He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 80: These little thing about photos

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Lu Ran took Gu Qingyan and his son to M Country. In fact, Lu Ran doesn't want to took his son at all. He just wanted to spend his honeymoon with little crybaby. What's taking his son?? Family trip?

President Lu said that he was very unhappy and needed his little crybaby to coax and kiss him.

Although his son Gu Xiaosheng was very cute, but Lu Ran, to some extent, still dislikes his son for robbing his little crybaby.

Lu Ran wanted to leave his son to Father Lu and Mama Lu. After all, his parents, the two elders could say that they liked Gu Xiaosheng very much.

In fact, it could be said that no one doesn't like Gu Xiaosheng, because since "Are you abused today?" broadcast, Gu Xiaosheng already had his own support group and a large number of fans. Every day, someone would go to Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan's Weibo to shout for them to hand over Gu Xiaosheng's cute photo.

Even the elder generation who did not use Weibo because of watching the show and occasionally saw this sensible and good-looking child and then fell in love with him. It's not impossible for Gu Xiaosheng to be obedient and inherited Lu Ran's and Gu Qingyan's good looks. They are very popular. Coupled with the poor little identity of being repudiated by his own big dad made people feel sorry for this cute little guy.

But Gu Qingyan said that none of them had ever traveled as a family. This was the first time for the family of three. Then Gu Qingyan begged and look at Lu Ran with his beautiful peach blossom eyes. Lu Ran said that he couldn't refuse at all. Although President Lu could resist his son's star eyes now, he couldn't resisted his own little crybaby peach blossom eyes.

In the end, Lu Ran was defeated and reluctantly took Gu Xiaosheng this little bundle. But Lu Ran wit as he has good intention. He was ready to leave his son to Mama Xia and Father Gu when he was first stopped in M Country. After all, the old couple hadn't seen Gu Xiaosheng for a long time. They should be very satisfied with Lu Ran's thoughtful behavior.

After arrived at Gu Qingyan's home, Lu Ran was very well "received". His brothers-in-law gave him all kinds of stumbling blocks, mainly as a means to do anything.

And the poor President Lu knew that he could only bear the fault silently. Fortunately, his little crybaby loved him. When his brothers bullied him, he would jump out to help him. But it's just because of this that his brothers-in-law were even more unhappy with Lu Ran.

For the creatures controlled by his brother, Lu Ran's existence was simply intolerable!

But thanks to Mama Xia and Father Gu, they still like Lu Ran, so...

His in-law liked him, so what with brothers-in-law?? President Lu always looked extremely pitiful and couldn't be angry and dare not to speak. With all kinds of young married man's existence, even Mama Xia started to taught her son a lesson, so that they could not bully Lu Ran.

Gu Shuo and Gu Ling were not good at all. They cursed Lu Ran, the scheming man.

So it's a very busy day in Gu's family home. All three men could play a house fight drama in the dark.

Gu Qingyan couldn't help but lament that as expected. Sure enough, art originated from life. It's just that the eyes of a man could be so much so small.

But it was precisely because of being posted by a small and poor person that President Lu also benefited a lot from the disaster. For example, Lu Ran got many pictures of little crybaby from Mama Xia. He saw all kinds of little crybaby.

When he was a child, the little crybaby was soft and cute. When he started to laugh, the two shallow dimples looked as good as he remembered. The first thing he liked was the peach blossom eyes with tears in them. But now he prefered the smiling little crybaby.

Lu Ran thought that he would make little crybaby happy every day in the future. Even if he wanted to see the peach blossom eyes with tears, it would be at that time, eh.

The photo was the best prop to record and recall memories. When he saw the photo of the 7 years old little crybaby, he could feel his unhappiness from the photo.

Even in the most beautiful sunny afternoon, the little crybaby that used to be fond of laughing has never laughed again. His expression looked slightly sullen, which made Lu Ran felt distressed.

Lu Ran thought it would be nice if he could accompany little crybaby at that time, but it was a pity that he was not around little crybaby at that time.

So he secretly took the photo, because he was going to do a big thing.

Lu Ran asked Mama Lu to find out his childhood photo, and then used ps software to p a picture of his and little crybaby's childhood. This was Lu Ran's first time using this software, so the difference in the skill could be imagined, but he doesn't want to use others' hands to complete the photo. Lu Ran has spent a lot of time to finish the photo and then sent to Weibo. (TN: photoshop and edit)

Little crybaby's big brother: Although big brother can't grow up with you, big brother hopes to accompany you to grow up. @Big brother's little crybaby (photo: poorly edited photo. In the photo, the cocky young Lu Ran and the melancholy Gu Qingyan with a light expression are surrounded by a lot of love decorations, which are a little childish and funny.)

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Big brother's little crybaby: Big brother, did you steal my photo? o(*////▽////*)q

Little crybaby's big brother: Shh! Don't tell Mama Xia that I managed to steal it out. (〃'▽'〃)

Big brother's little crybaby: So... childish... づ ̄3 ̄)づ

Little crybaby's big brother: Do you like it?

Big brother's little crybaby: I like it.

Little crybaby's big brother: That's right. My PS skill is great. Praise me. (proud face)

Big brother's little crybaby: You are the best, big brother~ I like you very much, muach (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

Little crybaby's big brother: Hold little crying bag, I love you too. o(*////▽////*)q


I love you, I love you.

Although you can't be childish sometimes, you always flatter me with those childish little moves to make me happy. Always do something that makes me moved. I really like you because you are so good.

I love you. I think it's the right choice for me to loving you. I learned a lot of things and grew up because I love you. I'm happy every day.

I am very happy because of your existence, because I know you like me and you love me.

Good. I can fall in love with you. Please give me more advice for the rest of my life.

The netizens watched their Weibo and said that President Lu's PS skill was not so bad, but it has to be said that the two child in the photo were really attractive.

Baa baa baa: President Lu, it turned out that you grew up like this when you were a kid. I don't know why you have such a cocky attitude. Gu Gu was so cute when he was a kid. It would be better if he could smile~

I love Gu Gu: Little Lu and little Gu are actually a little matched??? And President Lu's skill of tapping PS is really too bad!! And the love of matching pictures is so great. If a good picture is not worth your two faces, it will be totally destroyed.

I love strawberries: President Lu, do you need technical support?? I don't think your PS skill points are lit up, which makes people feel very bad!!

Yangyang's little tangerine: Ask Gu Gu for all kinds of childhood photos. Gu Gu is as cute and adorable as I thought (droll). Xiao Shengsheng is completely inherited from him. It's super exciting!!! I want to see Gu Gu who laughs. Want to beat President Lu even if he's a little cocky. (*/ω\*)


In the face of netizens voicing their own ps skill, Lu Ran didn't felt anything. You can spit as much as you like, but little will like mine.

However, Lu Ran mercilessly rejected the request of netizens for other photos. How could it be shown to them?? It's all Lu Ran's private collection. All of which must be heirlooms!?

Little crybaby's big brother: Don't even think about it!!! Although I actually stole a lot of cute photos of little crybaby, I just don't show it to you. Little crybaby belongs to me!!!

Big brother's little crybaby: I can't laugh or cry. What do you do with my picture, big brother??

Little crybaby's big brother: Because the photos are memories, and every one of you makes me feel very excited~ o(*////▽////*)q


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