Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E
by Momo Without Tea
Chapter 6

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The hotpot for the two people was very enjoyable.

Xia Heng focused on the food, Han Lang focused on the beauty. After a meal, both felt that they had been sublimated.

Xia Heng smiled at Han Lang and said, "Thank you for your hospitality."

"Why, not sad?" Han Lang joked slightly.

When Xia Heng heard his words and sniffed, he said rather indifferently, "I'm not sad." Anyway, I got points and ate delicious hotpot.

Xia Heng was such a thoughtful person. Many things were forgotten in less than five seconds.

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng, who had forgotten all the unhappiness in the afternoon, he smiled and felt that he really care.

010 at the moment felt relieved, "Host, you finally took it easy again. When the cannon fodder is there, it will be very sad. So..."

"010, don't worry, I will try my best." Xia Heng said with great motivation.

"Han Lang is such a good person, probably only Cheng Kaiming is qualified, so I will try my best for them to be together." Xia Heng said happily to 010 in his head.

"Well, except for some special circumstances, the sons of the world in all our worlds are good people." 010 said in agreement.

One person, one system again reached a consensus in their mind. Han Lang was a good person who couldn't be any better. He deserved the best.

Han Lang, who had received numerous good person cards from them, doesn't want to go home very much at the moment. He always wanted to stay with Xia Heng for a while.

But in his mind, Xia Heng obviously did not felt that. Xia Heng was very happy to say goodbye to Han Lang at the entrance of the hotpot restaurant. Then he took a taxi straight home.

Looking at the long tail gas pulled out by Xia Heng's taxi. Han Lang once again determined that his emotional path was really a long one.

By the time he went to work the next day, Xia Heng's mood was cleared again, although he was now excluded by others in the team.

But Xia Heng was Xia Heng. He always had a way to had fun.

He drew his favorite design every day, and he doesn't get angry when he was called.

Many of the chores in the team were pushed to him, but he also finished happily.

This situation lasted for about two weeks. Although Xu Li was unhappy with Xia Heng and often asked him for trouble, Xia Heng endured one by one. Just joke, the task of cannon fodder had not been completed. What could he do?

Although the people in Group E doesn't like him very much now, they wouldn't reject him as they did at the beginning, which made Xia Heng and 010 a little worried. Everyone's attitude was changing and they didn't bully him. What should we do?

But the good thing was that some people were willing to provoke Xia Heng, not others, but Chen Ke.

Chen Ke was comfortable with Xia Heng for a day or two after he had given him some "little lessons". However, Xia Heng's business ability was outstanding. Even if he was picky like Xu Li, he couldn't find Xia Heng's fault.

In comparison, Chen Ke's level was much worse. It was not that he could not be safe. But once he rushed to work, the director of the design department specially took out the picture drawn by Xia Heng and praised it and then hinted that other people should learn from Xia Heng.

When Chen Ke looked at him being praised, Xia Heng's silly appearance made him angry. He's only a few days away, so he's valued by the leaders?

He had been in this department for many years without being praised several times.

Looked at Xia Heng unhappily, Chen Ke made up his mind. When he drew a draft, he "accidentally" gave Xia Heng the invalid sample.

Xia Heng took a look and thought it was wrong, so he asked the other colleagues in Group E. They didn't look at it carefully. They only looked at the sample draft and told Xia Heng that there was no problem.

Xia Heng did not worry about it. He drew it intently for two days. On the day when the draft was submitted, Xu Li angrily threw Xia Heng's draft on his face.

"What's the matter with you? Today is the submission date, so you'll fooling me with a stack of waste drafts?"

Xia Heng picked up the sample draft in some enclosure, just wanted to explain it, but heard Chen Ke say, "It's fine, Sister Li, don't be angry. It's a big deal that we will accompany Xia Heng to finish the draft today, just work overtime."

Xia Heng felt that the eyes of Group E staff members were all focused on him for a moment, and he quickly said, "No, it's not necessary, I can do it by myself. No, everyone's time is not delayed."

"Since you have the heart to bear the mistake, I won't say much. Tonight, you should work overtime."

Xia Heng quickly nodded and said to 010 in his mind, "Little zero, am I considered being bullied?"

010 very responsibly said, "Calculated, you perform very well, I will reply with the superior system to give you more points."

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Xia Heng sat down contentedly and began to draw the draft and joked. Without points, he didn't want to be bullied.

Two days of work was done in one day. The pressure and workload were huge. After the rest of the work, Xia Heng was still in a hurry. Han Lang saw that Xia Heng was busy and went out to order two takeouts.

Then helped Xia Heng draw the draft together.

Xia Heng and Han Lang had a very good relationship recently. As soon as he was bullied, Han Lang would invite him to dinner. Now they had eaten from the company's neighborhood to the northernmost part of the city, and then expanded horizontally to the south.

Xia Heng really thought that Han Lang was very kind. He not only looked good but also had a gentle and considerate personality. What's more, he was especially good for him.

Because they were already familiar with each other, they had a good atmosphere when drawing the sample.

Unconsciously, they worked late. When they were drawing the sample manuscript, Cheng Kaiming, who also worked late, couldn't help but come to had a look when the design department's light still turned on.

As soon as Cheng Kaiming entered the room, Xia Heng saw him, and then he got excited. This was the first time he had seen the protagonist gong and the protagonist shou at the same frame since the recruitment interview. He only saw him stand up in a panic, and then stammered, "Bo, boss."

At the same time, he crazily shook 010 in his mind, "Little zero, little zero, is the plot coming soon?"

010 was shocked by Xia Heng's excited voice, so he checked the plot, "Stated, it should not have, you haven't resigned, they shouldn't have any contradiction yet."

"Then I resign now?" Xia Heng, who had been fascinated by the lure of huge points, couldn't help but suggest to 010.

After 010 thought about it, it thought it's feasible! After all, now the protagonist gong and the protagonist shou were both present, which was a rare opportunity to stir up contradictions, so 010 and Xia Heng were excited.

Cheng Kaiming was surprised to see the two of them working overtime. After all, they were just new people and had not undertaken important design tasks. He didn't expect them to work so late.

Just as he was about to speak, Xia Heng said to him nervously, "Boss, I have something to say to you."

Cheng Kaiming looked at Xia Heng's nervous face and couldn't help smiled, "What, am I so scary?"

Xia Heng shook his head in a hurry. Although he and 010 both think it's a good time to promote the contradiction between them, talked about the resignation was still a headache.

Han Lang had not spoken since Cheng Kaiming came in. At present, he looked at Xia Heng, who was so nervous that his face was flushed red. In his heart, he felt that Cheng Kaiming was inexplicably bad.

Xia Heng was lucky, and said in a crying voice, "Since I was hired, I have been misunderstood and bullied by my colleagues, so I don't want to do it anymore and I hope the boss will approve it!"

Cheng Kaiming frowned and didn't speak. Han Lang was about to explode and asked, "Xia Heng, do you want to quit?"

Xia Heng saw such a serious Han Lang for the first time, and his heart trembled slightly, but he could not shrink to score points!

So Xia Heng nodded his head with tenacity and showed his bravery.

Han Lang stumbled in a bad mood, and said angrily, "If you don't do it, I won't do it either. What will I do with you to draw these things?"

Xia Heng listened for a moment, and asked 010 with uneasily, "Should this be the development?"

010 didn't respond. The disappearance of 010 reminded Xia Heng of many bad memories in a moment. So he quickly remedied, "Han, Han Lang, you can't..."

"You can resign when you say you resign. Why didn't you allow me to resign?" Han Lang's dissatisfaction still hadn't subsided.

Xia Heng was scared by Han Lang who was serious. He wanted to hiccup. However, when one hiccup came out, Xia Heng couldn't control it. One after another, he started to fight.

The original serious atmosphere was quite different from Xia Heng's sudden hiccup.

Han Lang patted Xia Heng on the back and said, "It's ok. It's ok. They can't bully you. I'm here."

Cheng Kaiming looked at the warm interaction between the two and shook his head with a smile. Young people, they were always less able to resist pressure. Still need to give them opportunities to grow. So he said gently, "Well, think about it again. If you want to quit in a week, come back to the general manager's office to see me."

At this moment, Xia Heng no longer cared about his resignation, because the familiar electronic voice rang again in his mind, "Cannon fodder male match system 007 serves you."

Xia Heng was desperate, did he got promoted again...?


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