He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 77: I have something to say tonight

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Gu Qingyan was going to take part in an interview program called "Tonight's Talk". He was thinking about whether he could simply blew up an online pseudonym with his fans. Anyway, he was not worried about the debt.

Maybe the fans would forgave him for hung his manuscript when they saw that they needed high-intensity filming. Of course, Gu Qingyan also knew that it's unrealistic for the fans to felt that they were pitiful because of the tragic sales. It's better to make up for the delayed manuscript.

But Gu Qingyan himself was also very aggrieved. He didn't hug the manuscript this time. His manuscript had already been finished. But in order to cooperate with the publicity of the later TV series, it couldn't be published at one time and could only be left.

For Gu Qingyan, he was very wronged and needed consolation. In order to stop his actor's Weibo from being torn by his own book fans, and to give an account of his favorite movie fans and book fans, Gu Qingyan decided to expose his identity as an author.

Let the storm more violent.

Gu Qingyan sent a Weibo to his big brother for comfort.

Big brother's little crybaby: 「Big brother, I was torn by the fans of Xin Zhi An Chu, so sad. @Little crybaby's big brother Also, I have something to hide from the book fans, I'm thinking about whether to confess tonight (╥╯^╰╥) but I'm afraid...

Little crybaby's big brother: 「Big brother will protect little crybaby. Little crybaby don't be afraid. (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ」

Big brother's little crybaby: 「(;д;) Big brother, I think there will be more blades in our home to sell in the future. It's a serious embarrassment.

Little crybaby's big brother: 「??? Why, little crybaby Σ(゜ロ゜;)what do you mean?

Big brother's little crybaby: 「Gulp, you will know later (;′⌒`). I hope they can show mercy to me when they do it. ╮(╯﹏╰)╭」


Then Gu Qingyan posted a Weibo in his own big name.

Gu Qingyan: 「Fans of Xin Zhi An Chu, I will be frank and give you a reasonable explanation in "Tonight's Talk". Please let me go and don't send blades again. (;へ:) kneel down!!!

All fans were confused, so what's the situation?? Why does Gu Gu sent Weibo like this??

The crowds ate melons, Gu Qingyan's fans and the book fans of Xin Zhi An Chu were all very embarrassed and in a very confused state. Does the people involved came here to admit his mistake??

I love Gu Gu: 「So what the hell is going here? stupid face (⊙ω⊙`)」

Baa baa baa: 「It's said that Gu Gu was torn by the book fans of Xin Zhi An Chu recently, but I think there must be some misunderstanding. After all, Gu Gu's acting skills are really good, and I don't believe that Gu Gu's character is bad. How could he have such a good relationship with Yang Yang? And do you guys still remember the last face on the shore of Daming Lake? O(*////▽////*)q」

Yangyang's little tangerine: 「The melon eaters say they are ignorant. They always feel strange. And I agree with you upstairs. How can he be bad friends with my sheep? Besides, Xiao Shengsheng's education is so good. I have every reason to suspect that this is another time when Gu Gu was maliciously blacked. However, according to the last routine, it is estimated that someone will be slapped again. So front row peddles melon seeds 0.0」

Button Jun: 「I hope that Gu Gu can give us a reasonable explanation and answer this time. To be honest, we all like Gu Gu very much. We like the elder Mo Yuan who Gu Gu played last time. But this time, I heard that Gu Gu's role was taken by a very despicable means, which made me very uncomfortable. There are also rumors on the internet that the relationship between Great Xin Zhi and Gu Gu Gu is very bad, and the relationship between his favorite great author and the selected actor is not good, which makes me confused.

Grapefruit: 「I hope to give a reasonable explanation. Although I know that actors and roles should not be linked, for fans, the book with a big heart is spiritual food, so it is really satisfying. I hope that the Gu can give an explanation.

Don't talk and kiss me: 「So is it strange that I'm the only focus? Why send blades? It's also the first time to see Gu Gu selling cute on a large scale. The melon eaters are curious.

Little strawberry: 「Upstairs. It's really strange???


"Tonight's Talk" was a very popular interview program, and the host, Le Mi, had always been very popular with audience friends, because her hosting style was humorous and generous, her speech and demeanor were elegant and perceptual, and sometimes she liked to pour some soul chicken soup[1] or something. And "Tonight's Talk" would invite a lot of star artists from time to time, so her show had been very popular.

- "Tonight's Talk"

At the beginning of the program, they saw the host, Le Mi, dressed in a decent black dress, with short hair and a smile on her lips. She greeted the audience warmly.

"Welcome to "Tonight's Talk". I'm the host, Le Mi. Recently, there's a group of families who are very popular. Their family's beauty is very high. The children are lovely and cute and polite. Now I hear that the children have their own fans' support."

"While the adults, everyone knows him very well and is not unfamiliar. Through that program, we got to know him in our life and were attracted by him later, but later we heard the love story between him and his lover and were touched by them. And I'm very lucky to have invited him today. This is a very hot little fresh meat. Guess who he is??"

Le Mi put her hand to her ear and made an action to enlarge her ears and listen to the sound. Now the audience cooperated very much and shouted, "Gu Qingyan!!!"

Le Mi smiled and made an invitation gesture, "Now, please Gu Qingyan."

When the music rang, Gu Qingyan came out. Today, he was wearing a very casual, simple beige knitted sweater, a pair of jeans that fit his body, and a pair of sneakers that were not too expensive. But the simpler the dress, the better his appearance and approachability became. Gu Qingyan smiled and greeted the audience.

Le Mi could said the first impression of Gu Qingyan was very good. Le Mi signaled Gu Qingyan to sit down and started chatting with Gu Qingyan.

Le Mi looked at Gu Qingyan, who was gentle and beautiful, and asked jokingly, "Hello Gu Qingyan, can I call you little crybaby?"

Gu Qingyan shook his head straightly and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, this can't be because it's the nickname of my big brother."

Then he smiled and said, "You can call me Gu Gu. My fans love to call me Gu Gu, and I like that very much."

Le Mi laughed and joked, "It turns out to be an exclusive nickname for President Lu. Is that the only one who call him big brother only you?"

Gu Qingyan's face was slightly red, and nodded, "Um, this is the only nickname between us."

Looked at Gu Qingyan, Le Mi exclaimed at the magic of love, "I think the friends who have watched "Are you abused today?" should be moved by the love story you told in the last issue, so that story really happened to you?"

Gu Qingyan smiled at Le Mi's words and said, "It's true, I like my big brother for 16 years."

Le Mi exclaimed, "So long?"

Gu Qingyan's expression looked extremely gentle. He slowly recounted, "Yes, 16 years. For me, big brother is an essential part of my life."

"Essential? Why do you say that?" Le Mi's expression looked very gossipy.

"When I was 7 years old, I was taken to Fangwo City by my mother. When I was a child, I was not very gregarious. I had slight contact disorder and autism at the beginning."

Heard Gu Qingyan's story, Le Mi was shocked, "I can't see it at all..."

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Gu Qingyan smiled, "When I was a child, I experienced some things, mischief among children. We played hide and seek together in an abandoned building, and then they joked away and left me alone. I broke the glass and ran out with a little injury."

Gu Qingyan's expression seemed very plain with a smile on his lips, but le Mi guessed that he must have been afraid at that time. A child with contact phobia autism was left alone in a desolated place, how scared and helpless at that time.

Thinking of this, Le Mi couldn't help but feel sad, "And then?"

"I ran to an unfamiliar park at that time, where I met my big brother who ran away from home." Gu Qingyan's eyes were bright as if he was in memory, "At that time, he looked at the poor me, kept teasing me to make me happy, and finally brought me back to his home."

"He is very good to me and took good care of me. He wiped ointment for me and comforted me gently when I'm afraid."

"Later, I was found and taken away by my family, but I always remember my big brother. Because later my contact barrier became more and more serious, I instinctively distrusted strangers and resisted contact with them. I would have nightmares, but then my big brother would appear in my dream. He gently comforted me and said to me, little crybaby, big brother will protect you forever. "

"Because of his presence, I am not afraid. I told myself that I must overcome everything and strive to become a normal person. And I did, and I'm not resisting contact. And because of my big brother, I have found a career that I like. I like acting, although the reason at the beginning is to repay my kindness and want to repay my big brother. "

"I came to Fangwo City at the age of 16 and met my 20 years old big brother. Then I fell in love with him at first sight." Gu Qingyan laughed sweetly with the sweetness of falling in love, "But he didn't know that I was a little crybaby. I used a very stupid way for him to support me in order to get close to him."

"Use a trick to be raised as repay kindness and secretly in love, Gu Gu you are so poor."

Gu Qingyan smiled, but with a little obscure in his eyes, "My big brother and I have been together for two years, my character is not very good and it's easy to worry about gain and loss. At the age of 18, we have problems and misunderstandings. We were too young and immature at that time, so I finally chose to escape..."

Gu Qingyan paused, and then said, "I returned to Fangwo City at the age of 23, but I met my big brother on the first day of my return. He said he liked me, but I was upset. I lied to him that I didn't like him."

"But big brother didn't gave up. He said he wanted to pursue me. Later, we went through many things together..."

"And then you started again?"

"Yes, it's all over again. Although we missed five years, it doesn't matter because this time I will never let go of his hand again." Gu Qingyan smiled beautifully, "I'm very lucky to meet my big brother again. And we have all matured and learned how to express and how to love a person. He is an essential part of my life. I love him and can't do without him."

Le Mi looked at Gu Qingyan's expression and sighed, "Great, big brother and little crybaby are together again. I think everyone will bless you and hope you will be happy all the time."

Gu Qingyan smiled, "Thank you."

Le Mi said that seeing Gu Qingyan's smile was really sweet, she then asked, "I heard that you, Yang Yang and his family Mr. Song are very good friends?"

"Um, we have a very good relationship."


"It's really a pleasure to chat with Gu Gu. The show is almost over. Well, today's last question, I heard recently that you were attacked by the fans of Xin Zhi An Chu?"

"Yes, that's true." Gu Qingyan smiled awkwardly, "I have something to confess today."

Le Mi looked at Gu Qingyan curiously, "Is it about this time rumor?"

Gu Qingyan nodded embarrassedly and said, "In a sense, I did go through the back door."

After said this, Gu Qingyan covered his face and his ears were all red, "As for the rumor that Xin Zhi An Chu and I are at odds is false, because I can't deal with it myself. If it really has to be different, I think I have to be careful."

Le Mi suddenly lost her mind, "What do you mean?"

"Xin Zhi An Chu is my pen name. This calming place is my hometown. The place where I wanted to have with big brother was my secure place, so I took such a pen name for myself." Gu Qingyan was blushed madly, "As for why I never use Xin Zhi An Chu's account to forward the news of my role in the book, because it is too shame to boast of myself after all..." (TN: 此心安处是吾乡)

Gu Qingyan explained sheepishly, "As for why I said that in a sense, I did go through the back door, because my big brother thought that I liked the role of Qin Ge in "Vie for Power". He went to Xin Zhi An Chu to buy the follow-up articles of the copyright of "Vie for Power" for me to see, and told me that he wanted to invite me to play the role I liked. I didn't have a good idea to confess that they were all articles written in my own pen name, so I didn't refuse to act in the end. Of course, as far as I am concerned, how can I not like my characters?"

Listened to Gu Qingyan, Le Mi felt that she had been stuffed with dog food, but she immediately adjusted her emotion and responded, "So that's why you sent that Weibo in the previous section?"

Gu Qingyan nodded awkwardly and made a movement to wiped his neck, "My fans are a little bit more combative, they sent real blades to the editorial department before. Then I love to drag more. I'm afraid that after I drop the horse, my fans will send blades every day..."

At the moment, Gu Qingyan's Weibo exploded:

Button Jun: 「Gu Gu is actually Great Xin Zhi!!! Your literature is great too!? I finally found a new reminder point, long live! My sword is already hungry!

Yangyang's little tangerine: 「Moved by the story of little crybaby and big brother, wish big brother and little crybaby together for a lifetime!!

Little Grapefruit: 「It's no doubt that Gu Gu is Great Xin Zhi. Knowing that only the editor and Great Xin Zhi himself that we sent the blade to the editorial department!! Dad, you know you love to drag more!! Quick write!!!

I love Gu Gu: 「I love to hear and see. It turned out to be another face-slap. o(*////▽////*)q」 (TN: (idioms) well received;to one's liking;a delight to see)

My heart is big: 「Inexplicably stuffed a large mouthful of dog food by Great Xin Zhi's pen name, but this doesn't matter, the problem is the follow-up of "Vie of Power"!!! Are you finished writing? You should hurry up!!!!

Broken heart: 「Great Xin Zhi, so you are Gu Gu. It's so nice that the dad the one I like is the same as the artist. But here comes the question. When will you write more!? Even shooting is not the reason why you can delay more!!

Baa baa baa: 「I knew it must be another wave of face slapping. The melon eaters loved it.


Little crybaby's big brother: 「Little crybaby, big brother loves you and loves you. You are also indispensable to big brother. @Big brother's little crybaby @Gu Qingyan

Big brother's little crybaby: 「I also love big brother. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ

President Lu's big Weibo and small Weibo were captured by fans and brought rhythm: big brother treats little crybaby well!! You must be happy all the time, and please let little crybaby update on time and more, thank you!!

Zhuo Yi waited for Gu Qingyan to watch Gu Qingyan with a particularly complicated look after he got off the program, because he was also the book fans of Xin Zhi An Chu. Knowing that Gu Qingyan was actually the one he had been chasing. This feeling was very subtle, but the most important point was that Zhuo Yi thinks he could personally urge Gu Qingyan to update more. He was the one who had fallen into the huge pit!!!

The blade in his hand was already hungry and thirsty. Although the literature of Xin Zhi An Chu was very beautiful, he was a big pit. There was no humanity in digging or filling!! It's just outrageous that he don't move!!

But Gu Qingyan looked at Zhuo Yi, only felt that his neck was a little cold and couldn't help but shrunk.


[1] Chicken soup. Originating from the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series which consist of inspirational stories about ordinary people’s lives, this Internet slang term refers to inspirational stories, quotes, and maxims. Sometimes the term is used sarcastically.

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