He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 76: Vie for Power

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Gu Qingyan expressed his true shame and wanted to play his own novel again. And "Vie for Power" could be regarded as the annual IP drama launched by Xing Yu. It's a TV drama that Xing Yu mainly invested in. So Gu Qingyan himself was embarrassed that he cheated a lot of private money from Lu Ran with the copyright of "Vie or Power". (TN: IP means “intellectual property,” and in a general sense could refer to anything covered by copyright, trademark or patent. But for screenwriters, IP means some pre-existing property that a studio is hiring you to adapt into a movie.)

- 3rd Scene of "Vie for Power"

In front of him was a young man dressed in a plain white robe with a jade hairpin on his head. He was a handsome man, whose lips were red and teeth were white, which attracted the girls' eyes frequently. He was a pretty playboy, and even many bold girls threw flowers directly at him.

When Mu Zifei saw Qin Ge for the first time, he had to praise him. Qin Ge's appearance was too good and deceptive, but when Qin Ge spoke, he completely exposed his flaws, his nature and ruined his image.

"Hey, why are you always following me?" Qin Ge raised his eyebrows and looked at the young man in front of him. The clothes he was wearing didn't look cheap. It was totally different from the material he was forced to buy.

Qin Ge reached forward and touched Mu Zifei's clothes. He narrowed his eyes and said, "You have a good clothes..."

Qin Ge could be said to had destroyed his previously relegated temperament completely. Mu Zifei looked at the person in front of him with a complicated look and didn't know what to do.

Qin Ge said, "What do you mean when you look at me like this?" Then he took a very discontented look at Mu Zifei and said, "Do you want to talk to me like this?"

Mu Zifei nodded without saying a word.

"I've always been like this, but it's a pity that all of you only look at my outside but not my inside. How disappointed? But that's the way things are. Nothing is more obvious than a human being?" After spoke that, he used his hands in a frivolous manner and touched Mu Zifei's face.

Mu Zifei should have responded to Qin Ge's reprimand at this moment so that he should not be so presumptuous, but he thought Qin Ge was interesting.

In the following days, Mu Zifei and Qin Ge met formally. They would go to the tavern to talk with each other, talk freely and share their thoughts. Mu Zifei told Qin Ge that he wanted to become an idle prince in the future to visit the great rivers and mountains, to enjoy the beautiful scenery, to experience the prosperous times, to taste the sad and bitterness of the world.

They had a good time drinking.

Qin Ge looked at Mu Zifei, who was drunk and patted his handsome face gently with his hand. He smiled and said in a low voice, "it's stupid. You are not afraid I take your money and run away."

Qin Ge turned around and left without taking anything away. Mu Zifei slowly opened his closed eyes. At the moment, Mu Zifei looked not drunk. Mu Zifei thought that Qin Ge, his friend, and Mu Zifei had made up his mind.

Only when Mu Zifei couldn't see the place, Qin Ge's expression was very delicate.

- 14th Scene of "Vie for Power"

Qin Ge was just an ordinary citizen, and he doesn't understand why he was involved in the battle of seizing the crown. Was it because of this smart face that looked deceptive?

Qin Ge touched his face with his hand. He was really miserable. How dare he offended these dignitaries. Qin Ge face was bitter. He wanted to help the third prince as a spy to steal the second prince's secret. He doesn't know what it would be like for the second prince to know that his good brother actually calculated that he wanted to seize his position in the future?

Qin Ge chuckled. He thought it would be very interesting.

Qin Ge held an exquisite bone fan, and unconsciously stroked the handle of the fan with his hand. His face seemed rather unclear.

Qin Ge didn't had too much ink in his stomach, but because of his deceptive looking face and his clever brain, he learned a lot of unpredictable scheming. (TN: something like greediness)

In fact, most of those strategists were just gossiping and said a few words that people find difficult to understand. They turn around and leave a mysterious figure for others to play freely to guess, but it's hard to say how many of them had real strategies.

Qin Ge was not easy to face in the presence of the third prince while obediently obeying his arrangement, while pretending to look like an unpredictable Mr. Qin in front of the second prince.

Qin Ge listened to the third prince's plan and said flatteringly, "Please rest assured, Your Highness, Qin Ge must complete the task, but the money after this..."

Looked at Qin Ge gesture, the third prince couldn't help but exclaim that one should never take a person for his appearance. Such a greedy person who had nothing to show was really unpleasant.

The third prince waved his hand and said impatiently, "When it's done, this royal highness is naturally rewarding."

"Qin Ge is here. Thank you for your grace." Qin Ge flattery was just a little grip of his hand under his robe, and his eyes glanced through the calculations.

- 77th Scene of "Vie for Power"

The crown prince died, the second prince was finished, and the third prince was imprisoned.

Qin Ge came to the third prince's residence, and looked at the former prince in front of him. Now he was defeated by the enemy and his mens was, and he was very happy.

"Who are you?" At the moment, the state of the third prince looked very bad. He had lost the proper clothes and elegant appearance of the former prince.

Qin Ge glanced at the depressed person in front of him, one hand was holding the bone fan and tapping it on the palm of the other hand, while the slender and white hand was not appreciated at the moment, and he felt upset at the bottom of his heart.

Qin Ge's mouth was slightly cocked, and his eyes showed a casual expression that seemed to look at the dead, "It seems that third imperial brother really doesn't know me."

The third prince was shocked and blurted out, "Who are you?"

"Oh." Qin Ge smiled sarcastically and looked at the third prince with a tilted head, "I'm your fourth imperial brother. How are you? Why don't you know me? The fourth brother is so sad."

The third prince was shocked by Qin Ge's words and said to him in a low voice, "How could it be? How is that possible? How could it be you are Mu Jinxiao who died early? No... no... Mujinxiao died early..."

Although he had been terrified for a long time, he forced himself to open his mouth and shouted, "Audacious! His Highness Fourth Brother has already passed away. How dare you pretend to be His Highness Fourth Brother!"

Qin Ge, of course, knew that he would say that. He looked up at the third prince and said, "I really want to thank you for the things Jingren palace."

The third prince murmured, "Impossible... It's impossible... No way. How could you be him?"

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Then he burst out laughed at Qin Ge, "Hahaha. Ridiculous. In the end, we all lost to you. Mu Jinxiao, a good Mu Jinxiao. You have deceived your brothers."

Qin Ge's expression was still so fine and clear, he smiled, "The words of the third brother are bad, I just repay the friendship of my brothers back then."

The third prince smiled bitterly and looked at Qin Ge. For Qin Ge himself, he had guessed many identities, but he never thought that it could be such an identity. He didn't think he had been tricked, but in the end, he was deceived by his fourth younger brothers who should had died.

The third prince's eyes had no desire to survive. He fell down and slowly opened his mouth, "Winner take all, right. Fourth brother..."

Qin Ge touched his chin, and his eyes flashed with murderous intent, "Third brother, please rest assured. I, the younger brother, must treat you very well!"

- 82nd Scene of "Vie for Power"

Mu Zifei looked at the man in front of him with a complicated look. He never thought that he had such a deep mind. He took himself as a chess piece, and he cheated him. Mu Zifei smiled bitterly and felt heartache. He really regarded him as his brother.

Because the man in front of him, his imperial brothers died and were trapped. The end of the scene was horrible and the means were extremely cruel.

Although Mu Zifei knew that this was the way of seizing the crown, it was only Qin Ge's means were too fierce. They were all brothers after all.

Mu Zifei asked Qin Ge, "Why, why do you have to do that?"

Qin Ge sat on the white jade stool in the pavilion of the imperial garden. He gave Mu Zifei a slight glance, "Because they all owe me!"

"But we are all brothers!" Mu Zifei looked at Qin Ge sadly, and his eyes were sorrowful, "Can't we let them alive?"

Qin Ge looked at the distance and replied firmly, "No, they didn't plan to let me go."

Then Qin Ge lightly replied, "My concubine mother didn't do anything, but she was dead in the end?"

Although Qin Ge looked light-hearted, decisive and ferocious, his eyes betrayed him occasionally, and Qin Ge's fingertips were also slightly trembling and whitish.

"But what happened is irretrievable. Although they are all wrong, what about other innocent people?"

Mu Zifei looked at the man in front of him who should be called the imperial brother angrily and sadly. Some people were executed even though they didn't deserve to die. His means were cruel and violent. Once that kind-hearted and compassionate man was long gone. He was no longer Qin Ge his brother.

"Little Six, that's the reality!" Qin Ge looked into Mu Zifei's eyes and said coldly, "Winner take all, everyone will be punished."

In the end, Mu Zifei and Qin Ge parted unhappily. They all knew that this brotherhood was really lost and could never be found again.

But in this period of time, Gu Qingyan doesn't know why, there were many fans of Xin Zhi An Chu went to Gu Qingyan's Weibo to question Gu Qingyan.

Ask him if he got Qin Ge's role by relationship, and said that he was not qualified to play the simple and kind Mr. Qin and the funny and amusing Mr. Qin in their mind.

Gu Qingyan couldn't help but crying and laughing. Qin Ge's character in the early concept did not seem to be deliberate, pure kindness and love to deceived. He was a very interesting nobody, but he buried a lot of foreshadowing. Although the latter half of the book hadn't been officially released, it should be able to seen.

Why do you tear yourself suddenly?

This was very embarrassing, but in a sense, he really got Qin Ge's role by relationship.

Later, Gu Qingyan got a general understanding of the whole situation, because some people deliberately instigated fans to provoke Xin Zhi An Chu and spread Gu Qingyan's role among fans by means of despicable means. This incident made fans very dissatisfied that their favorite character has been defiled, so they rushed into Gu Qingyan's Weibo to ask Gu Qingyan to give an explanation.

The identity of Gu Qingyan as an author had been well hidden by himself, for the simple reason that he was afraid of being picked out by readers and sent blades.

Well, it's hard to say, because his book fans were too powerful.

Gu Qingyan had a very bad habit of dragging manuscripts, which was very serious.

Basically, under the Weibo of Xin Zhi An Chu, there was a howling and angry threat from book fans. Basically, the scene was like this:

My heart is big: 「Great Xi Zhi, why haven't you updated, blade, blade!!

Button Jun: 「Great Xin Zhi, I want to send you blades!!!! Angry, what about your manuscript? My sword is so hungry and thirsty that I can't help putting it around your neck!!!

Broken heart: 「Great Xin Zhi!!! You tell me quickly, why haven't you updated? Do you want to live or not!?

Little grapefruit: 「Great Xin Zhi!!! You need to write more quickly or we will send blades to the editorial department again!!

Where sad heart: 「Great Xin Zhi!!! You really enough. You tell me, why does my male God become like this?? I want to send you blades. How can you treat me like this!!


Gu Qingyan said that he was also very afraid. Well, he was very afraid that fans would find out his identity, knew who he was, and then got his address and sent him blades.

Because his fans were so powerful, after all, the book fans really sent blades to the editorial department. In the beginning, Gu Qingyan received a small video sent by the editorial department to Xin Zhi An Chu. He found that in the video it was a very beautiful box, but when he opened the box, he found that it was full of blades.

Don't be too scary, ok. Especially there's a letter in the blade. The letter threatened Gu Qingyan with great courtesy. Complained of his bad drafting behavior and stepmother's behavior, and warned him with poor but threatening words. Let him do a good job of write well and not to drag the manuscript, and asked him to think more about their poor book fans.

Gu Qingyan said that the blade incident was unforgettable to him in all his life. That letter could be said to let him personally experience the deep love from fans. Although his bad behaviors such as dragging manuscripts had not been greatly improved, at least he knew that it was important to converge and save some lives.

After all, the fighting power of book fans was too strong, and the author could only obediently survive through the cracks.


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