He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 72: Are you abused today?

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Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran's recent two days were pretty good. Could you say that sweet daily dogs abuse the son every day? Of course, it couldn't be that kind of intimacy was showed in front of his son. Lu Ran was very good to Gu Xiaosheng. He already took a good care to the baby even without knowing he was his son.

But since he knew that Gu Xiaosheng was his son, he loved him more. But he couldn't wait to pack Gu Xiaosheng and throw him to his parents. Because he wanted to be alone with his little crybaby, his son was too unsightly! That's probably the difference between a biological father and a stepfather.

Recently, a program group invited Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran to participate in the program, and the program began to be officially filmed a year later. It took a very special form, the kind of live broadcast with a comments barrage. The name of the program was "Are you abused today?".

When Gu Qingyan received the invitation from the program group to saw the name, he thought the program was quite poisonous, and even called it with a sly title. The main purpose of this program was to provide the best dog food for the audience who liked to eat sugar, and let them eat enough at one time.

Therefore, they specially invited more famous cp to participate in the recent fire. Recently, Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran, the new generation of fresh meat, had been making a lot of troubles. So the program team sent sincere invitation letters to them for the first time. After all, their participation in this time's ratings must be particularly high. (TN: cp: couple; fire: hot/popular; fresh meat: like a newcomer in the industry)

Gu Qingyan saw the invitation letter sent by the program group, and the specific program form and process. After heard that Qu Yang and his family would participate, Gu Qingyan asked to invite Lu Ran and Gu Xiaosheng. He agreed to invite the whole family to participate in the program together. Anyway, this time he was quite leisure, and he could also take advantage of the opportunity on the program.

This year, the New Year's Eve was spent at Lu Ran's home, and the family was very happy. Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan prepare the New Year's Eve dinner together in the kitchen, because they think it's very good to cook together.

When eating the dinner, Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran's parents, his own baby son and his lover who had gone through numerous innumerable storms were reunited together.

Gu Qingyan once imagined that one day he could go home with Lu Ran. No matter it was his home or Lu Ran's home, he hoped to get the blessing of his family and recognized by them.

He and Lu Ran were separated in their childhood. They met and loved each other. However, due to various reasons, such as personality, trifles and white lies, the last misunderstanding was separated without notice and a bitter pursuit. Although they wasted five years of good time together in vain, fortunately, they met again when they were most mature, and both grew up to learn how to love to express their thoughts in their hearts.

Close to each other, finally break through the obstacles of all kinds of sweet and sad things, and come back together.

What a pity? Missed time?

No, it's not a pity.

Gu Qingyan thought maybe it was because of the time he missed, he and Lu Ran both learned how to grow, how to express and cherish each other. Five years was enough, they would have five, ten, fifteen more years. And this time they would not let go and let their loved one leave.

Although I can't accompany you through your birth and growth, I will accompany you through every moment of your life in the future.

I will spend the time I missed with you, and I will cherish every minute and every second.

In the end, I hope that we can have one ending.

Although life is not the same, but death can be the same point.

This is probably the best ending that I can think of. Whoever leaves first, in the end, must live a healthy life. Then I'll wait for you to close your eyes, I'll stay in the yellow spring road waiting for you to take my hand, and I'll be with you in the next life.
(TN: the underworld of Chinese mythology; the equivalent of Hades or Hell)

Gu Qingyan looked back at Lu Ran and smiled at each other.

This year's new year was at Lu Ran's house, so next year they would go to Gu Qingyan's house. Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan had already agreed. But actually Gu Qingyan didn't know that what Lu Ran really wanted was to spend the next year with a large family, so Lu Ran was planning to complete this goal as soon as possible, but Lu Ran did it very stealthily and carefully, so Gu Qingyan didn't know.

Gu Qingyan’s parents also passed the information with Lu Ran. Mama Xia was still so good. It's true that the two children were really destined, so Mama Xia and his husband did not object to the two people.

However, his elder brother was a little sad, because both brothers said that they were still unhappy with Lu Ran. After all, as two super bro-con, how could they were not difficult?

But their nephew was still very lovely, so it's conceivable that there was a big difference between their attitude and treatment towards Lu Ran and Gu Xiaosheng. So Lu Ran was still fighting hard all kinds of hardship. He just wanted to get the recognition of both of the brothers-in-law as soon as possible.

A lot of things happened this year. Lu Ran found his little crybaby and brought him a little bun. Lu Ran thought that he was the luckiest person in the world. He found love in his life, had a lover and a son. In the future, he would try his best to make the person he loved happy.

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Little crybaby's big brother: Little crybaby, I love you. I want to be with you all my life. @Big brother's little crybaby

Big brother's little crybaby: Big brother, I love you too. We will spend many years together for a lifetime.

The family was ready to go to the show "Are you abused today?".

Gu Qingyan was very worried. Does he thought that the sly show that this program group came up with something was really no problem? A group of open, semi open, group CP, family talk show, crazy sugar, single dog abuse, would someone really watch it?

On the day when the program officially started, Gu Qingyan knew what he thought too much, because there were so many people watching the program.

Because the method of this variety show was very fresh, with a real-time screen. All of the participants were CP, which was very famous and popular recently. There were many fans and many young people like it.

When the countdown of the program was ready to start, everyone's screens were:

I heard it's a dog abuse show? // Bark, bark, bark. // Please present my good 82 years dog food! // I'm here to see my favorite CP sprinkling sugar o(*////▽////*)q // I bet that the sweetest of propaganda must be Yangyang and President Song. Although they still like to abuse us, I really can't help but want to see... // I think the sweetest must be white sugar group, the lily is the king! // Anyway, I'm here to see the little buns. Spread hands. You slowly rob the adults. The bun belongs to me~ // I'm waiting in front. I'm here to see the little princess. // I want to see Xiao Shengsheng!! He's super cute. I'm his fan! // I want to see Gu Gu and President Lu...

When the program team came to Gu Qingyan's home, Lu Ran opened the door for them in a strawberry apron. The cameraman's staff were stunned, while Lu Ran calmly asked them to come in.

What do I see, the fuck??? // Mr. Lu's apron is really attractive. Covered eyes and secretly looks through the fingers' gap. // President Lu actually wearing such a cute girlish style at home? I need to eat something to calm down, don't say, it's a real contrast? // I'm scared. Is the boss like this style? // The one in front must be from the company. I'm scared by the boss. // Wait a moment. I'm here to see little son...

The staff of the program group followed Lu Ran into their home, while Gu Qingyan and Gu Xiaosheng were sat in the dining room and saw that they waved politely and greeted the staff. Lu Ran walked straight to the kitchen and brought out steamed buns.

Gu Qingyan and Gu Xiaosheng looked at each other and make eye contact. Gu Qingyan nodded and Gu Xiaosheng asked the cameramen sweetly, "Uncle, do you want something to eat?"

Both the barrage and the program team were warmed by Gu Xiaosheng's small move. This little bun was really cute and sensible.

The program team was still very principled. It's important to work and they don't eat much of what they eat. So the cameraman shook his lens.

Gu Xiaosheng thought for a moment, then came down from his chair and approached the staff.

"It's pity, daddy and big dad made many rabbit and bear buns yesterday." Then close to the camera, "Secretly tell you that it's delicious. I ate one yesterday."

Now the barrage blew up:

My nosebleed can't stop... // My mother, you are so cute. // I'm the little son's fan. Stupid face. // Cover your nose. He's so cute. // How can there be such a lovely little angel? // I've turned pink. Let's kidnap the child together (*/ω\*) really want to bring him home. // ...

Because of Gu Xiaosheng's action, the screen was almost full of comments barrage now. Gu Qingyan looked at the tablet that the program team gave to watch the barrage. The expression of righteous words exactly: Their family Gu Xiaosheng was really popular, but it's a problem to kidnap the child...

When the Gu Qingyan's family had a good breakfast, Gu Xiaosheng took a small bag from the kitchen to pack up the animal buns.

The staff asked curiously, "Gu Xiaosheng, do you take the bag to pack the bun and prepare to eat on the way?"

Gu Xiaosheng shook his head and said softly and earnestly, "I'm going to take it to Sister Tongtong and Godfather Yangyang."

At the moment, the barrage was full, how could Gu Xiaosheng be so sweet and so sensible. Gu Qingyan's education was very good. This was probably the child of the legendary family. So the people who watch the program spontaneously send Weibo posts to friends and family around them to make a variety of programs.


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