He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 81: About trivial matter and winning a prize

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Although Gu Qingyan could only be regarded as a newcomer now, in fact, he had already filmed a lot of scenes, and it could be said that each role was memorable.

Fans were pushing and accumulating his acting skills, passers-by were also giving affirmation to his exposure acting skills, so now he also a member of popular small fresh meat, but Gu Qingyan said he was not an idol, he was just an ordinary actor, and there were many places to learn and improve, the public had a good impression of him.

The roles he played, no matter Jiang Cheng, who was black and vicious in "Blooming Wutong", Mo Yuan in "Immortal Choices", Xing Ziang, who was childish to mature in "Beijing Opera Dream", or Qin Ge, who was cunning and skillful in "Vie for Power", could not be compared with this time Dr. Lu Jingyun of "Shhh! Don't Move", the double-sided criminal

In the daytime, Dr. Lu Jingyun, who was full of asceticism and wore a white coat to save the dying and heal the wounded, and the charming and seductive woman killer, who was cold and charming at night, don't look like a kind of person. No one could think of it at all, right!?

Netizens had said that 'my little friend and I are shocked. Why can a man dress up as a woman and be more sexy and beautiful than a real woman? Is that totally unscientific!?'

On the day before the movie's release, Gu Qingyan had won the Best Newcomer Award for his wonderful performances in previous TV drama, so many fans were curious about his new film, and the preview clip of the movie was excellent for the suspense effect of blockbuster films.

In the trailer, there was a graceful and attractive female figure at the beginning. A woman with a long seductive back that couldn't see her face cleanly killed a man with a knife. After she finished everything, the woman hummed a tune and left happily. Although doesn't get a picture of her face, she had a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes and a black tear mole under the corner of her eyes with eyes, and the emotion in her eyes was tempting. "She" was like the enchanted siren, which made people daydream.

At the beginning, the audience wondered where to find the actress. They felt that the eyes were very playful and her back figure was awesome. They wanted to saw the front of the "actress".

So they left messages under the director's blog one after another, but the director didn't gave a reasonable answer, just let the audience watch the movie to find the answer, and there were several fans' smiled at the end.

It was a great success to aroused everyone's curiosity.

Gu Qingyan's appearance as Doctor Lu in the movie trailer was warmly welcomed by fans. Fans said that doctor Gu Gu pretended to be good-looking, which made people lick the screen crazily and could not stop. They were looking forward to Gu Qingyan's new movie.

So when "Shhh! Don't Move" was released, it could be said that the box office attendance on that day was very high. And especially after the audience watching the movie, amway couldn't stop all kinds of surprises. No matter the interesting script of the movie itself, the expression of the director's shooting level lens or the actor's whole acting online, the audience couldn't stop watching. (TN: to advertise something or someone that one adores to others, sometimes in defiance of others’ disinterest)

It could be said that the movie has no urine in the whole process, especially the attractive plot compact, tense justice confrontation, which made the audience felt hearty and cool, of course, especially the appearance of the "female killer". (TN: care about; give a damn; be afraid)

No one expected Gu Qingyan to play the role of the female killer, and his appearance in women's clothes was particularly attractive. It must be said that Gu Qingyan was really like a fairy, wore women's clothes to play the role of women was more beautiful than real women. Whether it's his walking posture or eye contact, he couldn't be seen as a man at all.

So at the end of the movie, all the fans supporting Gu Qingyan to saw the movie left messages on his Weibo.

Sheep sheep sheep: Shh! Don't Move" is really good, call crazy for Gu Gu!!! I like the ascetic doctor Lu very much. Although he is abnormal, he is so handsome!! I want to take off his clothes, but I can't stand his women's clothes at all, because he is more beautiful than a girl. Is there any mistake!? I doubt my gender, OK. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Gu Gu you are really a little fairy!!!

I love Gu Gu: I think President Lu will welcome a large number of new rivals this time. I guess there will be male fans. I wonder if President Lu will explode in the end? After all, he is so stingy and Gu Gu, why can you dress like a woman??? By the most important point, the phrase "Shh! Don't move" that Dr. Lu said when he was wearing men's clothing was really crisp. Although I know that he is actually abnormal, I can't move at all. I want to say to him: doctor, you can do anything to me, o(*////▽////*)q

Don't talk and kiss my sheep: Gu Gu, if you are a woman, I must marry you. Because as a man, you have been taken away by President Lu!! Sorry! I want to have a duel with President Lu!!

Little strawberry: My Gu Gu is really changeable. I just want to know what else you can't do?? Heartbeat!!


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Little crybaby's big brother: Little crybaby, although you have infinite amorous feelings and temptations in women's clothes, I prefer the appearance of your men's clothes, because the ascetic you make me want to pick them off. (slobber) @Big brother's little crybaby

Big brother's little crybaby: Big brother, you are too yellow!!! (*/ω\*) we have to talk about such things secretly~ o(*////▽////*)q (TN: yellow: pornographic)

But although "Shh! Don't Move" was very good , Gu Qingyan was nominated as the film emperor in XX Award, but he didn't win the title of film emperor in the end.

Because his age was too young to make many films, although this time in "Shh! Don't Move" performance was amazing, but the role was a bit off the table according to the XX Award, so the title of XX Award film emperor was finally awarded to other young actors with more works.

Although Gu Qingyan's fans were very upset that everyone was aware of who was acting better than others, they could only joke to ease their depressed feelings.

Fans said: it must be because Gu Gu's women's clothes are so beautiful, so it's hard for him to win the XX Award. After all, it's not good to give him the title of film empress.

Little crybaby's big brother: Although you didn't get the film emperor title this time, you have always been the film emperor in my mind. Because you are so changeable, always bring me infinite surprise. But no matter who you are, I am fascinated. @Big brother's little crybaby

Big brother's little crybaby: o(*////▽////*)q

However, no one thought that the flowers in the wall were fragrant outside, because Fu Zichen carried "Shhh! Don't Move" also participated in the opening of the film festival in Y Country, but it was expected that Director Fu himself also won the award he dreamed of in his directing career, and Gu Qingyan was also favored by the S Award of Y Country and became the S Award film emperor.

According to them, "Shhh! Don't Move" was an excellent work, and the acting skill of the main actor was eye-catching. He was worthy as a film emperor.

When Gu Qingyan's fans know the news, they were all happy. His favorite idol was so young that he got the film emperor title!!

But it doesn't matter. Lu Ran was planning to accompany Gu Qingyan to receive the prize in Y Country this time, because Lu Ran had heard that many foreigners fell in love with his baby little crybaby after watched "Shhh! Don't Move".

Gu Qingyan's popularity in Y Country was very high. Enthusiastic fans in Y Country even propose to him publicly. It's very dangerous for President Lu. Now it seemed that everyone wanted to grab little crybaby with him. Every day, he wanted to follow Gu Qingyan to drive away those flies. Gu Qingyan couldn't help crying and laughing when he saw Lu Ran like a loyal dog.

And what was on Lu Ran's mind was: what to do if your lover is too good, waiting online, very urgent!!

Little crybaby's big brother: I'm going to skip work!! Too many people like my little crybaby. I need to watch him closely. It is absolutely forbidden to let the pests peeping and approached little crybaby!! @Big brother's little crybaby

Big brother's little crybaby: But little cry bag only like big brother~ (*/ω\*)

Little crybaby's big brother: Of course, he knows, but he also wants to go to Y Country with little cry bag for another honeymoon only for us. o(*////▽////*)q

Big brother's little crybaby: Big brother works hard and can't skip work!! You go on like this to eat jujube pills!!

Little crybaby's big brother: No matter... Don't listen...

Big brother's little crybaby: Big brother, are you as considered an incapable ruler??

Little crybaby's big brother: There are three thousand beauties in the harem, but I only take one ladle. I can only be regarded as a big brother who only loves beautiful people and doesn't love mountains and rivers, as long it was my little crybaby. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~


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