Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E
by Momo Without Tea
Chapter 8

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Listened to the calm voice of 002, Xia Heng felt that his head hurt terribly because of the hangover, and it hurt even more. This time he simply didn't ask where 007 went, but asked quite directly, "What kind of system are you?"

002 replied softly, "I am system 002. I'm responsible for releasing tasks to role players who play affectionate male second."

Xia Heng said with a smile, "I am promoted again?"

"Yes, we are also surprised by the speed of your role transformation. At the beginning, the main system thought you were a virus host who wanted to counter attack, but under strict review, we did not find any irregularities in your previous operation."

"So what is my task this time..." Xia Heng now had no confidence in this unreliable system.

Let's not talk about the criteria of how to judge the completion of the task, let's talk about the speed of the replacement of the system, which made Xia Heng thought the task was just like a joke.

He said to 002 himself, and 002 pondered and said, "Let me show you the situation of other hosts when they finish the task. You know how rare your situation is now."

Xia Heng silently agreed to 002's approach, and he soon watched the video of all passers-by's cannon fodder from the perspective of system 015.

In these videos, whether the task was successful or not, the protagonist would not be related to the tasker, who would soon be sent to the next world to perform new tasks.

Then there was 014 video. In the host it managed, no matter how hard the host tried, it would be trampled by the protagonist, and then there would be no intersection in life.

Finally, the video of 010, host of its supervision, was not intended to counter attack, but it's almost zero that could be recognized by the protagonist.

Looked at the silent Xia Heng, it finally concluded, "Our world revolves around the son of fortune, so you can be recognized by the protagonist to the extent that it is rare."

"We attribute this to your charisma, but your presence has seriously challenged our system."

"What will happen?"

"How about what?"

"Will I not be punished for provoking your system?"

"I said at the beginning that you did not violate the rules. So we can't punish you." 002 helplessly said.

"So you haven't said what I need to do this time?"

"Now all your actions are managed by you, and the system will not assign you anything."

"And the points?"

"My employees are all senior and don't lack points, but because of your special situation, we decided to compensate you with 2000 points. As long as you don't affect the main line of the world, these 2000 points are yours."

"How to influence the main line of the world?"

"In this world, don't interfere with the emotional process of Han Lang and Cheng Kaiming, because this world would have a new fashion business empire because of the strong combination of the two people, which has a profound impact on future generations."

"Is it..." Xia Heng's lips showed a hint of mockery, "So I'm just going to help them get along with their emotional line."

"In theory, that's it." 002 said calmly.

Xia Heng didn't speak. He jumped out of bed and opened the curtains. The sunlight came in through the window, illuminated and warmed the whole room.

002 already restored silence, Xia Heng stood in front of the window and said softly to himself in the glass, "My life is up to me."

Han Lang's design was quickly recognized by the conference, and then he successfully won the special award of that exhibition, a higher level than the Gold Award.

After received this news, the whole company was boiled. Han Lang was the first designer in Z Country who won the fashion award in H Country.

Cheng Kaiming was very happy, so he took the opportunity to propose a plan for the whole company to go to the hot spring to relax. The plan was certainly welcomed by all.

Han Lang, the key figure of this time, was naturally promoted and raised. Even if he doesn't care, it's enough to prove his success and strength.

On the way to the hot spring, Han Lang refused Cheng Kaiming's invitation to take the same car, but chose to take the same bus with Xia Heng.

As soon as Han Lang got on the bus, a group of girls from the design department cheered! It's really awesome, okay? This was not only the company's event, but also the face of the country.

Han Lang took out several bags of foreign sweets from his backpack and handed them out.

Xia Heng looked at Han Lang, who was as bright as the sun, and really felt proud.

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng with a smile. The reflection in his eyes was all his own, and he was satisfied.

They couldn't help laughing at each other when they were looking at each other.

Then Xia Heng heard 002's prompt, "Please host not to interfere with the world line, please host not to interfere with the world line."

Xia Heng said discontentedly, "When did I interfere with the world line?"

But there was no sound of 002.

Xia Heng also ignored it and concentrated on talking with Han Lang.

They talked happily together. Xia Heng found that Han Lang had a wide range of knowledge. No matter what he was asked, he could speak truthfully.

Xia Heng knew that 002 was no longer to assist him, but to supervise him. Make sure he doesn't break the relationship between Han Lang and Cheng Kaiming.

However, in the face of his heart and Han Lang's gentleness, Xia Heng felt for the first time that it was not bad to be a counter-attack-virus-like host.

Although he has made up his mind not to take care of 002, 002 appeared every time when he wanted to be intimate with Han Lang, which was exactly like an alarm clock.

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Xia Heng couldn't but temporarily accept the idea of intimacy with Han Lang.

They walked for six hours, and the hot spring villa chosen by Cheng Kaiming was next to a forest management area. The natural environment was particularly good.

Most people's bedrooms were for two, but Han Lang's and Cheng Kaiming's were separate suites.

On the first day, many people couldn't help but go to the hot spring. Xia Heng was assigned to a room with Chen Ke. After the personnel department talked with them, Chen Ke was quite honest.

Although Xia Heng didn't like Chen Ke very much, he didn't dislike each other to the point of no contact.

They had a good time in the first few days. There was also a path leading to the hot spring on the mountain in the forest management area. But for the safety of all the tourists, the hot spring only opened from 10 am to 2 pm.

It's not a secret that Xia Heng and Han Lang has a good relationship. It's even said that Xia Heng would occupy a place in the Group F that Han Lang would soon set up. This Group F was specifically aimed for high-end customized groups, so many people were covetous for the position of this group.

Chen Ke was no exception. Since the relationship between Xia Heng and Han Lang was so good, Chen Ke couldn't help but make the wrong idea again.

For several days, Chen Ke was very polite to Xia Heng. Although Xia Heng doesn't know what he has made up his mind, but he always respected him by one point, and he respected the others by one foot.

On the fifth day, Chen Ke finally revealed his foxtail, "Xia Heng, talk to Han Lang, let me also enter Group F?"

Xia Heng was stunned when he heard that. Chen Ke asked him for this. He just said objectively, "Brother Chen, it's not that I don't want to help you, but I really can't speak. It's his business, who Han Lang wants to add to the group, I can't interfere."

Chen Ke looked at Xia Heng's stupefied face, but he doesn't get angry. Who doesn't know how you and Han Lang were? Han Lang spoiled on you like a wife all day long. Was it so hard to asked you to help with a word?

Chen Ke said with a smile, "You are modest now. Who doesn't know that you have a good relationship with Han Lang? It doesn't matter if you help to say something."

Xia Heng listened to Chen Ke's words. He was really sick and tired, so he said politely, "Since you want to join Group F, you'd better go to talk to Han Lang directly. I really can't help with this."

Chen Ke squinted and looked at Xia Heng, who was not weakened at all, "Well, even if I look away."

They were very unhappy about it that day.

At noon the next day, Han Lang, who was supposed to have dinner together, didn't show up. Xia Heng didn't know where he had gone. He asked several people and said they didn't know.

Then Chen Ke said that he saw Han Lang and Cheng Kaiming go to the hot spring on the mountain together.

Xia Heng looked for him as soon as he heard it.

After a while, Han Lang and Cheng Kaiming came down from the upstairs suite. They just discussed the future development of Group F. He didn't saw Xia Heng in the dining hall, which was also a little puzzled.

Just then, it rained heavily outside. Han Lang thought that Xia Heng had returned to his room, so he went to find him and found that he was not in his room.

Han Lang was flustered. He asked several people before he knew that Xia Heng had gone to the mountain to find him.

Han Lang was in a hurry and rushed out with his raincoat.

Only half of the way to the mountain was found to have been closed. Because the hot spring had received a rainstorm warning for a long time, the hot spring field on the mountain was closed in advance today.

Not to mention Han Lang's worry outside the hot spring, but Xia Lang, who was trapped in the mountain hot spring, squatted under the only parasol that could shelter from the rain, tried to avoid the rain.

He came out wearing only a thin shirt, now his shirt was half wet by the cold autumn rain and curled up in the same cold chair.

He said to 002 happily and bitterly, "02, you say that I now count as self-inflicted."

002 didn't answer.

Xia Heng saw that 002 ignored him. He simply closed his eyes, but in a hazy way, Xia Heng remembered that he used to be so pitiful that no one loved him or fond of him.

Think of this, Xia Heng suddenly opened his eyes sharply, was this the memory of his previous life? Lonely and impoverished.

At this time, Xia Heng could not care about the rainstorm outside. He stood up from the cool chair. He said loudly to 002, "I remember! I remember!"

002 very languidly said, "Congratulations to the host for taking a step further to home."

Standing in the rain, Xia Heng was allowed to be patted by the rain. He remembered that he was an orphan growing up in an orphanage. Because he looked good, he was adopted by a family without children.

As a result, the family had children soon after, and Xia Heng grew up in this way.

After that....

Xia Heng has a headache. He couldn't remember it.

Just as he thought about these headaches, he fell into a warm embrace.

He heard the owner of the voice trembled and said, "I'm sorry, I won't lose you again."

Xia Heng, who was held in Han Lang's arms, suddenly wanted to laugh. This life was as beautiful as he had stolen someone loved, someone favor, somebody really loved him and cared for him.

Xia Heng reached out and hugged Han Lang and whispered, "Don't lose me in the future."

Han Lang listened and hold more tightly, he whispered to Xia Heng, "Han Lang will never lose Xia Heng in his life."

The sky suddenly thundered. Cheng Kaiming, who was hiding from the rain in the car, shouted to the two people, "Come back! It's going to thunder!"

Xia Heng raised his face. The rain wet his hair, making his peach blossom eyes more enchanting. At the moment, he looked like a fairy dumped all living things. He only heard him quietly said to Han Lang, "I'm going to take a thunder calamity."

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng's enchanting face and smiled and kissed him. The huge lightning burst in the sky. After kissing for a while, he heard Han Lang said with a smile, "I will accompany you."

A loud thunder was blowing in the sky. In this booming sound, Xia Heng faintly heard an electronic voice, "System 001 serves you. Congratulations on opening the life winner system."


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