Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 33: Encounter (Web Forum Large Fire)

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Monica had just entered the top floor and was immediately surrounded by people.

"Sister Monica, what about my lunch?"

"What about mine? What about mine?"

"Give mine first!"

Monica smiled quietly and offered to take out from behind. The fragrance could not be disguised, which made everyone's eyes bright.

When Ling Senhao returned to the top floor after the meeting, he opened the door and saw a bustling scene. The scene was silent for three seconds, and everyone immediately spread out like birds.

"Monica, come in." Ling Senhao ordered and entered the office. With Li Rui's gloating smile, Monica entered the office.

Before the big boss spoke, Monica wisely said, "President Ling, your lunch."

After taking over the lunchbox in Monica's hand, it was still the delicacy and fragrance of the dishes, but when he saw the rice, Ling Senhao was slightly stunned.

It wasn't rice balls, but ordinary white rice. He felt a little pity, then he smiled helplessly at what happened to him, he actually... looking forward to this.

Ling Senhao indicated, "The new company needs to be restructured. I have laid off some old people. In addition to the company's already famous artists, but also to inject some fresh blood, not just rely on some old artists."


"Now some domestic artists have been spoiled by the brokerage companies, don't persuade bigger strong card. Using drugs and drunk while driving has been forbidden for many times. I think the system of foreign trainees is very good. Our company can learn. We don't need to look for young trainees. We can recruit some potential student who just entered the Dance College and Drama College as trainees. Only when there is competition, there is pressure. When there is pressure, you work hard, and only then they are obedient." (TN: very popular or successful person)

"Yes." Monica immediately wrote it down in the notebook, and then she was ready to tell the following people to make a plan as soon as possible.

"What about the people sent by Ling Group?"

"Ah." Ling Senhao sneered, "Let them go. If they want to settle down in the company, they can settle down. We are not afraid of lacking unimportant person." There was a dangerous light in his eyes, and it soon disappeared.

Seeing Monica lingered, Ling Senhao asked, "Is there anything else?"

"That is, if it's not a student of these majors, but people of suitable appearance and age, can they be used as trainees?" Monica asked tentatively.

"Of course, as long as they are innocent, model or ordinary student. But the trainee is just an attempt, don't look for too much." Ling Senhao explained.

"I have a very good candidate. It's the boss of Mo's Restaurant!"

"The boss?" Ling Senhao was a little surprised. He was the same as Mo Shaoqing, he imagined the other person as a middle-aged man with a big belly.

"Yes, his name is Mo Shaoqing. He is in his early 20s, he studied in the Music Department of S City Art College..."

Monica came here well prepared and had a thorough understanding of Mo Shaoqing's information. At the end, she added, "Your meals are prepared by him every day."

Ling Senhao tapped his finger on the table and whispered, "A little familiar!"

Monica timely offered several photos. Ling Senhao just glanced at the photos on her mobile phone and was slightly stunned.

The young people in the photo have delicate features and was handsome. The warm smile on his face seemed to light up the whole world. He was busy wiped the tea set in his hands and leaned on the European-style floral wallpaper. The afternoon sun was the best lighting. A simple secretly photographed photo, it was no less than a photo album.

Monica does a lot of credit for this. She took this picture carefully to make the boss take a look at it. She doesn't need to worry about it!

It's really him. This... Ling Senhao didn't know what words to use to described his mood at the moment. The joy of reunion? No, an unexpected surprise?

Somehow, Ling Senhao's heart was hit by the warm smile.

Ling Senhao was motionless. With a few taps of his finger on the phone, the photo was sent to his mobile phone. Then for a long time, the photo became Ling Senhao's mobile phone screen saver. Of course, that's all for later.

"Well, it's not bad. Let's do the recruitment with Ke Rui. After all, he is the vice president of our company." Ling Senhao said in a few words and sent away the excited Monica.

Looking at the lunch box on the table, Ling Senhao fell into deep thought and here was a smile that he didn't realize.

Mo Shaoqing, who was busy in the restaurant, he doesn't know that he had become the focus of Ling Group Media.

New recipes had been added one after another, and the number of customers had doubled. Many customers had proposed to buy the raw materials of the restaurant and went back to cook them. Mo Shaoqing thought this was also a good idea. Every day, he introduced 20 catty of fresh mutton for customers to buy. Although he was still in short of supply, it alleviated the problem that many people couldn't eat mutton.

However, it's a good thing that Mo Shaohong did a lot of work in the restaurant after he resigned, which also reduced everyone's work a little. Surprisingly, Mo Shaohong quit his job, although his parents complained about it, they finally decided to support their two sons to start a business together, which was unexpected.

The three brothers Mo Shaoqing, Mo Shaohong and Mo Di were all good-looking. Handsome and elegant, mature and gentle, a resolute and upright. The three different types of handsome men also made the female customers of the restaurant grew continuously. Anyway, the restaurant business was really on the right track.

Mo Shaoqing was thinking about the recent business. The chime on the door suddenly rang. Mo Shaoqing looked up to the door. A tall figure in the backlight came into view. The man was over one meter nine tall. The mixed-race unique delicate face, deep eyes, sharp edges and corners, and the tailored business suit looked more mature and stable. This man was... actually Mr. Ling!!!

Ling Senhao just walked to the door and saw that half of the seats in the restaurant were full. He could not help but had a more objective understanding of the business of Mo Shaoqing's restaurant. A restaurant that opened for several weeks had been so prosperous. It's only ten o'clock now, and it's less than the mealtime. He could do the same.

Thinking of this, he thought of the first time the two people met. But he has known to start flowers and plants business since a young boy. Now he started to do the business of catering again. No one helped him and he had no power. Ling Senhao had to say that he was a business-minded person.

Ling Senhao noticed the eyes that stayed on him from the moment he entered the door. He turned his eyes to Mo Shaoqing, who was wearing a uniform. Suddenly, he felt that his mouth was open, his foolish and cute expression was inexplicably suitable for him. He looked at him funnily, "Why do I always look your dull face when you see me?"

"No- I'm surprised that you're here. Hu-" He took a deep breath and spit it out. Mo Shaoqing stepped forward with a standard smile on his face.

"Remember me?" Ling Senhao raised his eyebrows and took a look at Mo Shaoqing. Mo Shaoqing looked at him with a smile and his were eyes bright like stars.

"You remember me, too!"

"Mr. Ling, do you have an appointment?" Mo Shaoqing asked, but he underestimated it in his heart. Surely not. Otherwise, how could he not know that Mr. Ling has come to Y City?

"No." Ling Senhao said and went straight to the window, the best position of view, which was recommended by Monica. He started to look around the environment, clean and tidy, the point was quiet. This person... Ling Senhao was surprised to see Mo Shaoqing for a moment.

Mo Shaoqing said, "This is the menu. Can I help you?" Now it's not mealtime. There were not many people, so Mo Shaoqing could wait for Ling Senhao to order in front of him. By the way, he could give him some advice.

The result was completely unexpected, Ling Senhao almost said the store's signature dishes, "Stewed tofu with braised fish head, scalded enoki mushroom, pearl dumpling, wrapped bacon asparagus and fruit salad."

This was completely the rhythm of regular visitors. Mo Shaoqing couldn't keep up with him. He couldn't help but look at him in surprise, but he has never seen him come. What's the matter?

"What?" Ling Senhao was confused.

Mo Shaoqing said honestly, "Oh, I think you ordered a little more."

"Is it still possible to take-out?" Ling Senhao smiled. How could the child be so honest? This was the first time he has seen a guest suspected many points.

He knew all about take-out. Yes, Mr. Ling's mother was from China. But was it suitable for a person like Mr. Ling to carry the take-out?

Mo Shaoqing imagined that scene in his mind, then shook his head. No, it's not suitable at all! Ling Senhao was totally intentional. He looked at Mo Shaoqing and stared at him. Now he nodded and shook his head. He couldn't help but want to tease him again.

"Yes, sir. Just a moment, please." Mo Shaoqing stared the man's dazzling blue eyes in front of him. Somehow, he blushed, picked up the menu and hurried to the kitchen.

Even he grew up, he was still the same as before, still the same cute as before, Ling Senhao exclaimed.

"What's the matter?" Mo Shaohong, who helped in the kitchen, saw his brother's red face and rushed in, thinking what was wrong.

"No, nothing. This is for the guest at table 3. Hurry to prepare the order." Mo Shaoqing said and went to the lounge. He had to hurry to the space and calm down.

When Mo Shaoqing brought out tomorrow's ingredients, it's already evening. The guest at table 3 had finished his meals and left. Of course, they were not packed because he was full! All! Had! Finished! Eating! Mo Shaoqing sighed in his heart that the appetite of crooked nuts was indeed not to be underestimated. (TN: Internet slang for foreigner)

Where did he know it, because someone ate for an afternoon in order to see him again, and ended up eating himself. Due to his beautiful appearance, powerful aura and inexplicable atmosphere, all the guests who coveted this position were scared away.

When he got home at night, Mo Shaoqing was still thinking about his meeting in the daytime. Why did he suddenly felt a little stupid?

He circled his pen. In recent years, he has seen a lot of foreigners in S City. What impressed him was only Mr. Ling.

He doesn't know why he was secretly happy. The business of the Donghu Residence in the late period was silent. He thought that the trip to R Country was the last meeting between the two people. Unexpectedly, they actually met in his own restaurant. It's like a big man who has never been in contact suddenly came to your house for dinner. It's really a small world.

In fact, from the heart, he was very grateful to Mr. Ling. He always felt that such a successful person like him has given Mo Shaoqing a lot of motivation to struggle!

But then again, since his restaurants could attract foreigners, does it also represent success in a certain sense?

Maybe he could open a restaurant in B Country, and let Han Ziyi, who was suffering from famine, taste these delicious food? Mo Shaoqing was so amused by his brain hole that he fell down on the bed and couldn't move.

After a week's hard work, all the winter limited menus had been launched, and with the benefits from the convenience take-out, the restaurant business has become more and more popular. Every mealtime the seats were full, and the seats downstairs often need to be reserved, let alone the private room and terrace.

Even if he had the space, Mo Shaoqing couldn't be more busy with the chefs. Since then, Mo Shaoqing intended to officially release the recruitment.

As the reputation of Mo's Restaurant spread, many people came to apply for the job.

The school was about to start. Mo Shaoqing thought that he needed to hire a Western chef to replace him. After he went to school, he would be short of a waiter. In addition, the restaurant business was very good, so three waiters were necessary.

In fact, Mo Shaoqing was very depressed and worried about his business after he get back to school. He told his big brother about this worry.

But Mo Shaohong eased him. Mo Shaohong felt that his younger brother was the boss. It's unlikely that he would stay in this store for a lifetime and do everything himself. Therefore, he could still be a shopkeeper, calculate the profit regularly and just collected the money. Besides, even without him, there was no help from his big brother!

At the same time, Mo Shaoqing was deeply moved and thought that it was important to finish his studies smoothly at present.

This day, Mo's Restaurant was closed for a day and soliciting candidates. Many had come to apply for jobs as waiters. Mo Shaohong'srequirement was that they were over 18 years old and under 35 years old, male or female, only three people.

Some temporary workers and inexperienced people were successively passed, as well as those who couldn't be too old were able to recruit, so they went a little further, and only at noon did they decided on the next one.

Although it's not open to the public today, the take-away still has to be delivered, because there were many fans of Mo's Cuisine House restaurant in the business district now!

Donghu Building in the business district was the key income object of take-out, which has always been handed over to Mo Shaohong. Mo Shaoqing was most relieved to his big brother. Although he was busy recruiting people today, but other people still couldn't rest. The take-out still had to be done. Finally, Mo Shaohong would deliver it together.

On the other side, Father Li and his son, Li Xiao, rushed to the business district from the outskirts of the city, and the destination was Mo's Cuisine House restaurant!

After had a meal with a good friend in Mo's Restaurant, Father Li had become a loyal fan of Mo's restaurant. He often came to Mo's Restaurant for dinner after work.

"Hey, you hurry up!" Seeing that he was approaching the alley, his son was still slow. Father Li was so anxious!

"Dad, I'll find a job myself." Li Xiao was really anxious to see what his dad really wanted him to go to or want him to eat.

"Just you, ha!" Father Li was angry and laughed, "Just you, no work experience, just graduated, which Western restaurant wants you? Do you really think you're going to the Delicious Restaurant? If you want to be the chef, I don't know if I can still see you alive, huh!" Then he walked towards Mo's Restaurant.

"Ah, Dad, Dad, you have to wait for me!" Li Xiao saw his father went angrily and immediately ran to follow up.

"Huah-" Mo Shaoqing, who had been recruited all morning, was sleepy and yawned.

The door of the shop opened from the outside. Mo Shaoqing looked up, but it was Uncle Li, an old acquaintance, who was accompanied by a young man.

Uncle Li was also an old customer. Mo Shaoqing hurried to meet him. They chatted on the terrace. Uncle Li explained his intention. Mo Shaoqing paid attention to the young man beside him.

Li Xiao's eyes were a bit too ugly from the moment he entered. The decoration style of the shop was a European style. The decoration from the table to the wall was even higher than that of the general Western restaurant. The wisteria terrace where he was now was even more beautiful.

Although it's a private restaurant, Li Xiao also put down his contempt, "My name is Li Xiao. I mainly study French cuisine and desserts."

Mo Shaoqing looked at him and thought it's good. He studied more Italian food. Li Xiao's major made up for his deficiency. Mo Shaoqing took Li Xiao to the kitchen and asked him to make a few simple dishes and taste them.

Li Xiao has sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical operation, but the superior materials from the space make up for his shortcomings. If he practices for a long time, he would succeed in the future.

On the one hand, Father Li and his son looked at Mo Shaoqing nervously. Father Li wanted his son to find a good job. Not stay at home.

Li Xiao was very satisfied with the working place because of the exquisite decoration, fresh kitchen materials and high quality. He really wanted to stay here. After all, it's hard for a chef to work in a common Western restaurant.

After thinking about it, Mo Shaoqing agreed that Li Xiao has stayed. It's hard to find Western cooks. There were few Western restaurants in Y City, so it's hard to find people. Li Xiao's graduation experience was not enough, but overall was good. He could also reduce his salary a little, and he would spare no effort in Uncle Li's favor.

"That's right. You can stay. The salary is 3000 a month and the bonus includes two meals. Go to work at 8 o'clock every day. Do well and increase it later. "

After Mo Shaoqing finished, the two father and son got excited at once. Mo Shaoqing asked Li Xiao to write down some good dishes for reference to the new menu, and then explained some precautions before the Li family left.

"Excuse me, is Boss Mo here?" A timid voice came from the door. Mo Shaoqing looked out of the door. She was a little chubby and familiar.

"I am, excuse me, are you?" Mo Shaoqing saw that the girl's eyes were obviously bright.

"My name is Han Sisi. One night when you just opened, I had dinner with my roommate. Do you remember?" The girl spoke and she was still a little careful.

When she said that, Mo Shaoqing had some impressions and motioned for her to continue.

"I am studying in Y City Vocational and Technical College in this suburb. In my junior year, there are a few courses. I can start to learn. I am studying hotel management. I know the tableware on the table very well. In my spare time, I often learn cooking and dessert... Um, can I apply? I want to be a waiter."

"Yes." Mo Shaoqing didn't expect another person to apply so soon. He just recruited the most difficult Western food chef, so he was in a very good mood.

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"But you're studying hotel management. It's not appropriate to be a waiter here." Mo Shaoqing's impression of this major was that she would be a lobby manager and a hotel manager in the future.

He didn't expect that this remark made Han Sisi laughed "Haha, Boss Mo, you are so funny. We are professional and pleasant to hear. We are in the service industry. It's my honor to start from scratch and work here."

"You, don't call me boss, just call me Shaoqing. Since you are learning this, stay here! I've just opened here. I'll pay 1500 yuan first, including two meals. You will go to work at 8:30 AM every day. You will get a bonus every month. If you do well, your salary will be raised." Mo Shaoqing felt very happy. The young people were motivated. Since she was studying this major, she simply stayed.

"Boss, I'm not necessarily younger than you. There should be some rules. I'll call you Boss Mo."

This made Mo Shaoqing think that although the girl was timid at first sight, she was lovely and honest. Originally, the restaurant needed such honest people.

In the afternoon, there were a few more boys. Mo Shaoqing had a good impression. He just recruited two more boys. In this way, there were three chefs in charge of the kitchen, three waiters, and two more boys in charge of delivery. Mo Shaohong was in charge of the financial management and procurement management. Mo Di and Han Sisi could be in charge of the beverage and fruit cake. The other four waiters are more than enough to handle the large flow rate customers in these days.

After the recruitment, Mo Shaoqing was idle. Because today was closed, he closed the store early. Wang Lifang and Wang Xiafeng also went out shopping in their rare free time. Mo Shaoqing gave them the key and went back.

In this rare leisure afternoon, Mo Shaoqing went into the space.

The rice in the space once again entered the harvest time, but Mo Shaoqing alone could not harvest it, and the rice needed in the shop was no longer available, which made him start to consider whether to buy a harvester.

The space was fresh and uninhabited. Once the world was mechanized, the environment would lose its balance. So Mo Shaoqing quickly gave up the idea. He didn't want to destroy the space at all.

He came to the orchard again. In addition to the apple trees planted in the first year of his university, a variety of fruits of different varieties at home and abroad had been added in recent years. Several fruits with different temperature zones grew harmoniously together, so the fruits in the store could last all year.

There was some poultry in the orchard. The spiritual soil not only gave birth to these fruit trees, but also some worms were brought in from the space by the saplings and grew up. These poultry could solve these problems.

Mo Shaoqing came to spirit spring, took off his clothes and put them on the bank. He made a basin of water and wiped his whole body. His fatigue for several days was gone.

Casually took a pajama from the room to put on, Mo Shaoqing half lying on the bed, took out the tablet and began to search for food.

Mo Shaoqing always thought that innovation was very important. In addition to some attractive special cakes, new dishes were the top priority. Otherwise, they were easy to be eliminated in the competition.

He didn't have much time to study the dishes when he went back to school. If he wanted to launch some new products in the restaurant, he had to think about them now, and then he could implement them next month.

Most of the dishes made before were masterpieces of several masters or some standard dishes. Next, he should pay more attention to the research of innovative dishes.

Go to the forum first to see if he could have any inspiration. Mo Shaoqing went to the forum that he often went to, turning over the food post, but accidentally saw the familiar name in the top post.

[Record] To an industry conscience gourmet restaurant- Mo's Restaurant

1L (OP): The OP works in a magazine publisher in S City. It specializes in food column. Everyone knows that. Today, I want to recommend a private restaurant, which is very different from the previous one!

This time, I went back to y city to celebrate the new year. My mother said I would have a blind date. I hate blind dates. I don't want to go to the building at all, but I can't stand my mother and I still go

Now the point is coming. At first, I was not happy about my appointment in the private restaurant building. Would I have a meal with my blind date? This makes the OP feel low in an instant, but when we get there, the OP feels completely wrong. How about simple top-notch lofty?

I've never seen such a good restaurant
[picture] [picture] [picture]
That combines Chinese and Western dishes. Yes, you're right. Wisteria terrace.

2L: The big gourmet has posted again, occupying the sofa

3L: Wow, how beautiful!

4L (OP): I arrived at four o'clock, but I still arrived first. The man was late. I waited for ten minutes. I was angry at first, but now I'm not angry at all. Just now my amiable aunt gave me some snacks, which is super sweet.

I'm embarrassed to sit and order a dessert. I was totally shocked at the moment when the dessert came. The strawberry mousse [picture] [picture] [picture]
Which is so beautiful and soft!

Strawberry mousse is a winter-limited signature. The cream is very delicate and creamy, but it's not the kind of sweet and greasy. Strawberry is delicious and very red. I think it's all imported, but it's not expensive at all.

I didn't have breakfast, I finished it three or two times, then I ordered a small cake, which is an orange-flavored honey cake~ The rose flavor has been sold out!!!

The cappuccino's milk flavor is very strong, the flower is very beautiful, cute bear! To be honest, OP also drank it in a five-star hotel. It's super expensive and tastes similar to here, but it's less than 100 yuan here.

5L: 100 yuan is not cheap!

6L: It's not a chain store like a certain star. A real coffee shop. A really good coffee is not cheap.

7L (OP): Very good, a little angry. But he hasn't arrived at half past four. Keep smiling, ha ha ha~

8L: No, no, what is the landlord doing now?

9L: I don't know that gourmet is posting. Fortunately, I refreshed before leaving the post!


27L (OP): The blind date is coming. It's so boring, but it's good that we're going to have a meal soon. How can we put it off for dinner!

28L: Wow! Catch up with the live broadcast!

29L: (star eye) Look forward!


35L (OP): Dinner [picture] [picture] [picture] fruit wood steak, black pepper juice is super fragrant. I even ate the broccoli and carrot.

Freshly squeezed juice, no additional water at all, it's sweet, the fruit salad is also great, their fruit is super and really delicious, I can't speak incoherently.

The environment is also very good. I went downstairs to make up my makeup. The seats were almost full. But unlike the general restaurant, it's very quiet. The toilet smells good and clean. [picture]

36L (OP): Let's serve, [picture] [picture] braised roasted chicken wings in red wine. The aroma of red wine and roasted chicken wings is perfectly integrated. There are five of them. They are a little expensive, but they are worth it. The cream puff are also delicious, creamy and not greasy.

37L: tableware highlights, cherry blossom cup is so petty bourgeois! (TN: a social class that is between the middle class and the lower class : the lower middle class)

38L: The napkins and tablecloths look good.

39L (OP): The wisteria is not in bloom periods now. I don't know how the store can do it. I think it's necessary to come several times more. Please wait for my news. Come back tomorrow and eat it!


It's surprising that someone promoted his restaurant like this. Mo Shaoqing was surprised and happy. He clicked his name directly to enter the homepage, but he didn't hide the news! Then he went to search the internet for the ID of the great gourmet, and it was indeed the gourmet food compiler.

She wrote a lot of articles about food, from domestic to foreign, from street barbecue to five-star hotels, many of them were recommended. Not only were they very popular in the culinary forum, but also there was also a group of loyal fans on Weibo. As a result, the post attracted a large number of readers and soon refined.

Then Mo Shaoqing finally understood why this article could be at the top.

He continued to scroll down, and the pictures showed almost all the signature dishes in the store, which made Mo Shaoqing had a vague impression.

Mo Shaoqing suddenly turned to the latest update and unexpectedly saw the latest update on page 420.

15632L (OP): There is a new take-out box in the store. Start with the velocity, it's so beautiful! Three dishes, one soup and one meal, only 20 yuan, the cost price to buy. I love the boss very much. Do I want to hook up!

The comments below were naturally all kinds of cute people seeking to hook up.

15730L (OP): Finally, they have a new product. In winter, mutton is limited. It's sold a little in a day. Every time I come, the materials are ordered in advance. I need to pack [pictures] [pictures].

It's still delicious in the hotpot. It's mutton soup base. I heard that Aunt Wang said it's mutton bone that has been boiled for several hours. Thank Aunt Wang for the stewed eggs.

15731L(OP): Instant boiled mutton is delicious (drool) [picture] and the sauce recommended: sesame sauce, beef sauce, mushroom sauce and chili sauce are delicious, which are not sold in the supermarket. And the small dish presented by Aunt Wang [picture]

15732L: poison!

15746L: the landlord will not kill the picture.

Mo Shaoqing browsed all the way down here. He thought that the OP probably had eaten in all restaurants. Not only that, but also she knew his aunt very well.

He suddenly remembered the girl with black glasses who stayed in the corner of the restaurant all day. Every time Mo Shaoqing sent her food, he could see her typing on her notebook. At that time, he thought she was a freelance writer or something. It was so interesting!

No wonder there were so many customers when the new product was launched. It turned out there was also a free advertisement! Mo Shaoqing replied a private letter to her, so he turned off the computer and went to rest.


Liu Yuan was a third-line artist. He graduated from the science and technology class and worked in the entertainment circle. He took on some roles in a proper way. Although his acting skills were excellent, his appearance was only moderate in the entertainment circle, and he took a tough style. In this meat-filled entertainment circle, he was not popular.

In these years, he had only been available in family dramas and anti-Japanese war drama. For many years, the fans in Weibo were not even as many as the fresh meat, and most of them were zombie powder. (TN: fake followers that can be bought to boost one's popularity on Weibo)

Liu Yuan, who was wounded by his life, has lost his fighting spirit in his youth. Instead, supporting his family has become his main goal, let alone improving his acting skills and winning awards.

At the beginning of this year, his agent suddenly found him and said he had a drama. After reading the script, he felt that God had finally given him a chance to make his debut. As long as he had a good grasp of the drama, maybe he could step into the front line and never worry about his livelihood again, and more likely the company would give him good resources in the future.

So, in any case, he would take good care of it and never let it go...


The new people began to work today, and Mo Shaoqing taught them. The previous waiters were both Mo Shaoqing and Mo Di. Their own restaurant and their natural service attitude were extremely good. Mo Shaoqing was afraid that the new people's service attitude gap would be too big after he returned to school, which would make a bad impression on customers.

"Although the restaurant just opened, our business is also very good. There will be bonuses and raises. Let's work together!"

"Okay-" The new people shouted that they were full of energy and seemed to have great confidence in the job. Mo Shaoqing explained a few more words and started the day's work.

In order to better urge the new people, Mo Shaoqing hung their names and positions on the wall, and set up a suggestion box. If the service attitude was not good, or there were other reasons for customers to complain, the bonus would be paid according to the suggestion box at the end of the month.

It has to be said that this move was really good. Everyone was dedicated to their own work, which also made Mo Shaoqing able to go to school at ease.

At about 10 o'clock, the telephone for reservation began to ring continuously. When the official business hours came, the door opened and closed continuously, which surprised the new people and made them more energetic.

Mo Shaoqing observed at the same time. Although he was in a bit of a hurry at the beginning, all of them were experienced employees, and they were able to cope with it quickly.

The time gradually moved to the evening, the restaurant again ushered in the peak, Mo Shaoqing also did not care to patrol, and the staff served together. After all, there were so many people. Although the customers were still full, the workload has been reduced many times.

After work, Mo Shaoqing deliberately stayed again, talked with them carefully and correct some business deficiencies. Mo Shaohong praised him as a dedicated boss.

Tomorrow he went back to school. While Mo Shaoqing packed his luggage in the space after a meal, the knock of the door came. He quickly came out of the space to open the door.

"Big brother."

"The things are ready, let me show you." Mo Shaohong took out a document folder from his bag.

Mo Shaoqing looked at the bulge under the document folder. He took it and opened it. He poured out the contents to discover a series of cards.

It dawned on Mo Shaoqing that a married couple asked for a membership card on the night before the opening business. Mo Shaoqing remembered it at first, but later more and more things were forgotten, but his big brother remembered it.

"There are four kinds of point card and cash card. The diamond card in the cash card is a thousand, gold card is five hundred, silver card is three hundred, the red one is a point card. In the future, preferential activities can be made according to the point card..." Mo Shaohong explained.

"Launched these so early, brother..."

"I know what you're worried about. Our restaurant is booming now. It's already famous. The fragrant wine fears no dark alley. Our family is good and will never lack appreciation. This was the case before, but it's even more so in the future. So you don't have to worry about no one buying these cards. But for the sake of insurance, there are the most point cards. There are 50, 10 diamond cards and 30 others each." (TN: quality goods need no advertising)

It has to be said that Mo Shaoqing was really moved. Big brother has done a lot for him and the restaurant. From the early stage of decoration to the later stage of advice, he was basically running errands except for help.

Looked at his brother's silence, Mo Shaohong knew that the boy was too emotional, "Well, it's all a family. Take a rest early and go to school tomorrow!"

"Um, thank you, big brother. I promise I'll do well. You take a rest soon." Looked at the closed door, Mo Shaoqing couldn't help thinking that his big brother was so nice and excellent in all aspects. He deserves to have the best wife, but he hasn't even got a girlfriend since his divorce.

At the beginning, he was really blind and let a woman like Li Li'er come. Mo Shaoqing spurned his heart. Fortunately, after the divorce, they all moved away. He doesn't know how hard the incident had hit Mo Shaohong. If he saw the woman again, Mo Shaoqing doesn't know what he would do. He must find a good wife for his big brother. Mo Shaoqing secretly swore.

There were few classes in the third semester, and the start of a new term was late, but it's also to be reported on February 28. Mo Shaoqing had already told his roommates about the opening of the restaurant and received strong support and blessing from several people. However, they were all in other provinces and were very sad to celebrate, so they had to move to school.

As early as the first year of college, Mo Shaoqing told them about the future plan, so several people were not surprised. They asked for all kinds of concessions, and Mo Shaoqing agreed.

When Mo Shaoqing returned to the dormitory, several people came to the dormitory and the room was cleaned. Mo Shaoqing was very embarrassed. The restaurant just opened and couldn't be left, so he was dragged to school today. Several people also expressed their understanding.

In the evening, Mo Shaoqing was dragged to the snack street behind the school by the second eldest. In order to make up for his apology and celebrate, Mo Shaoqing invited everyone to have a small hotpot meal.

"Well, it's still the fourth child's kindness. But, do you want to finish ordering so much?" The eldest's voice was loud. Everyone looked at this table when he made a noise. The second one made compensation to the people around him and scolded the eldest at the same time.

The eldest had to scratch his head and murmured that I am not happy. Everyone was a boy, and they don't care about this little episode. When they didn't have a winter holiday, they chatted together and discussed new year vacation together.

The main thing was that Mo Shaoqing was talking about the opening and business of the restaurant. Everyone listened with interest and asked questions from time to time. At last, Mo Shaoqing gave each of the three a credit card and a cash card of 500 yuan.

The second boy exclaimed, "It's really different from the past. The fourth child is amazing!" It made everyone laugh.

Mo Shaoqing wanted to ask the third child to send an advertisement for the restaurant in the school newspaper. Wen Yang did not refused and readily agreed. Several people were eating hotpot, drinking little wine, chatting and quarreling. Unconsciously, when night fell, they helped each other back to the dormitory.


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