Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E
by Momo Without Tea
Chapter 1

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Xia Heng looked at the fiery sun on his head and whispered to the system 015, "Little five, how long will we wait here?"

"When the protagonist appears, host. Don't forget you're a little cannon fodder~"

"Do I just need to make sure that the protagonist shou will hit protagonist gong's car in order to save me?" (TN: shou: receiver;bot;uke // gong: attacker;top;seme)

"Yes, host. Our task is so simple, but there are many points, mainly because there are too few people willing to contribute now! Ah..."

Xia Heng knew that 015 was about to start nagging again. He quickly interrupted, "Do you think the person in front of is the protagonist shou?"

"Yes, yes!! Find a good angle! 3, 2, 1!"

"What's the matter with you? Walking without looking at the car?" A car that didn't know what brand it was and looked very expensive suddenly stopped on the side of the road.

Xia Heng looked at the protagonist who has gone far with an agitated look and was still swearing at the driver of the luxury car and said, "System... our not mission are not failed... right? "

015 was also full of embarrassment. After a long pause, it hesitated and said, "No ... it's not written on the life wheel! Wait for me to see!"

At this time, Xia Heng's face was depressed. He saw that his beautiful peach blossom eyes were slightly red, and his mouth was always drooping with a smile. He overlapped to compensate the driver, then covered his injured arm and left. What he didn't know was that the man in the back seat of the car looked at him with interest. He thought it was touching porcelain, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding? Tch, the small appearance of crying looked very poor and pretty. (TN: deliberately crashing cars then demanding compensation)

Xia Heng felt that he was in a bad time when he came to the roadside. His first mission ended in a terrible defeat. However, he thought about it. He felt that the days were still long and he could not be discouraged. Anyway, there were so many cannon fodder tasks. Not for this time, but there would be another one.

Xia Heng, who had consciously figured it out, summoned up his courage and said to 015, "Little five, what's our next task?"

015 didn't answered.

This unexpected situation made Xia Heng a little worried. He called 015 several times in a row, but he never got a response.

When Xia Heng was worried about whether system 015 had abandoned him or not, a familiar electronic voice appeared, "Hello, I am system 014, because your task just failed, so your next action is under my command."

Xia Heng was worried and asked, "What about... 015?"

"Oh, its in charge of another host. You don't have to worry about it."

Xia Heng was relieved at the moment, so he took a long breath and said to the system, "What's our next task?"

014 very responsibly said, "In 30 days, you have to go to the protagonist gong's company for an interview. Please ensure that the first two interviews are successful."

When Xia Heng heard it, he was a little bit stunned, "We don't need to make the protagonist gong get close to the protagonist shou?"

"Oh, no, the interview is in the third round. You have to pass the first two written test rounds, and then meet the protagonist shou in the third round..."

"Oh, I see. I just want to set off the wisdom of the protagonists!" Xia Heng thought he was very clever.

"Eh... it's not exactly like this... You need to make the protagonist shou set off at the same time while letting the protagonist gong notice the protagonist shou is special." 014 said a little embarrassed.

Xia Heng listened and somewhat stunned. He didn't quite understand how to set off the protagonist shou and made the protagonist gong noticed how special the protagonist shou was. He thought about it carefully and said to 014 very difficultly and carefully, "No... what about... the task tips?"

014 also felt sorry, "We can only know the approximate scene and destiny trajectory, and we really can't detect specific actions."

Xia Heng rubbed his nose in some embarrassment. The red nose made him look wronged and pitiful. At this moment, a hand holding a small can of tea drinks landed in front of his eyes. "Take it."

Xia Heng looked up in surprise and found that it was the protagonist shou who just ignored his fall!

He stammered and said, "Thank you, thank you for giving me something to drink."

The protagonist shou looked at him like this and said, "I thought you were going to fall down on purpose and demanding compensation, so I didn't care about it. Who knows you weren't?"

Xia Heng said silently in his heart: In fact, I fell down on purpose to touch porcelain just not for money, but to match you and the protagonist gong.

Xia Heng was more embarrassed. He blushed and mumbled, not knowing what to say.

The protagonist shou lowered his head, gently reached out his hand and rubbed Xia Heng's hair and said, "We met by chance, I can't give you more explanation, but if you want to accept the situation a bit, there is nothing you can't go through."

Xia Heng felt that this development was not right. But he couldn't say what was wrong, so he called 014, "Why did the protagonist shou suddenly treat me so well?"

014 was also out of form at this moment, "Pro... probably because he has a good man attribute? " (TN: one who tries never to offend anybody)

Xia Heng really disagreed with 014's judgment. After all, the "good man" didn't pull a hand when he saw that he was going to fall, but said that he looked like touching porcelain.

But Xia Heng was very obedient. Although he had no impression of what happened before he came here, his character couldn't be changed.

So he didn't show his inner grievances and dissatisfaction on his face, but smiled a little. Looked shy and embarrassed.

The protagonist shou looked at his appearance, only when he figured it out, he turned around to leave.

Watching him leave, 014 and Xia Heng couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief at the same time. This kind of unexpected situation really made people bald. The protagonist gong and the protagonist shou, please follow the routine.

After sent away two big Buddhas, Xia Heng came up with a question, "In a month, what is the company I want to interview about?"

014 seemed that it hadn't calmed down from the fright just now. It just said, "Oh, it's jewelry design."

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Xia Heng thought about it and felt that he didn't seem to have any impression of experience in this area. So he said uncertainly, "Don't I need to learn in advance... otherwise, I'm afraid I won't be able to pass the first two rounds of written tests. "

Don't know why 014's tone at the moment was wilting, just listen to him and said, "Study, I'll give you an outline, then you can learn according to the contents of the outline."

Xia Heng doesn't remember whether he had been in this major before, but looked at all kinds of terms and expertise of jewelry design, he felt like one big two. (TN: The first two mostly refer to the fact that they are too annoying because they are too troublesome or unlucky.)

In the next 30 days, Xia Heng was studying in the small rental room arranged by the system, working hard day and night.

Maybe it's too much effort. On the day of the written test, Xia Heng wore the suit that was selected by the system. After looked at Xia Heng, 014 was not satisfied and said, "Your image doesn't fit our preset character of cannon fodder."

Xia Heng was nervous for a moment, and hurriedly said, "I can change what is inappropriate."

014 puffed for a long time, he picked out a white three-piece suit from the system clothes store.

Xia Heng looked at the tailored suit uncertainly and said with some uncertainty, "I really need to wear this suit? But... is it very expensive? "

014 said carelessly, "You have novice points, and this suit is still within your range. As long as you complete the task well, it's very easy to buy these things in the future."

Xia Heng blinked and said "yes" without hesitation. He was eager to earn points.

Xia Heng, who wore this white suit, the overall temperament really took another level, although his height was still flawed.

But it's better to had a good figure, long legs and cocky buttocks. The face value was also high, the lips were red, the teeth were white, and the eyes were flowing, and they really looked great.

White clothes always chose people. People with darker skin color would look old. However, due to Xia Heng's continuous study these days, he had a kind of light pale skin. With this suit, it made him looked particularly elegant and noble.

014 looked at Xia Heng with satisfaction and said, "After two days of interview, you will wear this. It's time to change now. The first and second rounds are written tests. It's a pity to wear them so well. "

Xia Heng heard that and suddenly "hummed", then changed into the casual outfit he often wore and went to the company for a written examination.

The first round of written test was to test the basic knowledge and professional quality. Xia Heng was not afraid. After all, he had reviewed for more than a month. If he couldn't answer this question again, he seemed to be mentally retarded.

The second round was hard. They needed to hand over a simple jewelry design draft according to the requirements of the exam, and indicate the inspiration of the design.

Xia Heng had no other talent but perseverance. He spent half a month learning the design drawings that 014 gave him and the finished products displayed in the system store.

So when the company's test let him design a fashionable wedding ring.

Xia Heng did not hesitate to design a heart-shaped diamond ring in the form of a puzzle, two small heart-shaped rings that could be put together to form the other made a complete heart.

This design was not high-end but it's very flattering.

014 was recommended Xia Heng to copy the samples in the system store. But Xia Heng was still stubborn and chose his own design.

014 was not very happy. However, Xia Heng's design was finally selected.

It became No.2 of the candidates. The first one was a man named Han Lang.

Xia Heng listened to the system excitedly and said, "As expected, it's the protagonist shou. It's talent!"

Xia Heng asked puzzled, "The name of the protagonist shou is Han Lang?"

At the moment, 014 still immersed in its own world, "If I mix into 001 system, I guess I can have the host with the aura of the protagonist, right?"

Xia Heng heard that and rolled her eyes with no expression, "Little fourteen, is my points are not coming?"

"Here we are, 50% of the task is completed, and 1000 points will be awarded."


*Touch porcelain: deliberately crashing cars then demanding compensation

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