Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E
by Momo Without Tea
Chapter 05

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Xu Li looked at Xia Heng's grievance and frowned more tightly. He saw her relentlessly criticizing, "The samples couldn't be played with, because their materials are very easy to oxidize, so you are too amateur. If you really lose the samples this time, then I won't protect you in front of the leaders."

Xia Heng rubbed his red eyes and whispered, "Yes."

Chen Ke said with a smile, "Little fresh meat, don't cry. It's a big thing. Sister Li said it in a hurry. You can pay attention later. Don't take it to heart."

Xu Li glanced at Chen Ke with her eyes and said angrily, "You just can talk."

Chen Ke said with a quick smile, "Sister Li, everyone knows that you have a knife mouth and tofu heart. Little newcomer talents have just arrived, and you will be misunderstood."

Xu Li looked at Xia Heng, who looked down and didn't know what to think, and said with displeasure, "Next time, you can't do this kind of low-level mistake again."

Xia Heng was trained to keep his head down and couldn't say a word.

Because they were all sat in one office, what happened in Group E was naturally known to the whole office. Han Lang at the other end of the office was watching Xia Heng lower his head and get instructed.

Han Lang squinted and looked at the young people with red eyes. He always thought it's not right. But now he doesn't think he could make it.

After all, it's not his group. No one knew what the specific situation was. Instead, several colleagues of Group A saw the leader of Group E admonishing him and whispered, "The old witch of Group E bullied people again. She bullied several people before."

"Well, what's the matter with a broken model? And I don't think that little brother has opened the box since he brought it back, so who knows what's going on. They, Group E..."

Han Lang had realized that there was a problem. If Xia Heng had not opened the box since he came in, who put the brooch on his desk? In the production department, they check whether the accessories were complete, in the case of old employees, how could they not get the newcomer Xia Heng.

Even if Xia Heng took the accessory, he would not be stupid enough to wait for others to find out and admit that he took it, especially the brooch was found in an obvious place like a desk.

So? Was this being bullied? Han Lang thought with some worry.

Xia Heng listened to the group leader's scolding and quietly turned his mouth in his heart. He whispered in his mind, "010, this person is so fierce."

"If you can't bear it you will make a big deal..." 010 consoled.

Before the words of 010 were finished, he listened to a mellow male voice, "Team Leader Xu, please calm down. I don't think Xia Heng did it."

Xia Heng turned around and saw Han Lang stood behind him with a sloppy smile.

Xu Li watched Han Lang meddle in her business, and her dissatisfaction became more and more serious. It didn't matter whether Xia Heng did it or not. She just wanted to give the newcomer a disposition. Even if it wasn't, there was something else waiting for Xia Heng.

Xu Li thought of her family and added, "We don't need another group to manage the affairs of Group E!"

Han Lang watched the young man looked at himself with grieved eyes. The adrenaline hormones also surged. He said with a smile, "No, no. Leader Xu must have done something right, but Xia Heng, you tell me, did you take this thing?"

Xia Heng frowned there. For a moment, he doesn't know what to said. If he didn't take it, he would be bullied. Group Leader Xu would not come down.

If he said that he had taken it... He didn't offend anyone, but failed Han Lang's kindness.

Xia Heng was a soft-hearted, but a principled person. If this matter only involved himself, tolerance would pass.

But it involved Han Lang, who was kind to him, and once he admitted it's his fault, he and Han Lang would not have a better life.

So it's like Xia Heng bit his teeth and said, "I didn't take it. I didn't touch the things in the box."

Xu Li had been a little angry at this time, only to heard him and say, "Then you just..."

"Once the team leader has done it, even if I'm wrong, will it work?" Chen Ke said and laughed.

"It's my fault. I used to pull the little fresh meat. I am responsible for what happened." Chen Ke helped to resolve a dispute

Xu Li snorted coldly and said nothing more.

Xia Heng looked at Han Lang with his eyes, moved his mouth and said, "Thank you.".

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng painfully without words.

At last, Chen Ke said with a smile, "This Han Lang? Let's go back to work. There will be a meeting in our group."

Han Lang finally couldn't help but reach out and touch Xia Heng's head. Looked at Xia Heng's frailty in a moment, he was also in great pain, but he still smiled and joked, "Then I won't disturb your meeting."

When Han Lang went back, he saw his colleagues, Group A, looked at him with admiration. He also smiled, and then he sat in his position with a calm attitude.

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The regular meeting of Group E was very brief, because they were all in a bit awkward mood after that event, so no one said much nonsense at the meeting.

When it was Xia Heng's turn to express his opinion, he found that everyone's faces had become more ugly. He thought bitterly in his heart that he had finished offending his colleagues.

"The host's task was determined by the brain to be completed by 50%, so a thousand points were issued." The sound of 010 rang in time.

This news made Xia Heng's mood clear. After all, he came here to earn points.

But he was in a daze at this time. He said his opinions in a hurry at the meeting, and then asked 010 in his mind, "010, if I have enough points, can I go back?"

"Back where?" 010 had grasped the key point of the problem keenly.

Yeah, where were you going? Xia Heng felt that his previous memories were all blank. He doesn't know where he came from and where he should go.

Seeing Xia Heng's silence, it also knew that he was suffering, so it comforted him and said, "Don't be sad, if you remember later, you can go back naturally."

"Are you serious?" Xia Lang's mood rose in a flash.

"Really, 010 never lies." 010 said seriously.

At the thought of going home, Xia Heng's mood suddenly brightened.

This afternoon, Xia Heng had a hard time. Everyone in the group regarded him as a little transparent, but Xia Heng was always a person who thought about the best when he met something, so at least the task was completed smoothly, which was not bad. (TN: people who don't draw attention to themselves and are largely ignored in social situations.)

At the end of the day, Xia Heng packed his things and was ready to leave. He said hello to group leader Xu, who just nodded lightly.

Xia Heng doesn't care. After all, this was the purpose of his task, and it could be considered as easy to achieve.

Xia Heng was stopped by Han Lang just after he went out. Xia Heng looked at the protagonist shou strangely. He always felt that Han Lang paid too much attention to him.

He asked 010, but the answer was very vague, "Oh, you only need to know that he is the son of fortune in this world! There's no need to be stressed."

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng, who was like a cabbage without water. He couldn't help it anymore. So he said, "Are you free tonight? Let's go have a large and sumptuous meal." (TN: I don't know the right definition, but I found the slang from many sources: novice; greenhorn; fool; idiot; pretty boy; darling; sweetheart)

This was the first time in Han Lang's 27 years of career. He was afraid of trouble and doesn't like socializing. He was also from a rich family. His elder brother was much more normal than him. He had opened several companies with his family's money and was very busy as the chairman of the group every day.

Han Lang himself doesn't like to communicate with others or those things, so he learned design in college. His family didn't care about him. After all, he was admitted to a famous university abroad, so no one opposed him.

He wanted to be a rice bug and wait for his death, but for the first time, he was obsessed with something and someone. For the first time, Han Lang felt that his identity was a bit inconvenient when he was going to take the initiative to Xia Heng. (TN: Freeloader)

Now looked at Xia Heng's sullen appearance, Han Lang also felt his heart a little uncomfortable for the first time.

"What would you like to eat? I invite you." This was the first time Han Lang has taken the initiative to invite others to dinner, so he was still nervous.

"I want to eat hotpot." Xia Heng heard that it was Han Lang's treat, so he didn't control his stomach and happily agreed to Han Lang's invitation.

Han Lang once looked at Xia Heng, who was spirited at the moment of eating. He was also a little sad. Did he like such a single cell creature?

010 and Xia Heng don't know that the world line about this son of luck had been skewed and turned into a strange direction.

They were still stupidly thinking that everything had not jumped the track.

Xia Heng's favorite was hotpot, because it tastes hot and warmed the stomach, which was very comfortable.

Han Lang does not always eat hotpot, or he rarely ate this, because ate hotpot alone was boring, and everyone in his family was very busy, so even if he knew that hotpot was delicious, he only ate a few times with his classmates at school.

But he now felt that it was wise to take Xia Heng to eat hotpot.

Xia Heng's expression was particularly happy when eating hotpot. After the dense steam, Xia Heng's beautiful face was a little good.

Han Lang always felt that looking at Xia Heng like this, his heart was as warm as his stomach.

Xia Heng was really not polite. He ordered 5 plates of meat, and then let Han Lang quickly clamp the meat into his own hotpot. Really impolite.

When he looked at Xia Heng who was as happy as a child, Han Lang couldn't help laughing. He thought he was really poisoned, and the name of the poison was Xia Heng.


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