Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E
by Momo Without Tea
Chapter 3

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Who expected the world to be unsatisfactory, the HR Manager in charge of recruitment said objectively, "Start from the right to the left."

Xia Heng withered in an instant. Wasn't this a chance? Fortunately, he sat in the middle, which did not prevent him from speaking before the main character.

Han Lang looked at the young people who were eager to try wilted in an instant, but also somewhat wanted to laugh. How could there be people who write their expressions and thoughts on their faces? It's too much fun.

The first person to comment on the works was Li Dong, who placed third in the whole assessment. He was bookish and looked very intellectual.

But the evaluation was sharp, "I think the first two of the three works are very creative, but they are not suitable for mass production, which is not consistent with our company's positioning and image. Although the design sense of my last work is not as good as the other two, it is consistent with our company's product audience positioning due to the popular design style."

Xia Heng listened to Li Dong talked about where his work was good. He's so angry. Weren't you grabbed me? How could Han Lang beat me in the face when you had done everything I had to do?

Fortunately, everyone's time was limited. Li Dong's speech was interrupted only five minutes later. Then it was Xia Heng's turn.

Xia Heng's speech was prepared by him before. He started with his work design and said his design concept for three minutes, which was to highlight his obsession and facilitate the protagonist shou to face better.

Then made a statement and summary for two minutes, first of all, he approved Li Dong's point of view, it's hard to get rid of Xia Heng's anger of being snatched.

Then there was not enough time. Xia Heng was a little flustered. He deleted the summary of his works and Han Lang's works and stated his prediction of the future prospect of the industry and the company. He said he was also secretly aiming at Han Lang to see if he had been aroused a strong desire to fight.

When he stole a glance for the fifth time, Han Lang finally looked at him with a smile, and Xia Heng's enthusiasm was surging! There was drama!

Finally, it's Han Lang's turn. Xia Heng couldn't help but squeeze a sweat. Would the mission succeed? Just watch this time!

Han Lang had never been a high-profile person. He didn't want to say more in this interview, but looked at Xia Heng with beautiful and bright eyes with a trace of longing, stared at him with eager eyes, and recalled Xia Heng's speech, Han Lang couldn't help but want to laugh. So he just wanted to get my recognition?

So Han Lang summed up his design concept and spent all his time on Xia Heng's idea.

Xia Heng listened to the increasingly wrong speech, and he was inevitably impatient. He quickly called 014, "Brother 14, is Han Lang slapping my face?"

014 did not make a sound.

Xia Heng recalled his previous experience and was a little flustered. Did he fail this time? No, it's clear that what he had done was in place! Xia Heng thought and the look in his eyes was more and more pitiful.

Han Lang's heart was softened. He was willing to say something serious. At last, he said, you need Xia Heng. I wouldn't fight for this post.

Cheng Kaiming looked at the interaction between Xia Heng and Han Lang, and tapped on the table with his pen. Did they knew each other before? It's also very good. He was only going to leave one.

But now that their relationship was so good, it's quite possible to consider leaving both of them. After all, most of the work of jewelry designers needed team cooperation.

Xia Heng was completely flustered by his boasting. How could this be different from what he said. Could you follow the routine?

Xia Heng panicked and lost his head. In Han Lang's eyes, he was really cute. He was shy after boasting a few words?

Xia Heng looked at Han Lang with a smile on his face. He thought he was not good. He called 014 again but still didn't answer. Xia Heng could only strive to be strong and overcome the difficulties in front of him by himself.

Just as he wanted to speak, the interviewer sat next to him said, "This interview is over. Please go back and wait for our notice."

Xia Heng lowered his head in despair and walked out of the interview room after Han Lang and Li Dong.

As soon as he stepped out of the interview room, the silent system suddenly appeared. But after Xia Heng listened to its words, he suddenly became sadder.

"Here is system 010 for your service."

"What about 014?"

"Oh, its in charge of the other passers-by cannon fodder."

"Then you are responsible for...?" Xia Heng listened to 010 and asked carefully.

"I'm the system responsible for issuing missions of small cannon fodder in the world." 010 said without pride.

Xia Heng listened to it. His role was upgraded? Has his task been completed?

Before he asked, Han Lang turned to him and said, "You are doing well today. This is my business card. I will contact you often in the future."

Xia Heng received Han Lang's business card in a flattered way. Then Han Lang smiled at him again and left directly.

Xia Heng looked at the black business card and was surprised. There were only a name and a string of phone numbers of Han Lang on the card. Nothing else.

This was not the same as Xia Heng's impression of those business cards that were always printed with full titles.

But Xia Heng always felt that the quality and weight of this business card was much heavier than those printed with more job titles.

Li Dong took a look at Xia Heng and picked up his things with no expression to prepare to leave. Xia Heng said goodbye to him politely.

Li Dong looked back at Xia Heng with a sweet smile, sighed and said, "Your work is really good. Cheer up."

Xia Heng was surprised that Li Dong would tell him about this, so he was moved and said, "In fact, I think your work is also good." It's not as good as me.

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Li Dong looked at Xia Heng's sincere face and smiled a little, "Although I don't know what relationship you have with Han Lang, I feel that the person's origin is not small, and you should pay attention when you contact him later."

Xia Heng was a bit of polite before, but now there were totally more sincerity, "How do you know?"

Li Dong smiled, but didn't answer. Instead, he stretched out and patted Xia Heng's shoulder and turned away.

Xia Heng was shocked and communicated with system 010, "Is Han Lang the protagonist shou or the protagonist gong of the world? How can he treat each other differently?"

After listened to Xia Heng's question, there were some jams in a moment. It took a long time, 010 asked slowly, "Who told you that he was the shou?"

"015, 015 and I said, generally speaking, the rich are the gong, the poor are the shou." Xia Heng's betrayal to the system was believable.

After a quiet silence for a while, 010 said quietly, "Let's not talk about this first, because the host's last task failed, so the main system deducted your 500 points. So we hope that the host can make further efforts in the next task."

Heard this, Xia Heng suddenly exploded in his heart. He couldn't care who was the gong and who was the shou. He asked, "Why do I have to deduct so many points? I have worked hard before, Han, Han Lang....."

"I'm sorry, host. This is a rule set by the main system. If the task fails, half of the points obtained before will be deducted." 010 said truthfully.

Xia Heng's eyes were redden at the moment, so many points. He had worked so hard before

When he regretted his blame, 010 comforted, "It doesn't matter, host. Think you can continue to perform tasks and earn points, which other hosts can't ask for."

"What is our next task?" Xia Heng was still sad after listened to 010.

"Our next task is more complicated. You need to be a pitiful person in the company. You need to be bullied by thousands of people. Then you need Han Lang to help you get justice. In this way, there will be the first conceptual collision between Han Lang and Cheng Kaiming!"

"It just makes me be bullied...?" Xia Heng confirmed with some uncertainty.

"It's not all about being bullied. You have to leave miserably at last. Then let Cheng Kaiming face up to some problems in the company. Most importantly, let Han Lang pay attention to Cheng Kaiming's ability, skill and sense of justice." 010 explained patiently.

After listened to 010, Xia Heng was silent for a while, and then asked the question he had been trying to ask since just now, "Who is Cheng Kaiming?"

010 gave Cheng Kaiming's career information to Xia Heng all the way of popular science before left the company. (TN: Im sure it's bit confusing, even I was confused by the original text)

"According to you, the protagonist gong is Cheng Kaiming, isn't this person starting from scratch all the way to the position of a giant who mingled in the jewelry industry today?" Xia Heng asked in his mind with some admiration.

"Don't use the word 'mingled'. All the bricks and tiles of Cheng Kaiming's company depend on his own efforts." 010 also said with great admiration.

"The two people are still a good match." Xia Heng muttered softly.

"What's a good match?" 010 didn't understand.

"I mean Han Lang and Cheng Kaiming are well matched. Li Dong and I say that Han Lang is not a simple person. Two talented people are well matched together." Xia Heng said very seriously.

"Of course! We choose..." 010 said half as if to realize that its had spoken too much, hurriedly stopped the conversation, awkwardly 'he he' twice. (TN: if you search on a dictionary, it's translated as 'mischievous laughter')

Xia Heng did not ask again. He always respected others' privacy. Even those who have this hidden system were no exception.

Xia Heng went back to the rental house prepared for him by 014 before. Although it was not big, it was prepared completely according to Xia Heng's preference. There were many flowers and plants in it. The whole house looked full of spring and vitality.

At this time, it was early autumn outside. Xia Heng carefully turned off the heater specially prepared for flowers and plants. Then he poured some water on them, and asked 010 sadly, "015 and 014 won't be punished because I didn't finish the task, right?"

Only listen to 010 very unconcerned words, "They are not punished."

"Every day, many hosts will be sent to the next world because they can't finish their tasks. You are just something special." 010 said carefully.

"What's special?" Xia Heng asked curiously.

"I'm sorry, for the answer to this question, I don't have the right to answer..." 010's reply became mechanical and polite again.

Xia Heng listened and quickly waved, "It's fine I just ask, it doesn't matter if you don't say it."

010 was silent for a while, then said, "015 and 014 like you very much. Now I like you a little."


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