He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 82: The little thing about keeping pets

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Recently, Lu Ran's position at home had been greatly impacted, because there was another little thing in the family who snatched the little crybaby with himself.

A fluffy and soft body that would act cute and coquettish, a ragdoll kitten.

Small animals were very cute, right? They could induce human pity and love, right?

But no matter how cute the animal was, it couldn't hid the very serious and bad thing that the little thing wanted to rob the little crybaby with himself.

Lu Ran could said to be defensive and afraid that there will be another addition at home. Gu Xiaosheng was very lovely. But Lu Ran didn't want to had such a small life at all. He was afraid that another one would appear in his and Gu Qingyan's life and stole the attention and love of little crybaby.

After all, President Lu was a very possessive and childish that even his own son was disliked now. It's fine to had another little bundle.

It's just a surprise that the little bundle was blocked and a little kitten came.

One day, Gu Xiaosheng brought home a beautiful cage with a beautiful pure kitten.

Qu Yang, a friend, was the culprit of this incident.

Qu Yang liked to browse Weibo when he had nothing to do. Then he occasionally saw the harmonious life of his own cat and dog shared by others on the Weibo. Seeing that the cat and dog were so close and loving. For a while, Qu Yang was fascinated by the beauty of the ragdoll and felt that the ragdoll cat was very beautiful.

Thinking that the dog was too lonely, he wanted to get a ragdoll cat home. He ordered a pure ragdoll cat in the cat house.

Qu Yang thought that his family was also full of cats and dogs. He fantasized that, like the cute pictures of others' cats and dogs, his family would be prosperous and beautiful in the future.

It's great that Qu Yang was happier, but later facts prove that other people's family was always others' family.

When the kitten really arrived at Qu Yang's house, the indigenous peoples in Qu Yang's house were speechless, and the cat and dog family were not all so peaceful and loving each other.

At home, it's a big deal. At last, Qu Yang couldn't think but sent the kitten away.

No one could made his stupid dog look like that. A dog couldn't even fear a cat. It's very useless.

Qu Yang didn't think about who to give it to at the beginning, so he was looking for candidates.

It happened that Lu Ran accompanied Gu Qingyan to receive the prize in Y Country a while ago. Gu Xiaosheng was taken care of by Mama Lu. Occasionally, Gu Xiaosheng would asked his grandparents to send him to godfather Yangyang's house if he wanted to. Gu Xiaosheng liked little animals very much. He just fell in love with it when he saw the kitten. Qu Yang was worried about not finding a suitable adopter.

When Gu Xiaosheng expressed his love for the kitten, Qu Yang thought that he could give the kitten to his godson, and that he could be reassured and cultivate the love from the children. His friend's family didn't have a pet, right? What a good thing to do?

Mama Lu and Father Lu had no objection to his baby grandson's desire to have a pet. As the saying goes, Gu Xiaosheng aws now the heart of the old couple.

What does baby grandson sais, even if a dozen of a cat, as long as their grandson like, everything was not a problem.

So when Lu Ran and his baby had a good time back home, when they pick up their son, they had another new member, a kitten called custard bun.

At first, Lu Ran didn't think there would be any big problem. Since his son liked it so much, he let his son keep it. After all, the custard bun was quite lovely.

However, Lu Ran didn't felt right later. What was cute was just a hindrance. Because the custard bun was especially cute, even for the son. Gu Qingyan was even adored it, and he was more pitiful. So Gu Qingyan liked custard bun very much. Recently, when he had nothing to do on Weibo, he liked to expose the photo of this cute cat, and even let the cat go to their beds.

Lu Ran looked at Gu Qingyan, he was very dissatisfied with this cat and felt that Gu Qingyan has ignored him!!

So Lu Ran thought of a very sick idea. He bought a set of things online and went home.

It was not easy to wait for the arrival of the goods. Gu Qingyan carried custard bun to the room as usual that night.

Lu Ran, without saying a word, took custard bun out of the room and threw it back into its own cat's nest. Ignored the poor little eyes of the custard bun, Lu Ran turned coldly back to the room.

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran and protested, "Big brother, you are too terrible to custard bun."

Lu Ran didn't answered, but silently locked the door.

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Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran's action and suddenly came up with an idea. He asked, "Big brother, don't you even eat the vinegar of the cat?"

Lu Ran looked at Gu Qingyan lightly, turned around silently and walked into the bathroom.

Gu Qingyan felt helpless when he saw Lu Ran's appearance.

What to do? There's a jealous lover in the family. He even ate vinegar from his pet.

Hey, how to coax him?

While Gu Qingyan was thinking about the solution, Lu Ran came out of the bathroom slowly and calmly, and Gu Qingyan was shocked by Lu Ran's appearance.

Lu Ran actually wore a pair of black cat ears on his head. He only wore a pair of pajamas, but the point was that the pants had a black cat tail on it.

Gu Qingyan gulped and asked Lu Ran, "Big brother... you... why are you doing something like this?"

Lu Ran slowly approached Gu Qingyan. After glancing at Gu Qingyan, he leaned close to his ear and whispered, "Don't you like cat's ear and tail very much? My dear master? Hm?"

Because Lu Ran's tone was too full of seductive, Gu Qingyan's face turned red. Gu Qingyan quickly retorted, "What are you talking about!? I don't have that kind of hobby, and even if I like it, I just like the real, don't like the fake!!"

"Oh, don't like it?" Lu Ran's voice was full of a smile, he vaguely licked Gu Qingyan's ear, "Really don't like it, master?"

He bit Gu Qingyan's ear and continued to ask, "Hm, don't you really like me?"

Gu Qingyan was trembled shyly because of Lu ran. What a shame play was this? My big brother was so sick. But what to do? I'm a little excited.

Gu Qingyan blushed, stuttered and replied in a low voice, "Nei... neither... Don't like... Actually... I really like it. "

"Heh," Lu Ran chuckled in Gu Qingyan's ear, "I know that compared to the real cat, you like me better."

Then Lu Ran pressed Gu Qingyan under his body, looked at him with temptation, and expressed his loyalty and sincerity, "Since you like me so much, I must work harder and faster to make the master like me more."

Gu Qingyan felt that he was a poor fish under the cat's mouth at the moment, because he could clearly feel that there was something indescribable and hard against him. After expressing his loyalty, the bad and childish cat in front of him started to bite and bully the master in his mouth.

Gu Qingyan couldn't be bullied by his cat. In his hoarse voice, he complained, "You're a bad cat. That's how you make the master like you?"

At the moment, Lu Ran was like a cat full of food and drink. He squinted his eyes and looked very comfortable, "Don't you like it?"

Lu Ran rubbed Gu Qingyan's neck and said to himself contentedly, "I know what you like, my dear master."

Gu Qingyan was so annoyed by Lu Ran that he bit the bully cat fiercely and protested with dissatisfaction, "Jealous childish!"

Lu Ran didn't care. He asked shamelessly, "Baby, would you like to be my cat next time?"

Lu Ran thought of his baby wore cat's ears, only to felt that he was getting hot again.

Gu Qingyan felt Lu Ran's breathing change and protested, "Next time, you bad cat, don't think about useless yellow waste products in your head!"

Lu Ran smiled and hugged his baby in his arms. He reached out to massage his sour waist, "Hm, my kitten."

Gu Qingyan reluctantly replied, "Ok, I promise you."

Then he rubbed in Lu Ran's arms and said feebly, "My dear master, can I have a rest now? I'm very tired. I'm tired because of you tossing me."

Lu Ran heard Gu Qingyan's pitiful complaint, kissed Gu Qingyan's cheek and hugged him contentedly.

"Good night, my little crybaby."

"Good night, my jealous big brother."


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