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Chapter 79: Wedding Ceremony

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According to the normal process of marriage, they should had a honeymoon or something besides the wedding feast. The wedding banquet had been determined.

However, the honeymoon needed to be postponed, because Gu Qingyan took a movie before, so they plan to go on honeymoon after the filming was finished.

The film was a suspense film called "Shh! Don't Move". Actually, the script was pretty good, but Lu Ran didn't agree with Gu Qingyan at first. The reason was that there were some queer characters in the movie. Gu Qingyan needed to dress up as a woman.

Gu Qingyan role as a doctor. His name was Lu Jingyun. He was a hospital doctor. But he had an identity as a serial female killer who was notorious for making many murders by cruel means.

This female killer's charm technique was clean and cruel. No one knew that he was actually a man. Because Lu Jingyun was once maimed by abnormal people when he was little, it led to serious psychological distortion, which became a strange theory of justice with the growth of age.

Lu Jingyun had his own unique concept of justice, and because of his unhappy experience when he was young, he would wear women's clothes to tempt people he thought were prey. If this person could not control falling into his trap, Lu Jingyun would cheat them to a certain place and then kill them cruelly, which was quite like fishing law enforcement.

At first, the police didn't know that the killer was actually a man, but Fang Ming, the police investigating the case, found that there seemed to be some connection between the female killer and the E University Affiliated Hospital. With the deepening of the investigation, Fang Ming found that there was a connection between the female killer and Doctor Lu of the E University Affiliated Hospital.

The plot of the whole story was very interesting and compact. Gu Qingyan wanted to promise Director Fu Zichen's invitation to take part in the movie and played the role of Doctor Lu Jingyun.

But Lu Ran, his big brother, was against Gu Qingyan's participation. However, after Gu Qingyan's many flirtations, Lu Ran finally defeated and agreed to Gu Qingyan's request to played in the film.

The reason why Fu Zichen chose Gu Qingyan to play the role of Doctor Lu Jingyun at the beginning of preparing for the film was that Director Fu has always been obsessed with Gu Qingyan's women's disguise. Gu Qingyan's women's disguise could be said to made people look bright and shocked.

Therefore, when Director Fu first thought of Gu Qingyan, he sent him an invitation letter directly, hoping that Gu Qingyan could play the film directed by him. However, Fu Zichen was not sure whether Gu Qingyan would agree to play. After all, his current image does not need to rely on dressing up as a woman to attract people's attention. However, Fu Zichen finally invited Gu Qingyan in a worried mood.

Because Fu Zichen's intuition told himself that with Gu Qingyan's participation in his drama, he would surely achieve great success.

And soon Fu Zichen received a reply from Gu Qingyan. He was very looking forward to cooperating with Fu Zichen again. After saw the movie script, Gu Qingyan said that the movie was very interesting and the plot was very compact and eye-catching, so Gu Qingyan asked Fu Zichen to give him this opportunity to play the role of Doctor Lu Jingyun.

It happened that the filming time of the film was after the wedding ceremony of Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran, so Gu Qingyan invited Fu Zichen and Tang Song to attend his wedding ceremony together after giving a positive reply.

On the day of the wedding ceremony, Gu Qingyan was dragged up early. The make-up artist invited by Qu Yang, a good friend, put on a lot of makeup, his clothes and hairstyle. He was treated as human dolls.

Gu Xiaosheng, his son, was not spared from being dressed as a beautiful flower boy. Gu Xiaosheng wore a small suit matching Gu Qingyan and got a big swept-back hairstyle, tied a small bow tie and looked like a little adult. It's hard to help but thought he's cute and handsome.

Gu Qingyan's appearance was very handsome. He was dressed in an exquisite and fit black suit and has a handsome hairstyle, which made Gu Qingyan looked very attractive. He was painted with light makeup and a bridegroom's corsage button. It should be the reason why he looked more attractive today.

Because Lu Ran was chased away by his ruthless brothers a few days ago. It's beautiful to say that it's not lucky for a new man to meet before marriage. So Gu Qingyan had not seen Lu Ran for several days and could only rely on phone messages to solve the lovesickness.

So he especially looked forward to seeing big brother Lu Ran. When Lu Ran appeared, Gu Qingyan was shocked. The reason was very simple because Lu Ran actually wore a wedding dress to pick him up.

It's true that the poor Lu Ran was forced to put on the wedding dress to pick up the bride. Otherwise, his brothers would not let Gu Qingyan go with him, and Lu Ran could not put on a white off-shoulder wedding dress in the teasing voice of his bad friend, Bai Mo, who deserved to be a bad friend. He also said how could he had leg hair by wearing the wedding dress? So encourage the make-up artist not only helped Lu Ran to wore make-up but also pulled out his leg hair, so Lu Ran wanted to kill him.

But Bai Mo looked at Lu Ran, who was angry and wanted to kill people, and sayid, "Brother have to pay a price to marry his wife. Hahaha ... No, you are so funny, Gu... No, the little cutie's brother is really harmful..."

"Hahaha, it's so interesting. You are so beautiful today, brother." After spoke that, he touched Lu Ran's chest with his hand, "If you have two steamed buns, it will be more realistic."

Lu Ran's face was black. He used hand to knock off Bai Mo's mischievous hand and said coldly, "You still have more flower heads. When you get married, please wait for me."

Bai Mo's face doesn't care. He touched his beaten hand, his voice was firm and his eyes were slightly drifted, "I won't marry, I haven't played enough. Isn't it good to play? I've never touched a leaf in the flowers. I'm happy and unrestrained. I don't need more people to care about me."

Lu Ran frowned. He always felt that his bad friend Bai Mo doesn't like to play. He seemed to stay at home. He felt something was wrong.

"Have you been busy lately?" Lu Ran asked with concern.

"How can I?" Bai Mo laughed insincerely.

"Oh, is it?" Lu Ran was more confused when he heard Bai Mo's words.

Bai Mo looked at Lu Ran and directly changed the topic, "Hey, you hurry up and wait for the little cutie. Please be careful about your wife running away with people... "

"Bah, shut up. Today, I'm very happy. What are you talking about?" Lu Ran was very dissatisfied with Bai Mokou's unrestrained appearance.

"Ha ha, don't I urge you? You can rest assured that you and little cutie will be able to live together forever, I can be optimistic about you~" Bai Mo looked at Lu Ran sincerely.

"That's about it. Let's go." Lu Ran was satisfied with Bai Mo's sincere blessing and forgave the unspoken mouth of bad friends.

But when Gu Qingyan saw Lu Ran, he was stunned. Later, he thought that the big brother's dress was a little pretty, but he always wanted to laugh.

Gu Qingyan tried to restrain his upturned mouth and said to Lu Ran, "Big brother, you are so beautiful today."

Lu Ran heard Gu Qingyan's words and tried to suppress his unhappiness. At night, he must clean up the little bastard who took advantage of his words.

"Yes, little crybaby is also very handsome today." Lu Ran smiled back.

Gu Qingyan heard Lu Ran's words and looked at his smile. He always felt that he has pills at night, but now he was so excited that he wanted to tease his big brother. (TN: (slang) To finish, sooner or later going to die)

Gu Qingyan replied with a smile, "It's really beautiful. You're the best person I've ever seen."

Nearby people were all making a fuss, and Qu Yang even opened a Weibo live broadcast directly.

The barrage at this moment was like this:

Today President Lu is really beautiful. 2333 is too much to kill. // I can't stop laughing. Don't say that President Lu looks really beautiful today. Gu Gu is really handsome. Male talent, male appearance?? // No, everyone, I'm laughing, stomach hurts, a new generation of women's big men. I think it's a little pretty. // It's such an unforgettable wedding. Gu Gu, President Lu.... emmm, it's beautiful. // How can you do this in front of many people? In fact, what really looks good is that President Lu's domineering aura is not great. It would be better if you could be shy. // ...

Lu Ran finally embraced the beauty after experiencing the difficulties of his friends, relatives and little crybaby's brothers.

It's true that he really embraced the beauty, and Lu Ran directly picked up his lover little crybaby in a wedding dress. He turned around and ran away in spite of Gu Qingyan's exclamation.

On the way to take Gu Qingyan to the wedding car, Lu Ran whispered close to Gu Qingyan's ear and said, "Little crybaby, you wait for me at night..."

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran innocently and said, "Big brother, I didn't do anything. I'm innocent. And you look really good today."

Lu Ran bit Gu Qingyan's cheek angrily, squinting his eyes and threatening, "I'll let you know who's better at night..."

Gu Qingyan's face turned red when he heard Lu Ran's words. Big brother was really too much... Gu Qingyan buried his face in Lu Ran's chest and replied in a shy low voice, "Um, I'm waiting."

To be honest, marriage was a sweet and painful thing. The reason was simple, because it's very nice that two people who had been in love for a long time step into a happy marriage hall together, but the wedding ceremony and banquet were almost life-threatening.

Not to mention that the new people were just like performers coming back and forth to change clothes, but the toast at this table was simply terrible, especially for those who hate Lu Ran and want to revenge, especially Gu Shuo and Gu Ling, Gu Qingyan's elder brothers.

Today, Lu Ran was suffering a lot. He looked drunk after being filled with a lot of wine. Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran and felt distressed. He wanted to help Lu Ran stop drinking, but Gu Shuo glared at him.

"Gu Qingyan, I tell you that this wine must be drunk today, or he won't call me brother-in-law." Gu Shuo's voice was domineering and provocative.

Lu Ran looked at Gu Shuo's appearance. Although he was reluctant and irritated to be poured down like this so he could not go to the bridal chamber with little crybaby today. People said that there were three happiest things in life, the happiest things undoubtedly was the wedding night. But look like today's situation was different.

Lu Ran couldn't offended Gu Shuo, but he was ready to took the glass handed by Gu Shuo and drank it up. At this time, he suddenly stretched out a slender hand to take over the wine glass.

Gu Shuo looked up and saw that Bai Mo, who had done nothing to pretend he could not see him, was watching himself with a smile and said, "President Gu, I'd better drink this wine instead of Lu Ran. I'm Lu Ran's best man today. I drink around. Who does not drink as you say?"

Gu Shuo raised his eyebrows and looked at Bai Mo. Today, he finally caught this man. The previous debts could be settled. Then Gu Shuo lightly said, "Ok, you can accompany me to drink instead of him..."

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"Well, in short, it's another thing."

Although he said that in his mouth, Bai Mo's eyes were not clear, but Gu Shuo just stared at Bai Mo directly.

Gu Qingyan looked at his brother's and Bai Mo's behavior, but he had some doubts in his mind. But soon left behind because his big brother was the focus, Lu Ran looked drunk.

Finally, the wedding banquet was over. After arranging the drunken relatives and friends, Gu Qingyan took the drunk Lu Ran to bed and looked at Lu Ran helplessly. He was going to pick up the water in the bathroom of the hotel to wash Lu Ran.

As a result, just after turning around and preparing to leave, Lu Ran pulled him to the bed from behind. Lu Ran turned over and overwhelmed Gu Qingyan.

Lu Ran's face was obviously drunk. He smiled and looked at his little crybaby.

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran's stupidity. He smiled angrily and pushed Lu Ran. Lu Ran shook his hand. Lu Rran took Gu Qingyan's hand to his lips and kissed him. Looked at Gu Qingyan and said, "I love you, little crybaby."

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran's action and smiled and replied, "I love you too, big brother. But let go of me, drunkard. I'll go to the bathroom to get you some water and wipe you. You stink of alcohol."

Lu Ran heard Gu Qingyan's words, he leaned over and came close to Gu Qingyan's ear and licked it. He whispered, "You smell good, so use your smell to cover up the stink of my wine. Do you agree?"

Gu Qingyan was trembled by Lu Ran's sudden licking, but Lu Ran's hand was still fumbling around Gu Qingyan. Gu Qingyan responded shyly, "Don't ... don't touch..."

When Lu Ran heard Gu Qingyan's words, his eyes darkened. He looked at Gu Qingyan's eyes and said, "Today is our wedding. You can enjoy it. As husband, I will serve you..."

There was a low gasping voice from Gu Qingyan in the room. The air was full of ambiguous taste.

Tonight's moonlight is as beautiful as you are. But now I have no time to appreciate the moonlight, because now you are charming and like a fairy, I am so obsessed, my mind is fascinated that I can't extricate myself from it.

There was a saying that the red candle warmed the veil, and the spring night was short and bitter. But now there was no red candle, so tonight would be long...

After the sweet wedding ceremony, Gu Qingyan participated in "Shhh! Don't Move" shooting, although Lu Ran threw a tantrum about separated from his newlyweds, he was at ease after being deeply comforted by his spouse.

Gu Qingyan began to prepare for the work, while Lu Ran, on the other side, planned the honeymoon trip.

- Episode 1 of "Shhh! Don't Move"

At the beginning of the shot, a beautiful woman with long hair like a shawl in the dark alley was wearing a tight short dress and stepped on a pair of big high heels. The woman had a pair of very beautiful eyes and a black tear-like mole under the corner of her eyes, which looked so charming and tempting.

A man had been followed the woman for a long time. He knew that there was no monitoring around, so he dragged the woman from the back into the deserted alley. He thought that the beautiful woman was his prey, but it's not like that. He was the prey that she was looking for.

Before the man could react, he was knocked down by her. The woman looked at her prey carefully for a long time, picked up the scalpel and cut him neatly.

It's also a very interesting experience for her to hunt prey outside.

She had done killing for many times, so her action was clean and neat. After dealing with the evidence, she made sure that ta was clean, she humming away in a happy mood.

- Episode 32 of "Shhh! Don't Move"

In the E University Affiliated Hospital, Doctor Lu Jingyun was dealing with the cases in his hands. He was a cold and handsome man, so many people like Doctor Lu.

Lu Jingyun, wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and a neat white coat, full of abstinence. He liked to drink bitter black coffee very much. He was a polite and helpful person.

When the police Fang Ming came to the hospital to see Doctor Lu, they gradually became friends. They could talk about everything.

Fang Ming revealed and told Doctor Lu that the police were investigating the intractable serial murders recently. According to the eyewitnesses, those victims had contacted a very beautiful woman before they were killed, so now the police had preliminarily determined that the woman was the criminal of the murders.

Fang Ming talked to Lu Jingyun about the most poisonous woman, the more beautiful things were more harmful. He told Lu Jingyun to be more careful not to be stared at. Lu Jingyun smiled back to Fang Ming, and his pretty eyes blocked by gold-rimmed glasses had a funny smile.

Fang Ming didn't know that Doctor Lu had a special hobby, that was, to kill pests in women's clothes. However, he couldn't be blamed for this, because Lu Jingyun's childhood experience had distorted his psychology for a long time. He thought that he just used other justice to eliminate the borers of the society.

Lu Jingyun liked to dress up in women's clothes and became a charming woman, looked for his prey.

During the day, he helped the wounded and rescued the wounded as doctor. At night, he was the city's seductive murderer. The fight between police and criminals, the collision of justice and righteousness.

And when "Shhh! Don't Move" filmed, Gu Qingyan's "Vie for Power" was finally broadcast.

Gu Qingyan used his Xin Zhi An Chu's Weibo to do a marketing for the first time.

Xin Zhi An Chu: "Vie for Power" is on air. I play the role of Qin Ge in it. o(*////▽////*)q hope you like my performance~

Gu Qingyan: I hope you like "Vie for Power" and Qin Ge.

Big brother's little crybaby: I hope everyone supports "Vie for Power". This drama is very beautiful. And I think that if I go on like this, sooner or later, I will become refined. (*/ω\*)


Big brother's little crybaby: Big brother, I miss you. What are you doing? @Little crybaby's big brother

Little crybaby's big brother: Big brother also wants little crybaby. Big brother is watching the TV drama you are playing, seeing the real people. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ

Big brother's little crybaby: (づ ̄3 ̄)づ Big brother, I will finish my work soon. I'll be with my big brother after that, chu chu~


Button Jun: Mr. Qin Ge, who is played by Gu Gu is so wonderful!! This kind of conflict of temperament, unexpectedly, is not considered as a drama by Gu Gu. It's great. But when can the novel version of "Vie for Power" be uploaded and published? I really want to see it!!!

I love Gu Gu: Qin Ge played by Gu Gu is really great. I find my cute idol is really powerful. The game master who can't write novels is not a good actor~~

Yangyang's litle tangerine: Gu Gu's "Vie for Power" is really a good read. Call Gu Gu's fanatism. Gu Gu is really great!!


And when Gu Qingyan finished shooting "Shhh! Don't Move", the plot of "Vie for Power" was broadcast, and Qin Ge's identity was revealed, so Gu Qingyan's Weibo was full of aggressive fans and netizens.

Button Jun: What? The face is muddled. The deceiver Qin hid so deep that he didn't find it before, he actually... stunned, all the seeds in my hand dropped.

Baa baa baa: I thought that Qin Ge was strange before, so he designed all these things??

Yangyang's little tangerine: Now I think back there are several fragments. Qin Ge's eyes are not right! Shocked, so Qin Ge is the big boss behind the scenes?? Black question mark, I think I need to eat something now to calm down. The deceiver Qin, I didn't expect you to be such a person, but it seems that you all called Qin the deceiver, and we don't have cat cakes, (*/ω\*)。

Favorite little strawberry: Gu Gu's performance is really great, and the novel he wrote is also good-looking!! To tell you the truth, I prefer vie for power more than the previous immortal choices, which shows that men's drama is really good to watch!! Especially Qin Ge and the sixth prince, drool...

I want to write a little yellow literature: I can't help thinking about YY Qin Ge and the sixth prince, although Gu Gu and Yang Yang can only be gay honey in reality. But fortunately, there are countless possibilities in the play, but it has to be said that Gu Gu's aura is too strong, and Yang Yang is always overwhelmed!!!


Little crybaby's big brother: My baby is fierce. I like watching little crybaby's drama best. @Big brother's little crybaby

Big brother's little crybaby: Just like big brother~~ o(*////▽////*)q. Big brother, my work is over. Where shall we go for our honeymoon?

Little crybaby's big brother: Go to M Country first. I want to see where little crybaby was born. (〃'▽'〃)

Big brother's little crybaby: Ok, listen to big brother. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ

- END -


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