Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 7: Simon Secretly Make Trouble to Nan Ge

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Most of Xin Yu's dance teachers and music teachers were invited from art university or conservatory of music, and some of them were originally debuted in Xin Yu. After the association was disbanded for various reasons, they continued to sign up for the lead singer or dance leader. These teachers were responsible for the choreography, dance training and vocal training of Xin Yu's trainees and singers.

Xin Nanyi and Simon arrived at the training department on the fourth floor. First, Xin Nanyi asked someone to take the teacher's information here and turn it over. Simon saw him dawdling. He could not help thinking in his heart, What to turn, don't you want to appoint a teacher to teach them?

As soon as Xin Nanyi turned it for a while, he put it down. All the teachers here were half a dozen. He only knew a few of them, but he doesn't know their strength. There was really nothing to choose from.

He beckoned Simon to lead the way and follow him to a music teacher's office.

Simon knocked on the door, "Mr. Han, is it convenient for us to come in?"

"Come in! Come in! Assistant Simon! Welcome!" Mr. Han raised a hoarse voice and said compliments. His wrinkle-free face smiled into a chrysanthemum. He half bowed and opened the door to invite them in.

Simon opened the door and went in and Xin Nanyi followed.

When Simon explained his intention, Mr. Han was shocked and asked with embarrassment, "Am I suitable for teaching?"

"You are our senior music teacher, why not?" Simon uttered nonsense. In fact, Mr. Han came to Xin Yu for more than a year.

Mr. Han listened and asked, "Is Q&P the new group that the company is going to launch? I didn't get any news."

"No," Simon explained patiently, "Q&P was the girl band that was produced by Nan Shao two years ago as a manager."

Mr. Han looked awkwardly at Xin Nanyi, who Simon called Nan Shao, and said, "Excuse me! My memory is not very good. The artists who don't have much contact with me, I can't remember very well. Is this Nan Shao the nephew of the chairman?"

As soon as Xin Nanyi nodded to him, he acquiesced to the status of the nephew of the chairman. There were many staff members in Xin Yu, even if they knew him, their impression on him only stayed in the title of "the nephew of the chairman". It seemed that in recent years, Xin He has really tried hard to elevate his and his father's sense of existence. Just, how does Xin Nanyi thought their conversation was a little strange?

After Simon and Mr. Han said a few polite words, Mr. Han arranged the time for Q&P class.

In this way, they invited a dance teacher named Mike Lee.

After everything was arranged properly, Simon looked at Xin Nanyi curiously. It seemed that Nan Shao really put the girl band in mind this time, or he would not be so patient to arrange everything with him. But according to Nan Shao's true color, his patience and enthusiasm could last for a week.

Simon secretly sneered. People like Xin Nanyi who had no ability or appearance, if they didn't get a good uncle by a good life, it's probably the time to go for begging.

After Xin Nanyi and Simon separated, he went to the practice room to see the girls, and then went down to the underground garage.

Today, he had an appointment with Qin Wenlou to take the violin.

Qin Wenlou was now a professor of pop music at the Imperial Art University. It's summer vacation now, and he does not live in the school's dormitory.

He came to Qin Wenlou's villa with ease and went in with a piano box. Then he saw Qin Wenlou coming.

"Come in! Come in! Xia Yingdi and I have been waiting for you for a long time." Qin Wenlou looked at Xin Nanyi with shining eyes... stared at the violin in his hand. He took the violin and went to the living room and laughing. (TN: film emperor; best actor)

Xia Zeqi was sitting comfortably on the sofa in the living room. There was a dahongpao on the sandalwood table in front of him. His eyebrows and eyes were drooping, his handsome features converged and his lips were soft and slightly raised. He seemed to be immersed in his own world, and he doesn't know other people approached. (TN: an expensive type of oolong tea)

Xin Nanyi sat on the sofa on the other side and looked at Xia Zeqi strangely. Why was he here again? As soon as Xin Nanyi didn't think about it, he took the tea from the housemaid and tasted the cloud tree dahongpao, which was really good.

Qin Wenlou put his heart on the violin, hurriedly opened the box, put on gloves and picked up the violin inside. He thoughtfully to see it inside and outside. After looked at it, he asked the maid to bring another exquisite piano box, put it on reverently and cover it.

He stared at Xin Nanyi who was still drinking tea with green eyes. He totally ignored Xia Zeqi who was still in his own world. He almost rushed to embrace Xin Nanyi's thigh with an expression of "local tyrant, let's be friends!" Looked at Xin Nanyi, his voice was excited, "This is Guarneri's violin of the last century! Where did you get it?"

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Xin Nanyi's mouth twitched. He really couldn't remember. He crossed one hand between them, his fat body leaned back a bit with a little difficulty, tried to open the distance and said, "I bought it by chance, I don't remember it."

At this moment, he suddenly felt a lightness on his body, and when he looked up, he saw Xia Zeqi lift the crazy Qin Wenlou up and put him on the sofa aside.

Xin Nanyi smiled at him and said, "Thank you."

Xia Zeqi's heart thumped and nodded to him.

"You don't remember?"

"I don't have much impression."

Qin Wenlou sighed with disappointment and said, "Okay!"

Xin Nanyi left Qin's house as soon as he finished delivering the violin and chatting. Qin Wenlou went out to see him, and Xia Yingdi stood up involuntarily and somehow sat back again.

For several days in a row, Xin Nanyi had a look at the Q&P members in the practice room and found that they were working harder and didn't say anything, just secretly changed their nutrition package and gave them a better nutrition package.

Xin Nanyi thought that all the training and management were on the right track, but he felt keenly that Q&P's state deteriorated a lot. Often dejected, also often out of tune during practice, he would often run out of tune, even Qi Chaohan could not sing high notes.

As soon as Xin Nanyi asked them, they said anything.

One day, Xin Nanyi secretly came to the practice room and found that they had a singing lesson.

He hid and eavesdropped and found a very serious problem.

Teacher Han sang out of tune in the class!

Even if the tone was off-key, the way he scolded them were particularly vicious and unpleasant. Every word would carry the dirty words of the genitals, and degraded several girls to be inferior and no better than the soil on the soles of their feet.

Xin Nanyi knew that the instructor of the entertainment company would be harsh, even physical punishment of trainees and entertainers could be carried out at every turn, but at least it must have a certain quality!

"F*** your mother's c***, I'm singing out of tune you also sing! I've told you how to sing. Why don't you listen at all? I *** ***..."

Some swearing was automatically blocked as soon as Xin Nanyi heard it.

"There's nothing wrong with me as a teacher. I've taught you how to sing. It's not right for you to learn. ***, ***, doesn't it have a long voice? It's such a bad song, a two duck voice."

"Don't look at me with that kind of cockfighting eyes. Blame your manager. I was going to be retired, but your manager called me to teach you singing, teach him a ball!"

"Retired" said the unpleasant point was being fired. It turned out that Simon was here to wore tight shoes for him! Since Xin Nanyi didn't know the company's people and affairs, he found a music teacher whose quality was extremely poor and who was to be dismissed to teach Q&P. Maybe that dance teacher was also problematic. Xin Nanyi frowned. He was confused for a while. It was clearly a girl band, but Simon found a male dance teacher. (TN: make his life difficult)

Xin Nanyi's face sank like water and knocked on the glass door. (TN: expressionless, heavy look, angry)

Teacher Han raised his palm and stopped for a moment. He turned his head in astonishment and saw Xin Nanyi wearing black casual clothes looking at him coldly.

As soon as Xin Nanyi opened the door, his deep eyes stared at him closely, a sudden fear in his heart and his spine was cold.

"Are you going to get out or am I going to throw you out?" Xin Nanyi's tone was harsh and appalling.

"Nan Shao, I am educating them! They are too difficult to teach." When he said that Teacher Han was going to slap them. He had inquired about it before. Xin Nanyi particularly didn't like these girls, he was always scolding them. Doesn't he invited him here to torture them?

As soon as Xin Nanyi rushed over, he grabbed his hand and pulled it back, throwing him from his chair to the floor.

"You are so brave, the people I bring dare to do something in front of me."

"Ouch! It's killing me, f*** your mother's c***." Teacher Han fell to the floor abruptly and hurt his back.

As soon as Xin Nanyi went over, he mended his feet on his stomach, and his tone was like ice and snow, "You keep your mouth clean, and don't spray any dung out."

Teacher Han was spineless and looked emaciated, he covered his stomach to crawl out without any prestige.

As soon as Xin Nanyi saw that he was going to leave, he didn't stop, "Get out of here! I will make it clear to the chairman."

After the garbage left, Xin Nanyi turned his head and said to some scared girls, "Stand in a row."

The girls stood in a good line.

"Qi Chaohan, tell me the truth, how is your dance teacher?"

When Xin Nanyi questioned, the latitude spanned a bit. Qi Chaohan was scared by his unreasonable inquiry and hesitantly said, "I... I don't know."

As soon as Xin Nanyi sat on the stool where Teacher Han was sitting, he sighed. He thought Qi Chaohan was the most upright in Q&P, but he didn't expect that she was also habitually concealed.

"Are you afraid that there will be no teacher to guide your performance after you say it?" Xin Nanyi said the problem at once.

They all bowed their heads and did not speak.

Zhao Yanyuan sneered in her heart: Just now, Teacher Han said that you invited him to torture us on purpose. Now you know what you were doing.

Xin Nanyi didn't know Zhao Yanyuan's resentment was so deep in her heart. After glanced at them, he continued, "If those teachers are not qualified enough and teach badly, don't mention the progress, it's God's blessing that you can keep going. In this respect, you are struggling to achieve everything, but you need to endure it. It's like taking an inedible □□ every day, which is harmful and unprofitable."

"I'll give you another chance to tell the truth. If this dance teacher is not good, I will find another suitable one for you. But if you are still so silent, I will let him continue to teach, as for the teaching effect, I will not bother." Xin Nanyi casually bent his fingers and beat them rhythmically on his knee.

Zhao Yanyuan pinched her fingers, changed her expression changed, she raised her head wanted to talk but stopped and lowered her head.

Xin Nanyi did not saw it, he ordered another person, "Ning Ning, you say, that dance teacher is good to you, tell the truth."

Ning Ning flattened her mouth awkwardly, her eyes were red and eyes were misty. With tears in her eyes, she pondered for a moment and said, "Will you really find us another teacher?"


Ning Ning, who was promised by Xin Nanyi, was even more aggrieved and said, "No matter whether we jumped right or not, he beat people and hit the place which can be covered by clothes."


Q&P members~
Qiao Cheng (乔丞)
Qi Chaohan (齐朝晗)
Yi Ke (伊可)
Ning Ning (宁柠)
Ji Chuqi (纪初琦)
Zhao Yanyuan (赵颜瑗)

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