Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 7: Daily Life of Raising Son

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As an invisible intersex, although Gao Yang could have babies, it's really difficult for him to produce milk, so Gao Xun could only drink milk powder.

Tao Zi, the newly golden godfather, started to be nouveau riche and buy mode, he bought all variants of trustworthy brands milk powder. Gao Yang, the real father, looked at the milk powder piled up into a small hill and his heart was pumped. Was this killed the milk powder seller?

Tao Zi was quite satisfied with this. He turned to Gao Yang and said, "Today, I ran to every mother and baby shop in the city, and I've ordered good diapers. I'll pick it up in a few days. Now Xun Xun is still small, he still using diapers. When he bigger, he won't be able to use any more diapers."

Now the baby doesn't drink too much milk, peed less and the diapers still could handle it. In another two or three months, he needed a lot of milk. Although the diaper was good, comfortable and environmentally friendly, it could be recycled, but it needed more than a dozen pieces a day. It's troublesome to wash. Fortunately, the weather was hot, and it would dry for an hour.

Gao Yang was still very embarrassed about this, because the diapers were all washed by Huang Qian. Aunt Huang said that the baby's skin was very tender. If you tore some good cotton cloth as diapers, it would easy to absorb water, breathable and the buttock wouldn't have a rash. According to Gao Yang's own meaning, he wanted to use a disposable diaper, which was convenient, labor-saving and worry free.

"How much does this cost? You're really a foolish person, so quick to spend money." Gao Yang was unable to speak, he does not understand the world of a tyrant.

"I willing to do it." This was his godson.

"How much the diaper is? I'll give you the money, or I won't take it." He's the real father. It's impossible to say that he doesn't spent a penny. Even if he has milk powder, he would suffer from headaches when he looked at the hideous of milk powder brands.

"Don't say that to me. I tell you, it's for my godson, not for you. I want you to beep here." He ordered the things himself, didn't he face the money? (TN: it's really beep (哔哔) damn these traditional Chinese and slang _(:ェ 」∠)_ )

Well, anyway, he was a local tyrant. There's no reason to talk with local tyrants, just listened to him. "Are you so free to not go to work?" Was it so idle to be a vice president?

"I have a rest today." Tao Zi said that he was not Qin Shaoyan the robot. He has almost no rest except public holidays throughout the year. He was a normal person and needed to take a rest to adjust himself. Otherwise, if he worked every day, how could he stand it?

"If you didn't say it, I thought the hospital was run by your family." Gao Yang was quite puzzled. The vice president of another family had several meetings a day. He didn't attend several meetings in a month. There were few patients to see. He wanted to leave work when he wanted to. He didn't believe that the hospital had nothing to do with him.

"I didn't tell you? That hospital was opened by my family, and my mother is the director and chairman." Tao Zi said flatly, "I never wanted to be a vice president of the hospital. I was forced."

In fact, Tao Zi preferred to be a scholar, go abroad for further study, as well as to do the powerful acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine in China. In hospitals, especially in his own hospital, it's likely being bound and not free.

"I said, as the fourth generation of doctors, you should be satisfied. You didn't want that, but it's exactly what others dream of." The implication was, don't live in plenty without appreciating it.

Tao Zi said, "Stop that, I'll fly to Liaocheng tomorrow. There are some rare cases. They invited me to go there. I'll call you when I come back."

"Um." Gao Yang nodded. Men should pay more attention to their careers. Tao Zi was too lazy.

"You must not abuse my godson while I am away."

Gao Yang was annoyed and rolled his eyes. "Go, go. He is my own son. My chance of abusing him is equal to zero. If you want to be idle, you can go quickly."

Tao Zi looked at the time. It's time to go back. He got up and straightened his clothes. When he left, he doesn't forget to kiss Little Gao Xun's face.

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Gao Yang was confused when he saw Tao Zi. He should be fond of children, but he couldn't have children for himself now. It's hard for them to find surrogacy. He heard that many such lovers were looking for surrogacy, but the result was not very good. After all, it's not the crystallization of two people, but it's different after all. Because of this, many people broke up eventually. Anyway, he was not optimistic about this.

Gao Yang smiled and looked at Little Gao Xun who was asleep. He thought about what he was doing so much about others. Tao Zi was a man with a great mind and would never let himself suffer.

It's said that people in a one-month confinement period after childbirth were most likely to be fat, but Gao Yang was not in this kind of situation. He was not fat but thin. Obviously, he was eating and drinking something delicious every day, didn't move much and laid in bed actually lose eight pounds.

This was actually for a reason. Although Gao Yang didn't have to go work, he had to take care of Little Gao Xun all day, change his diaper, and when he cried, he would have to hold him to coax him, or else he would not stop crying. In the middle of the night, he had to get up to feed and change his diaper. The first month was the best to serve. Little Gao Xun doesn't cry much except to ate and slept. In the second month, he was not so good to serve. He was no longer a pig that ate, slept and ate when he woke up. The waking time in the daytime had become longer, and he refused to lay down. He had to be held or he would cried, which made Gao Yang very distressed.

Huang Qianyi would help to hug him when she has time, but she still had to take care of the business in the shop. There was not much free time. Tao Zi was gone for a long time. It's been half a month without news, and he couldn't count on him.

After one month of confinement, Gao Yang hurriedly took his baby, he couldn't help but go to the flower shop downstairs. There were not many guests in the shop. Huang Qianyi asked him to hold Little Gao Xun in the cash register and collect the money. She came here busy alone.

Gao Yang sat and collected the money for a day. He thought it was fine to work with his baby. So he bought a crib on the internet, which could be pushed, shaken and placed on the cash register of the shop, so that he could take care of his baby and take care of the business in the shop.

Fortunately, Little Gao Xun was very clever. When the guests came to the shop, he didn't cry or make noise. He lay on the small bed and looked at the other side with two big eyes. As soon as the guests left, he called for his father and hugged him.

Huang Qianyi said with a smile that the child was really clever and mischievous.

Gao Yang didn't pay much attention to it at first, but later found out the problem several times. The child was completely full of ideas.

As long as there was an outsider, he was very obedient. Almost everyone would say that the child was obedient and does not cry. When there were only the people he knew were around, he began to be disobedient. He would looked around, he would try to touched this and that, you couldn't help it.

Gao Yang secretly pinched his buttock. "It's really mischievous at a young age, how about later?"

Little Gao Xun giggled.

The days passed quickly. In a blink of an eye, Little Gao Xun had been for more than four months. The weather was getting colder, and it's the flu-prone season.

It rained a little on that day. The cold wind was blowing. It was still very cold. Gao Yang added clothes for Little Gao Xun to make sure he wouldn't be cold, so he carried him downstairs to open the shop.

Little Gao Xun had a good spirit all day, but in the evening, he became sickly. Gao Yang touched his forehead with the back of his hand, and his heart leaped. It was terrible! He had a fever.

As soon as Gao Yang picked up him, he put his phone, wallet and key on the table in his pocket and went out. He ran to the side of the road and stopped a taxi. When getting on, he said to go to Shengxin Hospital. When the driver saw his posture, he knew that the child must be sick. Without said anything, he stepped on the accelerator and took a short cut.

There were always so many people in the hospital, even at night. Gao Yang put him in the pediatric emergency division. First, he stood in line at the nurse's desk to take his temperature and then went to the consultation room.

He was lucky to meet an unfamiliar acquaintance in the rows. Gao Yang still remembered him. He was the doctor who had examined his stomach before. He was Tao Zi's junior. His name was Zheng Weiming.

"What happened to the child?" Zheng Weiming looked at the baby in Gao Yang's arms and asked.

"He has a fever. It's 39 and a half degrees." Gao Yang was very anxious, but there were more than a dozen people in front of him. They were all children with a high fever.

"Come with me, I'll examine him." Zheng Weiming asked Gao Yang to go with him to the upstairs examination room.

Zheng Weiming was an expert in gastroenterology. He mainly studied this. Although he was not a pediatrician, he has studied it before and could treat it.

"The throat is a little inflamed. Go to have a blood test first, and then take the antipyretic." Zheng Weiming said.

Gao Yang held Little Gao Xun to pay the fee for the blood test. The baby's blood was drawn by his fingers. They said that ten fingers were connected with his heart. How painful was it to be pricked? Gao Yang couldn't bear to look at it.

When the needle went down, Little Gao Xun cried in pain. Gao Yang almost cried for a moment. However, the nurse had a high psychological quality and was not affected. She quickly pinched his fingers and collected them.

The report would be taken half an hour later. Gao Yang hugged Little Gao Xun and patted his back as he walked. After coaxing him for a while, he stopped crying. Gao Yang took antipyretic medicine for him.

Zheng Weiming couldn't help to accompany. He took the list to urge the report. It's fast to handle affairs with acquaintances. It's done in ten minutes.

Zheng Weiming read the report, "His white blood cells are a little high. No need to hang on to IV fluids, the child is still so small. Just take medicine. Antipyretics should not be taken more than once. Take them at least once every four hours when the temperature is above 39℃."


"This is the cold medicine. It's half a pack three times a day..."

Gao Yang carefully wrote down one by one and thanked Zheng Weiming. He said that he must be invited to dinner for a few days. Zheng Weiming waved his hand. This was what he should do. He does it so politely.

It's already early in the morning when he returned after this kind of suffering.


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