Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 39: Crisis

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Now the more tangled people was the director. There were only a group of old actors TV drama that no audience wanted to watch. After all, the audience of ancient drama was still young audience.

Therefore, the big drama produced by Shanhe would put the smart little flowers and fresh meat in the group. Because Mo Shaoqing's image was very outstanding, and he had the recommendation of You Tianling, he thought that not only could Xu Che be replaced, but also the handsome face could attract the young female audience's cute point, so he agreed after many considerations. (TN: girl or boy young artist/idol)

But although this little fresh meat had the aura, he was not from the professional background, but it's also obvious mistakes. Now it's just a simple literary drama that was so difficult to shot. What could he do about the later scene?

"Shaoqing, you see, you and the prime minister's wife are acting, the camera is over there, and... also, when you are acting, you have to gesture like this. When you stand, you are a little far away from your opponent, which is convenient for us to shoot, do you understand?" The director was quite patient and told Mo Shaoqing about the scene again.


"Well, you can think about it again. All sections are ready for the next one..." After that, the director went to the camera again.

But Mo Shaoqing's pressure was even greater. He read the script repeatedly in the resting place. But his lines were very simple, and he had learned them well, so had all his skills been put on music? Mo Shaoqing smiled bitterly.

"You are not good at your lines. The feeling is a little exaggerated, but the lines are plain to read and not match the acting, so it looks a little bit dramatic." Tang Qin didn't know when to wake up and went to the side of Mo Shaoqing to comment.

"Ah?" Mo Shaoqing didn't take too many acting lessons, he couldn't grasp the lines.

"Qian Mian pretend to be the son of the prime minister on purpose. Although he speak indifferently, he is not plain. He pretend to be a famous zither player, so he should have a sense of not being humble or overbearing when speaking. He is sure that the prime minister's wife will believe him, but also has a sense of being confident. This is a different kind of historical drama. It has excellent martial arts and is easy to tolerate. It looks like the characters in "XX Ming Bu", "Detective XXX" or martial arts drama. You don't understand the character enough. Come on, let's go over the lines together."

Tang Qin helped Mo Shaoqing to repeat the lines several times. She found that the young man in front of her was really gifted. It was said that he learned music, but in acting, he learned it very quickly, but lacked the guidance of a tutor. After several play, Mo Shaoqing went to the acting site confidently.

The effect was unexpectedly good, even Mo Ansheng was surprised, and the secret way was good that he didn't kick people. Seeing Mo Shaoqing in excellent condition, he immediately moved all his literary scene to the front. But, fortunately, Mo Shaoqing's early scene was not many. The big guys who just shot the movie were also tired. They were all resting. And took this opportunity to shot all.

Finally, another scene was finished. Even in early spring, Mo Shaoqing was still sweating. He drank the hot water sent by Fang Te and resting. He heard the quarrel in the distance. Although Mo Shaoqing was not particularly gossiping, he was still a little curious. After all, it seemed from his side, as well as Director Mo sound vaguely.

"Director Mo, you have become famous for a long time. so if you say something about changing people, you can also do it. Aren't you really afraid of our withdrawal?" A handsome young man cursed in rage.

"Ha ha, I'm not afraid. I've made it clear that you're the first to skip the work for no reason, and I'll replace you later." Director Mo had an indifferent attitude, but Mo Shaoqing still saw that he was really angry this time.

"I said, I'm just a little late because I was not feeling well. Later you all came to work, and you don't have any loss if you don't shoot my part in a day. But now you change me, the loss will be great."

Mo Ansheng had always hated being threatened, "I have nothing to say. I have worked for so many years and have never been afraid of anyone. I put my words here today." And then he said, "You! Were! Changed!"

Director Mo then left him alone and continued to tell the people around him, "Ok, stop looking. What about the lighting engineer? Hurry up."

"You-" the young man's face was twisted, and he could not bear to go up and to look up desperately. The agent and assistant held him and comforted him at the same time.

Needless to say, the young man who was pulled was undoubtedly Xu Che.

However, it had to be said that Xu Che had a good eye. There were a lot of young actors needed in the drama, but he knew that it's impossible for him to compete for the main role. Most of the remaining supporting roles were princes and aristocrats. There were quite a lot of them. The lines were super simple, as long as they were attached to the protagonists, but to made people remember would be very difficult.

Although his appearance was excellent, it's absolutely impossible for him to enter the entertainment circle by virtue of this drama.

There were only two roles left. One was the bodyguard beside the ninth prince. The part was enough. When the protagonist appeared, he must be by his side, but he played a lot. In case of injury, the cost was too high. Maybe he would lost the gold master. (TN: financial backer)

Another one was the amazing killer, Qian Men, who appeared in the early scene. One person playing the two sides was a test of acting skills. It's impressive. It's a killer and a noble son. This was exactly the setting of an idol drama character. It's difficult to think of it without fire! (TN: hot; popular)

The disadvantage was that there was too little drama. He talked about this with the gold master for a long time. The gold master just waved his hand and added some parts. It's hard to think whether the role was really popular or not.

Xu Che secretly regretted it, if he was not carried away, knowing that this character must be himself, he would not be drunk with his friends, which would be caused him to be late the next day.

Who knew Mo Ansheng dare to changed him regardless of his backer. But now that it's over, Mo Ansheng doesn't eat hard or soft. He couldn't help it. However, Mo Ansheng couldn't be displaced. He couldn't be displaced by a little actor. Xu Che went to Mo Shaoqing and said, "I won't let you go!"

Mo Shaoqing's face was innocent. The assistant director on the side explained to Mo Shaoqing quickly. He only knew the original reason. It turned out that Xu Che, who had just been replaced. It seemed that he was not unjustly ridiculed, but really "fight over" someone else's role.

Mo Shaoqing was worried about his attack on him. After all, he had no family in S City and no power. The other person was likely to had a big backer. He just wanted to rush up and beat himself, but he was still safe after a few days.

He thought for a while that he didn't mix in that circle. Even if he wanted to revenge him, Xu Che unable to find a way out. Could he still put on a sack and beat him?

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The shooting was finished, Mo Shaoqing went back to school and waited for the next notice.

That day, he opened the post and found that there was a reply to the last message.

Monday at 8:30

Great Gourmet: Wow, is it real? Boss Mo.

Great Gourmet: Are you there?

Mo Shaoqing quickly replied,

Mo Shanghuakai: Yes, yes, great gourmet?

Soon there was a reply,

Great Gourmet: My name is Huang Yilin, you can call me Yilin.

Mo Shanghuakai: Thank you for helping our small store to publicize.

Great Gourmet: It's OK. It's a super delicious restaurant. But I heard that your restaurant hasn't opened in recent days. I don't know what happened when I was away from home?

Mo Shaoqing frowned, his fingers continued typing,

Mo Shanghuakai: Ah? I'm also at school. I don't know anything. Thanks for the reminder. I'll ask.

Great Gourmet: It's ok. Go and have a look.

What happened at home? Or something happened in the store? Why did no one tell there was no business?

Mo Shaoqing urgently called back, and the phone rang for a long time before it was answered, "Hello, brother, it's me. How's the business recently?"

Mo Shaohong: "Hah- Shaoqing, I'm sorry, I'm recently more tired. Did you say something about the shop? Everything is fine. The barbecue is very popular!

"What happened? Suddenly called back to ask this?"

"It's okay. I just want to ask about the sales this quarter and the acceptance of new dishes. If it's fine, I'll hang up." It seemed that there was nothing wrong here!

Mo Shaohong was puzzled. Did Shaoqing knew what happened? Impossible. Didn't he had been at school? He should don't know about the restaurant. He had to hurry up with his parents, Mo Di, and the staff in the restaurant.

When he hung up, Mo Shaoqing immediately called Han Sisi. He knew that calling his parents was the same as Mo Di, so he didn't ask. After all, Han Sisi was a girl who hadn't gone through the society. Mo Shaoqing put it in a few sentences.

Han Sisi cried, "I'm sorry, Boss Mo, it's all my fault. I didn't expect this!"

Mo Shaoqing was anxious. It seemed that the problem was very serious, "You first say what happened. Why did you suddenly close the door?"

In Han Sisi’s intermittent description, Mo Shaoqing sorted out a general idea. The original barbecue plan was very popular after introduced, and there were a lot of visitors. Because of the quality of the barbecue meat, Mo Shaoqing gave a slightly higher price. He marked these meat as high-quality meat, but also prepared a lot of ordinary meat.

Many customers may not be able to afford such a high price, so most of them only order one or two to taste it, which was normal.

"A few days ago, the girl I had dinner with last time... her name is Liu Xueman, and her boyfriend brought her to dinner... they went together with five men and two women. When they came up, they asked for the largest private room, which could seat more than ten people. That room has the lowest consumption and the box fee. I also said...

"I recommended dishes to them. They pointed out that they wanted to eat barbecue. I also said that high-quality meat was more expensive, but they still ordered seven or eight portions, all of which were the best beef. They also ordered a seafood platter and some other food. I thought it was a big customer. I was so excited that I didn't say anything. I also sent them beer, but... but later... at the time of checkout, it was about 2000 Yuan. The boy said he didn't bring so much money... And then... "

Mo Shaoqing was anxious, "What then?"


Mo Shaoqing account name is Mo Shanghuakai or 莫上花开 which can be translated as 'there is no previous bloom' or 'there is no first bloom'

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