Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 6: Just Call Gao Xun

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When pregnant, it's undoubtedly hard. When gave birth, it must be painful. After birth, it must be happy.

Gao Yang had a deep understanding of this. When he was just pregnant, he didn't know what was going on. When the child was two months old, he could hardly spit out the bile. Six months later, his feet began to swell, and it was inconvenient to walk. Eight months later, he was too lazy to move. He felt tired after walking a few steps. During that time, he kept worrying about whether the baby's neck would be coiled, whether the amniotic fluid would be enough, whether the baby would had a birth defect, and many more. It was reported in the news that there were many children had disabilities that could not be detected, such as cerebral palsy. He could not sleep all night, and he was like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow. Tao Zi had repeatedly ensured that the child was healthy. He couldn't get a good sleep without these things he worried about. (TN: sb who frightens easily, due to past experiences)

So, being a pregnant woman was also very hard.

Gao Yang couldn't deliver the baby by himself. He could only deliver by cesarean section. The date had been set before. Although he knew that the technology of cesarean section was very mature now, and there was no risk, he was still worried. Before he was given anesthesia, he took Tao Zi's hand uneasily and said that if there was any accident, he must protect the child.

Tao Zi felt that he was about to lose his nerve because of the torment of this pregnant woman. "You can rest assured that you and your child will be safe."

After that, Gao Yang was dazed all the time. He knew that he had been pushed into the operating room, and then moved a bit. Then he felt something scratched on his belly. Later he heard a cry, and then... he seemed to fell asleep.

In addition to the pain of anesthesia, it could be said that the whole process was safe and painless.

Gao Yang lay on the sickbed and looked at his newborn son. He was very happy in his heart and his face was filled with joy. As expected, he was really born and looked handsome.

"Take that smirk away." As soon as Tao Zi came in, he saw that the new father was laughing foolishly again. He really didn't want to see it.

"I'm happy." Gao Yang refused. "When can I take my baby home?"

"This afternoon you can." Tao Zi took a look at the medical record and said, "Call your boss and don't deliver dinner, I'll send you home after work."

"I can't cook for you." Gao Yang said. Every time Tao Zi went to his place, he would had a meal.

"No, I'll go home myself." What the fuck! Let someone who had just given birth to cook for him? Who wanted to do this? Does he look like that kind of cold-blooded person!? He had a family, ok! There was a worker at home that could cook, ok! The dishes they make were not bad either!

"I'm so sorry." Gao Yang smiled.

"Get lost!" After Tao Zi found out that his baby was born, this person was changed. "This man shouldn't have children. After having children, the whole stomach is black." (TN: evil; sly; manipulative)

"......" It seemed as if a man would have children.

The discharge procedure was handled by Tao Zi alone. The speed of the Vice President of handling something in the hospital was naturally fast. It's done in minutes.

Before Gao Yang thought that he had unloaded his belly. Even though the bitter days were over, he went back to find that it was far from over. Who could tell him what the devil was that a man also confinement for a month?

"It's too salty to eat. It's too greasy to eat. You need to eat something light, trotters... Forget it, you don't have milk, you need to eat fish. You can't play with your mobile phone. You can't play with your computer. It's not good or your eyes. Stay in your room..." Huang Qianyi explained at the bedside what could not be done and what could not be placed in the room.

Gao Yang turned to look at Tao Zi, only to saw him nodding his head in a serious way. It's right to listen to women about this kind of thing.

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Gao Yang: "..."

"By the way, have you figured out the name of the child?" Asked Huang Qianyi.

"Not yet." Had no time to think.

"That's not urgent. You have to think about the child's household registration."

Huang Qianyi chatted in the room for a while and went to get food for Gao Yang.

Tao Zi sat on the wooden chair and asked, "Are you really not going to let the child's other father know?"

"Um." Gao Yang nodded.

Now that he has made up his mind, Tao Zi doesn't ask more questions. "Everything else is not a problem. It may be a little trouble for the child to register an account. But I still know a few people. Don't worry, I will help you deal with it."

"You help me so much, how should I repay you? Why don’t I make a promise?" Gao Yang blinked.

"Go away, this young master doesn't like this kind of thing." Tao Zi ignored him. "If you really want to repay me, let your son recognize me as his godfather."

"Sure, no problem." It's a good thing that the child had more loved ones. Of course, Gao Yang wouldn't refuse it. But he still has a keen sense of what should happen to Taozi, "Are you not responsible for anything?"

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" Tao Zi asked.

Gao Yang was stunned, "Believe it." He was not a good example. He would have chosen that person at the beginning. Apart from seeing that he was very rich, he also has a good appearance. He doesn't like it.

"I seem to like someone." Tao Zi said slowly.

"Man?" Gao Yang asked.

"Yes, man." Tao Zi, with one hand on his chin, seemed somehow vexed, "But the other person is not a simple character."

If Tao Zi said he was not a simple person, it must be a person with a powerful background.

"Can't mess with him?"

"Yes, I can't mess with him."

"My condolence."

"Must you use that word in this way?" Who taught him? What about graduate students?

Gao Yang smiled and said, "I remember that's how it used."

Your graduate diploma must be fake!

"My relationship hasn't started yet." Wasn't it cruel to curse over it!?

"But you already know the result." It's no use to deceived yourself.

Tao Zi smiled bitterly, "Yes, but I still want to try."

"Then fight on." Gao Yang said seriously.

"You will support me, won't you?"

Gao Yang squeezed the baby's hand. "Your godson and I will support you. But," he looked up and said seriously, "don't hurt yourself." That must not look good.

"I know." He still knew how far to go and when to stop.

Gao Yang doesn't think that he really knew it, because people trapped in love had no sense at all. Especially Tao Zi, whose temperament was very strong.

After Tao Zi left, it rained suddenly. Huang Qianyi brought the steamed fish into the room and put a simple table on the bed for Gao Yang to sit up and eat.

"Are you in a bad mood?" Women were very sensitive to their surrounding environment and things.

"Not too bad." Gao Yang held the chopsticks, "Just a little worried about Tao Zi."

"It's just rain. It doesn't matter. He'll be home safely." Huang Qianyi thought he was worried about Tao Zi's drove in the rain.

Gao Yang smiled and didn't explain, "Um."

"Auntie never asked you. The other father of the child," Huang Qianyi hesitated to say, "is it Tao Zi?"

"Of course not." Gao Yang immediately denied it. What a joke, that guy was a pure zero at first sight, he himself was a pure zero. Two zero together would not have happiness. (TN: bottom/uke/receiver/shou in homosexual relationship)

"Oh, that's it." She saw Tao Zi was good to Gao Yang. She thought they were together.

"We are just good friends. Tao Zi is a good man."

"I can see that."

After finding out the relationship between them, Huang Qianyi's attitude toward Tao Zi was much more natural. She was not sure whether he was the scumbag (she thought before). She always had a knot in her heart when communicating with him. Now she wouldn't. As a person involved, Tao Zi clearly felt Huang Qianyi's changed attitude toward him. Gao Yang didn't notice it. He was thinking about the baby's name.

It couldn't be too bad. It must be simple and easy to remember.

Gao Yang thought for two days and finally got his name.

"He's called Gao Xun."

"Which Xun?" Tao Zi asked.

"Xun for seek."

Tao Zi read both sides, felt not bad and said, "Ok."


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