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by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 35: Bad Terms

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He didn't think about it, but he thought it would be interesting to meet this stupid big brother once in a while.

Yin Group started with a real estate and hotel industry, which was similar to Claire Group. It's impossible to enter a new industry suddenly.

But now the real estate industry was in a recession. Although they would not lose money, its profits were much lower than before, and its hotels were also much lower than before. After all, the newly-rising star hotels were not small. Yin Group's hotel had no advantage except for its old brand.

The hotel had been rectified, and the company has suffered serious internal losses, corruption, and several subsidiaries had been in recession.

The whole Yin family just looked bright on the surface. In fact, it's not as good as it used to be. Although they want to turn the tide, they had a lot of constraints. They just let it go!

However, if this went on, the whole upper-class society of S City would not shelter Yin Group, Yin Group's colossus may be about to fall, and the bloodsuckers attached to Yin Group would no longer exist.

Yin Wanjun thought that cooperation with Claire Group was the best way to use Claire Group's fund and Yin Group's reputation to create a new hotel industry, so the old man was so eager. Just doesn't know the current situation of Yin family, how many people of Claire Group know? Do you want to disclose your own opinions?

However, in the matter of cooperation, Yin Group has fallen behind. He would like to see if Yin Group could turn things around.

Oh, but the best way to turn things around was not to cure the rotten meat, but to cut it. It's really appropriate to use this analogy to described Yin Group. Yin Wanjun picked up his glass and expressed his silence by thinking. Anyway, someone would speak for him next.

"Of course not. I just feel that the changes in China in the past two years are really great!" Seeing the topic about his company, Yin Wanming immediately grabbed the topic.

Ling Senhao blinked, pretending that he couldn't understand. Since Yin Wanming dared to release the news that Claire Group wanted to cooperate with him in advance, he would like to see what the old fox of Yin family would do, "Yes, it's really developing very well."

Yin Wanming said calmly, "Claire Hotel has opened a lot of foreign branches in recent years! President Ling is really young and promising."

Ling Senhao held up his glass and shook it gently, "But it's just relying on the support of the family."

Actually, he hasn't taken the bait yet, and Yin Wanming could not sit still, "S City is an important big city in the mainland market! But there are many markets in S City that are easy to enter. There must be..."

With that said, he had to see how Ling Senhao reacted and made his own plans.

To his disappointment, Ling Senhao just played his emotion.

Suddenly, he looked at his daughter next to him and thought, "I heard that President Ling grew up in B Country, and later studied in A Country and G Country and came to China only a few years ago..."

Yin Wanming said a lot, but saw no response from everyone. The atmosphere that was just now was silent again.

"Oh?" Ling Senhao looked at Yin Wanming with a smile. The two members of Yin family really looked at each other. Since Yin Wanming spoke, Yin Wanjun had never said a word. Let him be stupid. Was it a fact or acting? He would like to see what kind of situation Yin Wanming would make for today's dinner.

Yin Wanming, who got the "affirmation", became more proud and said, "The little girl, Yixue has studied in A Country, and her English is very good. She must have a common language with President Ling. It's better to let the little girl take President Ling around in S City tomorrow, today the S City......"

"Manager Yin doesn't know that President Ling is in his twenty-eight this year, but his daughter is only in her twenties. This is not about generation gap in China. Our age difference is too big, and the generation gap is too big. I don't think you would like to hang out with me, an old man."

Ling Senhao quickly interrupted Yin Wanming's words, with a hint of deterrence in his voice. He suddenly felt that the air was a little quiet and peeved. Do you think he couldn't get a wife? The upbringing he learned from childhood couldn't let him make sarcastic remarks. It was impolite to interrupt his words.

The focus of the night was actually this. Yin Wanming was really a fool. It seemed that the cooperation with Yin Group may be needed to be considered carefully. If the leader of the family will be Yin Wanming in the future. Ling Senhao glanced at Yin Wanjun who remained silent. If it was this...

When Yin Wanming heard this, he was very happy. He thought there was a drama, but he didn't look at his brother's eyes. Then he said, "President Ling joked. You are 28 years old. You are handsome, young, promising, and successful. How can the little girl not be willing to look up to you! Xue Er, don't you think-" it's a joke, don't say 28, 38 or 48. If his daughter could be the president's wife, he was willing to do the same.

Yin Yixue was eating. Suddenly everyone's eyes focused on her. She was so scared that her chopsticks were going to fall. Then she looked at her parents' expectant eyes and finally knew why he brought her today.

Before she could speak, Ling Senhao said, "No need to bother." Although he still sat politely at this time, the people who knew him knew that he was a little angry at the moment.

"If you invite me to say these things today, I'm sorry that Ling Group doesn't want to cooperate for the time being, and you are not allowed to decide these things. It's getting late. I'll leave first." And when he had said that, without looking at the people present, he rose up and left.

Of course not to discuss these, Yin Wanming shouted in his heart, but dare not speak to stop.

Yin Wanjun thought that this boy was really arrogant, but he had haughty capital and doesn't know what the final result of cooperation would be. (TN: economics)

After they left, they left a room full of people looking at each other. Yin Yixue smiled bitterly, his father was really blind. The chairman of Claire Group wouldn't think about it.

Song Fenfang couldn't help it anymore, "Oh, you silly girl, good chance, why don't you say anything!"

Song Fenfang hated iron for not becoming steel. She thought about it again, just like this atmosphere, depending on her daughter's timid nature, she was afraid that there was nothing good to say. (TN: to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement)

Yin Wanjun, on the opposite side, had been back to God. He was very happy about it. Although he doesn't mind making a springboard for others. However, such an important thing must "be dealt with" by his elder brother. So that he wouldn't fall behind. However, at this time, the old man should be completely disappointed with these two couples. He just doesn't know what reaction the old lady had. The cooperation was shelved, and there was a good show to see. (TN: something that provides you either with the opportunity to follow a particular plan of action, or the encouragement that is needed to make it successful)

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Did Li Group in B City ever had thought of rejected the marriage? No way. This circle was so big. Everyone would know by spreading it. This meant that President Ling doesn't want to get married at all. And with his family background, does he need a marriage? Do not look at their status.

Yin Wanjun felt that the room was a little gloomy. He didn't want to stay for a moment. He loosened his tie and was ready to leave. He should think about how to make an appointment with President Ling next time. At least he should do enough on the surface.

Chen Huixin saw the sound of cars in the yard, hurriedly came out to meet him. Seeing her husband's anger, she hurriedly asked, "What's the matter? Is it not possible?"

"Don't mention it..." Yin Wanjun picked out several important points and said them again. He knew that Chen Huixin had contact with the old lady, so that she could clean herself.

"Ah, elder brother is really, why, this kind of thing can not be urgent!" Chen Huixin seemed to exonerate Yin Wanming on the surface. In fact, she hated that Yin Wanming. Chen family now depended on Yin family. It's not a long-term thing, but this cooperation was about Yin Group life and death. She's more urgent than anyone, but she's ruined by the eldest child's stupidity.

However, Chen Huixin found out that the chairman of Claire Group, who was once famous overseas, was not married!

Since there was no need for marriage, then the president had the freedom to love. Yilin was more beautiful than Yin Yixue, and her age was close to President Ling. She was also successful in her career. Although she was only her niece, it's better to raise her from a young age than to had a biological daughter. If this could be done, how could Chen Group and Yin Group research develop was not certain! In the future, we would rely on our own abilities!

Yin Wanjun pretended not to see the calculation in his wife's eyes. He said to her, "Go to bed early, and don't worry about the business!" He went to the guest room to had a rest.

Behind, Chen Huixin stared at his back, the hatred in her heart rose again, and then she thought of something, smiled and went back to her room.

A dinner ended up in disappointments.

The day after Mo Shaoqing's treat was finished, everyone ate in the canteen, and the second child came with his girlfriend.

At this time, they knew that during the summer vacation, Xu Chengxuan secretly made a girlfriend during the summer vacation.

The girl was one year younger than them. Her name was Lin Wan. She was from the performance department. She looked like pure girls, but she was a good one.

Mo Shaoqing was surprised, "It's not nice to not bring your girlfriend out! It was my treat yesterday. Why didn't you bring her here?"

"Yes, such beautiful girls are not brought out."

Xu Chengxuan couldn't stand the people's teasing him and blushed, "Nonsense, I bring her!"

"Seniors, Chengxuan and I just fell in love. I'm not ashamed! Don't blame him!" Lin Wan said shyly.

"Oh, it's not the same with a girlfriend protecting him!"

"Hahaha, please take the order and have a meal-"

"Please have a meal-"

In the laughter of the crowd, Xu Chengxuan could only blush and invited several dormitories buddies for lunch. After dinner, Xu Chengxuan sent Lin Wan back.

On the way back, Wen Yang was absent-minded all the time. Mo Shaoqing and Zhou Shucheng chatted, but he didn't answer. Mo Shaoqing joked to him, "Don't you see the second child has girlfriend? Haven't you? Are you lost?"

"How can it be?" Wen Yang didn't want to talk anymore, and then reluctantly explained, "It's also good for him to have someone to manage his jumping nature."

"Don't worry, we still have three single ones. Ah, the fourth child is so handsome and has no girlfriend!" Zhou Shucheng hugged Wen Yang, "Brother, give you some strength!"

Wen Yang lightly broke off Zhou Shucheng's hand and laughed, "I know, I won't go back to the dormitory first, go out."

"Okay, go early and go back early."

After Wen Yang left, Mo Shaoqing felt strange, but he didn't think much about it.


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