He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 67: Weibo Flower Explodes

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The official Weibo of weekly gossip was at the top: Gu Qingyan's mysterious lover, uncover the secret! (with pictures of Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran's family having dinner, they also took photos of Gu Xiaosheng.)

After this Weibo exposure, there were many netizens who wanted to share with the same keen eyes. They generously took out their occasional photos and sent them to share with other melon eaters. (TN: netizens)

These photos include the photos of Gu Qingyan's three-family went out to play, the photos of Lu Ran picked up Gu Xiaosheng, and the photos of them going shopping. Although Gu Qingyan wore a mask to made a simple disguise in most cases, he could be recognized as long as they carefully identified him.

The main reason why it has not been exposed before, Gu Qingyan was usually very low-key.

And even if it's hot to go out, he wore a simple disguise. Gu Qingyan wears casual clothes on weekdays, so he looked like a handsome guy wearing a mask because of a common cold or bad air.

After all, although they couldn't see their faces clearly, their body shape, peach blossom eyes and Lu Ran, who appears beside Gu Qingyan, were actually photographed by many people.

Took advantage of this opportunity came a big outbreak, so that the photos of the two people being secretly photographed could be seen everywhere on the internet. Of course, there were also photos of their lovely and cute son, Gu Xiaosheng. After all, Gu Xiaosheng has inherited their excellent genes. In terms of appearance, he was impeccable and well educated by Gu Qingyan, so even Lu Ran company has many Gu Xiaosheng's fans.

But Gu Qingyan's Weibo directly burst into a pot, and a large number of melon eating people were waiting for Gu Qingyan to respond. Zhuo Yi received the news and called Gu Qingyan, he helplessly looked at Gu Qingyan, who was a bit at a loss. He asked whether he was directly open to the public? (TN: raged)

Gu Qingyan looked at Zhuo Yi and nodded, how could he do if he doesn't confess?

So Zhuo Yi started the next public issue directly without stopping and asked Gu Qingyan to send a Weibo to inform the public.

Gu Qingyan: 「Lu Ran, the president of Xing Yu, is indeed my lover. Yesterday our family went out to eat and was photographed. @Lu Ran V

Lu Ran V: 「Thank you for your concern. We have been in love for a long time. 」 // Gu Qingyan: 「Lu Ran, the president of Xing Yu, is indeed my lover. Yesterday our family went out to eat and was photographed.

Their interaction directly led to the explosion of flowers under Gu Qingyan's latest Weibo.

After all, although the fans knew Gu Qingyan had a lover, no one expected that this person would be Lu Ran, the president of Xing Yu. After all, the two of them doesn't spread gossip at all, and there seemed to be no news about them. The most news about Lu Ran was about him and Yan Qiubai.

So when GuQingyan’s fans know that the president of XingYu, the company of their own idols, has a relationship for a long time, they all said that their idol was too good to hide and the confidentiality work was too good.

Obviously, the lover and son were so handsome and so cute, why hid it??

There was also a video in which Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran secretly went to see a movie and were interviewed by a certain TV program before, which was once again brought out by the vast number of netizens.

As the evidence of two people being "caught" by the public, some good netizens had also made small emoticon pictures of expression packs and made small videos of dog abuse of love.

I love Gu Gu: 「He used to be Gu's boyfriend. The one who was interviewed by the TV program that night was really Gu Gu. I don't know what kind of ghost it is? lol

Baa baa baa: 「It's so cute ,upstairs. Shame though, laugh. But they are really sweet. After watching the complete interview video again, I feel that a lot of pure 82 years old dog food is coming, wang. Do not say I eat is also really cool. They were so matched. Gu Gu was sure to be shy at that time. Gu Gu was stunned when he heard what President Lu said. I also saw that the tip of his ear, which was blocked by his hair, was red. and did they secretly carry their son out of the two people worlds?

Love eating little strawberries: 「It's true. It's sweet but shameful. I guess they went out secretly with their son on their back. The little buns that are so distressed are abandoned by the ruthless dads.

Yang Yang's little tangerine: 「And the point is that the beauty of both of them are so high, the little bun is also lovely!!! So don't you think little bun, Gu Gu and President Lu are alike? I made up a big drama of men and children! (*/ω\*)」

I want to write little yellow literature: 「I think so too, it really alike!!! I agree that the family's beauty value is very high, and Gu Gu and President Lu have a good sense of dignity. My brain makes a love story between a little star and an overbearing president. Lu Ran pushed Gu Qingyan down on the sofa and pinched his chin with his hand, showing a vicious and domineering smile, and approached Gu Gu's ear and said in an ambiguous low voice, "Baby, do you know the unspoken rules? I want to dive you... " After said it, he licked Gu Gu's ears, which made Gu shudder and blushed...

The head of little squad: 「Drop, student, cut. Look at the upstair the old driver 2333. Take me with you. I want to see the follow-up o(*////▽////*)q and whether there is a wife who can draw. It feels good. Pleading!!」 (TN: 2333= lol)

Don't talk and kiss my sheep: 「Although I'm lovelorn, the little bun is really cute!! Do you have any other pictures of the little bun? Kneel down, and I want to follow up, HHH.

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Weibo could be described in full swing under a heated discussion. There were also many well-known and famous talented people who actually started the comic book under the Weibo. A variety of comments made people dazzled.

And comrade Qu Yang, who love to join the fun was unwilling to fall behind and exposed Lu Ran's mobile wallpaper and tagged him.

Qu Yang: 「My good friend and his family are all very beautiful. Is it particularly nice to send my friend's lover, Lu Ran's mobile wallpaper Is it particularly beautiful? Didn't I particularly smart? (with Lu Ran's mobile wallpaper)」 // Lu Ran V: 「Thank you for your concern. We have been in love for a long time. 」 // Gu Qingyan: 「Lu Ran, the president of Xing Yu, is indeed my lover. Yesterday our family went out to eat and was photographed.

Baa baa baa: 「Lying trough, Yangyang is doing this good dog food!」 (TN: What the fuck)

Don't talk and kiss me: 「It's so sweet. The official sugar is really sweet.

Yangyang's little tangerine: 「How can it be so sweet? The three of them is really good looking!!

I love Gu Gu: 「It’s really good to look at, it's really so sweet.


Little crybaby's big brother: 「Little crybaby, my wallpaper has been published!!! It's my private property. I'm so sad. @Big brother's little crybabyYangyang is too fast to handle. It doesn't matter, big brother. You'll have more wallpapers of a family of three in the future. It's fine, you can change it. Come, kiss (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~」

Little crybaby's big brother: 「Um, I accepted it grudgingly. Kiss, my little crybaby. muah muah (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~」

For the two of them to announce their relationship, everyone were still very supportive and looking forward to it. It was just totally different from what the masses think, Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran were not at all like Qu Yang's family in abusing dog of creating sugar! (TN: show their love)

People were always very strange to said that they don't want to abuse the dogs but they like to watched people's sugar, so after that, many people went to Weibo cried for sugar.

Of course, after the announcement of their relationship, there were still a few people who felt very bad, such as Yan Qiubai and Boss Gu of EGM.

Boss Gu specially contacted Gu Qingyan to talk with him for a long time and educated Gu Qingyan for a long time, but Gu Qingyan didn't listen to him at all or he was still a dead set to not change his pattern.

However, the photo of when they met in private was occasionally obtained by Yan Qiubai. Of course, Yan Qiubai would not miss this rare opportunity, so he passed the photo to Lu Ran anonymously.

In the photo, Gu Qingyan and a handsome man pull each other to look very close. Gu Qingyan doesn't like to contact others, Lu Ran knew it. So when he saw this photo, Lu Ran felt very uncomfortable.

Although Lu Ran believed Gu Qingyan very much, he knew that his little crybaby loved him very much. But Lu Ran still felt confused and worried. After all, the people in the photo seemed to be very close to Gu Qingyan, and Gu Qingyan was also willing to be close to the other.

The main thing was that his little crybaby didn't tell him about meeting other people, and his recent behavior was very strange. Sometimes he hid in the toilet and secretly made a phone call, received a text message and replied immediately when eating, but obviously his mood looked very bad and seemed to had something to worry about.

But Gu Qingyan doesn't want to tell Lu Ran and share his troubles with him. So Lu Ran could only quietly wait to accompany his little crybaby, as much as possible to coax him to made him happy.

And finally one day Lu Ran received a message like this: 「You wear a green hat by your lover, don't you know? It's pathetic. If you want to know, please go to this address: XX room, XX hotel.

Of course, Lu Ran doesn't believe what the text said. He knew that his little crybaby loved him very much. Lu Ran believed in Gu Qingyan and their love. But he still looked for it according to the address on the text message, because Lu Ran was worried about little crybaby and wanted to know what Gu Qingyan was worried about.

As a result, when Lu Ran came to the door of the private room, he heard such a conversation outside before he pushed the door open.


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