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Chapter 78: Old-fashioned Marriage Proposal

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The Xin Zhi An Chu incident has officially passed. Although the follow-up influence still existed, for example, the book fans of Xin Zhi An Chu had finally found the best place for reminders. Every day, no matter Gu Qingyan's Weibo or Lu Ran's Weibo or even Xing Yu's official Weibo, there were a large number of book fans urged him. The scene could be said to be unprecedented.

At this moment, Lu Ran finally understood Gu Qingyan's statement that many blades could be sold at home. Fortunately, book fans still had reason because most of them were afraid of scare Gu Xiaosheng, so fans would sent reminders to Xing Yu Company by express mail, and mark Xin Zhi An Chu's receipt on the express mail that may be equipped with reminder blade.

It could be seen from this that Gu Qingyan's position in the hearts of fans was deep, the kind of hatred that sharpened the blades...

At the same time, the shooting of "Vie for Power" TV series was close to the end, and finally to the final scene of the shooting.

- 103rd Scene of "Vie for Power"

Mu Zifei came down to the royal study of the palace with a complex mood, with his subordinates who supported him and were loyal to him. Today, he was here to force the palace.

Qin Ge was tasting tea at this time. He lightly held the delicate white jade porcelain teacup with his long, white fingers, and took a sip. Qin Ge's face was pleasant and leisure. It didn't seem to be disturbed by Mu Zifei's sudden visit. Instead, it was an unexpected look.

He seemed to have expected all this for a long time. Qin Ge's face was smiling as if he had been waiting for Mu Zifei for a long time. Qin Ge played with the white jade teacup in his hand, sighed and glanced at Mu Zifei and said calmly, "You finally come little six, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Mu Zifei looked at Qin Ge, who was dressed in a dragon robe, as if he were separated from the rest of the world. He was not Qin Ge, the commoners in his memory who was liked his brother, talk freely and drink happily. He was only his fourth brother Mu Jinxiao now.

Mu Zifei told himself that the man in front of him was a tyrant. He did whatever he could to get on top of him. He hurt the people who didn't agree with him and killed them. His methods were cruel and vicious, which reached the unimaginable level. This man was just a cruel emperor, not that kind-hearted brother Qin Ge.

"Fourth brother, please abdicate." Mu Zifei looked at Qin Ge with a sense of sadness in his tone.

Qin Ge looked up at Mu Zifei and put the teacup down. He heart was very complicated. Mu Zifei was his sixth brother, and he was the best man to treat himself in the palace where they ate meat and didn't spit bones. Qin Ge went up with an unknown expression.

And the people who came to force the palace with Mu Zifei were very nervous and point their swords at Qin Ge. They were afraid that this person was not good for his highness.

Mu Zifei indicated to his subordinates that they should not act rashly, let them stay still in place, and forbid them to come near and hurt Qin Ge.

Qin Ge action was unexpected. He touched Mu Zifei's hair and looked at Mu Zifei's eyes gently, but there were too many things that Mu Zifei could not understand in his eyes.

"Sixth brother, you are still naive." Qin Ge's voice resembled a brother who taught his little brother helplessly and spoiled.

This man was always so naive that he believed that there was so-called brotherhood in this emperor's house, which made people felt ridiculous and stupid. This man was too naive and always had a childlike heart, but only such a person could had a heart of the world and bring the rich and healthy life they want to the people. Maybe in the near future, his younger brother Mu Zifei would become the great king he hoped to be, and later be admired by the future generations.

He's too tired, whether it's taking pains to get revenge, or trying his best to ascend the throne, or quietly uprooting others, or killing people mercilessly. He's really tired and finally his younger brother grew up, so he could let go of all this and took a breath.

Mu Zifei doesn't understand what Qin Ge was thinking. Mu Zifei looked at Qin Ge stupidly. Qin Ge showed a happy smile to him, and then the smile was fleeting. Qin Ge suddenly fell to the ground and began to bleed at the corners of his mouth. Then he slowly closed his eyes and didn't breathe. All of a sudden, people didn't respond to the development.

"Quick call the doctor!" Mu Zifei held Qin Ge's body and cried in tears.

But the death of a person was like a flash of light. Qin Ge was dead. His fourth brother Mu Jinxiao died, and finally he got the throne, but he was left alone.

In the final scene, Mu Zifei went out of the palace to the tavern where he often drinks with Qin Ge. But Qin Ge, who was already dead, appeared in front of him.

"Fourth brother!" Mu Zifei yelled out.

Qin Ge smiled at Mu Zifei and joked, "Oh, isn't this His Highness? Can you have a drink with a commoner?"

Both of them, like many years ago, now let go of all the unhappiness in their hearts. Everything seemed to disappear. They talked freely, loudly and happily, but Mu Zifei unconsciously fell a little drunk on the table.

Qin Ge smiled at Mu Zifei's appearance and turned to leave without saying goodbye. When he was just about to step out of the tavern, he heard Mu Zifei's question coming from behind, "Fourth brother, where are you going?"

Qin Ge didn't look back, but his voice showed a happy feeling, "Your Highness, I'm not your fourth brother. My name is Qin Ge and I'm going to travel to this wonderful river and mountain. His Highness and I have said goodbye to each other. I hope you will cherish and forget to the end of the world."

Mu Zifei looked at Qin Ge's back. He smiled bitterly. In fact, his fourth brother was fighting for power just to make him the emperor. His fourth brother's goal was finally achieved. He would never become an idle prince. He was pitted by his fourth brother.

There was no Mu Jinxiao in the whole world, only Qin Ge, the commoner...

After the completion of "Vie for Power", Gu Qingyan, Lu Ran and his son had a very comfortable time.

During this period, Lu Ran got along well with Gu Qingyan's brothers. On this day, Gu Qingyan took part in an activity. After the activity, he received Lu Ran's phone call and asked him to go to the small park where they first met.

To be honest, this kind of childish behavior of two people went to the place where they once walked together. They often do it after they were together. They would clasp their fingers and hold hands, walk along the path they used to walk, eat the snacks they used to eat, and feed each other to remember their youth.

Gu Qingyan wore a mask and walked on the path of the park. At that time, he was at a loss. He mistakenly bumped into this place and met the man who was "must to be him" in his life.

Maybe it's because of the situation, Gu Qingyan could even clearly felt his fear, helplessness and panic in the past, which seemed to had happened not long ago, but also still vivid. But Gu Qingyan soon laughed and left the idea behind.

Suddenly someone covered Gu Qingyan's eyes from behind, and he subconsciously wanted to hit each other but heard "little crybaby". He relaxed because Gu Qingyan knew it was his big brother.

"Big brother." Gu Qingyan wanted to took off Lu Ran's hand that covered his eyes, but Lu Ran doesn't let it go.

Lu Ran said softly, "Little crybaby, keep your eyes closed, and don't move."

Gu Qingyan heard Lu Ran's words and obediently closed his eyes and wait for Lu Ran's action. Lu Ran took out a soft red ribbon to tie Gu Qingyan's eyes, and then approached his ear and said softly.

"Baby, don't be afraid, big brother holding you." Then Lu Ran took Gu Qingyan's hand.

Lu Ran's hands were warm, which made Gu Qingyan felt at ease. Although Gu Qingyan doesn't know what Lu Ran was going to do, he doesn't care what little surprise Lu Ran might be prepared for him.

But Gu Qingyan didn't know it was not a surprise, but a vulgar marriage proposal~

They walked hand-in-hand for a while. Suddenly Lu Ran stopped. Gu Qingyan almost bumped his back.

Gu Qingyan asked in confusion, "What's wrong, big brother?"

Lu Ran didn't speak, but pulled the ribbon that tied Gu Qingyan's eyes. But Gu Qingyan didn't open his eyes because he was very obedient. His big brother didn't say he could. He would never open his eyes or peek.

"Open your eyes." Lu Ran's voice was gentle and sweet.

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Gu Qingyan opened his eyes for a moment and then he was stunned.

Why were his family, friends and Lu Ran's parents here??

But Lu Ran opened his mouth at the moment. He looked into Gu Qingyan's eyes and asked, "Little crybaby, do you remember? This is where we first met."

Gu Qingyan nodded, "Big brother, I remember."

Lu Ran took up his hand and his eyes were full of love. He jokingly recalled and complained, "When I first saw you, you were dirty and pushed me."

Gu Qingyan nodded his head and blinked embarrassedly, Lu Ran looked at him fondly, "But you don't know, actually I fell in love with you at first sight. I still remember the moment when you looked up, I saw a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes with tears. Then I kept thinking about those peach blossom eyes. I thought I would have fallen in love with you in the moment when I looked at you."

Gu Qingyan's face was too hot, and his ears were red.

Because Lu Ran's eyes were too affectionate, Gu Qingyan was embarrassed by him.

But Lu Ran's next move left Gu Qingyan at a loss. Lu Ran knelt down and took out a beautiful box. He opened the box, there was a pair of exquisite rings, which should be customized.

Lu Ran took the ring, knelt on the ground and looked up at Gu Qingyan affectionately, "Little crybaby, big brother said that he wanted to compensate you with his next life before. So my little crybaby, can you promise your big brother?"

Gu Qingyan finally came back to his senses. His eyes were slightly moist and he answered, "Yes."

Lu Ran laughed and took out a ring and put it on Gu Qingyan's finger. Gu Qingyan took out another ring and put it on Lu Ran's finger, then pulled Lu Ran up.

Lu Ran get up and hugged Gu Qingyan and kissed his lips. He embarrassingly nibbled his little crybaby's lips. This kiss was gentle and slightly overbearing and extremely lingering.

At this time, the sky over the park suddenly lit up fireworks, the fireworks were scattered in the shape of love.

This was a very old and vulgar way to propose, but Gu Qingyan thought it's sweet and happy.

There were many ways to propose marriage, but Lu Ran thought this was maybe the best way. Although it's not original enough or even vulgar and old-fashioned, at the place where two people first met, they invited their family and friends to witness together. He tied his little crybaby with a ring. This simple happiness doesn't care about the form but only about love.

There were words in the ring, Lu Ran's little crybaby, Gu Qingyan's big brother.

Childish as Lu Ran, but so what?

As long as his little crybaby like not to be disgusted, Lu Ran wanted to be childish to his little crybaby for a lifetime.

Big brother's little crybaby: Big brother proposed to me, so happy. o(*////▽////*)q @Lu Ran @Little crybaby's big brother(づ ̄3 ̄)づ (photo: wedding red book)

Lu Ran V: I love you too, my little crybaby. @Big brother's little crybaby

Big brother's little crybaby: Touch big brother, I know that even if they don't say you will love me all my life, right?

Little crybaby's big brother: Of course, big brother promise to love you all his life, even if they don't say it, I will. (proud and tender face) But it ’s so good that there are so many people besides us, but you need to remember that big brother is the one who loves you the most!! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ

Big brother's little crybaby: OK, so childish, I know~ o(*////▽////*)q


Baby, although everyone knows you're good, it's a pity that they can't have you, because I will never give you to anyone, I will love you, love you and take care of you all my life, I love you and I will regard you as my life.


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