He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 70: Follow-up Progress

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The two people went to the hospital to make sure that Lu Ran had no problems. It was late at night when they got home, and Gu Xiaosheng had already gone to bed.

Gu Qingyan took the ointment prescribed by the doctor in the hospital and tried to wipe the medicine to Lu Ran. As a result, when his hand dipped with ointment just touched Ran's wound, Lu Ran suddenly reached out and grabbed Gu Qingyan.

Gu Qingyan was shocked to think that he had hurt Lu Ran, he looked at Lu Ran with eyes full of guilt.

"Little crybaby, you tell big brother. How do you do during that time?" Lu Ran's voice was low. Gu Qingyan could hear Lu Ran's carefulness and guilt from his expression and words.

Gu Qingyan thought for a moment, smiled at Lu Ran, and began to narrate slowly, "When I just came home, I didn't know that I was pregnant. You know that I was a man. Later, as my stomach grew larger and larger, I felt something was wrong. At that time, Qu Yang has a relative who worked in the hospital, and then I went to check where I did the examination and found out."

Gu Qingyan paused, he had no intention of blaming Lu Ran. His tone was peaceful and he didn't feel the bitterness of complaining about bad memories, "At that time, I knew the result was muddled. I was a man and found out pregnant after the examination. But then I thought that when I left, I left all the things you gave me, but this child was taken away by me. I think this is probably the most precious gift you left for me that I can't give it up."

Gu Qingyan had a smile on his face. In fact, the experience of having a baby didn't hurt him much. Although he was confused and scared at the beginning, Gu Qingyan always felt that it was the most correct decision he made in his life to let Gu Xiaosheng stay.

"Then I thought I was going to give birth to him. At first, I was worried and scared, but later I didn't think it was too terrible. After all, medical technology is so developed, and there was not much pain when the anesthesia was applied. It's just that there's a bit of trouble in hiding from home. You know my brother looks like that. If they know it, they won't agree. But after all, you left it for me, so I'm reluctant to..."

"Later, Gu Xiaosheng was born and the family knew and there was no way." Gu Qingyan's voice was relaxed, "I'm alone with Gu Xiaosheng. He's very good and sensible and is very likable. In fact, in the end, everyone at home likes Gu Xiaosheng very much. So in fact, it's not too hard. I think it's very good. Although you're not around me, it's very happy to have a son with you. Our son is a little angel. He is the best gift you left for me."

"Later, EGM company in Fangwo City opened, Qu Yang was also in Fangwo City, and I came back with Gu Xiaosheng, and then I met you..."

Lu Ran’s strength in grasping Gu Qingyan’s hand was getting heavier and heavier without paying attention. Gu Qingyan does not complain at all, but the more he does, Lu Ran was more and more he blamed himself and uncomfortable, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

"You hurt me." Gu Qingyan complained. Lu Ran quickly released Gu Qingyan's hand and looked very flustered.

After Gu Qingyan broke away from the shackles of Lu Ran, he used his hand to held Lu Ran’s face and forced Lu Ran to looked into his eyes.

Gu Qingyan smiled at Lu Ran. His eyes were soft like water, and he said with pouted, "Big brother, don't do this. There's nothing to be sorry for, and don't you like me very much now? You said you would make it up to me for the rest of your life."

Lu Ran looked at Gu Qingyan, looked at his little crybaby, only felt that his nose was sour again.

"Big brother, I really didn't regret it, and don't you think my son is very cute?" Then he put his face close to him and kissed Lu Ran's lips, "I'm very happy now. I've said it all at home. My parents have no opinion, that is, Gu Shuo and Gu Ling. I was afraid that they would hit you, so I didn't dare to mention..."

Gu Qingyan's words were apologetic, but Lu Ran felt that he deserved to be beaten by Gu Shuo.

"Little crybaby, your brother is right."

"But my heart hurts... big brother... my heart hurts..."

I don't want you to get hurt, because when you hurt, I more hurt than you.

Gu Qingyan pinched Lu Ran's face and showed a particularly sweet smile, "Big brother, everything is over, isn't it?"

Of course, Lu Ran could understand the meaning of Gu Qingyan's words. Everything was over. Yes, it's all over. Although I have brought you so many pain that make you sad, you finally choose to forget all the unhappiness and choose to believe that I am with you again.

Lu Ran's eyes were also slightly moistened. Lu Ran looked at Gu Qingyan affectionately.

"Little crybaby, I love you."

"Thank you, little crybaby."

Thank you, little crybaby. Thank you, for always like me so much. Thank you, little crybaby. Thank you for give me a chance. Thank you, little crybaby. Thank you for giving so much for me.

You are stupid, I love you, I love you, I love you, thank you for loving me.

"I love you too, big brother." Gu Qingyan looked into Lu Ran's eyes. "Thank you, big brother."

Thank you for give me a gift. Thank you for choosing to keep looking for me. Thank you for loving me so much.

You are so kind. I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for loving me too.

I love this person. 「It must be him」

I want to give him the best in the world, I want to give him all of mine. I love him, loving him has become my instinct, has become my habit, I love him, it must be him.

Gu Qingyan doesn't know at the moment. The news that Lu Ran was beaten up had gone wild on Weibo.

Weibo hot search: Xing Yu's president was beaten? // Gu Qingyan stepped on two boats. // Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran break up. // ...

Qu Yang: 「I don't say much about the truth. But Qingyan didn't step on two boats, and Lu Ran deserved to be beaten. As for those who make up things, if you have the ability to wait. I can't say anything more and let you know, but I think they will give you the answer soon.

Sheep sheep sheep: 「I'm confused. What's going on? Why President Lu was beaten?? They all said that Gu Gu had cheated. I don't believe it!

Don't talk and kiss my sheep: 「I don't believe that Gu Gu will do that. Yangyang must know something, and then they will give you the answer.

Favorite Gu Gu: 「I always like Gu Gu very much. I don't believe Gu Gu do that. Waiting for the answer.

Gu Gu Gu: 「I believe in Gu Gu, waiting for the answer, and who is the person who is fighting against President Lu? I feel he is so handsome. Hold on, my point seems to be askew. (*/ω\*)。」

Yangyang's little tangerine: 「The same, upstair. But it seems that it's pretty miserable that President Lu has been beaten. Sympathizing with President Lu, I feel pain when I look at it.

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As for the people who deliberately brought the rhythm in Weibo, Song Muxiu also covered the topic with others. Because he estimated that Lu Ran might not had time to deal with these things for the time being, so Mr. Song, the good old man, took the initiative to do a good thing.

However, it was Gu Qingyan's elder brother who beat Lu Ran. Mr. Song also said that Lu Ran deserved it. After all, he knew some gossip about his family from Qu Yang.

The next day, Lu Ran woke up early in the morning and came to Gu Xiaosheng's room and looked at his sleeping son.

He whispered, "I'm sorry baby, big dad didn't accompany you at that time. Let you live alone with little crybaby for so long. Thank you, thank you for taking dad's place and accompany little crybaby at that time."

Gu Xiaosheng was awakened by Lu Ran's whispering. He rubbed his eyes and saw that his big dad had a black wound on his face and scab of blood on his mouth.

He quickly got up and asked, "Big dad, what happened with you? Does it hurt?" Then he leaned over to help him.

Lu Ran embraced Gu Xiaosheng, "I'm sorry, baby."

Gu Xiaosheng felt strange and confused and looked at Lu Ran, "Big dad, what happened?"

Lu Ran looked at him and said, "Son, I have something to tell you. I hope you can forgive big dad after listening."

Gu Xiaosheng blinked and looked at Lu Ran in confusion.

"Son, you are actually the biological son of big dad and your daddy. Your daddy gave birth to you, but we separated because of misunderstanding. I also just knew yesterday, although your daddy has forgiven big dad. But big dad is still very guilty and wants to say sorry to you. I'm sorry that big dad has let you live alone for so long."

Gu Xiaosheng touched Lu Ran's hair, "So I was born by my daddy and big dad? I'm also very generous. Even my daddy forgive you. But you have to promise that you will always be nice to us. "

"I promise."

Lu Ran's being beaten has been fermenting, and Mama Lu hurriedly called her son to inquire about the cause and effect of the incident.

As a result, when the video call was connected, she saw her son's miserable face, and Mama Lu was a little distressed.

"Son, what happened to you and your wife? Who hit you?"

"We're fine. It's the baby's brother who hit me." Lu Ran hurriedly explained.

Mama Lu wondered, "Why did your wife's brother hit you?"

Lu Ran was silent for a while and decided to tell his mother everything he knew yesterday.

"I only learned yesterday that Gu Xiaosheng is my own son."

"You didn't know that before?" Mama Lu's face looked awkward.

Lu Ran stunned and replied honestly, "I don't know. Actually, my baby and I knew each other several years ago. He was 16 years old and came back for me. Mom, do you remember the kid that ran away from home and I brought him home? "

"Of course." Mama Lu has always been thinking about that special child. She still remembered that the child was very beautiful. He looked very cute because he seemed to be introverted and doesn't like to get close to others.

"That kid is the baby. He overcame all obstacles for me. He found me when he was 16. Then we were together, but we were separated for five years because of misunderstanding, and then we met and were together again." Lu Ran paused and continued, "He gave birth to Gu Xiaosheng alone, and his family also knows after the birth of the child..."

Mama Lu frowned, "Then you really deserve to be beaten."

In order to return to China, she could saw how much her daughter-in-law loved her son. After misunderstanding and separation, he secretly gave birth to the child by himself. He was afraid that he had no family to accompany when he gave birth to the child by himself. Mama Lu also personally experienced it. Therefore, it's even more painful for Gu Qingyan, after all, this child was not a normal pregnant woman. He must had been scared at that time.

Mama Lu had long been a big fan of her daughter-in-law. She likes her lovely and obedient daughter-in-law very much. Don't mention her own baby grandson. His education was very good, which had something to do with her daughter-in-law. So Mama Lu said that she was fine by her son beaten up by her daughter-in-law's family, so that she could see her grandson for so long.

"Your baby is very good. He has been holding his brother back. He didn't let him. I think you deserve to be beaten."

"If you are not good to your wife in the future. Your mother is the first to disagree."

"No, mom. I'll be good to him all my life."

Love and protect him all my life.

Use the rest of my life to compensate him, will not let him suffer a little grievance or even pain.

I love him, he is my life. In the future, I will love him more deeply.

I love you, little crybaby. I love you, Gu Qingyan.


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