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by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 2: The Space

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After the old man left, Mo Shaoqing went home directly with his parents and brother. The car drove along the country road to the city. The old city's style was gradually displayed in front of Mo Shaoqing's eyes. At the same time, he also knew that now it is only a few years ago, which was equivalent to the 30 years old him who went back 17 years ago.

In this small city, there were no high-rise buildings, no cars coming and going, no flat asphalt road, and people walking along the lakeside were on the roadside. The simple style made Mo Shaoqing, who suffered from the cold and warm of the world in the big city, very satisfied.

To Mo Shaoqing's surprise, his father had a car so early. In this era, a car meant that he should have a good family.

As he expected, Father Mo and Mother Mo's economic ability was obviously good. They bought two suites in the city and had two floors, nearly 250 square meters. In addition, because of the first floor, there was a small garden at home.

The industrious and capable Mother Mo tidied the garden very well. Although the appearance of the house was really old in the eyes of his futurist man, the area and the lot were undoubtedly regarded as luxury houses now. The entire house was about five rooms, two halls living rooms and three bathrooms layout. The decoration was simple. It's not that kind of tawny furniture. There's no sense of aging at all.

Brother Mo showed him around the house and took him to his room. What else could Mo Shaoqing be excited about? Let Mo Shaoqing had a 20 square meter cottage with a small living room. The room was not big, but he has a private space. He has a private space until his previous life when he worked independently and rented a house.

This was a typical boy's room. It's a single bed by the window. The light blue curtains were blown in the wind. The sun was shone on the desk. There were homework, family photos and scattered stationery on it. It's like the owner of the desk has never left.

There were many famous domestic and foreign books besides textbooks on the bookshelf. It seemed that parents Mo had a high expectations for him. On the wall, there were posters of leading male actors who was probably very popular of this time, and there were badminton rackets and basketball.

Mo Shaoqing, who was lying in bed, had just accepted the reality. In a few days, he had a new life. A teenage body, a family who loved him, good family conditions, everything was just a dream. If this was a dream, he really doesn't want to woke up. Mo Shaoqing concluded that this body could be said to have a pretty good life. Now the magpie made a nest, the turtledove dwells in it. He could only said sorry in silent. (TN: to reap where one has not sown.)

However, he was still curious, was this world still the same one?

Through his understanding, this country was also China. His current city was a small city called Y City. But because it was close to many first-tier cities, the economic development of Y City had begun to develop slowly. It's a tourist city with beautiful mountains and rivers. The capital here was also B City, which seemed to be no different from everything in the past.

The point was that there was still a simple jade pendant around his neck. According to his knowledge, it's also a family heirloom. Let alone why such a common jade was a family heirloom, which proved that this body also had a jade pendant.

Mo Shaoqing fumbled on the second floor and found that there was a computer in the study. Although the style of the old internet was slow. Mo Shaoqing tried to search on the internet for several major events in recent years.

Unexpectedly, the world was indeed developing according to the timeline of the previous world, and many major events were the same. So he went back to the past from the future, Mo Shaoqing thought.

He was busy for a long time and returned to his room. Mo Shaoqing still couldn't help thinking. When he came to this world, what about Zhang Yi of that world? How sad should he be? And why didn't Dean Shao told him about his relatives? Before the car accident, he recalled back, why was he so supportive?

Thinking about it, Mo Shaoqing fell asleep until dinner. Muddled, he got up and washed his face. He woke up and washed his face before he realized that he was no longer in his small rental house. Shao Qing had disappeared. Now, only Mo Shaoqing was there. In a sense, he really went back to the past.

On the dining table, Mother Mo carefully prepared a meal, which made Mo Shaoqing felt the warmth of the family and understand the family better. He was 13 years old now. He just finished his second year of junior high school. His father was a small manager of a company. His mother was a high school music teacher. His brother, who was eight years older than him, just got a job after graduating from college.

Mo Shaoqing's grandfather had two sons, the first son was Mo Hanwu, the youngest son was Mo Hanwen, that was, Mo Shaoqing's father. Last year, Mo Shaoqing's uncle, Mo Hanwu died of illness. He left his wife, children, his father and mother. It should be said that his wife, Wang Lifang was also capable. His father-in-law and mother-in-law took care of her together. Her son was Mo Shaoqing's cousin, Mo Di. Apart from her parents-in-law's alimony, she didn't need much money. She relied on herself.

Grandma Mo lost her son in the old age. She was so depressed. When her grandson had this incident again, she felt even worse. Suddenly, she fell ill. Grandpa Mo wondered whether the family had a bad fortune in the past two years. He wanted to had a happy and lively occasion and thought of the fourth generation. If he had a great grandson, maybe the old lady would be better.

In the third generation, Mo Shaohong was the eldest one. He just graduated from college and had a good job. As the saying goes, started a family and started a career. Of course, to start a family was to had a job first. Grandpa Mo revealed his idea. Mo Hanwen and his wife understood it all at once, so they were busy prepared blind dates for their eldest son recently!

The key point at today's dinner was to persuade Mo Shaohong to go on blind date again. Anyway, it doesn't matter much to him. Mo Shaoqing would keep listening.

After dinner, Mother Mo cleaned up the kitchen, immediately went to the bathroom to put water and told Mo Shaoqing who was watching TV to took a bath quickly, but don't touch the wound. She looked anxious as if she would help him take a bath, which made Mo Shaoqing shy and panic. There were also some happy feelings. Was that was the feeling of being cared by his family?

* * * * *

Mother Mo went back to her room after doing housework. She still couldn't accept what happened these days.

"Lao Mo, do you think it's good or bad for your son to lose his memory this time?"

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Father Mo locked a box and put it in the safe. "What a blessing in disguise! It's better that he forgets, and never mentions it again."

"I know, I know." Mother Mo repeatedly agreed.

On the other side, Mo Shaoqing was lying comfortably in the bathtub and sighed. He rarely used the bathtub. Not to mention in the orphanage, the big bathhouse and the rental house were limited and only had showers. Now he could enjoy himself in the bathtub. It's really nice to think about life.

His hand touched the jade pendant on the chest accidentally. Mo Shaoqing took it up and carefully observed it. Mo Shaoqing found that there were cracks on the jade pendant.

Before, he said that this jade pendant looked cheap. The reason was that it doesn't look like a jade pendant, but a stone. The surface was gray. Except for the greenness that penetrated below, it's hard to believe that this was actually a piece of jade.

But now the surface of the jade pendant actually had a trace of cracks. Was the jade pendant that had been with him for thirty years going to be broken? This made Mo Shaoqing, who had come to the conclusion, panicked. He stopped took a bath, put on his pajamas and went straight to his room.

He went back to his room and locked the door at once. Mo Shaoqing came to see the jade pendant again. He doesn't know if it's an illusion. He always felt that the crack of the jade seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

As time went on, he was fully convinced that this was not an illusion, and that the cracks were indeed widening. Was it going to break? The jade pendant that accompanied Shao Qing for thirty years, because Mo Shaoqing accidentally rolled down the hillside and bumped into it? So it's going to break?

Mo Shaoqing couldn't be flustered. He could only hold it carefully. He hoped it wouldn't crack. He also wanted to find the glue to see if it could stick. He was very anxious. His heart seemed to be burning with fire, sad and distressed.

After careful observation, Mo Shaoqing suddenly made a discovery that the cracks actually revealed a hint of greenness. After careful consideration, in order to confirm his idea, he had the courage to peel the skin carefully.

The greenness was more vivid. It turned out that the appearance of the stone was actually emerald. Mo Shaoqing was shocked and immediately began to slowly peeled away the shell along the crack.

Soon, the whole jade pendant became another form. The crystal clear merald green color exuded vitality in the light.

The jade pendant was very common in the shape of a mountain-like stone. It seemed that there were words in the slightest place. This made Mo Shaoqing couldn't help looking closer. It seemed like a "cloud" word. In order to prove that he didn't read it wrong, Mo Shaoqing put it in front of the desk lamp and observed it more carefully. It's amazing that there was still painting in the jade pendant. Mo Shaoqing became more and more attracted as he looked at it. Unconsciously, his entire eyes were attached.

Then there was a burst of trance, as if to came to another world, distant mountains and green water, clouds and mist swirled, like a fairyland.

God, here... was this another space?

When Mo Shaoqing was still Shao Qing, he read some novels with descriptions of space and fantasized about whether he would have such a space. At that time, he even tried with blood, but it was useless. After he finished doing it, he regretted that he was really stupid enough to pinned a fate on this kind of illusory thing.

After this incident, he never read this kind of fantasy novel again, but put his mind on the study, worked hard and got into the famous university at one swoop.

He didn't expect that now he has come to an ethereal place. In order to confirm his idea, Mo Shaoqing took a few steps to initially determined that this is indeed a small world. Every flower and tree, even the grass under his feet was real.

Mo Shaoqing suddenly thought that in the hospital that day, the old spiritual grandfather saidー there must be an adventure? An adventure? Does he mean this?

That grandpa must know something. Does he know the secret of the jade pendant? Was this the reason why he died and came back to life? Or maybe there was a secret of his own life here? After all, the "worthless" jade pendant is given by his own relatives.

Now, Mo Shaoqing regretted that he didn't listen to that old grandfather's words. He would like to go back to the past and wake himself up and ask himself about the situation, which was better than his confused situation now.

After being annoyed, he thought again, was he blessed by misfortune? Rebirth has brought his parents, brother and now he had a space for himself. Whether this was God's compensation for him or not, he has to thank God. Since he came here, I, Mo Shaoqing, would live well.


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