Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E
by Momo Without Tea
Chapter 7

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As soon as the cannon fodder male match system 007 came, it released a message that made Xia Heng somewhat desperate, "Because the last task of the host failed, the main system will deduct half of the total score of the host as punishment."

Xia Heng was half encircled in Han Lang's arms at the moment, sniffed the comforting scent of Han Lang. Xia Heng's original despair also eased a lot.

Cheng Kaiming had left the design department at this time. Only he and Han Lang were left. Han Lang looked at his hiccup constantly. Xia Heng, who had red eyes, was very cherished in his heart. However, he dare not do too much. He just held Xia Heng half in his arms to help him.

Xia Heng was very comfortable to be touched by Han Lang, so he doesn't mind how ambiguous his posture was with Han Lang, and he directly asked 007, "How can I become a cannon fodder male match again?"

007 looked very difficult to contact, its voice was very cold, just listened to it without emotion to explain, "Because the protagonist said to advance and retreat with you, so the main system determines that your role-playing mode will be upgraded again."

"What is my task now?" Xia Heng asked helplessly.

"Spare no effort to promote the feelings of the protagonist gong and the protagonist shou." 007 said it was extremely cold.

"But... I usually don't get in touch with the big boss..." Xia Heng said feebly.

"It's ok. The chance will come soon." 007 was quite mysterious, but it had a plan in mind.

Xia Heng was silent for a while, and suddenly asked, "Does Han Lang have to be with Cheng Kaiming?"

007 was very impatient and said, "Of course, otherwise what do you want these cannon fodder to advance the plot to do?"

Xia Heng laughed at himself in his heart. It's different from them. He was just small cannon fodder. How could he dream of being the child of fortune...

Suddenly, Xia Heng felt a little tired. He leaned his head gently against Han Lang's arms. The smell on Han Lang's body was always good, which was a light and reassuring fragrance.

At this moment, Xia Heng doesn't thought about anything. He just wanted to find someone who could make him felt at ease for a while.

Han Lang felt Xia Heng's dependence on him, and he was very happy. His love long-distance race finally successfully completed one lap.

Han Lang, who felt very good, could be described as dull at the moment. Although he also felt that he was not kind, what was more exciting than found out that he liked people who had already relied on and trusted him wholeheartedly?

That night, they worked overtime until two o'clock in the morning, and finally finished all the drafts. Han Lang looked at Xia Heng, who was already sleepy and suggested, "Let's go. I'll take you back."

Xia Heng looked at the time and hurriedly refused, "It doesn't matter, my house is close. You should go home quickly."

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng, who was still polite, and suddenly came up with a good idea.

So he stretched out his arms and said, "Since your house is close, I'd better stay with you for one night. It's also saved me from driving back and forth."

Xia Heng was stunned when he heard it. He said he would, but...

He asked 007 carefully, "That... can I take the protagonist shou home?"

007 said in a flash, "Who told you that he was the shou?"

Xia Heng's head was buzzed with 007's excited voice, so he quickly said in a good voice, "Misunderstandings, it's misunderstandings, he is not the shou, so can I lead him to stay at home for one night? It's late..."

"Just stay. Anyway, it's impossible for him to have anything to do with you. You don't need to tell me about such a small thing." 007 said proudly.

After listened to 007, Xia Heng was very excited. This was the first time that he invited others to his home.

The first time he invited someone home...? Xia Heng thought about this sentence. It seemed that he remembered some pictures vaguely, but soon those pictures disappeared from his mind.

007 asked nervously, "What do you think of?"

Xia Heng shook his head and said, "No, just some strange pictures."

007 seemed to be a little frustrated and said, "Oh... that's all right." And then it said, "You and he must pay attention to safety on the way back, but... forget it. You don't understand it. In a word, he is the one who sells ten people you can't even pay for."

Xia Heng laughed and said, "Ok."

He also found that 007 was a bit harsher in speech, but in fact its a very good and responsible communication system.

Xia Heng and 007 communicated for a while, only to remember that Han Lang was still waiting for his reply. He raised his head, looked at Han Lang, who was cleaning the table, and said with a smile, "Ok, then you can go to my house for one night."

Han Lang thought it was out of the question, after all, Xia Heng has been speechless since he said that proposal. He thought he offended Xia Heng and was in serious self-examination.

Who knows Xia Heng hesitated for a moment and actually agreed!

It's like a roller coaster. It's really exciting.

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Han Lang felt like his heart was rolled in a honeypot. It's sweet.

Two people came out of the company and walked on their way home. The moonlight pulled their shadows long. Xia Heng felt the presence of Han Lang beside him and felt very stable and full in his heart.

It's like being guarded all the time, steady and sweet.

Xia Heng faintly felt that he was not right about Han Lang's feelings, but he soon forgot this strange feeling. After all, as 007 said, he was just a small cannon fodder. Although he had been promoted, but the distance from the son of forune was probably as far as he and the sun in the sky now.

The community where Xia Heng lived was very quiet and old. At this time, there was no one on the road and the lights were off.

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng, who was walking in front of him, with a heavy heart. Couldn't help but play, he suddenly called out. This sudden scream made Xia Heng so scared that he didn't stand up and almost fell to the ground with his bag.

Fortunately, he was held by Han Lang at the last moment. Xia Heng hit Han Lang with his fist, which was not painful in fact.

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng, whose face was white with fear, and couldn't help laughing.

Xia Heng also felt that he was too timid, so he also laughed.

Two people just laughed out of breath on the road.

After this small accident, the atmosphere between the two people became more and more intimate. During the fight, the two people forgot their unhappiness tonight. They climbed seven stairs happily and finally came to Xia Heng's home.

Xia Heng turned on the light, took out a new slipper and handed it to Han Lang.

Han Lang looked at the warm and clean house, and he liked it. This room gave him the feeling of Xia Heng, warm, lovely and energetic.

After two people wash, Han Lang held the quilt and sleep on the sofa. He never mentioned his dream of a good night.

The next day, they went to the company, only to know that Xu Li, the leader of Group E, was called into the general manager's office early in the morning.

The rest of Group E also spoke to the head of personnel respectively.

Xia Heng was not willing to think that, apart from not resigning, Han Lang does not conflict with Cheng Kaiming, and the other parts of the last task were probably completed... But the points that deducted couldn't be returned, which made Xia Heng a little unhappy.

But soon he would not care about these, because every winter, as the world's fashion capital, H Country would held a jewelry exhibition.

Cheng Kaiming's biggest goal of participating in this exhibition was to impact the gold medal of jewelry exhibition. The gold medal was still very important.

In order to win the prize, each group had to produce three sets of works, and then select the best one, so the whole design department was full of competition atmosphere.

Everyone was working overtime.

Han Lang was originally a person with a high emotional intelligence. At this time, his high emotional intelligence was even more prominent. Every day, he would buy some snacks for everyone.

There were more snacks for Group A and Group E. On the other hand, Han Lang's snack attack and Cheng Kaiming's conversation played a role.

No one in Group E was unhappy about Xia Heng. Although there was still a gap between Xia Heng and them, there were a lot of harmonies. There was no more intentional bullying.

After a month's hard work, the works to be sent to the exhibition had finally come out. Xia Heng saw the design of the works submitted by Han Lang.

He was no less happy than Han Lang. He had proposed a plan, but it didn't pass the group deliberation.

For Xia Heng, there were still regrets, but more of them were happy for Han Lang. After all, the relationship between the two was so good. If he doesn't show it, he couldn't say it.

So on the night of the publication of the selected works, Xia Heng invited Han Lang to have a meal, or to eat hotpot. Both of them drank a lot of wine this time.

Han Lang's drink was very good, so he was not drunk, but he looked at Xia Heng's blushing face. His eyes were shining with sincere happiness and blessing. Somehow, he kissed him by surprise.

Although he just kissed his cheek, Xia Heng, who got up the next day, was confused because his system had changed again.

Just listen to the steady voice and said, "Good morning, host. System 002 is at your service."


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