Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E
by Momo Without Tea
Chapter 4

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Xia Heng was embarrassed by 010.

Although 010 was a system, it's also a very happy thing to be liked by other life forms.

After taking good care of the flowers and plants, Xia Heng continued to open the learning system left by 014. He systematically learned the relevant knowledge about jewelry design. Xia Heng always knew that he was not smart enough, so he chose to make himself work harder.

The admission notice came three days later. Seeing that he was admitted by that company, Xia Heng felt very happy though he would not be surprised. After all, it was a recognition of his efforts.

According to the notice, Xia Heng would officially work in the company's design department next Monday.

Xia Heng happily carried his laptop around for two laps. It was really a wonderful thing. His efforts finally came to an end.

010 saw this and could not bear to hit him and said, "You'd better think about how to be bullied."

Xia Heng thought about it carefully and said, "This is better to do. Look at me."

010 deeply doubt Xia Heng's statement, it not as blind as 015 and 014. It knew that the host's face was a big killer.

Generally speaking, a beautiful person had a strong innate advantage, that was, others were not embarrassed to bully them, especially in the design company, where there were many female creatures in particular, Xia Heng's appearance could instantly gain a lot of favor for himself.

But since the host said it was fine, then 010 would be difficult to anything, so it quietly put the two system manuals of "100 Annoying Rules" and "How To Be A Little Pitiful" into its recycle bin.

It was very satisfied with Xia Heng. This host was not only self-sufficient but also self-motivated. He also actively cooperated with the task of cannon fodder and never thought about the counter-attack. He was a rare good host.

One person, one system, ushered in the first day of work on a day when each other felt good about each other. On that day, Xia Heng dressed casually, completely without the formality of the interview day, just a pair of white sneakers, a blue check shirt accompanied by a beige casual pants.

He looked like a fresh graduate, clean and full of energy.

010 tried to ask Xia Heng if he wanted to change into something that looked gloomy and sloppy. But Xia Heng searched all over the wardrobe, and didn't have the clothes that match the feeling that 010 wanted.

One person and one system had to compromise. Anyway, the bullied people were not always gloomy and sloppy, were they? They comforted each other on the way to work.

It's 20 minutes from the apartment where Xia Heng lived to Cheng Kaiming's company. Xia Heng thought this was the first day to go to work, so he left home early.

When he arrived at the company, there was still a long way to go to work. Xia Heng sat quietly on the sofa next to the front desk of the company and waited, he needed to report to the personnel department before he could work in the design department.

About a quarter to nine, Han Lang came. Today, he saw him dressed in a simple and appropriate casual suit, with a good temperament, long and straight legs.

Xia Heng looked at him enviously. In fact, Xia Heng appreciated Han Lang. He was not only very good-looking, but also had a special taste and temperament.

Although Xia Heng thought that Han Lang was not very like little shou who was "willing to be pushed down by others". But since 015 said it. Then it must be.

So Xia Heng, who thought so, wore some pity in his eyes when he looked at Han Lang's upturned buttocks.

"What are you looking at?" Han Lang turned around and saw Xia Heng looked behind him with pity.

Realized that he had some pornographic thoughts, Xia Heng's face turned red in a flash, only to hear him falter and say, "No... I didn't see anything..."

Han Lang laughed and looked at Xia Heng, who blushed when he talked with himself, and he was also satisfied with him. Han Lang knew he's good-looking, he's very popular since he was a child, but he hadn't met anyone who blushed at the sight of him.

So Han Lang, who had been very fond of Xia Heng before, couldn't help but think of paying more attention to him. So he took the initiative and said, "What? What are you doing sitting here?"

Xia Heng was still immersed in his peach-colored fantasy just now, so his eyes drifted a little and said, "Wait, wait for the director of the personnel department to work."

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng's crimson face and fluttered eyes. For the first time, did he felt that he was too attractive? Originally, he had no good impression on this kind of explicit good feeling. He found that if the person who did this was Xia Heng, it was actually pretty good.

So Han Lang said in a good mood, "Go, go up and wait!"

Xia Heng thought that he was stupid before. How could he wait at the door? There were so many people and noisy environment at the door that it's hard to find the figure of the director of the personnel department who came to work.

So he trotted quickly to catch up with Han Lang, who was walking in front of him.

Although they had seen two times before, they were not very familiar. Although Han Lang was often attracted by Xia Heng's unintentional actions, he was not a man with sperm in his brain.

Therefore, the chat between the two people was basically based on emotion and etiquette. Most of the conversation was about irrelevant topics.

Although Xia Heng was not smart, but because of his learning and employment, whenever Han Lang mentioned a concept in jewelry design, Xia Heng could quickly pick up the conversation and put forward his own point of view.

In this interaction, Han Lang thought that Xia Heng was actually a person who knew a lot about advance and retreat, and had a lot of opinions.

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The director of the personnel department was on duty. When he saw two new employees waiting outside the department, his face also showed a satisfied look. A new employee should had a new attitude.

He briefly introduced the company's development with Xia Heng. They were given a company contract for each of them, and they were asked to see if there were any dissatisfaction.

Xia Heng was not dissatisfied. He came here to work because he had an ulterior motive. So he roughly turned it over and signed it.

In fact, Han Lang was similar to Xia Heng. His intention was nothing more than to find an interesting place to spend time and flirt with the beauty.

Originally his goal was Cheng Kaiming, but now Han Lang glanced at Xia Heng, who has signed a contract beside him. His fingers were white and slender, and his goal had been changed for a long time. It should be said that when several people were interviewing, the goal that interested him had changed.

010 and Xia Heng, who had no idea of ​​Han Lang's changing mentality, felt that everything was going well. Even Xia Heng felt that he was getting closer and closer to earning points and completing tasks.

After the two signed the contract, the director of the personnel department led them to the design department.

The design department was on the third floor of the whole building. The lighting and layout were very good. Xia Heng liked the office with about 20 people when he saw it.

The director of the design department arranged two tables for them, which were far apart. Han Lang was divided into group A and Xia Heng into group E.

Because both of them were newcomers, their internships were not short. Xia Heng doesn't mind which group he went to. No matter which group he was assigned to, he was confident to complete his task.

There were five people in group E. There was only one male in the five. It seemed that they were not very old. They were similar to the group pets.

After Xia Heng went, the five people in Group E were very welcomed him. The group leader of group E, a woman nearly 40 years old, joked that Chen Ke's position in the group was not guaranteed. After all, Xia Heng was younger and better than him.

Xia Heng listened to silly joy for a long time, but did not find Chen Ke's unwilling and jealous eyes.

Xia Heng was also worried about how to let these people bully him, who expected that the first trouble would come in the afternoon.

Xu Li, the leader of group E, asked Chen Ke to took the design samples of their group. Each work of the design department would be submitted to the company for deliberation first, and then the production department would make a rough model according to the drawings.

After the model was made, the production department would submit a modification proposal. It's also reviewed by the company and then sent to the design department for modification.

This was originally a simple work of running errands, which was always done by Chen Ke.

But when Xia Heng came, Chen Ke didn't want to run errands anymore, so he turned his head and said, "Little fresh meat, otherwise we will pick it up together, and I'll show you the way to get familiar with the company."

Xia Heng naturally said yes, so he went to the production department with Chen Ke. The samples of jewelry were made of cheap materials, but even so, he was careless.

Chen Ke played with the new samples for a while, then casually threw the box containing the model to Xia Heng.

Xia Heng honestly followed.

Chen Ke took the feedback design book, Xia Heng held the box of samples, and they returned to the design department from the production department.

After getting the samples, the design team usually had a meeting. This time, of course, was no exception.

Who knew that when the sample box was opened, there were only three samples in it, and the set they designed this time was a suit pendant without a brooch.

The team leader's face sank as soon as she saw that the number of models she made was incorrect.

Xia Heng was ignorant at this time. He held the box along the way and did not leave his hand. Why was there one model missing?

Seeing that Xia Heng and Chen Ke both said they didn't know, Xu Li specially called the production department. The people in the production department said that the model was put in a box in a complete set. They didn't have the brooch on their side.

Xu Li frowned at Xia Heng and Chen Ke. She just wanted to talk, but she saw another young girl in the group and says, "What? What's on Xia Heng's desk?"

Chen Ke reached out and took the brooch. Then he said with a slight smile, "Our little fresh meat was afraid of taking things out before, but he forgot to put them back."

Xu Li listened to Chen Ke's words and the expression on her face was still not relieved. She said to Xia Heng seriously, "Is that so?"

Xia Heng swore that he had never touched anything in the box before, but Chen Ke had played with it for so long. It was likely that he accidentally took it and then put it on his desk.

Xia Heng was angry in his heart, but when he thought of this task, his heart wanted to argue a little less. After all, being bullied was the benevolent rule. What if he doesn’t grasp the chance of falling this day?

So Xia Heng just mumbled and whispered, "Maybe I forgot."


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