Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E
by Momo Without Tea
Chapter 9

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Xia Heng, who was bound to the winner system of life, laughed in Han Lang's arms.

No matter what happened in his past life, he was the winner in this life. He has people who love him and a good career, all of which were given to him by heaven.

If the poor life taught Xia Heng anything, it's just that what you get should not be let go.

Soon everyone found that Xia Heng had changed. He became more active and more stable.

His relationship with Han Lang soon became clear, and it was false in the eyes of others to say that they were not envious. After all, Han Lang was young and promising, and he also handsome. Although he didn't know what Han Lang's family was doing, his overall style was not like the children raised by ordinary people.

At first, people were quite critical of Xia Heng's approach. Many people said that Xia Heng was holding his thigh and relying on his beauty.

But soon those who said that were slapped. At the beginning of the next year's international design awards, Xia Heng successfully won the gold medal with a group of decorations named Fanxing. (TN: a vast sky full of stars)

Before him, another designer of Z Country who won this award was Cheng Kaiming.

Others said that Cheng Kaiming was lucky and signed two talented designers, but only Han Lang and Xia Heng knew how hard Xia Heng worked in the half-year before winning the award.

Efforts were always bound with success. Those who make efforts were not necessarily successful, but those who succeed must work hard.

Xia Heng won the gold medal in the International Awards, but the pace of winning the medal did not stop. In the same year, he also won the Golden Finger Award with outstanding achievements.

The award was intended to encourage young and promising designers.

Xia Heng was the youngest designer in the past.

The two awards won not only blocked the people's mouths in the company, but also blocked the dissatisfaction of the Han family.

The Han family officially accepted Xia Heng. Looking at the imposing style of the Han family's house, Xia Heng suddenly realized that 015 was wrong. He said that whoever has money was the gong.

There was some truth in this sentence. It's just, at that time, neither he nor 015 expected Han Lang to be so rich.

Of course, these were not the end but the beginning.

In the next year's international design awards, Han Lang's design works had been a great success.

A reporter asked him the source of inspiration for the design, Han Lang smiled and didn't answer.

Although Han Lang has won international recognition for this set of jewelry, some critics said it was too gorgeous for ordinary people to control.

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Until the day of Han Lang's award, Xia Heng was wearing two deep honey-colored square earrings and a peony flower carved with fine honey wax on his chest.

This set of jewelry with his white skin lining was elegant and luxurious. This set of jewelry seemed to be specially made for him, to made him looked dazzling.

Everyone then reacted, who the peonies referred to.

At this time, Xia Heng has grown up to be a man who could stand beside Han Lang. He has a simple temperament, a handsome face, and a calm atmosphere.

Just like peony, modesty coexists in beauty, and the reserve was enchanting.

The design world is boiled by this set of peonies. They all said that the peonies were overturned the country. In the eyes of all people, why were Xia Heng and Han Lang, the two outstanding people not as admirable as by the jade people? (TN: Qingguo Peony (倾国牡丹))

In the autumn of the year when Han Lang won the International Award, they held a grand wedding in M Country. Some famous people in the design circle went.

It wasn't someone else who gave them a marriage, it was Cheng Kaiming.

At this time, Cheng Kaiming had a beautiful wife. It's also blissful.

In the eyes of everyone's envy, the two men made a vow of marriage.

The vow lasted until they were old.

Han Lang, who was over the age of 80 that day, suddenly fell unconscious while pruning the roses in the garden.

Xia Heng smiled and sent all the young people who came to give condolences. He guarded Han Lang's spirit for seven days. After the seventh day, he died.

It was found that when Xia Heng died, he still held a rose in his hand. (TN: I love you)

It was said that this was Xia Heng's last confession to Han Lang.

The love that lasted for more than half a century ended with the death of two people. For a time, the design of Qingguo Peony was auctioned to a price that ordinary people couldn't reach. (TN: the peonies were overturned the country)

But even so, some people took pictures of the design drawing drawn by the designer with love regardless of the cost.

It's just because people say that it's a set of jewelry blessed by heaven, and those who get it could join hands with their loved ones until their hair was white.


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