He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 75: Little Crybaby, Big Brother

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In the last issue of the "Are you abused today?" program, at the request of the audience, the program team asked Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran: when did you meet and get together?

Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran glanced at each other and all of a sudden laughed. Looked at each other affectionately and slowly narrate.

"I met my big brother when I was 7 years old. He appeared in front of me like a little hero." Gu Qingyan's expression seemed to be in the memory of the past, his eyes were shined.

Lu Ran looked at his little crybaby gently, "I was 11 years old that year, when I ran away from home, I met my little crybaby. I think that's probably the predestined marriage. Since then, his beautiful peach blossom eyes with tears have been stationed in my heart, and I will never forget them."

Oh my gosh, little crybaby and big brother have known each other so early!!! // How sweet is it, childhood sweetheart? // But isn't this early love is a little too early? So Gu Gu and President Lu didn't follow a good example 罒ω罒 // I think little crybaby must have been beautiful when he was child, otherwise how can he makebig brother obsessed with him. // Big brother let little crybaby remember for a long time, little crybaby also cherished big brother, feel so sweet. // So envious, the single dog is sweetened by them. However, Mama Lu cares about President Lu puppy love, and mister elder brother, President Lu has a plan towards Gu Gu, hurry up and clean him up!!

Gu Qingyan heard Lu Ran's words and reached for Lu Ran's to touch face with a smile, "When I was 16 years old, I came back alone to find my big brother. Then I made a very bad reason to approach him and let him take care of me and then we were together."

Gu Qingyan sighed and then said, "Unfortunately, in the end,, because we are not mature enough, I finally chose to run away."

Lu Ran leaned forward and kissed Qingyan's cheek, with a guilty look in his eyes, "When I was 20, I met a little walk-on with a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes, but I didn't recognize him as my little crybaby at that time. In the end, I was punished and let my little crybaby escape from me." (TN:a small acting part in a film or a play, especially one with no words to say)

Dang, why do I feel a bit abused!? // Sugar glass scum, so why are you so stupid, big brother!! // It feels a bit cute to have a secret crush. So, little crybaby ran away and big brother started looking frantically? // A bit sweet, and sure enough art comes from life. So this is the little sweet man of entertainment with glass scum? (TN: glass: (slang) male homosexual)

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran, and his eyes were full of his figures, "When I returned home at the age of 23, I happened to meet my big brother again. Big brother became domineering and unreasonable. He said he wanted to pursue me again. Then he finally remembered that I was his little crybaby."

Lu Ran looked into Gu Qingyan's eyes with a bit of sourness, but his voice was filled with the pride of unrepentant and successful of his goal, "I met my little crybaby at the age of 27, and I found him after five years. In these five years, I grew up to be a cunning hunter. I woven a love net carefully and approached him step by step. I tried my best to hold him firmly. Then I finally knew that he was the little crybaby that I kept in my mind. "

Finally sweetness came back, so little crybaby escaped for five years, and big brother found him after five years and finally together? // How sweet! I believe in love again. Don't lose little crybaby again!! // I wish you happiness and sprinkle flowers. // So sweet, big brother treat little crying bag well!

"I love you, little crybaby." Lu Ran's voice and eyes were full of deep love.

"I love you too, big brother." Gu Qingyan smiled sweetly, revealing two shallow dimples.

I just figured it out, big brother and little crybaby have been tangled for 16 years!? The melon eaters were stunned. // Little crybaby likes big brother, and big brother also likes little crybaby. It's nice for them to be together. // Big brother, you better treat your little crybaby well. So neither mister big brother nor us will not let you go! // Little crybaby, you are so sweet. I am fascinated by your smile. // Big brother, you must love little crying bag very well. Don't let us form a group to beat you!!

The people who watched the show all said that whether it was the story of Yang Yang chasing Mr. Song's love, the story of crazy sugaring after they finally got together, or the 16-year dispute between little crybaby and his big brother were all so sweet. It was so good that those who really love each other can become lovers and keep their heads together.

Therefore, everyone hoped to bless the big brother and his little crybaby to be so happy all their life. Just like the one and only long confession posted by Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran on Weibo, how lucky it was to meet in the vast crowd, meet again after a misunderstanding, and then break through many obstacles and get back together again. Hope that they could raise the tray to eyebrow level, know each other and keep each other. (TN: mutual respect in a marriage)

After the show, fans of Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan had skyrocketed. One reason was that they were all moved by the love story of big brother and little crybaby. The second reason was that many people were confined by Gu Xiaosheng's cuteness after the program, but Gu Xiaosheng doesn't had his own microblog.

So the fans could only pay attention to Gu Qingyan's and Lu Ran's Weibo, and then ask for photos and videos of Gu Xiaosheng's life.

At the same time, on the other side, Xing Yu's purchase of Xin Zhi An Chu's "Vie for Power" was officially put into production.

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In the aspect of actor selection, in addition to the newcomers that Xing Yu recently wanted to hold, they also invited the top singer of Le Yi, Qu Yang. According to Qu Yang's original words, if the original novel of the script were not written by Gu Qingyan, he would not had participated in it. He was too busy to prepare for the concert and producing records.

However, the reason why Lu Ran invited Qu Yang to perform instead of leaving important roles to the artists of his company is very simple. Because Xin Zhi An Chu's novels had a large reader. If the role was popular, it would not be a problem.

Before, Qu Yang helped him a lot. He did his best on his way to pursue his wife, so Lu Ran wanted to take this opportunity to repay Qu Yang's favor.

Qu Yang would play Mu Zifei, the sixth prince, in "Vie for Power". Mu Zifei, the sixth prince, was a man of pure nature who does not love fighting. His whole life's pursuit was to be an idle prince as soon as possible. Because he knew that he had no drama at all on the road to win the conquest. It's better to give up earlier to travel the beautiful mountains and rivers.

But his original plan for the bright future of idle as clouds and wild cranes deviated, because one day he met a commoners in street named Qin Ge.

Gu Qingyan played the role of Qin Ge. He looked like a charming and talented young man, but in fact, he was just a commoners full of vulgar words.

But the deeper and more digging, all kinds of things showed. In fact, Qin Ge was not what Mu Zifei thought and saw. He was a man who can't be understood.

Qin Ge's appearance could only be described in one sentence. Street noble man like jade and unparalleled. But Qin Ge was exposed as soon as he opened his mouth to let him know that he was just a small man with his own appearance. But Mu Zifei and Qin Ge were still good friends. They often talk about life yearning and express their thoughts in elegant places. How happy they were.

Later, when the third prince, Mu Siqi, saw Qin Ge deceptive appearance, he turned Qin Ge into a fake man and dedicated him to his second brother. In order to made Qin Ge as a double-sided spy to get information from his second brother. As a result, it was never thought that the commoners seemed to had the help of the gods and the unexpected success burst out, and they actually pulled the crown prince, the second prince, and the third prince one after another.

At this moment, Mu Zifei also knew the truth. Qin Ge was actually his fourth brother, Mu Jinxiao, who should had died for a long time. Before, the appearance of commoners was just disguised. He came back for revenge. In that year, the queen killed his concubine mother Li, the revenge for the person who hurt him.

So he killed the crown prince with a knife first, and then Qin Ge found out that it was related to the birth mother of the second prince and the third prince, so Qin Ge ruined them again. Because Mu Zifei, the sixth son, treated himself best, he left Mu Zifei.

Later, Qin Ge climbed to the throne with the influence of his concubine mother Li. The first thing he did was to eliminate all the people who were not good to him at that time, saying that he was revenge for his mother, and to kill all the people who did not agree with him one by one to make an example, as if he had become a tyrant for whatever purpose he could.

At this moment, when Mu Zifei saw Qin Ge again, he almost didn't know each other. He couldn't think that now this cold killer man was Qin Ge, a commoners who spoke freely with himself, who was kind-hearted, although his words were vulgar but his words were reasonable. This man was only his fourth brother, Mu Jinxiao, and the present Emperor.

And because of the cruelty of the present Emperor, they had become eloquent, discontented and self endangering. So these ministers secretly found Mu Zifei to let him take office and finally let Mu Zifei killed "Mu Jinxiao" and became the new emperor.

Mu Zifei, who was the new emperor, ran into Qin Ge when he went out to travel. At this moment, Qin Ge was dressed in the same plain white robe that he had worn when he first met him in his memory.

And Mu Zifei in that year often went to the restaurant to talk happily, after Mu Zifei drunk, he turned around and left secretly. But he was found by Mu Zifei. When Mu Zifei asked Qin Ge, "Fourth brother, where are you going?"

Qin Ge didn't look back, but his voice showed a happy feeling, "Your Highness, I'm not your fourth brother. My name is Qin Ge. I'm going to visit this great river and mountains. Your highness and I have said goodbye to each other. I hope you will cherish and forget the other end of the world."

Qin Ge devoted himself to the sixth prince who wanted to be a leisurely prince, and finally forgot his past and walked out of the haze.


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