Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 38: Shoot A Movie

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The entire story from the birth of the male lead to the end of the world, the age span was very large, the length of the script was very large. In addition, the novel itself had two parts. If it was filmed, it would be at least 70 episodes.

The screenwriter was also a famous gold medal screenwriter in the circle. The entire drama was more interesting than the novel. At this time, Mo Shaoqing was glad that he took over the drama. It's a glorious thing to be able to participate in such a production, let alone received the wonderful level of this role.

The role left by Xu Che was a dual role, which only appeared in the first half of the competition for the throne. It's difficult to act two parts by one person.

One was a ruthless killer with thousands of faces, and the other was an innocent and lovely nobleman. The former was a swindler, while the latter was the son of the prime minister and a close friend of the male lead. He disappeared in his early years and was the key figure for the prime minister to join the ninth prince.

Originally, there were not many parts in this role, only three or four parts. All the others needed to be handed over to the martial arts substitutes. However, in order to praise Xu Che, the investors added many parts to him. In this drama with a wide range of male supporting role, it was barely male sixth or male seventh. Plus the role setting was very good, as long as there was a bit of acting, this role would be a big fire, it would be very amazing. (TN: popular)

Although Mo Shaoqing had seen this TV drama in his previous life, he vaguely remembered that the role in his previous life doesn't seem to be outstanding. He couldn't even remember who played it. Unexpectedly, there was such a thing, this was really good luck. He could only say that he met unexpected luck.

However, because Xu Che was abandoned, many scenes needed to be re-shot. Fortunately, as a killer, this character was very good at changing appearance, so some Xu Che's scene had to hold back. Mo Shaoqing only needed to shot court scenes.

Soon the director arranged the first act, mainly the Emperor entertained the ministers, and the assassin disguised himself as an actor to play in the music performer troupe. This scene was relatively simple and took a long-range view. Mo Shaoqing only needed to pretend to played qin. The camera would only occasionally sweep over him and finally gave a close-up.

Mo Shaoqing had chosen Guqin as his elective course, so his posture and manners were very correct. He could even play a few paragraphs lightly, which made Mo Ansheng impressed and firm his determination to scoop out people over.

In this scene, he doesn't need much expression or lines. Just after the director's anger, now everyone was excited, so it's over again.

Then, Mo Shaoqing would sit in place and pretend to be a zither player, because the role played by You Tianling has a wonderful argument with other old actors, but he doesn't had to do anything as long as he sat there.

Then there was a palace banquet. After all the scenes were taken in the hall, the crew began to pack up and prepare to move to other palaces for shoting.

At this time, the sun was already set. Because of the set, Director Mo simply took the night off. In the happy laughter, Mo Shaoqing changed his clothes, and You Tianling sent him to school responsibly. Explaining the time for tomorrow's shooting, You Tianling said that he would arrange someone to pick him up. Mo Shaoqing thanked him.

Back to the dormitory, Mo Shaoqing found that several other dormitories were also there. Everyone knew the news, and they all lamented Mo Shaoqing's "sheer-dumb luck". A person in the dormitory next door exclaimed, "If you let the performance department know, it's not only jealous, envy and hate to death!"

After they left, Mo Shaoqing called to tell his parents and big brother about the matter. The silence on the other side of the phone worried Mo Shaoqing. His parents expressed some concern. However, Father Mo, Mother Mo and big brother had always been very fond of Mo Shaoqing. They did not object to anything, so they undoubtedly agreed to the matter.

The next day, Mo Shaoqing rarely got up early in the morning. Since he wanted to do it, he must do it well. This was Mo Shaoqing's principle.

He came to the studio early. At this time, there were only three or two group performances. No one else was there. Mo Shaoqing found a corner of the palace and sat down. He took out the script and began to understand the drama. However, his early scene were not many, and his lines were relatively simple. The more difficult ones would take some time to shoot, so when he was free, he began to think about the things in the restaurant.

A few days ago, his brother called and said that he had a new plan for spring and summer recipes.

It was Li Xiao found that the quality of the beef in the restaurant was very good. He thought it was too bad to make instant boiled dishes. He hoped that he could make excellent dishes and raise the price.

To say that the beef in his own space was naturally fat and thin. Wagyu beef was no worse than foreign beef.

But Mo Shaoqing also knew that his restaurant was different from the five-star restaurant. It's sold very expensively or increased the price, which would inevitably cause the loss of guests. Originally, the restaurant was also newly opened.

So he used good beef to make steak, the price was relatively higher, but after all, it couldn't be more expensive than the star-styled Western restaurant. As for the hotpot and shabu shabu dish, it's also a few percent more expensive than the beef in the ordinary hotpot restaurant, so it couldn't be increased.

In fact, Mo Shaoqing had a vague idea before, maybe he could open a branch to specially cook beef, but although the business of the restaurant was very prosperous, the income aws far from the bottom of another branch.

There were also desserts. At present, desserts were mainly for afternoon tea, and the income was also very good. If he could open a dessert shop alone, it's the best. But it couldn't be achieved because of economic problems.

After all, he couldn't became a fat man with a stutter. He had to take it slow.

Mo Shaoqing called Master Li Xiao to discuss again. Master Li has a good proposal, which was to separate the best quality parts and raised the price to make barbecue and beef sashimi.

It's a good proposal. Mo Shaoqing had also eaten barbecue in R and H Countries, especially the beef in R Country. It's really delicious and delicate. The weather in early spring was still very cold, so it's the best time to eat barbecue.

If the revenue was good, it could even last into the summer. Mo Shaoqing immediately called back his big brother and said something about the new recipe barbecue. After explaining a series of things, Mo Shaoqing felt relieved.

"Don't you drink water, Brother Mo?" Mo Shaoqing looked up, but saw Assistant Fang Te scratched his head and smilingly delivering water to himself.

Fang Te was originally one of You Tianling's assistants. He temporarily sent Mo Shaoqing as an assistant. He was white, fat and cute. He had a pair of glasses. He was simple and absent-minded. Mo Shaoqing liked to get along with him very much.

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Mo Shaoqing had never regarded himself as an artist, and was more embarrassed to call on others, so Mo Shaoqing rarely let Fang Te serve him except to let Fang Te picked him up.

"How many times have you said that, just call me by name. Don't call me Brother Mo all the time." Besides, you were still older than me. Mo Shaoqing just put that sentence in his stomach and didn't said it.

"Ah Qing, what were you talking about, beef, barbecue, top-grade beef? My saliva is coming down." Fang Te was not pretentious either. Since he had said this twice and again, he really called his name and asked his questions. With those pair of shiny and squinted eyes, he really looked like would drooled.

"I opened a private restaurant in my hometown... That's it! " Mo Shaoqing said the main business style of his restaurant, and said some new products.

Just finish said it, Fang Te seemed to be already excited and couldn't help himself. He rushed over and shouted, "God, can I go to taste?"

Mo Shaoqing couldn't help crying and laughing, "Of course, I'll give you a discount!"

"What about me? Can't do without me!"

At the same time, there came the unique and magnetic laughter of women.

"Sister Tang." Mo Shaoqing and Fang Te greeted her together. They were about to stand up, but Tang Qin stopped them.

"Good young man, start your own business!"

Tang Qin was about the same age as Mother Mo. She was also a beautiful woman in her early years. She played many TV dramas and was a well-deserved ratings queen at that time. Even though she was old now, she still received shows. However, most of the roles she received now were all those motherhood.

This time she played the queen of the drama. Tang Qin had been married for many years and had no children. After heard about Mo Shaoqing's help to the drama group, she liked the handsome and unrivalled youngster sincerely.

"You flatter me, Sister Tang, you praise me too much. It's just a small business with my parents' money."

"There are not many college students like you who are looking for development opportunities before graduation. At least you don't let your parents look for relationships to find jobs for you. Just directly call me sister. I have to help you too."

"Then I thanked Sister Tang here."

"Um." Tang Qin agreed and went to the folding bed to lie down and rest. Mo Shaoqing looked at the dark under her eyes and knew that she didn't have a good rest. The next scene happened to be her part, so he took Fang Te out of the lounge.

Compared to the previous scene where the musician's appearance was only one or two close-ups and without lines. This scene was Mo Shaoqing's more important part. Thousands of faces disguised as a zither player, used a very handsome face, but was seen by the prime minister's wife. He was so similar to her son who had been missing for five years. The prime minister's wife doesn't think it's an accident.

"Chen Er, is it really you? You finally came back. Mother thought you were dead. No, no, how could my son die? Let mother look at Chen Er..."

The actress who played the prime minister's wife was also an old actress, who easily brought Mo Shaoqing into the situation, "Madame is afraid to recognize the wrong person. I'm only an actor. How can he be the young master?" (TN: the I here is xiao ren (小人: person of low social status (old); I, me (used to refer humbly to oneself); nasty person; vile character))

"Cut- Mo Shaoqing, come here."

Hearing this, Mo Shaoqing knew that his part had never been completed. After all, he did not graduate from the performance class and knew little about acting.

Before, Mo Shaoqing thought acting was very simple. It seemed that there was no simple thing in the world.

In this drama, the character only needed to show apathy without expression, but Mo Shaoqing was not clear about the grasp and position of the camera. In a short scene, he had NG many time.

This frustrated Mo Shaoqing, who was also very guilty for delaying others for a lot of time. However, the actress who played the prime minister's wife was not young this year, and her children were about the same age as Mo Shaoqing. She loved him as much as her child, knew that he was a newcomer, and pointed him out again and again.


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