Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 5: Miss Out

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Mrs. Hua's surname was Hua and her given name was Zizhen. She was not a simple person. She was the wife of Qin Zhenguo, the former CEO of Huanyu Group, and the mother of Qin Shaoyan, the current CEO of Huanyu Group. She was also the founder and chairman of Tianyou Charity Foundation. There were countless people who had received her help, and she had funded many hope in primary schools.

But she herself was a very low-key person, never on TV, nor interviewed. So far, she had only accepted an interview with a well-known newspaper. One of the questions was why she did so many good deeds. Her answer was for her daughter-in-law, which made everyone confused. Was this a joke? Or were you kidding?

Mrs. Hua rarely went out at ordinary times, and rarely attended any aristocratic party. Normally, her physical examination was scheduled. Tao Zi came to the door in person. Don't know what the wind was blowing today, he actually ran to the hospital.

Hua Zizhen's trip was also quite low-key. There was no bodyguard but her son. She smiled and took her son to the elevator. While waiting for the elevator, Hua Zizhen suddenly saw a familiar and strange figure passing in the distance.


Seeing his mother looked at the distance, Qin Shaoyan asked, "What's the matter?"

"I should be blinded." Hua Zizhen waved her hand, "I just saw a man, but just his side face. I think he looks like your Uncle Ye when he was young."

When Qin Shaoyan saw that she was just saying it casually, he didn't intend to look for someone, so he wasn't assured that "the people was similar." Uncle Ye sent so many people to look for him, but he didn't find him for more than ten years. How could he be encountered by his mother as soon as she went out? The chance was basically zero.

While talking, the elevator arrived.

Hua Zizhen suddenly asked, "Do you remember the missing child in your Uncle Ye house at night?"

Qin Shaoyan froze and nodded, "Of course, I remember."

Hua Zizhen smiled and said, "Before he was born, I told your Uncle Ye to be betrothed him to you."

"..." How many years ago was this, could we not mention the past?

Hua Zizhen seemed to know her son's thought, so she tore down his thought, "You didn't say yes at that time."

How old was he then! He was just simply deceived.

"Don't think I don't know. You are very kind to the child." Mrs. Hua continued to exposed him, "On the surface, he was disgusted with all kinds of things, but in the end, didn't leave him the best. I moved your things, and you said that I did not respect your privacy, and he went into your room without seeing you."

It seemed that Mrs. Hua had been complaining about the unfair treatment for a long time and began to scold her son mercilessly.

"Mom, you don't even have to eat vinegar from a four-year-old kid, do you?" Qin Shaoyan sometimes really admired Mr. Qin. How could he bear his wife? (TN: jealous)

"That's your wife." Hua Zizhen said.


"Do you honestly tell your mother that you haven't found a partner for so many years, because you still have him in your mind?"

Hua Zizhen's topic changed so fast that Qin Shaoyan couldn't turn it around a bit. He was hesitated, "No."

Tao Zi stood at the door of the elevator early and waited. As soon as the door opened, he saw Mrs. Hua stared at Qin Shaoyan discontentedly... The atmosphere seemed a little serious. Should he retreat?

"Tao Zi, it seems you disappeared for days." Mrs. Hua changed her face and looked at him with a smile. She changed her face in seconds, just like a real film empress. (TN: Mrs. Hua called Taoi Zi 桃子 (peach), while his name is 陶梓)

"Long time no see, aunt." Tao Zi rushed forward and greeted.

"Shaoyan, I haven't seen you for a long time. It's rare to see you take a day off." Tao Zi glanced at his friend.

Qin Shaoyan was helpless, "Trouble you."

Tao Zi let Hua Zizhen go first. He went to Qin Shaoyan's side and touched his elbow. He lowered his voice and said, "It looks like you have been arrested?"

"Last night she said that she was not feeling well, so I had to stay at home with her today. I've been shopping with her all morning." Although he knew his mother was pretending to be ill, he took a day off. When she said to go shopping, he would accompany her. As a result, she really just went shopping and didn't buy anything. Such meaningless things could only be done by women.

"I went to He Suezhai at noon. I just said I came here to see you."

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"If you spend more time with her, this will not happen." Tao Zi suggested that he was quite experienced in dealing with his mother.

"My time is counted in seconds every day." Qin Shaoyan said seriously.

What the fuck! You think you are a robot! Tao Zi murmured silently in his heart.

Gao Yang went into the café and ordered a cup of hot milk. He took a magazine at the front desk and took a seat by the window. There were many people in the café, most of them were lovers and some of them were girl-friends. Gao Yang was the only one who came alone here.

"Qi Qing, you are just a mess!"

In a quiet cafe, someone's angry voice suddenly sounded, which attracted all the attention, including Gao Yang.

The man sat in the opposite seat behind Gao Yang. Seeing Gao Yang looked back at him, he glared at him angrily, "What are you looking at? Never seen gaoji, huh!" (TN: (slang) to engage in male homosexual practices)

Gao Yang touched his nose and said that he had seen many gaoji, but he had never seen gaoji so straightforward.

"Humph." The man snorted coldly and left. The one sitting opposite him also stood up, but didn't go after him. He smiled awkwardly at Gao Yang, "I'm sorry, the child just has a bad temper."

"It doesn't matter." Gao Yang indicated that he doesn't care. It's normal for a child to had a little temper. He often forgot that he was only twenty-one.

"I'll treat you to a cup of coffee." the man said.

"No, I ordered the milk." Gao Yang pointed to the seat in front of him, "If you don't mind, let's sit together for a while."

The man nodded, "Sit down, please."

"My name is Qi Qing." Qi Qing introduced himself, "I just let you see a joke, that child is Zhang Mu, he is my student."

A love between teachers and students, this was a bit troublesome.

"I know we're not right. We'll be separated one day." Qi Qing smiled bitterly.

"Have you said that to him?" Gao Yang asked, "Although he is not old, but there are some certain things, you have to tell him that affection is a matter of two people. There is no reason for one person to bear the pressure."

"His family is rich. He was spoiled by his parents and never suffered." Qi Qing said lightly.

He had been rich since he was a child. He doesn't know how people live without money. He's too young. When you tell him that two men would be opposed by their families when they were together, he would also say, "It doesn't matter. I'm not afraid of anything as long as I can be with you." But on that day, when two people were forced to live in the basement of several square meters, he would regret it, because he couldn't bear the pain at all. At this time, all the vows and pledges were just a past. However, Zhang Mu still had a way to retreat, but Qi Qing did not. He had only one way to go to the dark.

Gao Yang didn't speak anymore. In fact, all the truths and understandings were clear, which was just too clear to trap themselves. He and Zhang Mu love each other, but the love was too heavy and the shoulders of the two people couldn't bear it at all. The love was too light. As long as there was a little wind, the grass would move, it would collapse. (TN: from what I found "If the lord sets a good example, he is like a wind that will influence the acts")

There were so many of such examples in the world that made this circle so chaotic. As long as the sexuality wasn't inclined, because they don't want to hurt themselves, whoever took it seriously, they would lose.

"I'm sorry for pouring so much bitter water with you." Qi Qing unknowingly told a stranger about his troubles, but he could only tell people he doesn't know.

"It doesn't matter. I'm honored."

Maybe it was because he was born ordinary and happened to had the same sexual orientation, Gao Yang sincerely hoped that he could get happiness.

On the way back, Tao Zi saw Gao Yang sitting in the back seat in a bad mood, "What's wrong? Not very happy."

"Tao Zi, are you the same?" Gao Yang asked.

Tao Zi was shocked, "I don't know. I haven't met anyone I like."

Tao Zi was born in a medical family. His great grandfather was a royal doctor in the imperial court, and his medical skills were very good. His grandfather inherited his great grandfather's mantle and was also a famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Now he was invited to lecture by the Medical University from time to time. When his father was young, he studied western medicine. He was scolded by his grandfather for worshiping foreign beauty. Tao Zi preferred traditional Chinese medicine and came to him with a combination of Chinese and Western medicine.

Tao Zi began to gnaw at medical skills when he was very young. His great grandfather left a cabinet with notes. Many of which were royal secrets, so he knew from childhood that man and man could also be together. When his grandfather was in a mess, he didn't open the medical's office. He only went to see a few family members with a good relationship. Tao Zi knew many things, such as the famous and mysterious Bai family in the city. When the family found a man, the man could had children. This was why he knew that Gao Yang was pregnant but he was not shocked at all.

"But I think it doesn't matter if you really like them." His family was open-minded. They wouldn't interfere too much with his objects in the future. Otherwise, how could he be natural and unrestrained so far? He has already pulled N blind dates games.

"Oh." It's lucky to be born in such a family.


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