛禹 is the company's name, 辛虞 is Xin Nanyi's father name)

In Shen Che's eyes, the meaning of surprise flashed. At present, the man who was calm, polite but not good-looking didn't look like a rich second generation.

"The girl band under Mr. Xin Nanyi should have a special position in the company?"

"Yes, at the beginning of my production of this girl band, I just ignored them for a while because of my playful heart. Now I think through some things and decide to take them back."

"So is my employment contract is a personal contract as a teacher?"

Xin Nanyi nodded, as expected, it was not hard to talk with smart people, but smart as she, how could she be so miserable by a man.

He took out a contract form from his bag, handed it to her, and said, "You work for me directly, and your salary paid by me. I don't have a deep understanding of you at present, so the salary is only ten thousand per month, and it will rise slowly in the future. If you agree, I'll get the official contract tomorrow."

Shen Che turned around and said, "Aren't you afraid to bring me into Xin Yu, my ambition will grow, and I won't just teach your little group to transfer to others?"

"Miss Shen, if you dare to put it up in front of me, it means you are not like that. And please turn to the twenty-eight pages of this contract, where there is a compensation clause for breach of contract."

Shen Che heard the words, turned to the page number he said, roughly scanned it once, and her mouth couldn't help to twitch. He's really not a soft bun. 80 million yuan of compensation couldn't be easily taken out by any company or individual. Moreover, he had made sure that she was seven inches short of money now. Ordinary people dare not use her at will because of her bad reputation, so they had the courage to fill in a high price figure in the contract. (TN: hit where it hurts; weakness)

"Does this contract have legal effect?"

"I've asked a lawyer to look over it, and he helped me to draw up some clauses in it, including the one about breaking the contract, which I also referred to his opinion."

Shen Che smiled and nodded.

After drinking coffee for a while, Xin Nanyi asked again, "Miss Shen has been away from this circle for some time. I wonder if Miss Shen knows anything else?"

"I only know something on the surface."

As soon as Xin Nanyi stretched out a hand, he made an invitation and encouraged her to continue.

"Now the senior girl band and boy band are almost dissolved. There are many new groups launched by large companies. In the boy band, Xin Yu's High Fire still holds the first position, while the girl band is Cute Love of Yuntong Company, which is ranked first in the new generation of girl band. This girl band is far ahead of other girl bands in popularity, national level, album sales and fan registration on the official website."

Xin Nanyi nodded. It was obvious that Xin Yu was gradually at a disadvantage in the competition of the new generation of idol groups.

"I don't know the name of the group I'm going to teach."


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"Sorry, I haven't heard of it."

"It's fine. Some of the staff in our company don't know much about the group."

"The name sounds strange. What does it mean?"

Xin Nanyi lowered his head a little, recalled it a little, he smiled and said, "Queen and princess, I was in high spirits at that time, I wanted to cultivate these girls into queens or princesses, but I didn't insist on it later."

Looked at the light smile on his face, Shen Che felt that what he said seemed to be someone else's business.

"Then why did Mr. Xin suddenly make such a big change?"

Xin Nanyi's said softly, "After going through some things, my mind matured. I don't want to live a meaningless dandy life like a walking corpse. "

He bowed his head with a clear understanding.

When Xin Nanyi went back to the company, he happened to meet Q&P's weighing time. The members of the girl band were sensitive to the weight. Now Xin Nanyi was still watching, which made them even more nervous.

"Nan Ge, can you step back?" Ning Ning's voice was a little coquettish.

"No way," said Xin Nanyi with great certainty, "it's not something that can't be seen or done without cover. Go up."

Ning Ning flattened her mouth, took off her shoes and stepped up slowly. She turned her head to one side, but did not dare to look at the numbers on the scale.

Ji Chuqi, who was recorded nearby, looked at the number on the scale and slapped Ning Ning happily, "Ok! Little sister, you've lost two pounds again. You've lost eight pounds in the past ten days."

Ning Ning covered the place where she hurt, bent her mouth, and went down, jumping like a rabbit twice to Qiao Cheng's side and holding her arm.

With the getting along with Xin Nanyi, Q&P had gradually opened up in front of him, especially the eccentric and strange Yi Ke, the coquettish Ning Ning and the big-hearted Ji Chuqi.

After weighing the weight, Ji Chuqi took the initiative to give Xin Nanyi a look with the book recording the weight change.

She grabbed her hair and said, "Nan Ge, we really lost a lot of weight. The most outstanding achievement is Sister Yuan Yuan, who has lost a total of 12 pounds in these ten days."

Xin Nanyi glanced at the record roughly, then looked up and glanced at Zhao Yanyuan, who was sitting on the cushion next to the audio. As expected, her body curve had been highlighted.

Xin Nanyi returned the book to Ji Chuqi and said, "You are not easy to gain weight. As long as you pay attention to diet, keep correct exercise, and cut off the influence of hormone meat, it's easy to lose weight. Keep trying!"

Ji Chuqi held out two fingers to give Xin Nanyi a military salute, and said loudly, "Yes, sir!"

Xin Nanyi smiled at her and continued, "Even if you lose weight, you should keep it, otherwise it will be easy to rebound."

As soon as Xin Nanyi had a look around the practice room, he left.

After he left, several girls began to form a circle for a small meeting.

"Nan Ge is really getting better! It must be that God heard my call and replaced his wolf-hearted and dog's lung with a human lung conscience." Yi Ke was wrinkled her lovely little nose, her bright eyes were squinted, as if covered with bright stars. (TN: cruel and unscrupulous)

"Uh-huh! Yes!" Ning Ning leaned on Qi Chaohan's shoulder and hummed like a kitten.

"Don't be naive. What if it's just crocodile tears?" Zhao Yanyuan was a little disdainful, "Maybe he likes role-playing recently and wants to play a kind agent! If you are so deceived by this small favor, and forget what he did to us before, it's really stupid."

Several other people turned to look at her. Every time they held a small meeting, Zhao Yanyuan liked to pour cold water on them. It was obvious that the change of Xin Nanyi was obvious to all, but she just refused to admit it. She was a fellow comrade in the same trench again. Even if other people were dissatisfied, they could not say it. It would hurt their feelings.

After a moment of silence, Qi Chaohan said, "Do you think if we ask him to return to the album, will he agree?"

"It's not something he can decide by himself. The company has its own plan." Qiao Cheng said.

"You don't know the company's attitude towards us. When did they have us in their plan. I think it's more reliable to go to Nan Ge. Anyway, he is the only one who decides on our affairs." Ji Chuqi said.

The others nodded. Only Zhao Yanyuan lowered her head and gritted her teeth, asked them to beg. Anyway, she would not kneel and lick the fat man again.


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