He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 71: Press Conference

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Things always had to be solved, although Gu Shuo was reluctant to forgive the bastard who bullied his brother. But it's too much trouble. If he let the situation went on like this, it may had a very bad impact on his brother.

The most crucial point was that the whole family is really opposed to the two of them together. It was only himself and his older brother. The older brother was now almost done by the younger brother. He really despised the pig teammate who was not so firm.

Now it's not possible to be resented by the younger brother if he insisted on it alone. This kind of thing was an unbearable blow for a bro-con like him. Think about if the younger brother doesn't even call himself, Gu Shuo felt his heart was bleeding.

He was really angry! But there was no other way, especially when he thought of those comments that were maliciously attacked his brother on the internet, how could Gu Shuo bear it?

Nothing was more important than Gu Qingyan. Although he was reluctant, Gu Shuo finally contacted Lu Ran, so there was a press conference joint by Xing Yu and EGM.

On the day of the press conference, when everyone gathered, Gu Shuo looked at his brother and Lu Ran. He was not happy and glanced at Lu Ran, Lu Ran suddenly touched his nose and didn’t speak.

When the conference began, the three were seated. Gu Qingyan, as the key figure of Lu Ran's being beaten, sat in the middle, while Lu Ran and Gu Shuo were on his side.

On the stage, Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran were naturally interlocking their fingers. Of course, Gu Shuo, who sat on Gu Qingyan's side saw such a small action, which made Gu Shuo frown.

The reporters under the stage were all had an eager look. Everyone wanted to give priority to ask questions to get the best news.

When the press conference began, Gu Qingyan stood up and bowed to the reporters who sat down. Then he said, "Thank you very much for coming to this press conference. I'd like to thank you first."

Gu Qingyan looked very sincere. He took a look at Lu Ran and smiled, "First of all, I have to declare that my relationship with Lu Ran Lu is very good, and there is no problem."

There was a young reporter who couldn't held his breath, and he directly said rudely, "Then why is President Lu beaten? I have the right to doubt that today's press conference is likely to be hold only for the purpose of deceiving and winning the sympathy of the public. The purpose is to clean up Gu Qingyan reputation. After all, Gu Qingyan is now the focus of Xing Yu. According to the reliable information we have, the relationship between President Gu and Gu Qingyan is not normal. You..."

"What about your newspaper office?" Gu Shuo looked at the aggressive reporter who asked his brother and said, "I don't care which newspaper agency you are, you'd better be careful!"

The young reporter stunned the EGM's president, he was really different from Gu Qingyan, but because of the reliable first-hand information provided by the insider, in order to sell the newspaper, he had to face the difficulties and exposed the truth behind the press conference.

For his own promotion and salary increase, although it would offend EGM and Xing Yu. However, if he made a move today, he may be able to made himself famous and became an industry model that does not fear the power to dare to disclose the truth.

So the silly white sweet young reporter met the difficulties and looked directly at Gu Shuo and said sharply, "If President Gu doedn't have an improper relationship with Gu Qingyan, you wouldn't be able to fight President Lu, would you? Your press conference today is just crisis public relations! I am a journalist with a conscience. I pursue the truth, so I will not be afraid of you..."

Gu Shuo reached for a microphone and said coldly at the reporter, "Oh, I really have something to do with Gu Qingyan. And the reason why I beat Lu Ran is simply because Lu Ran not pleasing to the eye."

"You have admitted it, you..."

"Can you stop interrupting? Do you have any professionalism?" Gu Shuo's mood was very bad, "I tell you, I just beat Lu Ran. And in the future, as long as Lu Ran dares to treat Gu Qingyan badly, I will fight him! The reason is very simple because Gu Qingyan is my younger brother! Lu Ran was beaten by me because he abducted my baby brother. If he is your brother, I'm sure you will do it. "

"And you, I'll ask for your source information later. I tell you, you just had a very bad attitude towards my brother. I, Gu Shuo, is such a fussy person, so I will definitely complain about you, you will wait for me!"

After Gu Shuo finished the reporter, he looked at Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran, who still held hands and ten fingers together. He was very dissatisfied and said, "You two release your hands."

All the people here felt stupid. Gu Shuo was Gu Qingyan's big brother??

The young reporter who just asked was even more scared, so the information he got before was false? Gu Shuo and Gu Qingyan were brothers. He only felt that his career as a journalist was over...

While the rest of the reporters took a look at their silly white sweet colleague, and then rushed to ask questions.

A female reporter wearing glasses and short hair asked quickly, her eyes were bright, "So you and Gu Qingyan are brothers? It's because your brother turned you away, right?"

Gu Shuo frowned and asked the stupid reporter this question, because the other person was a female, his voice was much better, "Didn't I say it all, Gu Qingyan is my brother. My dear brother, didn't we look alike?"

The female reporter looked very excited and happy, "Thank you for your answer, my question is over."

Gu Shuo whispered in his heart: What kind of journalists are coming here today? How can they be so low in professional quality?

And the female reporter’s thought at the moment was: Real bro-con, so cute! Gu Shuo is really super bro-con. God, too cute.

The feeling of other people on the scene was that Gu Shuo, the former general manager of EGM, was a super bro-con, while Gu Qingyan, as a new generation of fresh meat, had a rich family.


After the press conference finished, Gu Qingyan also posted a Weibo.

Gu Qingyan: 「Thank you for your concern. Gu Shuo is my brother. And I am the youngest child in my family, so my brother was very angry and beat Lu Ran when he knew that I was dating him (picture: Gu Xiaosheng applying ointment to Lu Ran)」

Baa baa baa: 「So it is, I can only say that a good bro-con!!! I laughed to death and watched the live broadcast of the press conference. I can only say that President Gu is really bro-con, and that there is no room for people to pick up. Although the way he speak is not very good, but a real man, especially hate the reporter, President Gu so handsome. I don't know if big brother is still lacking a girlfriend. Do you like a soft and cute like Gu Gu (*/ω\*)?」

Don't kiss me: 「Upstairs, President Gu is really handsome when he hates people. As expected, Gu Gu's family's genes are excellent.

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I love Gu Gu: 「Although I sympathize with President Lu, I have to say that President Gu played well. Bro-con god really super damn cute, I feel that the little sister reporter who asked questions is also good!

I love little yellow book: 「Is my focus only on my high academic qualifications, rich second generation and handsome appearance??

Pai pai zuo: 「The same upstair, and Gu Gu's acting skills are great~~

Gu Gu Gu: 「Gu Gu's brother is really handsome. I just found something special, elder brother is also handsome!! (picture: Gu Ling)」

I love little strawberry: 「I'm brother's powder. Since big brother can't be little brother's girlfriend, can I be your girlfriend? o(*////▽////*)q (TN: fans)」


Big brother's little crybaby: 「I love you, big brother. Although you are swollen with black and blue, you are always the most handsome one in my heart. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ @Little crybaby's big brother

Little crybaby's big brother: 「I love you too, little crybaby. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ 」

This matter had finally been solved satisfactorily. And at this moment Yan Qiubai was very depressed and annoyed. Why does this happen?

Why does Gu Qingyan live so well? He was born well and so many people like him. Why?

Yan Qiubai felt very unwilling. Yes, the fake information was provided by him to the reporter. He thought that there was an improper relationship between Gu Qingyan and Gu Shuo. Although there was no definite evidence, Gu Shuo and Gu Qingyan seemed to be too close to each other. Moreover, Gu Shuo was so cruel to Lu Ran. If he hadn't left an extra heart to send anonymous information to the reporter, now he was afraid that he would not be able to eat and walk away.

But Lu Ran had been recuperating for a long time before he finally slowly recovered his injury, although in this period of time, his brother-in-law would come to talk and constantly toss himself.

But Lu Ran said it doesn't matter because his little crybaby loved him very much.

Gu Qingyan began to protest after seeing his brother bullying his lover. The final result was that of course, he couldn't manage his little brother and looked at the bastard who abducted his brother angrily.

On the other hand, Gu Qingyan's TV drama "Beijing Opera Drama" had finally started broadcasting, with a very high audience rating.

Everyone said Xing Ziang was so handsome. Both Xing Ziang, who was reckless, and Xing Ziang, who couldn't go back in the later period for the sake of the country, were fascinating. Xing Ziang was like a big boy at first, but in the later stage, he gradually grew up to be a responsible man, but it's a pity that in the end, he couldn't go back and married his lover, the outcome was only separated by death.

When the final episode of "Beijing Opera Dream" was broadcast, Gu Qingyan posted a Weibo.

Gu Qingyan: 「I'm very lucky that we met in hundreds of millions of people. I'm very grateful that God let us break through many obstacles and get back together again. Falling in love with you and being with you again is the greatest fortune in my life. @Lu Ran V (with pictures of Lu Ran and Gu Xiaosheng smiled)」

Lu Ran V: 「I love you. Loving you has become my instinct and habit. Meeting you is the greatest happiness in my life. (photo: Gu Qingyan held Gu Xiaosheng and smiled) // Gu Qingyan: I'm very lucky that we met in hundreds of millions of people. I'm very grateful that God let us break through many obstacles and get back together again. Falling in love with you and being with you again is the greatest fortune in my life. @Lu Ran V (with pictures of Lu Ran and Gu Xiaosheng smiled)」

Sheep sheep sheep: 「Shoot. It's sweet. What a big dog food!!!

Don't talk and kiss me: 「Shoot, the official sugar is so sweet!!!!

Baa baa baa: 「Dang! I'll take this sugar!!!

I love Gu Gu: 「Shoot, how so sweet, I get diabetes!!!

Love to eat little strawberries: 「A big dog food, I hurt so much.

Eating melon: 「Shoot, the damage is shaped, upstairs. It's really sweet!!!

Don't look at it: 「Shoot. It's so sweet. I thought I would never see the official sugar in my life. I am willing to eat this dog food. o(*////▽////*)q」


Little crybaby's big brother: 「Actually, their official has always been very sweet, but they didn't find it~ (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ @Big brother's little crybaby

Big brother's little crybaby: 「Shh, if they find it they will have diabetes, so don't tell them. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ」


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