He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 73: No Food For Dinner

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The program group also spent a lot of effort, because it's a new variety show, so the most popular couple cp was invited, so that the program could get good audience rating through the appeal of these hottest traffic kings.

The program group invited four couples cp, male team, lily* team, male and female couple team. Through various games, netizens voted the sweetest group of winners and received various awards provided by the program group. (TN: *lily: yuri/lesbian)

The program also used a live broadcast mode to record the daily life between couples. Of course, there were still human rights. The live broadcast of bedtime would be stopped and the shooting would start automatically at 7 o'clock the next day.

Because the program special set of new ways to interact, in fact, it attracted a lot of attention before the broadcast. Many viewers are guessing which pairs of cp will be selected when the show started. However, the program group was very bad and didn't tell the public clearly, they just let out the rumors and said that there would be a cp team to lead.

At first, they all speculated that it would be a well-known old artist family, but then there was an online news exposure of the specific list, and they were all excited.

In particular, Gu Qingyan's fans, because their family Gu Gu would lead his family with President Lu and the little bun together. God knows how much his fans drooling over the soft and cute appearance of the little bun. Of course, there were Qu Yang's fans. After all, their family Yangyang would show up with Mr. Song and the little princess.

Many netizens said before the program started that there was two cp team joining in, which was very interesting. After all, it's not a problem to have soft and cute little buns. Netizens also said that Gu Xiaosheng and Song Xintong were the little cp of childhood. It's particularly interesting to think about them.

The official participants of the program included: Qu Yang, President Song, Song Xintong, Gu Qingyan, Lu Ran and Gu Xiaosheng. Besides the same-sex families, there were also a pair of female idol group cp, Tiantian and Tangtang, and there were Yan Qiubai and Fang Yu cp, Gu Qingyan's most hated men and women.

When Gu Qingyan knew that these two people were taking part, he felt puzzled. He doesn't know how the two of them got together, but it has nothing to do with Gu Qingyan. Anyway, the purpose of participating in the program was to take advantage of the opportunity of participating in the program to go on a family trip.

When they met at the assembly place, they set out in the bus provided by the program group.

In the bus, Song Xintong and Gu Xiaosheng were sat together, and the netizens shouted that the interaction between the two cp was cute and sweet. Wasn't this just simply innocent playmates and childhood sweetheart pattern?

Then when the camera turned to the adults, Qu Yang was elated to chat with Gu Qingyan who was sitting on the other side. And his lover, Mr. President Song, was afraid that he would move too much, and he also surrounded his waist with one hand to protect him.

Let me say that President Song and my sheep are the sweetest. Look!! // It's really sweet. Yangyang just like children, so excited when they going to travel 2333. // I think I can't stop eating dog food. Although it's abused, I'm willing. // ... (TN: 2333: lol; hahaha)

Lu Ran sat beside Gu Qingyan, didn't protect his little crybaby like Song Muxiu did, because his little crybaby's sitting position was obviously well-behaved and elegant.

So Lu Ran was only close to Gu Qingyan, but Lu Ran's eyes never leave Gu Qingyan. As long as they observed busefully, they could see that Lu Ran has always looked at Gu Qingyan with loving eyes and a spoiled face.

On the other side of the idol group cp, the two girls were obviously sleepy and sleeping together, while Yan Qiubai and Fang Yu, the Fang Bai team, looked more like the feeling of mutual respect. They were watching a movie together, one person one headset, and the two would just look up and smile.

When the bus arrived at the airport, the group took their luggage to go through the security check and took a plane to the famous resort of Y Country, which was specially selected by the program group.

After several hours of flight, they finally got off the plane. They followed the program group and came to a resort with a very good environment. Because now it's winter, the resort covered with snow. It's very beautiful from afar. The houses here were all beautiful from the outside, it's small villas. When they heard that there were outdoor hot springs in the resort, Yangyang said he must go soak in the hot spring.

On such a snowy day, it's more beautiful to watch the snow scenery in the outdoor hot spring bath. Gu Xiaosheng and Song Xintong were also very excited. They just got out of the car and ran to make a snowman. Because it's not snowy when winter in Fangwo City, it's fun for them to had snowy days.

And the adults were not as relaxed as the children, because they were going to accept the game task from the program group just after getting off the car. Their game content was to ask them to use their own way to get the audience's vote. The audience votes for the team they think was the sweetest, and the team could get the benefit of priority housing selection.

In fact, it's very simple and roughly understood as an advertisement to confess their love, so Qu Yang borrowed a guitar from the program group. Qu Yang looked at Song Muxiu and smiled at him, then started to sing while playing the guitar, sung a love song he specially wrote for Song Muxiu.

Qu Yang's voice was very pleasant, because this song was written for Song Muxiu, so Qu Yang was very devoted when he sang. His expression looked sweet with the lyrics. It seemed that every lyrics narrated every happy love moment when they were together.

Song Muxiu liked to see Qu Yang singing very much. Qu Yang was sparkling at this time, he was particularly attractive. Song Muxiu was fascinated by his singing. After a song, Qu Yang smiled at Song Muxiu and seemed to ask for praise, "Mr. Song, do you like it? I wrote to you specially. Have you been moved by my song?"

Song Muxiu looked at Qu Yang, touched his hair and said with a smile, "It's so nice."

"Do I have any reward?" Qu Yang pointed to his cheek.

Song Muxiu kissed Qu Yang's cheek, then whispered in a voice that only they could hear, "The rest of the reward will slowly supply you in the evening."


Both the audience and the people were moved by Qu Yang's song, and Song Xintong was very proud to say that her little dad was so powerful!

The way the two little girls in the sweet team confessed was to show their affectionately with each other, and everything depended on nothing.

For Yan Qiubai and Fang Yu team, he suddenly held Fang Yu from behind. Yan Qiubai came close to Fang Yu's ear and whispers, while Fang Yu showed a girl's coyness.

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Netizens saw the dog abuse, because the performance of the previous couple was very good. So when it came to Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran, they all look forward to it. Especially because the couple didn't interact with each other on Weibo, everyone was very interested in the dog abuse confession of this seemingly low-key couple.

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran and said with a smile, "Big brother, do you want a good house?"

Lu Ran looked at Gu Qingyan and replied, "As long as I can live together with little crybaby, no matter where you live, because where you have me is home."

Gu Qingyan was sweetened by Lu Ran's words. He hugged Lu Ran and rubbed against his neck. He said coquettishly, "Big brother, you are a foul."

Lu Ran embraced Gu Qingyan, then he turned around and wrapped Gu Qingyan in his own body, and did not let the camera shoot Gu Qingyan. He glanced at the camera, raised his eyebrows, smiled and said to the camera and Gu Qingyan, "I don't want my little crybaby to be seen by others. He belongs to me alone."

Gu Qingyan's ears were all red, muttering in a low voice, "Childish ghost."

Lu Ran lowered his head and kissed Gu Qingyan's ear tip, "But the childish ghost love you so much, do you love the childish ghost?"

"Um." Gu Qingyan replied softly.

Shoot! The official sugar is so sweet!! // Now I find that the sweetness of Gu Gu and President Lu is no less than Yang Yang and President Song. It's too sweet. // I thought I was very young and thought they were not sweet. Now it seems that I am still too naive. // So what are little crybaby and big brother??? // It's really sweet. Mommy's dog food is good for me. (*/ω\*) // ...

In the end, Qu Yang's family won the reward of a luxury couple suite. Gu Qingyan family won a resort cabin. Tiantian team was a camping tent, while Bai Fang team was a recreational vehicle.

And their dinner today needed to be solved by themselves. The program team only provided ingredients.

The one who cook in Qu Yang's family was President Song. Song Muxiu rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands. Then he began to cut vegetables. At this time, Qu Yang hugged Song Muxiu from the back and leaned his chin on his shoulder to watch Song Muxiu cook and cut vegetables.

Tong Tong and Gu Xiaosheng were playing in the room.

People who eat melon said that Yang Yang was really like a little bird relying on people. He was inseparable from President Song and like a koala. President Song was fond of cooking and the dishes he made really looked delicious. (TN: cute and helpless-looking (idiom))

Tian Tian team, the two people pitifully cooking noodles outside, because they got a camping tent, so they could only cooking noodles outside, netizens shouted that the two girls really pitiful, the program team was cruel.

Bai Fang team, the two people looked at each other in the RV for a while, and the scene was very embarrassing for a while because neither of them could cook. At this time, Yan Qiubai suggested that they just go to someone else's house to had a meal.

But the problem was that they were not familiar with Qu Yang's family, so pass. What the Tian Tian team ate was noodles. They just went to watch it. It doesn't look good. Pass. So the only thing left was Lu Ran's family.

Although Gu Qingyan and both of them were not on good terms, but they didn't had to prepare dinner by themselves, so they were planning went to the program team in the end, and they guess that the other was embarrassed to refuse.

At this moment, in Lu Ran's family, Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan were cooking diligently. Lu Ran helped little crybaby to tie the apron, and Gu Qingyan helped his big brother to pull up his sleeve, so he started to prepare dinner very skillfully.

The people who were fed dog food said that although it was only a simple cooking, it was a little high in sugar today to see the two people's skillful actions and close interaction.

They heard someone knock on the door, Lu Ran put down the things on his hands and went to open the door. Because his little crybaby was still cooking, Lu Ran thought it was his baby son who came back, but when he opened the door, he saw Yan Qiubai and Fang Yu stood outside.

For the two of them, Lu Ran had no good feeling at all. Lu Tan frowned and looked at the two uninvited people.

But Yan Qiubai obviously didn't care. Instead, he spoke to Lu Ran in a very familiar tone, "Brother Ran, Fang Yu and I can't cook. So we'd like to have a meal together. We're so familiar. You won't refuse, right?"

Fang Yu next to Yan Qiubai, looked shyly.

However, they did not expect the embarrassing scene appeared.

Lu Ran directly refused, "Little crybaby can only cook for me and my son, not for you."

Then he closed the door directly and mercilessly, shutting them out.

23333, President Lu is so domineering that he's going to kill me. // Little crybaby can only cook for my son and me. President Lu said that his son's obvious expression was also disgusted. President Lu, you are too stingy. Feel sorry for the little bun... // Heartache Xiao Shengsheng +1 // President Lu, you are overbearing. // President Lu, sooner or later, you will be despised by Gu Gu, but I feel he is so cute!! // ...

Being refused and met with a sharp rebuff, Fang Bai team could only angrily go back to the RV, asked the program team for two bags of instant noodles, and then they pitifully ate noodles in front of the camera.


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