Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 36: Job

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In recent days, a big event happened in the entertainment circle. All the headlines of entertainment news were all this news- Ling Group Media was renamed Xingyang Media, merged with the Claire Group, and signed several old actors, which was a surprise.

Mo Shaoqing didn't pay attention to these things at first, but he couldn't help it. He ran back and forth between S City and Y City. Donghu Building was renamed as Xingyang Entertainment Film and Television Media Corporation. It's hard for him to see these big words.

In other words, Mr. Ling should also be a member of Xingyang Entertainment. After all, he seemed to be a successful person! When would he become a character like him?

Running back and forth between the two cities left Mo Shaoqing exhausted, but also let Father and Mother Mo distressed. Mother Mo directly ordered that he should not come back. The restaurant should be handed over to Mo Shaohong.

At this point, Mo Shaoqing had a rest. But this person, as soon as he was idle and nothing was done, which made Mo Shaoqing was so uncomfortable. He wanted to find something to do for himself.

There were a few courses in the second half of the junior year. Mo Shaoqing couldn't go back, but he doesn't want to waste his time and prepare for the thesis first.

There was no way, the thesis must be handed in. The senior year internship was definitely too late, but it was better to prepare early. All the boys in the class began to learn something. Even the second child with the late stage of lazy cancer could only move to fall in love.

"Ah Qing-", on the way to the library, he heard a familiar voice from afar. Mo Shaoqing couldn't believe his intuition, but when he saw someone like zongzi, he thought he should be a senior. (TN: glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled)

Mo Shaoqing was surprised and said, "Senior, why did you come to school?"

"There is something, a good thing, looking for you, come with me." You Tianling stealthily pulled Mo Shaoqing to the grove beside the library. They took a seat at will, and You Tianling took off the sunglasses mask.

"Hah- fortunately I haven't been found. I said you've had a good time recently. I've heard that Boss Mo has opened a restaurant!" You Tianling joked.

Mentioned his restaurant, Mo Shaoqing couldn't help raise the curve of the corner his mouth, "It's not bad, it's just like that!"

"You little boy, I won't tell you anything about this. It's hard to find a job in your department. It's not bad for you to open a restaurant, but in this way, you may not see the job I introduced." You Tianling blinked, pretending to be mysterious.

"Job?" You Tianling was Mo Shaoqing's senior. He was two years older than Mo Shaoqing, but he was not in a directly related department. He was from the performance department. They met at the freshman exchange meeting. Because of Mo Shaoqing's rebirth, he knew that he was a star in his previous life. He paid more attention to him. Unexpectedly, You Tianling started to talk with him on his own initiative. At first sight, they became good friends.

Mo Shaoqing was still secretly glad to be friends with the stars, but the trouble of friendship was that he was forced to follow Yu Tianling to the performance department. But later, Mo Shaoqing thought it was also very interesting, so he often followed You Tianling to take lessons.

But within a few months, You Tianling came out. The first TV drama was the second male of an idol drama. It's a remarkable performance. In the performing arts circle with different levels of new talents, he quickly established himself by relying on the best newcomer award.

In the past two years, he had received several idol dramas of different types, won a large number of fangirls, and was crowned with the title of "Prince Ling".

Mo Shaoqing would be surprised that You Tianling came to S City because he signed a film and television company in B City after he started his career, and the focus of his work has always been in B City. Although the two are often in contact, they rarely meet because You Tianling was very busy.

This time You Tianling came to introduce him to work, Mo Shaoqing guessed that it was about the music aspect of film and television works.

Unsurprisingly, the work introduced by You Tianling was an idol drama that was being filmed. The second male in the drama played the piano, but the second male couldn't talk about the piano, so he needed a pianist to play songs for this. The episode of the drama, in general, the difficulty was not very big, but also make a guest appearance on a pianist competing with the second male, it's a cannon fodder anyway.

"Then where am I going to shoot? If it's in B City, I wouldn't be able to go."

"It's very simple. It's in the nearby studio city, where there are many interiors of different times and places." Then You Tianling said a considerable reward. Mo Shaoqing was very shaken.

"Senior, let me think about it!"

"Ok, give me an answer in three days. I still have a notice to catch up with. I will go first." With that, You Tianling walked towards the car not far away, and waved back to Mo Shaoqing, "You don't have to send me, go! "

After returning to the dormitory, Mo Shaoqing told his roommate about it. Several people urged Mo Shaoqing to agree with it, "Hey, I'm so talented. Why can't this good thing come to me? Who told me I couldn't play the piano? Qing Qing, you should take good care of it. Us buddies will mingle with you in the future." Xu Chengxuan boasted.

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"Screw you, of course, you still have to be the fourth child himself!" The eldest boy slapped his head.

"Screw you!" Wen Yang pushed his glasses and continued, "This is a good opportunity to earn extra money."

Mo Shaoqing's thesis was not finished yet, but it would not be for a few days. The rest was for the professor to check and revise, and finally the graduation reply. It's easy. On the other hand, the restaurant's income had also stabilized, and there was nothing of its own for the time being.

Mo Shaoqing also knew something about this TV drama, which was called one of the most anticipated TV drama this year, and would probably be broadcasted on this summer vacation. It's kind of romantic idol drama that was adapted from a comic book which burst the girl's heart.

He was another person who decided to do it. Now that he has made up his mind, he immediately called You Tianling.

"I didn't expect you to agree so soon. I thought I would have to wait a long time!"

"The work introduced by the senior must be good, and I just think it's hard to work in music circle in the future. If I have the opportunity, I can leave my work. I want to try it."

"You have a good idea. Let's choose a day instead of a collision day. I'll pick you up this afternoon. Please take a rest. I'll wait for you at the grove road behind the school." You Tianling's promise to Mo Shaoqing was unexpected, but it was so exciting that he promised so quickly that he could take someone to the scene immediately.

Mo Shaoqing took the new clothes bought in the new year from the wardrobe and put them on. Then he asked the counselor for leave before going out. In the grove, Han Se, the same agent as You Tianling, came to pick him up. It was like having a connection with the underworld. Mo Shaoqing was speechless for a while, and they got on a common Volkswagen together.

As the car drove out of the suburbs, the line of sight slowly widened. Mo Shaoqing looked at the endless fields and thought that it was convenient to have a car. Although he had already got his driving license, he could borrow his big brother's car at normal times, but it was not convenient at all.

But if he wanted to buy a car, he couldn't get that much money for a while. After all, it costs a lot of money to open the restaurant, but the cost hadn't been recovered. However, if the restaurant was profitable, first pay back the money borrowed from his parents and brothers, and then buy a car. Big brother's car has been driven for many years, so be sure to change it for his big brother.

After Mo Shaoqing got back to his senses, the car had already stopped in a small studio city in the suburb of S City. He has long heard that S City has also built a studio city, but he has never had a chance to come here to take a look. It's smaller than H City and B City's studio city, but it's still in the process of expansion, but the equipment was new. It was formerly owned by the Ling Group.

You Tianling lead Mo Shaoqing through numerous ancient buildings to the indoor shooting site.

It has to be said that the ancient world was really attractive. On the way, Mo Shaoqing looked east and west. From the tavern to the stall, from the temple to the palace, and even the mass actors, they have to watch carefully. it's very interesting to watch carefully and watch the "ancient people" shuttled through. You Tianling thought it was cute to see Mo Shaoqing overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings!

"How is it? Is the film city very interesting? Are you interested in being an actor?" You Tianyi joked.

"Eh?" Mo Shaoqing was shocked. He didn't expect You Tianling to mention this. In fact, he was interested in these before. Otherwise, he would not shot a film in R Country. But now he just wanted to open a good restaurant and make money to repay his parents and brothers. However, he didn't refuse it, just said he was not suitable.

"Ha, you don't think it's appropriate. Some people are born to eat this kind of food. Anyway, you will know later." You Tianling sold a pass and went on to the studio.

The layout of the studio was very simple. That was, the appearance of the auditorium and the competition stage in the school. There were only directors and some staff at the scene.

"And the actors?" Mo Shaoqing thought he would see many big stars!

"The actor's part is almost over. Now it's enough to make up for his part of playing the piano. The rest of it, the directors will tell you."

Therefore, Mo Shaoqing came to the piano as required and performed several piano plays required by the script. It's said that the performance was not accurate, because he was a substitute, so it's enough to play the piano. After playing about seven or eight pieces of music, the replacement work was completed.

Next, there was another scene, that was the second male was going to participate in the piano competition, and he was the former player. After the performance, he got the highest score, and the second male's piano performance surpassed him, in a word, it was a cannon fodder role. Both of them were playing by themselves. However, he lost to the second male with the halo of the character. Mo Shaoqing didn't know why he wanted to laugh.

After the performance, Mo Shaoqing found that he really had an indissoluble relationship with the acting. He had made his own part in R Country before, and now, too. There was basically nothing special to pay attention to. Wasn't it very simple?

After the salary was paid, You Tianling looked at Mo Shaoqing with an enthusiastic look, and took him around in several ancient drama crews.

One of the front groups aroused Mo Shaoqing's interest, because their costumes were very retro and exquisite, totally different from the studio costumes. The standard Chinese costume should be the real play.

Seeing that he was interested, You Tianling introduced to him the general situation of the drama group. The drama was produced and shot by Shanhe Studio, which made famous for an ancient costume drama. It was also the transformation work of Mu Yibin, a popular young boy of ancient drama in the past few years.

It's a TV drama about the situation in the imperial concubines and the previous dynasties. Of course, it also involved some rivers and lakes. But not all the princes found out the truth and became the emperor, and then fought South and North to become master of the universe. (TN: around the whole country, entertainer, swindler, quack doctor)


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