Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 40: Resolve

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Han Sisi wrung her nose and said, "I'm sorry, Boss. Xueman insists that we are roommates. We have such a good relationship. For the time being, we need to pay on credit and return it to me soon. I know our restaurant doesn't have this rule, but there were many people in the restaurant at that time. I don't think of arguing. That boy is also an alumnus, and he paid half of the money, so I asked him to write an indebtedness note and leave..."

Mo Shaoqing: "Don't pay the money? But why did closed the restaurant? What else happened?"

Han Sisi: "Later, when I went to ask for money, he began to refuse to pay. In a few days, he simply didn't see me. I couldn't help but tell the teacher. The teacher went to talk with him, and maybe they were angry..."

"The boy actually called someone to smash the restaurant. Although things didn't get into trouble, Mo Di stopped them all at once, and then sent them to the police station. But the boy changed his previous words and insisted that we were a black shop. Our restaurant randomly marked the prices and defraud them..."

Mo Shaoqing's heart sank, "Are we going to close the shop for rectification?"

"That's not true. Some of the guests were scared away that day. The big boss made up for it. Some of the tableware was broken. We had to clean it up again. The main thing was that the boy's parents said they would sue us for money from their son. The big boss said they would close the door for a while and wait for the matter to be solved."

It's better not to be forced to close the door. Mo Shaoqing was relieved, "I'll be right back." Then he hung up.

Fortunately, it's close to home. Mo Shaoqing was ready to go back after cleaning up. The time was urgent. He only asked his roommate for a leave, so he sat on the high-speed railway back to Y City.

First, he went to the restaurant. As expected, the door was closed. Usually, the guests were sitting here waiting to turn over the terrace. Now the door was deserted. However, a few scattered guests came to the door and saw that the door was closed and left. Even the small flowers beside the floor window were wilting, just like Mo Shaoqing's heart at the moment.

He could understand that everyone was afraid of his worry, so he didn't blame him and called his brother directly.

Mo Shaohong: "Shaoqing, listen to me. It's more difficult than we think. We were going not to recover the money, so we wanted the boy and his partner to learn a lesson. But his mother not only asked us to let her son out of the detention house, but also asked us to compensate for medical expenses, mental loss expenses, and many more. Otherwise, go to the online media and law enforcement to report us. By then, we will be reasonable and unclear. "

Mo Shaoqing sneered, "Then let them sue. We can also accuse them of trespassing into houses and beating as they want."

"Shaoqing, don't get angry. Be obedience, this matter is up to the big brother, you hurry back to school."

"If things don't work out, I'm not in the mood to go back to school. Where are you now?"

Mo Shaohong said with a headache, "In the south of the city police station."

Mo Shaoqing faintly heard a cry on the other side of the phone, so he guessed what was going on. He immediately took a taxi to the police station in the south of the city.

Mo Shaoqing hurriedly rushed there. Several students who had been in trouble had been detained for several days. As expected, a middle-aged woman in gold and silver pointed at Mo Shaohong and said, "My son has suffered so much grievance, you must pay for it! Otherwise, I will sue you. Do you know what my family is doing..."

Mo Shaohong said with a smile, "I don't know if you can sue me to death. I only know that it's natural and proper to pay off debts. If you don't accept my plan, I'm sorry. I can only accompany you when all is said and done!"

"Oh, you black shops will close sooner or later. What else can you do except cheating an honest man like my son?"

Mo Shaoqing really couldn't stand it and stood directly in front of the women, "The price is set by me. I'll take care of anything."

"Your son is honest. Can honest people instigate people to smash other people's restaurants?"

The middle-aged woman was scolded and could not speak. After all, her son was wrong anyway, but she thought that her son was cheated first, "You are young, and you are speaking very viciously!"

"I'm sorry, it's better than you. You're talking like a firecracker!"

"Come on, don't make any noise. Do you think this is the vegetable market?" The policeman accused impatiently, but it was to the middle-aged woman, "Your son in the detention center, do not quarrel, go!"

"Thank you, comrade!" The middle-aged woman went with gratitude. Before she left, she glanced at them.

Policeman: "Mo Shaohong, right? You come in!"

They sat down in the duty room, "How can we solve this matter, comrade police?"

"It's a tough thing! In fact, it would have been the best to settle the negotiation privately. These students need to be educated in the detention center and let them make compensation."

Mo Shaohong: "It is true, comrade police, we don't want to pursue those money, but people must be punished as they should."

The policeman said, "I know you don't want to be held responsible now, but now it's the parents of the students who want to hold you responsible in turn... and, according to the boy, there are really unreasonable promotions and prices in your restaurant."

"No, comrade police, everything in our restaurant is in line with the regulations..."

"I know, but other people don't know. Do you think it's ok? The relevant department will investigate the price problem in the restaurant and give you a result. No matter what the parents want in the future, there is no point!"

"Other compensation..."

The policeman talked endlessly without getting to the point, Mo Shaohong and Mo Shaoqing looked at each other and saw the displeasure in each other's eyes, both of them were not satisfied with the answer.

No matter what the truth of this matter was, the relevant department involved in the catering industry in Y City was reasonable and unclear in the customer circle.

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But now there was no other way. The two could only go home first and stayed up all night.

Father Mo, Mo Shaoqing and Mo Shaohong came to the police station the next day. At the door, they heard the shouting and the cry for help.

Mo Shaoqing's mind was not good. There wouldn't be any other moths in one night. Hurry up to find out.

They saw yesterday's middle-aged woman was fighting with a young girl.

The middle-aged woman said maliciously, "You bitch, seduced my son to spend so much money for you. I tell you, as long as I alive, I won't allow you to enter my house." Several policemen on the side were separating them vigorously.

Mo Shaoqing thought to himself, that's not true. Whoever wanted to enter your house and who had been unlucky for 18 years would step forward and wanted to pull away the girl.

The woman was very thin and weak. Obviously she didn't had that much strength. Mo Shaoqing was pushed to the ground before he could stop her.

The girl looked up with a pale face, pear blossom with rain, which was looked pitiful and explained, "No, we just went to eat, Qi Yong said he would treat me, not me..."

"Qi Yong, you explain to auntie, that it's not like this-"

At this time, Mo Shaoqing found that there was a boy next to him. He was in a ragged shirt, and he was frightened and silent.

"See, you little fox, my son doesn't like you at all. How much did you spend on my son? I want you to spit it out. A wild girl who doesn't know where to run out will come to seduce my son. Look at my family, and look at you again-"

The middle-aged woman was very satisfied with her son's silent attitude. Seeing that the girl couldn't speak, she adjusted her clothes, "Son, let's go back and have a good meal. Do you want to eat anything? Go- go- wretched-"

The last few words were obviously directed at the three people, including Mo Shaoqing. Father Mo was turned upside down by the anger.

Mo Shaoqing was puzzled, "What's the matter? Is this man released like this?"

The policeman helplessly said, "It's obvious that after paying the money, he was bailed by a lawyer. Don't worry that this matter will be explained to you and there will be compensation."

The crying girl also stood up and ran out, covering her face with a bag.

The problem had become so muddled. Mo Shaoqing knew that he couldn't get any compensation.

These days, the three of them were running back and forth, and they could be seen to lose weight.

"As long as you can't afford any moths, go ahead." This was Mother Mo's idea to calm down.

When the restaurant was reopened, Mo Shaoqing wanted to help for a while, so he went back to school after May 1st.

To the outside world, they all say that those people were gangsters and had now been punished. In addition, they doesn't know what to say. However, the business of the restaurant had been affected. It's estimated that it would take some time for the restaurant to recover completely.

Mo Shaoqing was biting his pen, trying to adjust the price. He said the things in his space were all bought by the staff in the wholesale market to his family. He usually rented a warehouse to place the vegetables and fruits, and the vehicles to delivered them every day. Or he secretly put them into the storage room, but there was always a loophole in the receipt.

This time, he was reminded that although the things in the space were really good things, but he rushed to use it and set a high price. In case someone came to check, the source of the goods was unknown, and once they were found out, he couldn't say why. He was afraid that there would be a big disaster.

"What are you thinking about? So serious." Ling Senhao, who was watching a long time, was a little dissatisfied.

Naturally, he knew what had happened. On the day when Mo's restaurant was closed, he immediately sent someone to investigate the situation, but it's not for the purpose of ordering a take-away.

Ling Senhao was startled by his own thoughts. When did he start to care about the boy in front of him?

"I'm trying to reduce the price-" Mo Shaoqing put down his pen and went on a tour of mental journey.

It seemed that there was no response, "Then why do you reduce the price?"

"Because of being..." Eh... It seemed that something was not right. Mo Shaoqing looked up sharply, but found that a tall figure stood in front of him had blocked some sunlight and shrouded him in the counter. He stood up at once, but almost bumped into the person in front of him.

"Why are you so forthright?"

"Ling- Ling- Mr. Ling?"

"My surname is Ling, but it's not Ling Ling." Ling Senhao deliberately followed his words.

Mo Shaoqing blushed, "Why are you here? Do you have anything to eat?"

"What happened? Why is the shop so deserted?" Ling Senhao said unconsciously.

Mo Shaoqing wanted to deal with him in the same way as an outsider, but Ling Senhao's dark blue eyes seemed to see that he had nothing to hide.

What if he wanted to speak the truth?


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