Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 34: Cooperation

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At noon, the city center was busy and bustling. A large number of white-collar workers rushed out from the workplace. They were dressed in bright clothes. They walk together in twos and threes, or discussed the stars, or discussed the clothes, formed a beautiful scenery.

Monica, who came back to the company after finished eating, suddenly realized that she didn't see the little boss for a while. Such a handsome face should join our company!

The boss was so incompetent that he hadn't ordered to sign him yet. But Monica completely forgot that it's not the boss's job!

Monica finished in silence, picked up the document in her hand and prepared to report. On second thought, would it be that the boss was not satisfied with the person she chose? After hesitated again, Monica decided to test the boss's and sign him when the person was right. Our new company needed a lot of people!

Top floor office of Donghu Building

"President Ling, that... The man I recommended... What do you think of him?" Monica asked cautiously.

"Hm?" Ling Senhao doesn't know why.

"It's the little boss of Mo's Restaurant!" Monica reminded him.

"Oh, he..." Ling Senhao showed a meaningful expression. He thought of the small expression of Mo Shaoqing every time he saw him. He could read countless people, what kind of pretend and what kind of sincerity were. He knew it at a glance.

Monica had a little guess in her heart. The boss's expression seemed to be a little interested. It seemed that there was a great possibility of success!

After a circle of recollection, Ling Senhao said to Monica, "Why are you still here?"

Then suddenly remembered and commented, "It's cute!" Thinking of the man sometimes surprised and sometimes shy,
Ling Senhao inexplicably wanted to laugh.

"Oh... ah?" Monica looked at the boss's endless smile, and she couldn't help being surprised. She had been following President Ling for seven or eight years, but she knew a little about his mind.

Ling Senhao, as a businessman, seemed to be a gentle and humble person on the surface, but after get along with him, only to find that he was a very indifferent person. Even if he was angry, it may be just a slight alienation or a smile. In addition to treating his family and friends, she really hadn't seen him evaluate a person like this.

But this kind of President Ling was really handsome with a smile. No, no, no. I want you to see the character and qualification of the boy. What do you see, boss? Have you seen the little boss with your own eyes?

Monica said in her heart, but she didn't dare to express it, so she could only change the topic abruptly, "Well, several universities in S City invite you to give a speech, and Yin Group sent another invitation, what do you think? It's not good if we keep refusing."

For Monica's topic change, Ling Senhao just frowned, he didn't say anything, put away the smile on his face, and soon put his mind on Monica's topic, Yin Group?

"Out of the two universities, which is very good for our future recruitment? As for the invitation of Yin Group, I will go. Who is Yin family current head now?" It turned out that even a strong person like Ling Senhao, there were also times when there was no choice.

Yin Group certainly getting worse with each generation. Why was it like sticky sugar now? Monica's heart flashed a little disgust.

"Yin Group has always been dominated by the old man of Yin's family. Later, it was handed over to Yin Wanming, the eldest of Yin family. Then, Yin Group has been going downhill. However, since Yin Wanjun, the second of the two houses, became the leader of Yin Group, Yin Group has gradually improved. In recent years, there are many emerging industries in China, such as a treasure, a micro-enterprise, and Yin Group estimation that they are also aware of the narrow nature of their own industries. They are the top ten enterprises in China. This reform is expected to expand new businesses and make a strong attack..."

Ling Senhao signaled her to continue, Monica added, "Yin Wanming is not good at management. The whole S City knows that, but Yin Wanjun of the second house is a powerful role."

"At that time, the old man of Yin family sat in the position of chairman of the board of directors, but he gave the company's rights to Yin Wanming. Yin Wanming suppressed Yin Wanjun for many years, but Yin Wanjun has been forbearing. It can be seen that he is not a simple person."

"Yin Group reform has damaged the interests of many people, especially those who are loyal to the old man. Besides, Yin Wanming is not only incompetent, but also lax. So the people under his hand support him on the surface. In fact, there are other calculations. In addition, Yin Group has many major shareholders who hold equity."

"In a word, if they always act independently, Yin Group will be scattered, which is also good for us to enter S City. As far as the current situation is concerned, Yin Wanming has not been removed from his post. He is still in Yin Group. His face and heart are at odds with Yin Wanjun, so... the more worrying issue is the ownership of Yin Group."

Ling Senhao sneered, "The old man of Yin family has a good calculation and used his two sons to weigh each other, so that no one can think of his position for the time being, and he can also be tied with the old shareholders who are fighting with him in the world."

In the end, Monica said worriedly, "Although we really want to cooperate with the local old brand hotels in S City, will Yin Group be too anxious? Even if we don't cooperate with Yin Group... it doesn't matter. What's more, they're sending out information about cooperation that seems to be a conspiracy. Is there any conspiracy that can't be done?"

"As for the news, it may be that the main house wants to prove it to the second house, but the lean camel is bigger than the horse. We stayed in the capital for too long. In the southern market, Yin Group is a good choice for cooperation." Ling Senhao bit down the word "cooperation" heavily. (TN: It expresses the gap between the rich person and the poor person.Even if the rich one suffers property damage, the rest of his possessions are much greater than the poor one's.)

"That's what they want. For the time being, I don't want to set up an enemy. Since Yin Group is not impeccable, he won't be our opponent. We will be the leading partner." Ling Senhao answered. "In that case, we'll go to Yin Group head snake and see what medicine they sell in their gourd." (TN: local bully; tyrant; regional mafia boss // suspicious movement)

"Yes." Monica recorded quickly.

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"As for the choice of school, business school is fine. There are companies that want to recruit artists. Going to art and drama college should also be a good publicity." Ling Senhao instructed again.

S City

The prosperity of the day was not silent with the arrival of the night. The tall buildings on both sides of the road were flashing with colorful neon lights, which indicated the start of the city's nightlife.

The red carpet in front of the XED Hotel in S City, there was a black Maybach from far and near. At first sight, the staff knew that the other side must be a commercial major figure, so they immediately ran forward.

The Maybach stopped at the door of the hotel and the staff respectfully open the door. A big long leg stepped out of the car, and then the whole body leaned out of the car. The staff saw the man's whole face.

The height of man 190, a smoke gray high set suit, tightly wrapped in his body and outlined his strong body. not to mention the deep-seated facial features, he stood at the same place, even if he didn't open his mouth, he would be impressed by the greeting of many big people who had met.

Next came a tall and beautiful woman from the secondary seat. She dressed in delicate and elegant makeup, stepped on ten centimeter high-heeled velvet shoes, and wore a blue and white dress, which diminished the sharpness of the man.

In the magnificent hall, people saw that the first tall men avoided one after another. The men were envious, and the women were screaming.

The elevator goes all the way to the top floor of the private room. The employee took the party to the largest private room.

"President Ling is really a busy man. It's lucky to see us in his spare time!" He hadn't seen anyone and the voice came first. e was afraid that he would treat him badly, and he neglected the guests. Yin Wanming waited here with his family in the morning. See the room door open and hurried up.

On the other side, Yin Wanjun was secretly looking at the man. Although he has seen a lot of great people. When he saw Ling Senhao, he couldn't help sighed. He had sharp eyes, extraordinary appearance, and extraordinary momentum. He had been the president of Claire Group since he was young. His future was limitless!

Moreover, all the previous speculation and rumors about him actually coincide one by one, which couldn't be underestimated. Covering his eyes, he flashed sharply and followed Yin Wanming to greet him.

Ling Senhao frowned slightly. He didn't like the hypocrisy of social interaction. This may be a compliment from Yin Wanming, but his attitude was too low. He didn't like this compliment.

Seeing this Big Buddha frowned, Yin Wanming's heart "froze". Yin Wanjun looked at his elder brother's useless appearance, and he was contemptuous and helpless. He put his attitude so low. How about cooperation? Song Fenfang saw something wrong and hurriedly took her husband to sit down.

"Please take a seat, President Ling." Yin Wanjun picked up the red wine and poured half a glass of wine for Ling Senhao. Ling Senhao took over and motioned to Yin Wanming, took a sip and expressed his gratitude.

Because everyone was unfamiliar, the silence just made the women and relatives present a little trembled.

Fortunately, Yin Wanjun eased the awkward situation. He introduced his family members to Ling Senhao and talked about the weather, dishes and Tai Chi with Ling Senhao, which made the atmosphere slowly relax. (TN: martial art? shadowboxing?)

After three rounds of drinking, Ling Senhao gradually became impatient. He looked at what the watch implied from time to time. Yin Wanjun saw it and immediately turned the topic to business.

The heavy weight finally came. Ling Senhao took a sip of wine. Ling Senhao was a little tipsy, but he soon refreshed.

"President Ling has not been in China for several years. What do you think of the development of China's electronic industry?"

"Naturally cannot be the same as that year..."

"However," Ling Senhao's voice turned, "although the electronic products are highly profitable, they are updated quickly. Now the market has been saturated, and there are quite a lot of domestic brands, which are doing very well. Let alone foreign brands, they are well-known in China. If your company wants to enter this industry, it's hard to open up the market."

Ling Senhao pointed out that.

"Your company should not..." so stupid. Suddenly want to change from hotel industry to electronic industry? Ling Senhao was a little confused for a while.

Naturally, Yin Wanjun didn't want to enter the electronic industry. Just now, that topic also has a tentative meaning. The main reason was that Yin Wanming had climbed into a foreign e-commerce business before, and he thought he had to go up and down for a while, but the result was not approved by the board of directors. This time, he could use it as a topic. As expected, Yin Wanming on the other side looked slightly ugly.


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