He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 68: Exactly, Must Beat You Up

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"Break up with him."

Lu Ran could clearly heard the voice of a man through the door, and the man's words were imperative. This man was educating and instigating his little crybaby to leave him. Lu Ran frowned and wondered what the relationship between this man and little crybaby?


At the moment, Gu Qingyan's voice came back, and his answer was very firm. Lu Ran heard Gu Qingyan's answer and felt soft in his heart. He knew that his little crybaby must love him very much and never leave him. But who was this man?

"Gu Qingyan, I tell you, break up with him right away!" The man's voice was high and his tone was very bad.


Lu Ran heard Gu Qingyan's voice with a little grievance and then heard the sound of pulling, so Lu Ran hurriedly pushed the door open regardless of his ignorance.

He saw that the tall and handsome man in the private room pulled Gu Qingyan's hand and his expression looked very bad, and Gu Qingyan's very aggrieved appearance was also slightly reddish. They were all stunned by Lu Ran's arrival, but Lu Ran saw Gu Qingyan's appearance and thought that little crybaby had been wronged, so he rushed up directly. As a result, the man reacted and directly punched Lu Ran.

This second exchange made Lu Ran stunned. At this time, Gu Qingyan pulled Lu Ran back behind him and blocked Lu Ran's face. He looked up at the man who looked very angry and wanted to continue.

"Gu Qingyan, get out of my way!" The man was very angry, the tone was full of discontent and anger.

Gu Qingyan was not afraid at all. He looked at the man firmly, "You can't hit my big brother!"

"You won't let me?" The man raised his fist and threatened, "You don't want me to beat you up. Look at what you are used to!!"

Gu Qingyan was not afraid of being threatened, but Gu Qingyan came up with a plan in his hurry. Then Gu Qingyan's tears suddenly poured like rain and played his own cry to the extreme, tears were like water without money, but Gu Qingyan looked at Gu Shuo with eyes full of sad grievances and upset.

Although the man doesn't cry easily, this was the only way to protect Lu Ran at this moment. Gu Qingyan could only do this or Lu Ran would be beaten. Gu Shuo was black and cruel to others in his daily life. If Lu Ran was really beaten, it must be very painful. (TN: dark; sinister)

After all, Gu Shuo was very dissatisfied with Lu Ran and certainly does not spare him. Therefore, Gu Qingyan could only use this strategy to distract Gu Shuo’s attention.

And Gu Shuo saw Gu Qingyan cried, just as Gu Qingyan thought, his eyes were full of love and concern for Gu Qingyan. Hurriedly from the table took a tissue to Gu Qingyan and wiped his tears.

Lu Ran doesn't know what to do at the moment. He also wanted to come forward, but Gu Qingyan gave him a look to let Lu Ran stay. The man obviously noticed Gu Qingyan's small eyes. His eyes helplessly stared at Gu Qingyan with a helpless doting voice, "Gu Qingyan, you don't think I can stop beating him if you cry!"

Gu Qingyan meekly accepted Gu Shuo's wiping behavior, just sobbed and looked at Gu Shuo with red eyes. His tone was pitiful but he firmly affirmed, "Gu Shuo, if you want to hit my big brother, you should hit me first."

Gu Shuo heard that Gu Qingyan was so disheartened, and he was very upset, but the action under his hand was very gentle, "Gu Qingyan, how much pain did he make you suffer? Why won't you let brother beat him?"

Then he looked at Lu Ran angrily, and his tone was very bad, "You bastard, you made my brother suffer so much. Don't think I would agree with you so simply!"

"You are his brother?" Lu Ran understood now. He looked at his brother-in-law awkwardly. If he was beaten like this, he would not be wronged.

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"I'm not his fucking brother or am I your brother?" Then he pointed to Gu Qingyan's nose and scolded him angrily, "You little bastard, you make me look like a villain with a club."

Gu Qingyan raised his neck and looked at Gu Shuo directly, retorted and agreed, "You are, you have to break up our family!"

"Damn it, little bastard, I'm here for you. What did you look like then? " Gu Shuo looked at his brother, who was still struggling and turned his elbow outward. He was more and more unhappy with Lu Ran. If this damned bastard didn't instigate abduction, how could his lovely and obedient brother become like this?

"My parents didn't say anything. You have no right to stop us from being together." Gu Qingyan's looked at Gu Shuo showed that he doesn't listen to what he wanted to do with Lu Ran. His tone was firm.

Gu Shuo looked at Gu Qingyan and was so angry that he said, "I tell you, Gu Ling and I disagree!"

There was no way to be together. He and Gu Ling would never agree with Gu Qingyan and this bastard. Gu Shuo stared at Lu Ran, who was protected by Gu Qingyan: If it wasn't for this man, how could Gu Qingyan had been so desperate and unhappy for so many years. So he and Gu Ling would never agree with them.

"You have no right to do so. I like him. I love him. I want to be with him. And he is Gu Xiaosheng's father. Why don't you let us stay together?"

Gu Qingyan looked at Gu Shuo's grievance and tears. This time, he was really sad to cry. After all, everyone wanted their love to be recognized and blessed by the family. Lu Ran looked at Gu Qingyan's appearance and was distressed. He rushed forward to wipe Gu Qingyan's tears.

Gu Shuo was even more upset when he saw two people being bullied and persecuted by the family. He loudly scolded Lu Ran, "With this son of a bitch, let you have a child alone, fuck!"

Gu Shuo was so angry that he burst out directly, "My damned good brother give birth to someone else's child?"

Gu Shuo looked at Lu Ran with a sneer. If his eyes could kill people, Lu Ran probably doesn't know how many times he stabbed him to death.

Lu Ran was totally confused by Gu Shuo's words. He doesn't know what Gu Shuo's words mean. Child? Give birth to a child?

"What do you mean?" Lu Ran swallowed and looked at Gu Qingyan doubtfully. He asked, hoping Gu Qingyan could tell him the meaning of Gu Shuo's words.

Gu Qingyan didn't saw Lu Ran when he heard Lu Ran's question, but he just pursed his mouth and lowered his head to say nothing.

Gu Shuo looked at Gu Qingyan and he was more angry, "You didn't tell him anything? Ha ha, Gu Qingyan, you are a fucking fool. You gave birth to Gu Xiaosheng by yourself. How could you not tell him what you have experienced? How can I have such a stupid brother like you!"

Lu Ran was really blinded this time. Gu Xiaosheng was born from Gu Qingyan. So Gu Xiaosheng was really his own son, and his baby gave born by himself and took care of the child by himself...

What kind of life did he live without his company at that time? Lu Ran couldn't know it, but from Gu Shuo's angry words, he could realized it and felt more and more awful. He loved his little crybaby and was distressed by little crybaby for everything he does.

Lu Ran hated himself and for hurt little crybaby. He hated himself for being indecisive and hated why he didn't find his little crybaby earlier.

Lu Ran looked at his little crybaby and felt that he was really a big bastard. In particular, he saw Gu Qingyan maintain his voice to Gu Shuo.


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