He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 74: Sockpuppet Exposure

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When it's time to go to bed, Lu Ran helped his baby warm up the bed early, arranged a place for his son, and happily slept with his little crybaby.

At the same time, Yang Yang and President Song's family. In a small corner where two adults were sneaking and others couldn't see, after solving the inappropriate sweet reward for children, they went back to their room to washed, and a family of three hugged each other and slept.

The program team had communicated with their guests in advance, and the camera of the program team would be stopped and at 7 o'clock of the next day officially start shooting and broadcast.

There were a lot of audiences who were fans of the program, who get up early and pay attention to the program and wait for it to start. In order to be able to see the unknown side of their idols in the early morning, they want to see the most real people when they get up.

At the beginning of the program, only a few groups of guests were still sleeping.

In the screen, at Qu Yang's room, they could see that Song Xintong, the little princess, was slept very well between Qu Tang and Song Muxiu. The sleeping faces of the three members of the family looked sweet and warm.

As soon as the scene changed, the two girls in Tian Tian team were hugged each other in the tent and sleep for warmth. Because it's winter and snowy and they stayed in tents, the outdoor temperature was very low. Two people's body was covered with thick coats jackets. They could only show their hair above their heads, but they could still imagine their sleeping posture.

Think of two beautiful soft girls held together to stay warm and sleep. They must be very sweet and attractive. If they could get a clear picture, the audience rating would increase dramatically.

On the side of Fang Bai team, it seemed that they were not very close to each other. There was quite a kind of sleeping posture that looked like a divorced couple. It made people wonder whether these two people were really in love as they are showed?

It's totally unseen, especially after compared to Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran.

The scene on the side of Lu Ran's room made netizens more distressed about the experience of Gu Xiaosheng.

Gu Xiaosheng, the poor son, was arranged on the side by Lu Ran, who was domineering and stingy. Probably for the convenience of the child to go to the toilet at night.

But President Lu's real mind was well known by everyone. He has a strong desire to possess Gu Qingyan and held him in his arms. Let Gu Qingyan get close to his heart and listen to his heartbeat into dreamland. This move seemed to show that every heartbeat of mine was accelerated for you. The reason why it could beat was because of your existence.

Gu Qingyan should sleep very sweet, because Lu Ran blocked Gu Qingyan's soft black hair and could not see his face clearly, so they could not see Gu Qingyan's sleeping face at the moment, which made fans feel pity and more deeply realize Lu Ran's overbearing possessive desire.

The consolation for fans was that they could see Gu Xiaosheng slept. Gu Xiaosheng's appearance was adorable to all audiences. Gu Xiaosheng's sleeping posture was very behaved, and his sleeping appearance was like a little angel falling into the world.

The long eyelashes trembled slightly, and the white and lovely little face tightly grasped the corner of the quilt on the body. How could you think it's cute and pitiful? In one word, it's 'cute'.

And why does Gu Xiaosheng held the quilt tightly? That's because he was afraid that his quilt would be swept away by his unsympathetic father. Lu Ran robbed most of the quilts and wrapped himself and Gu Qingyan tightly. He was afraid that his little crybaby would be frozen, regardless of his poor son. This was probably the most real choice that his father made between his son and his lover.

And it's because of Gu Xiaosheng's pitiful little actions that made the audience's affection even more rampant. They sent out barrage one after another:

My Little Sheng Sheng was really pitiful. How can you go so far, President Lu!! // Sheng Sheng distressed me, such a lovely son. President Lu, how can you not let him sleep between you two? // President Lu, you are in charge of your son. Aren't you afraid of freezing your son? // President Lu, you are enough. Look at your son, he is almost out of the quilt. Do you have the heart to live in such a cold day? // I feel bad for Sheng...

Of course, the audience's ridicule barrage could not be seen. Even if they saw it, they would not manage it. After all, the son and the lover were more important than a lover of course. A son or something was a demand repayment with his lover's rival!

Actually, one of the most anticipated parts of this program was to get a close look at the appearance of a star's plain face when they woke up from their private life, which really made people expect whether the star's skin was really different, smooth and flawless.

It had to be said that when the high-definition camera captured their woke up and sleeping appearance, the audience expressed that Qu Yang and Lu Ran's skin values were really super high, and they all looked super good, which was really enviable and hateful.

However, in the Fang Bai team, the two of them did not took off their make-up and slept at close range, which made people speechless, especially concerned about their own image. On the contrary, the girls in the Tian Tian team were much more real. Although they had one or two pimples on their faces, they look super youthful and energetic.

As the sky grew brighter, Lu Ran woke up first. He looked at the people in his arms and could not help but kiss Gu Qingyan.

But Gu Qingyan was awakened by Lu Ran's actions and mumbled with his eyes closed, "Big brother, don't make trouble..."

Then he woke up and opened his eyes a little bit dazed, as if wondering where this was?

But he didn't seem to want to understand the reaction, but after seeing big brother Lu Ran was looking at himself with a doting expression. He smiled sweetly, leaned and kissed Lu Ran, and said in a soft and adorable voice, "Big brother, morning~"

The barrage was sweetened by Gu Qingyan:

How sweet, Gu Gu is so soft and cute when he get up in the morning!! Drool, I also want to be Gu lover o(*////▽////*)q // President Lu's face is spoiled. Gu Gu is so cute and lovely. It's totally different from normal times. // Although it's very sweet, do you remember your son? // You two are really sweet, but I really feel bad about my Sheng...

And after they woke up completely, they mercilessly woke up their little poor son. Then a family of three brush their teeth and have breakfast together. Although it's a very ordinary daily life, it made the onlookers felt really sweet!

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They interact with each other, look at each other casually, and show their deep love.

Watched at these cp completed the game task from the program team, see their behavior action in finished the task, after that, they looked intently.

The netizens said that the program was really good, although they was abused. But willingly and the more they watch, the more excited they were, the more they want to see!?

Among these couples, Gu Qingyan and Qu Yang were the sweetest. These two teams of families were too sweet. It's really all sugar without affectation.

Every breath seemed to be maltreating the dog. The sweet taste of love were all pervasive and undisguised to other people.

And netizens had always been very sympathetic to Xiao Shengsheng and very dissatisfied with the unfair treatment that Gu Xiaosheng received. Gu Xiaosheng was so cute and adorable, but he was still abandoned by President Lu, because his son robbed his little crybaby.

Yes, it's true that the sharp-witted audience had found out that little crybaby and big brother were Gu Gu's family. Gu Gu and President Lu love each other just like Yang Yang and Mr. Song in Qu Yang's family.

And on the day before the end of the program, the netizens discovered a big secret of Gu Qingyan's family. It's Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran who actually made an account to abuse a dog, so it's that they were not sweet but sweet enough to make people suffer from diabetes, right!?

The netizen who had a sharp eye found that Lu Ran was posting something on Weibo from the camera that day, but it was obvious that the Weubo was not his big name. It could be vaguely seen that there were several words in the name of his Weibo, such as little crybaby. It's not good for curious netizens to search the account, so it said that curiosity killed the cat. They had to go to the hospital because of this dog food!

Little crybaby's big brother: 「I went to the program with little crybaby. Unexpectedly, someone wanted to have a meal in the program together?? Probably didn't wake up, little crybaby can only cook for me, and my son can only bring along!! (〃'▽'〃) @Big brother's little crybaby

Big brother's little crybaby: 「Big brother, you are a childish!! Are you still fight over with my son? (¬_¬)」

Little crybaby's big brother: 「You are my little crybaby. I'm the only one, and my son can't rob you from me. I won't give you to anyone anyway. I'm going to hide you.  ̄へ ̄ +」

Big brother's little crybaby: 「Childish o(*////▽////*)q。Well, it's yours alone, it's yours. Nobody can take it.


Little crybaby's big brother: 「Little crybaby, look at me, you can't look at others but your big brother!!!!

Big brother's little crybaby: 「Who do I see???

Little crybaby's big brother: 「Look at Yang Yang, don't look at your big brother (〃>皿<). Big brother is jealous, comfort!!

Big brother's little crybaby: 「Big brother, don't make trouble. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ」


Little crybaby's big brother: 「Little crybaby, what should I do. Just separated from you for a while, but I miss you so much. (;д;)」

Big brother's little crybaby: 「Big brother, little crybaby will be back in a moment. You obediently and President Song is waiting at home o(*////▽////*)q. If you obey me and wait for me to come back, you will be rewarded~


I used to think that my cute cp was not sweet, but the result? They are secretly distributing sugar!!! // President Lu, we found you. How sweet the account is!! 0 0 + // I'm going to have diabetes. How can you not tell us you have sugar!? // Big brother and little crybaby are cute. // President Lu's private lifestyle is a little different. He smiles with fascination. // Girly Lu! // So cute, little crybaby and big brother. // It's so sweet. // ...

Lu Ran sees his private account swarmed by a large number of fans, took a glance at the camera, smiled defiantly and sent a Weibo and @ Gu Qingyan with the account.

Little crybaby's big brother: 「Little crybaby, we have been found o(*////▽////*)q, do you want to send them sugar? @Big brother's little crybaby

Big brother's little crybaby: 「It ’s not too sweet if it's not made, and they will become diabetic if it's sweetened. (づ  ̄3 ̄) づ」

2333 my Gu Gu is so cute. The big Gu Gu is very serious. The little crybaby is cute and adorable. // +1 never thought that President Lu could be so cute. My big brother and little crybaby are too sweet. // I'm going to the hospital. How can you be so cute!? I've got diabetes, so I don't care about sending sugar to make the storm more violent. // My cute official cp forced fans to death...


[0] Sockpuppet (马甲): A false online identity, typically created by a person or group in order to promote their own opinions or views.

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