Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 8: New Dance Teacher

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As soon as Xin Nanyi heard Ning Ning's words, he went out to smoke. He doesn't had an addiction to smoking, only took one or two when he thinks occasionally.

He called Xin He, "Uncle, I don't want those two teachers to teach those girls."

"Why?" Xin He doesn't know which two teachers taught Q&P. He had been a little annoyed by Xin Nanyi recently. Moreover, there were many affairs in the company, and his brain was so tense and painful.

"At first, I didn't care much, but later, the more I looked at them, the worse they looked."

"Why not?"

"They looked so disgraceful, looked so spicy in the eyes. The six girls I bring are fat and ugly enough. I can't stand another two." (TN: It is mostly used to describe things that should not be seen or look bad)

Xin He listened to his words and sneered. He was worried about something. Xin Nanyi still didn't understand the reason. He just changed his way to do it. There was nothing to be afraid of.

"Really not?"

"No, I'm tired."

He was still obedient to him and said, "Well, I'll let Simon and the two teachers make it clear."

As soon as Xin He wanted to hang up, he was stopped by Xin Nanyi, "Wait a minute."

"What's the matter?"

"That Teacher Han must be fired! I heard that he scolded me for being fat behind my back. When laozi got scolded, he must be fired. He dare to make a move on Taisui's head. I think Xin Yu's salary is too high! Uncle, I won't see him again in the company. That's all." As soon as Xin Nanyi finished speaking, he hung up. He didn't wanted to mess around. (TN: I or your father (in anger, or out of contempt, used arrogantly or jocularly); a nickname for sb who is the most powerful in an area)

"..." Xin He turned black for a while, and hung up the phone. He had no problem dismissing Teacher Han. Teacher Han's business was not up to standard, so he was going to be dismissed. But Xin He really didn't like the tone of Xin Nanyi talking to him, even though he was used to the tone.

Now, Xin He has fallen into a contradiction. He hoped that Xin Nanyi, as usual, would be a naive soft insect. He also hoped that he could bow to him with respect and tact.

He sighed, it was hard!

After Xin Nanyi went back, he found the gossiping person on WeChat.

"Didi, are you there?"

"What's the matter? Fat man."

As soon as Xin Nanyi smiled indifferently, he knew that the gossiping person would take the initiative to investigate him.

"I'd like to know if you have a dance teacher who can teach well and is short of money and jobs that you can introduce one to me." Xin Nanyi totally relied on his luck to hit the dead rat this time. If there were such a dance teacher, they would have been robbed by major entertainment companies and dance studios.

"..." The gossiping person first sent an ellipsis, and then replied for a long time, "I really know such a person." (TN: a series of dots that usually indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning)

"So cow?" It's a coincidence that Xin Nanyi thought that the gossiping man was a big hang from heaven. (TN: awesome, cool)

"Brother you're so awesome!"

"What's the price?"

"Well, let me say first. Although this person meets your requirements, this person has a poor reputation outside."


"Shen Che, do you know?"


"Haha! You're really an old stick! Seriously, she has a bad reputation. Now she has some economic problems. Are you sure you want..."

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"I want her contact information. How much is it?"

"Have a good time, brother! You second generation of rich people should be stable. Just give me a hundred thousand yuan. This news is not sought after anyway."

Xin Nanyi quickly turned the money and got Shen Che's contact information.

Shen Che was once a legend in the dance world. She was good at new jazz, hip-hop and reggae.

Before she made her debut, she took part in the national choreography competition twice and won one gold and one silver. She made her solo debut at the age of 22 and then choreographed for a number of idol groups. Many of her choreography went abroad with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, when she last participated in the choreography competition, her choreography and dance movement were highly overlapped with a new group that was not famous in the kimchi country. Accused of plagiarism and was deprived of the qualification to participate in the competition. (TN: Korea)

At that time, she was really hacked by the entire network, and even dared not go out. Most of her fans have taken off the powder and stepped back, and Weibo has also sealed her Weibo number. The management company couldn't bear the pressure to unilaterally terminate the contract and let her bear high compensation.

Later, she accused the new group for plagiarism, but this transnational lawsuit was not easy to fight, and netizens only thought she struggled.

Shen Che was a very strong woman. She sold her house and car and paid for it. She also borrowed money from his parents, rented a house and opened a dance studio to recruit students for dance teaching. At the beginning, no one would like to go to her to learn dance. Later, after the popularity of things slowly passed, the studio gradually recruited students, and more students, a small studio was also succeeded run by her.

"Gossip man, what happened to Shen Che this time?"

"Eh... She is really a woman with a lot of misfortunes! Shen Che has always had a boyfriend, you know?"

"Yes! What's up? Isn't that man who never leaves when she is at the most difficult time?"

"My ass! He's such a good man. He's so good! What never leaves? He wants to squeeze out the remaining value of purity."

Xin Nanyi frowned and asked questions.

"The phoenix man name is Huang Lanhai, he is the main culprit of Shen Che's plagiarism." (TN: guy who grew up in the countryside and gained a foothold in the city through hard work)

"What's going on? Why don't I know anything at all."

"I didn't know it until recently. Huang Lanhai is a typical wolf hearted phoenix man. After he fell in love with Shen Che, his whole family was like a vampire. They robbed and plundered in a vicious way. Before they were married, Huang Lanhai's poor father and mother, who had no money and no quality, moved into the house Shen Che bought. He also brought his brother, sister, uncles, aunts, sister-in-law, grandson and granddaughter. The whole family was shameless. It's Shen Che who earn money to support his family. Huang Lanhai is an ordinary company employee. His monthly income was less than one-tenth of his girlfriend's, but his parents were confused and said that Shen Che lived on their son." (TN: cruel and unscrupulous)

"That's too much!"

The gossiper said more and more vigorously. Later, he thought that typing was too slow. After adding the effect of changing voice, he used voice to send messages: "Shen Che plagiarized matter turned out that Huang Lanhai's sister met a man who came from the kimchi country while working at the hotel. After that, she became pregnant. The man didn't want to marry his sister at first, but when he heard about her relationship with Shen Che, he asked to record a video of Shen Che's dancing for him, saying that he was a fan of Shen Che. Huang Lanhai saw that his sister was not married to that kimchi man. He couldn't help his parents and younger sister's obsession. He installed a recorder in Shen Che's dance room. I didn't expect that man was the agent of the new kimchi girl band. In the end, the kimchi man didn't marry his sister, so he took Shen Che's new dance video and ran back to his country."

He paused for a while, swallowed, and continued to said: "Their family blamed her for being useless after suffering so badly. She would sell such a large house to pay off her debts. After knowing everything, Shen Che wanted to break up, but the man felt guilty and didn't want to break up. He knelt outside her rented house for a day and two nights. Shen Che was soft-hearted and reunited. Then she opened a dance studio to raised the vampires. Originally, Shen Che's life was getting better after that time. However, Huang Lanhai was fascinated by a fake qianjin. His parents dislike the poor and love the rich. They were also cheated by the fake qianjin. They were extremely mean to Shen Che and forced them to break up. After Shen Che broke up, she found that the family who ate people and didn't spit their bones, together with the fake qianjin, had taken away her only savings. Huang Lanhai also borrowed usury in her name. Later, because of Shen Che's frustration, those who borrowed money at a high interest rate came to make trouble every day to urge debts. Her studio couldn't be opened anymore, and she gave it to others. Now her life is poor, and her body and mind are exhausted." (TN: money and riches, (honorific) invaluable (support), (honorific) daughter)

After heard this, Xin Nanyi was silent for a long time and hesitated. In this way, Shen Che was too indecisive in her feelings, doesn't know people clearly, and doesn't know how to stop loss in time. The look of injustice and resentment was very similar to those of the girls, but it was just that it made him hesitate. What he need was a teacher who could guide Q&P correctly, whether in dance or in thought.

After thought about it for a long time on the treadmill, Xin Nanyi finally decided to meet the former dancer.

He dialed Shen Che's phone, and a very tired female voice came from the other side of the receiver. "Hey, hello, who are you?"

Xin Nanyi's frown was relaxed. It's hard for Shen Che to remain polite and graceful when she was on the phone in this state. He pondered for a while and said, "Hello, Ms. Shen Che, my name is Xin Nanyi. Now I'm a manager of Xin Yu Company. I want to talk about cooperation with you on my behalf."

Although Shen Che was now distraught and confused, she still had a keen grasp of the keywords in the other side's words. "Xin Yu? Personal?"

"Yes, I'll explain the details to you if we have the chance to meet. Now, I want to confirm one thing. Do you want to cooperate with me?"

Shen Che was stunned, then chuckled at the microphone and said, "Do you think I still have room to refuse now? It's a way for me to represent individuals and companies."

Xin Nanyi bent his mouth, "That's good, ma'am. I'll give you three days to adjust yourself and wait for me to call in three days. If you don't mind, I can advance a deposit to you as the guarantee of our cooperation. Would you please give me your bank account number?"

Shen Che was a little shocked. Her mind exploded like fireworks. She had never met such a stupid and rich manager before. After a while, she found her voice and said, "Aren't you afraid that I will run away with the money?" Like her ex-boyfriend, he took the money and ran away.

"No," said Xin Nanyi in a soft, steady voice, and there was reassuring magic, "I believe you."

Four words, such as seeing the dawn, unconsciously, a drop of tears flowed from the corner of Shen Che's eyes. How long had she not been trusted by others? Even her own parents once suspected her. Now she has gained trust from a stranger. Drawing a beautiful curve from her dry, peeled lips and said, "Thank you." He was not a fool, he was kind.

After hung up the phone, Shen Che emptied all the sleeping pills on the table into the toilet in this small hotel room. Fortunately, someone pulled her in time.

When she came out, the mobile phone rang. She looked at the bank's information and 300000 Yuan was transferred to her.


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