He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 69: Be good, I know how to fight

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"I am willing, and this is my business." Gu Qingyan looked at Gu Shuo and retorted.

"Yes, you are willing to do." Gu Shuo was really speechless by Gu Qingyan. He really hated iron for not becoming steel, and his voice couldn't help but aggravated. "You were so small that year and all the family loved you so much. You run alone to make people bully you like that, and you're going home with a big stomach. Finally, you make yourself look like you are going to die. Gu Qingyan, are you really willing to be bullied and abused? (TN: to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom))

"I didn't." Gu Qingyan bit his lower lip tightly, and his tears couldn't stop flowing down.

Gu Qingyan knew that Gu Shuo was distressed and felt that he was not fighting for it, so he would speak ill to the other. He hoped to use the pain of that year to remind Gu Qingyan to woke up and let him leave Lu Ran.

But the problem was that Gu Qingyan couldn't do it. He couldn't leave Lu Ran.

Yes, it's impossible to refute that Lu Ran did hurt Gu Qingyan, but those wounds had already scabbed and healed, and those things had already become the past, so people had to look forward.

The main thing was that no matter how many years had passed, that love has quietly existed. Gu Qingyan once thought that he had already put down long ago and didn't love him, but in fact, he couldn't forget Lu Ran, and once again met the sealed love and was dug again.

He loved Lu Ran deeply and this love was answered by Lu Ran. Knowing that Lu Ran loved him deeply, he couldn't stop it.

He doesn't know when it started, but he was deeply in love.

They were in love with each other. Even if there had been misunderstandings, it could be the moment when love showed up. Those once sad and painful memories had became less important.

I love you, and I know you love me as much. Our feelings are equal, you are willing to pay for me. Instead of letting me stupidly stand alone, how can I be willing to let you go and leave alone.

He doesn't understand and doesn't want to understand the feelings of Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan. All he cared about was the grievances suffered by his lovely and clever brother. So he was angry and grieved for Gu Qingyan.

Gu Shuo's tone was very heavy, with regret in his words, "You haven't, I'm so sorry to let you come to Fangwo City! Why can't you change the person you like? Do you have to like such a bastard to death?"

Gu Qingyan, with tears in his eyes, looked at Gu Shuo stubbornly, "Because he is my big brother, no one else is."

Gu Qingyan said softly to Gu Shuo, "Brother, we are all reconciled now. We are very happy together now. I can't blame him for all the responsibilities in those years, and I have responsibilities. Really, I'm having a good time now. Brother..."

Gu Shuo gritted his teeth and looked at Gu Qingyan, he looked straight at him, "Gu Qingyan!"

Gu Shuo looked at his disheartened brother and felt powerless. At the moment, he needed to find something to vent his anger. Gu Shuo looked at Lu Ran, the culprit, and his eyes were resentful as if he had to eat Lu Ran's bones.

If it wasn't for this man, how could his brother be like this? Gu Shuo’s idea at this time was to try to beat Lu Ran so that he could calm the anger of his heart.

At this moment, Lu Ran stood aside and suddenly opened his mouth to said, "Little crybaby, let your brother beat me."

Lu Ran looked into Gu Qingyan's eyes, and his voice choked with regret, "I'm sorry, big brother doesn't know anything. I'm sorry, I let you go through so many things alone. I'm sorry..."

How scared his little crybaby was? How sad his little crybaby was? His little crybaby went through so much experience alone, all because of him.

Lu Ran's heart was hurt. It really hurt.

Because he was ridiculously swaying and hurt his favorite person. Let his lover suffer alone, he repented of his sorrow. Especially when he saw his lover fighting with his family for such a bastard, he felt more and more upset.

Lu Ran thought that maybe only after being beaten up by Gu Shuo would he be more comfortable.

I can't feel the same with the mental pains that I brought to you. I just hope I can make up for it. Even if it's the physical pain of being beaten, I only hope that I can feel so much to make up for the time when I was not at your side and made you miserable.

"That's what you said!" Gu Shuo looked at Gu Qingyan and raised his fist, "Gu Qingyan, step aside, don't move from there!"

Gu Qingyan was willing to obey, but Lu Ran looked at him with guilt and earnestly pleaded, "Obey it, listen your brother. Stay where you are."

Lu Ran also stood still and waited for Gu Shuo to vent his anger.

Gu Shuo went up and punched Lu Ran's face. He shouted, "you bullied my brother and made suffer. He went home only to die!"

He punched Lu Ran's stomach fiercely, "You got my brother pregnant that year. Why don't you know how to wear a condom?" (TN: really, brother 0.0)

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Then there was another punch, he was merciless, "This punch, you let my brother live alone with Gu Xiaosheng. Do you fucking know that? My brother was alone at that time. He still small and was afraid, only Qu Yang was with him.”

Gu Shuo's voice choked and his eyes turned red, "He didn't dare to let us know. He secretly faced all the problems alone and lied to us to live with Qu Yang for a while. If Qu Yang didn't tell us later, I didn't even know my brother gave birth as man!? Oh, we have a younger brother or a younger sister!!"

Gu Shuo laughed at himself and punched Lu Ran again, "I don't feel good when I look at your face. I don't know why this little bastard always remember you. After five years, he was fucking called your name for five years in his dream. Is it because you helped him as a child? But why do you hurt him just because you helped him, can you do it at your will?" (TN: you didn't read it wrong, Gu Shuo really called Gu Qingyan little bastard)

Although Gu Shuo finally beat Lu Ran to vent his anger, he didn't felt so relaxed. Thinking of Gu Qingyan's experiences, Gu Shuo, as his brother, couldn't help crying.

This was his baby brother, because when he was a child, all the family was afraid that he would suffer a little injustice. He was afraid that he would be bumped, he was afraid that he would fell so he held his hand. He was really afraid. So he spoiled him.

As a result, the little bastard grew up to 16 years old. In order to get along with his big brother who didn't last long when he was a child, he had to run away alone without listening to his family. It turned out that after two years, he went back and got knocked. He had no idea how dangerous it was to had a baby. What's more, it was their brother, not their sister.

The more Gu Shuo thought, the angrier he was. His baby brother had to suffer for a bastard. Even now, for such a bastard, he cried and speak out against him, Gu Shuo felt distressed.

Gu Qingyan looked at Gu Shuo guiltily, move forward to pulled Gu Shuo's clothes, and his voice choked and pleaded, "Brother, don't do this."

Gu Qingyan knew that his brother was fighting for him. He thought that Lu Ran bullied him and he was an asshole, but no matter what decision he made, he was willing.

He loved Lu Ran, so even if he was hurt all over the place, he would never looked back. Even if he knew he had Gu Xiaosheng after he was separated from Lu Ran, he would definitely decided to give birth to Gu Xiaosheng. Even if he couldn't be together, he also wanted to kept Lu Ran's most precious and incredible gift to himself.

"Forget it. I can't care about you." Gu Shuo wiped his tears and pointed to Lu Ran to warn him, "I warn you, if you make my brother sad again, I will kill you!"

Then he kicked the door and didn't looked back. Gu Qingyan hurried to help Lu Ran with tears in his red eyes after Gu Shuo left. He was distressed and concerned, "Does it hurt?"

"Little crybaby, don't cry." Lu Ran smiled at Gu Qingyan and gently wiped Gu Qingyan's tears.

To be honest, it’s actually quite painful. But Lu Ran wanted to be sure that little crybaby didn't hurt at the time...

"Let's go to the hospital. Sorry, big brother. My brother must have hurt you." Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran guiltily and carefully helped Lu Ran up.

Lu Ran originally wanted to smile at Gu Qingyan, but in the end, he did not resist Gu Qingyan cried.

Lu Ran buried his face on the side of Gu Qingyan's neck. Tears flow down in Gu Qingyan's white neck. Gu Qingyan could clearly felt the warm water mark.

Gu Qingyan wanted to push Lu Ran carefully. He said something to Lu Ran and then helped Lu Ran wiped away his tears. But Gu Qingyan didn't say anything at last, and the hand that had stayed in the air was only gently to patted Lu Ran's back.

Lu Ran tried to calm his mood, but his awful voice and the warm liquid betrayed him, "It doesn't hurt. Don't worry, little crybaby."

Lu Ran paused for a while and said with guilt, "I'm sorry... little crybaby... I left you alone..."

Lu Ran's tears couldn't stop, and Gu Qingyan's movements became more gentle.

Lu Ran didn't cry because of the pain when he was hit, but when he looked at Gu Qingyan, his little crybaby, Lu Ran couldn't help it anymore. Annoyed with remorse, uncomfortable, and deep pressure. His little crybaby did so many things for him, but he didn't know anything. As Gu Shuo said, he was a bastard, unmistakable bastard.

"Big brother, don't cry. I don't blame you, really." Gu Qingyan's voice also hoarse, his voice was like coaxing children, "Big brother, shall we go to the hospital first?"

Lu Ran was silent for a long time. He calmed down his emotions and responded, "Ok."


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