Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E
by Momo Without Tea
Chapter 2

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Xia Heng was also happy to hear this. Unexpectedly, there would be 1000 points for half of this task.

Although he couldn't afford most of the things with attributes in the mall. But Xia Heng thought contentedly, it's not bad.

Before, that suit cost him 100 points, which made Xia Heng suffered for half a day. Now he could buy more than ten suits like that. How could he not be inspired?

Xia Heng thought that his previous system 015 was right. It's much better to be a good cannon fodder and earn more money than the protagonist who was exhausted.

Xia Heng, who got the points, thought that the task was going well. After reading the published results, he left happily.

But what they don't know was, "The quality of these newcomers is not bad. Our company doesn't lack steady designers. What we need are inspiration and innovation. I think Xia Heng's design works are good." A handsome man, looked at the design in his hand, was facing the subordinates who stood in front of him and listened to him.

"Then why does the boss put Han Lang first?"

"Because young people sometimes have to be discouraged to know that there is someone outside and there is truth outside." The man, who looked like a fairy, said without hesitation.

Xia Heng, who was frustrated by the fairy, now full of joy and systematically determined of the day of the interview.

"I think as long as I make a mistake and let Han Lang slap me, in this way, he can not only be admitted successfully, but also make a deep impression on the boss." Xia Heng's eyebrows were fluttered.

"This is an ancient method of face-hunting. If you don't have enough refreshments, let the protagonist shou have a limited impression on the protagonist gong. Now, it's popular to fight with powerful people." 014 said with an experienced look.

"What is a strong face promotion?" Xia Heng was very modest to ask for advice.

"You are very strong, but the protagonist shou is stronger than you! In this way, the business ability of the protagonist shou will be greatly highlighted, and the impression of the protagonist gong will be deeper and better." 014 analysis was clear logical.

"Then... if Han Lang is..." Xia Heng asked hesitantly.

"Ha ha, what are you thinking? The protagonist shou is under the aura of fortune in the world. If you think about today's test ranking, we have been preparing for so long. The design drawing I gave you is also the most popular and high-end one in the interstellar. How about the high-end model? Han Lang, the protagonist shou is not crushed us yet, so rest assured, the protagonist shou is omnipotent!"

Xia Heng was very reasonable at first. At the same time, they had improved their confidence in Han Lang's own business level.

On the day of the interview, Xia Heng got up early and dressed properly. He came to the interview location.

As soon as he entered the interview waiting area, Xia Heng was a little irritated. He only listened to his calling system 014, "014, why do they wear black suits? Is it too strange for me to wear white...?"

014 it seemed to be a bit stuck. At the beginning, it only thought that Xia Heng was more suitable for wearing white clothes. It forgot to think about this.

Now Xia Heng was like an actor who was on the wrong set. His clothes and temperament were different from the environment and the people waiting for the interview.

But who was 014? It's not 015 without ability, so it tried it best to remedy him and said, "Don't be afraid, the better we are, the better we will be defeated by the protagonist shou."

Xia Heng thought it's best to be so natural. And now that it's over, he couldn't go home to change clothes, so he could only comfort himself. 014 must be right.

The temperament came out of the world, just like the little prince, Xia Heng sat in the waiting area anxiously.

He bravely ignored the eyes of the other people, until a small bottle of herbal tea was stuffed in his hand.

Xia Heng turned around and saw Han Lang looking at him with a smile. Xia Heng's heart was more or less awkward. The protagonist shou was really mature and manly, really a man.

Without mentioning his handsome and sunny face, Xia Heng was envied by his height of more than one meter eight.

And this person was still the protagonist of the world with luck aura! Thinking of Xia Heng's awkward moment changed into excitement.

He blushed excitedly and said, "Thank, thank you."

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng, who was like a frightened bunny while blushed and thanking him, and his love was almost overflowed.

Although he was born in a big family, he had seen all kinds of seduction. However, Han Lang thought that the most delicious food was Xia Heng, a soft, beautiful and delicate young man. He said thank you to him with a red face. Was this really too tempting?

Thinking of this, Han Lang couldn't help but had a bit of bad thoughts, only to smiled at him and said, "How do you want to thank me?"

Xia Heng listened for a while, how could I thank you, wait for the interview, I put my face on the ground for you to step on?

Although he thought so, his words were really hard to say, because he didn't know how to answer. When he was anxious, his face became redder.

Only when he lowered his eyelids and his eyebrows quivered for a long time, did he say with great anxiety, "I don't know... how can I thank..."

Han Lang looked at the young man's beautiful side face, clear voice, beautiful neck and shy gesture, and he had a rare reaction.

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This was very embarrassing. Han Lang always knew that he liked men, but he never knew that he was so easily seduced.

So he changed his posture and covered up his ugliness. Then he pretended that he didn't care about it very much and said, "I'm only teasing you, what do you do seriously?"

Xia Heng was relieved to hear this and said: it's too exciting to owe the protagonist human feelings, he couldn't bear a small cannon fodder. Xia Heng, who consciously escaped a disaster, smiled happily at Han Lang, and then said with some embarrassment, "Sometimes I'm quite dull, and my brain reacts slowly. I'll only make you laugh."

Han Lang smiled after listened to him. When the young man smiled, two dimples would appear on the corner of his mouth. He looked very beautiful. Han Lang now felt that this man looked really like him.

His own industry was now under the care of a special person. As a young man born with a lot of money and time to spend his extravagance, Han Lang felt that his parents' education was good if he doesn't have a long way to go.

He came to this company to take the exam only to think that the salary was good and the welfare was reasonable. Another reason was that the boss of this company was good-looking.

At the beginning of the year-end party of the family invested enterprise, just looking at him from a distance, Han Lang felt that the company's boss looked very good-looking. That's why he had to apply today.

However, looked at Xia Heng, who was very nervous, Han Lang felt that his goal could be changed.

Xia Heng doesn't know what Han Lang was thinking at the moment. 014 doesn't know either. Both of them think that although the current situation was a little weird, the situation was still under control.

The interview was conducted in groups of three, three people at a time.

Xia Heng knew that he and the protagonist shou would be divided into a group. Otherwise, how could he face well?

Sure enough, the names of Xia Heng and Han Lang were called together.

When Xia Heng thought of the upcoming points, there was a joy in his heart. He turned around and smiled at Han Lang and said, "Come on!" You must step on me successfully.

Han Lang looked at Xia Heng's sweet and moving little dimples, then said slowly, "Ok."

The top three of the written examination came to the interview together. When the man sat in the chair saw Xia Heng, there were many emotions in his eyes. Wasn't that the handsome boy who wanted to touch his porcelain that day?

Xia Heng doesn't know what the man was thinking. At the moment, he was very nervous because he would be slapped later. This was the first time in his memory.

Only saw Xia Heng was looked forward to the examiner sat in the main position with great looks. The task would be completed! So excited.

Cheng Kaiming looked at his eyes with a burning look. The young man in white with his eyes full of excitement and his heart didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He knew that his appearance was good, so good that many people like him. (TN: both funny and extremely embarrassing)

From small to large, his face caused him a lot of trouble. So he doesn't like people stared at him very much. But in this young man's eyes, there was no disgusting obsession and ugliness, only the desire to try for the coming interview.

This kind of pure vision without any desire made Cheng Kaiming very comfortable. Together with the appearance of Xia Heng, it's much better.

Xia Heng was nervous at first, but when he saw the information that the company had sent to him, he felt a glimmer of understanding. It was the work that made them judge them and their opponents.

However, Xia Heng looked at the two rings designed by himself with two excellent characters printed on them. He couldn't help but flashed a little excitement in his heart, which was a joy affirmed by others.

Then he looked at the other two pictures. The wedding rings in one picture were two swans, each with a diamond on its beak. The shapes of the two swans were simple but beautiful. The long curved neck and silver body looked beautiful and atmospheric.

The third picture was much simpler. There was a heart on it, and then a diamond was inlaid in the center of the heart. It looked chic, but it's not much worse than the other two pictures.

Xia Heng almost instantaneously determined which piece of work was the protagonist shou, which must be the design idea next to him. Xia Heng was so confident at the moment.

Cheng Kaiming looked at the three people in the audience who were concentrating on speaking and said calmly, "All three of your works are on it. Who will comment on them first? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these three works?"

Xia Heng quickly raised his hand to signal that he was ready to speak. Just joking, let the protagonist shou take the lead, how could he be beaten?

In this case, you must start to be strong! Xia Heng thought confidently.


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