Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 37: Role

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Mu Yibin? Mo Shaoqing remembered that Mu Yibin has an ethnic origin, so he looked exotic, which was one of the reasons why he was chosen.

Before Mo Shaoqing's rebirth, he was already the movie emperor, but now he was just a prince in the fairy tale drama. If he played the leading role, then this drama must be the "Ling Di Zhuan", which was replayed every summer vacation. Undoubtedly, Mu Yibin has successfully transformed through this drama and won the Golden Swan Award for Best Actor in that year.

But he didn't paid much attention to this information in his previous life, so he didn't know that You Tianling was also playing in it. Did his rebirth changed anything?

You Tianling introduced it to him as he walked. He afraid that Mo Shaoqing doesn't understand the importance of the drama. Although Mo Shaoqing had a clear mind, he still pretended to listen to You Tianling's explanation.

"This drama must be a popular show this summer. The actors are all old actors. After watching the emperor, the songs are all made by the golden composer, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed." Just after the voice fell, Mo Shaoqing heard the roar from the front.

"What about Xu Che? Why has not come yet, I want to ask you?"

"And you, what's the matter? Will you act? I really don't know what you have learned from each other. Do you want me to teach you? What about the makeup artist? What are you doing?"

Mo Ansheng, the director, was very angry. Shanhe Studio had always been famous for producing excellent dramas, and the dramas broadcast were known as the conscience of the industry. As one of the directors, he was naturally very demanding on the summer drama.

"That's one of the directors of Shanhe Studio, Mo Ansheng. Shanhe Studio never shot Xianxia's scripts for holding people, and never invites the famous role of vivacious young female without acting skills. But it will sign some more nimble seedling cultivation. The purpose of the studio is to let the audience pursue excellent TV dramas, not artists, so each of their productions will either please the old-fashioned old actors, or the use of anonymous newcomers." You Tianling said.

Shanhe Studio was famous. Of course, Mo Shaoqing certainly wouldn't know.

But no one knew the anger of Director Mo at this moment. Yes, Shanhe Studio was very powerful and the script was very good. However, no matter how good a script was, it needed to be invested. The investor said that people could only cope with people. The director was angry and helpless. Fortunately, it's just a small supporting role, and the other side also had some acting skills.

But this was how the other side dare to play strong card, so late and did not arrived at the studio. A burst of anger could only be spread on the newcomers to the performance school. (TN: very popular or successful person; self-important)

"That, Director Mo, today my part is in the back. I have a few things I don't understand. I want you to give pointers..." You Tianling interrupted Director Mo at the right time, and the people on the studio was relieved at last.

"Oh, it's Xiao You!" Mo Ansheng had always been very kind to such a capable and polite young man with acting skills and appearance. He quickly put away the anger on his face, which made Mo Shaoqing stunned. Later, Mo Ansheng eyes were on the person behind You Tianling.

Mo Shaoqing was very good-looking. He had an indescribable temperament all over his body when he studied music. With his unique elegant appearance, it's just the saying that "beautiful as a jade, the prince was unparalleled"!

All of a sudden, he attracted Director Mo's attention. Wasn't this exactly the image of Qinghe Gongzi in the script? However, the actor of Qinghe Gongzi has already been chosen. What a pity! However, based on his years of experience , this young man would be popular as long as he was given a chance. (TN: son of an official; son of nobility; your son (honorific))

"How do you do?" Mo Shaoqing's well-behaved appearance made Mo Ansheng heart tickled. If only he could bring this little brother to his own studio, it's a pity that he had a drama in his own hand now.

"You are Mo Shaoqing? I've heard Xiao You mention you several times. Speaking of which, we have same family name! Yes, I think you look good. Have you ever thought about acting? After all, if you study music and come out to work..."

Mo Shaoqing soon heard Director Mo's unsatisfied meaning and said with a wry smile, "Director Mo is confused, I'm a learning piano and I haven't learned these things, where can I act! And I don't know anyone in the circle."

"Ha ha, there are now two people in the circle right in front of you." All of a sudden Mo Ansheng's mood was getting better.

"Young man, do you want to try?" Director Mo continue to "coaxed" him.

"That's a good idea! But as far as I know, Director Mo has no new drama at present!" You Tianling said the same thing.

"This is..." Mo Ansheng wanted to explain something more, but the assistant director who came in a hurry interrupted, "Director, this Xu Che has not come yet, the actors are waiting!"

"Really damn-" Maybe realized that it's not right, Director Mo immediately changed his voice, "If you call his agent and he stop shooting, I'll replace him!"

Mo Shaoqing: "Senior, do you have a role in this drama group?"

You Tianling: "Yes, I'm just popular now. I can't take over that kind of brainless idol drama for several years. The company can't easily find a way to connect me and Director Mo. I'll try it. It's just a little supporting role!"

Mo Shaoqing suddenly thought of something. He sniggered and said, "Wow, senior is also a smart young man that Director Mo Ansheng looks forward to!"

"Hey, hit me, make fun of me!" You Tianling learned what it looked like in the opera and knocked Mo Shaoqing's forehead with a prop folding fan.

Knowing that the senior was in the drama group, Mo Shaoqing was not in a hurry to go back to school. There were many people in the drama group, and no one payed attention to him. So he went around and watched the filming from time to time. There were a lot of new people in this group. Mo Shaoqing wandered for a long time, but he didn't see a few big stars, so he stopped thinking about signing.

Mo Shaoqing went to the backstage, and You Tianling, who has finished makeup, became a handsome young man. He held the folding fan just now and greeted him by raising clasped hands, "Shaoqing, I'm going to shoot soon. How about going to see my acting?"

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"Of course, I've never seen you act!" Mo Shaoqing promised repeatedly, and then quickly took out his mobile phone to take a few photos.

The arrival of You Tianling once again eased the embarrassment of the studio. Mo Shaoqing just got acquainted with the crew of the production team, and he was brought by You Tianling, so he knew he was an outsider. The crew soon explained the causes and consequences of the previous director's anger.

Mo Shaoqing knew that because there was an actor named Xu Che who was late, the director would be angry.

"Just now I called his agent. Guess what? Didn't go out and still asleep. Now, all the stars are in the sky. Besides, what kind of star is he? Seeing their brother roaming, he arrived on time every day, tch-"

On the other side, the assistant director was almost anxious, and he secretly vowed in the bottom of his heart that he would definitely not want to be crowded in by investors.

After shooting a scene, You Tianling wandered to Mo Shaoqing's side, and Mo Shaoqing mentioned Xu Che to him, "Senior, if Xu Che doesn't come all the time, will he delay your trip?"

"Yes, I'm going to fly to H City to record a program after the shooting, and I heard that the scene is about to be demolished."

"What to do then?" Mo Shaoqing thought it was none of his business, but now it's related to the senior. He was worried.

"Oh, I'm not worried. What are you worried about? I think that Xu Che has been blacklisted by the director. I'm afraid that he won't get along well in the future."

Seeing Mo Shaoqing's half understanding, You Tianling explained, "No director likes actor playing big card, and he is not even an actor! And the director is in the circle, heh!"

There was no pity in You Tianling's tone. It's all competitors. If you didn't fight for your own life, who would help you?

In the distance, Director Mo was now calmed down. Looking at the youngster beside You Tianling, he thought there may be a way to quickly solved the problem in front of him. He called the assistant director and whispered a few words. The assistant director obediently conveyed the news to You Tianling.

"What! Me!" Mo Shaoqing knew the news was not good for him.

"Well, I'm going deaf!"

Mo Shaoqing: "I'm sorry. But senior, why do you think of letting me take over this mess? I can't do it. Do it yourself!"

You Tianling explained, "Aren't you anxious to help me? And this is not my idea, it's Director Mo." After explained that, he pointed to the filmmaker.

"Senior, I can't. How can I shoot a movie? What if Xu Che suddenly comes? It's not good to grab other people's roles like this!" And wasn't it just a part-time job? How did it became acting? Mo Shaoqing helplessly shirked to the ground.

"First, Xu Che is often late. The director is dissatisfied with him for a long time. Even if he appears suddenly, the director will not use him.

"Second, how can you call it grabbing someone else's role? You are helping us. To tell you the truth, we rented this hall for a week. Today is the last day. All the scenes will be finished today, so you are helping us!

"Third, you don't know that Xu Che is not modest and has a bad temper. I don't like him at all." So the last sentence was the point! Mo Shaoqing thought, but he still couldn't stand the swindle of You Tianling and the pressure of the whole crew. He agreed.

The drama was based on the popular IP "Ling Lang Tian Xia", the title was "Ling Di Zhuan", an epic drama about men fighting for power and finally pacify the world.

The background setting was an alternative dynasty similar to the Southern and Northern Dynasties. The entire Central Plains was divided into several countries, with Zhou, Qi, Wei and Liang in the north. To the south were Jin, Yan, Shu and Chen. There were also many ethnic minorities in the north, such as Di clan and Qiang clan

The country where the male lead was located was Jin Country. His mother was the princess of Wei Country, a country founded by Xianbei Clan, not Han Clan. Therefore, the male lead was bullied and ignored by the Emperor because of his impure blood.

Years of humiliating life didn't killed his will, but made him more humble. He wanted to wait until the new emperor ascended the throne, then he could go to the fiefdom and become a free king.

But he didn't expect that the eldest son, who was conferred as a prince, died suddenly. The stable situation was suddenly broken, and the situation in the front of the Imperial Palace was treacherous. Among the numerous princes, the Empress who lost her dependence chose the young and powerless male lead as the foster son. The male lead had the King of Wei's foreign family and the power of the Empress Mother's family. All of a sudden, he became a powerful competitor to the throne and a target of the public.

The prince's death was a conspiracy or a secret. Then the ninth prince found out the truth and ascended the throne. Then he fought south and north to become master of the universe.


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