He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 66: Meeting Repercussions

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So one day, the old couple decided to come to the company to look at their son and grandson.

The reason was very simple, because the old couple heard that their son would take their grandson to work together recently, and their daughter-in-law would also be in the company if he was not busy recently.

So they decided to make a surprise meeting so that the whole family could had a surprise and harmonious dinner.

Otherwise, the ghost knew how long they would had to wait for their son to take them home together, so the two people together went to the company to "catch jq". (TN: terrible; d@mnable; clever; sly; crafty; sinister plot // jq: have something going on between them (usually romantic relationship))

The result was, when the husband and wife came to their son's office, they saw their son's wife holding their lovely little grandson on his lap and lying on the sofa, concentrating on watching cartoons and talking to each other in a low voice, while their son was dealing the documents on the desk not far away.

The atmosphere in the office was peaceful and warm because of their arrival, it was suddenly broken.

When the door of the office was opened, the two of the three members of the family in the office, except for Gu Xiaosheng of course, were stunned.

Gu Qingyan almost fell off the sofa with Gu Xiaosheng in his arms when he saw the arrival of Lu Ran's parents, while Lu Ran frowned and looked at the two uninvited elderly people. Gu Xiaosheng moved backward, fortunately, he aware of the unexpected visit of his big dad's mother, who was his grandmother.

So Gu Xiaosheng first responded and ran to Mama Lu's side. He called out with a cute and glutinous sweet voice, "Grandma."

"Oh, little baby, you're so clever, let grandma kiss you." Mama Lu's heart was sweetened by Gu Xiaosheng of calling her grandma. Her little grandson was really cute, soft and lovely.

Father Lu was envious, especially when he saw his grandson called his wife grandma. He also wanted to hear his grandson called him. He looked at the interaction of an old one and was very cautious, he especially wanted to participate.

At this moment, Gu Qingyan has already reflected. He hurriedly tidied up his clothes, stepped forward and brave himself. He called them nervously, "Uncle, aunt, hello."

"Hello." Mama Lu looked at Gu Qingyan kindly.

On the other hand, Father Lu looked at Gu Xiaosheng enviously, all his attention was taken away by Gu Xiaosheng.

Gu Xiaosheng was very clever. From his father's words and what he observed, he guessed that the handsome grandfather who came with his grandmother was his big dad's father, so he went up and shook his grandfather's hand.

Gu Xiaosheng looks at Father Lu shyly and cutely. Father Lu was happy at first, but immediately nervous because he was too serious to smile, so children don't like to be close to him. Father Lu was afraid that he scared his grandson away at last, so he tried to control his expression and smiled. But maybe Father Lu's face was paralyzed for a long time, and this smile seemed unsatisfactory.

But fortunately, Gu Xiaosheng didn't care. Looked at Father Lu, Gu Xiaosheng said, "Grandpa, I'm sorry that I didn't call you just now."

Father Lu said that he would like to have a heart attack. How could his little grandson be so cute? It's so cute and clever. He quickly crouched down to respond to Gu Xiaosheng, "Hey, my grandson is so cute and clever. How can grandpa blame you? It's not too late for grandpa to love you."

Lu Ran then looked at the two elders and asked them doubtfully, "How can you come here, mom, dad?"

Father Lu looked up at Lu Ran, and there were blame and dissatisfaction in his eyes, "It's because that you are a stinky boy. Won't you take my grandson and daughter-in-law home? We want to come and see our grandson."

After that, he quickly took back his sight and looked at his grandson happily.

Gu Qingyan was blushed because of Father Lu called him "daughter-in-law". Mama Lu has been secretly observing Gu Qingyan's reaction, which of course has not been missed. Now she thought her son's wife was better than she thought.

"Wait for a meal together." Mama Lu asked Gu Qingyan and smiled.

Gu Qingyan looked at Mama Lu with a red face and was embarrassed, but he nodded his head cleverly. Lu Ran doesn't continue to deal with the work, so he tidied up and took the big family to the restaurant for a meal.

Gu Xiaosheng was sitting in the back of the car, talking with his grandparents. He made the old couple liked him very much. Through the rearview mirror, they could see that the two old couple and the little one were full of laughter in the car.

After arriving at the restaurant, he arranged a private room and order the meal. Mama Lu wanted to take advantage of this rare opportunity to feed Gu Xiaosheng. Gu Xiaosheng shook his head and firmly told Mama Lu that he would eat by himself when he grew up.

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Although Mama Lu thought it was a pity, she still respected the child's own requirements for eating. In her heart, she was more and more fond of Gu Xiaosheng and more satisfied with Gu Qingyan.

Today, there was stewed beef with carrots on the menu. Mama Lu came here to serve Gu Xiaosheng dishes. She doesn't know if Gu Xiaosheng doesn't eat carrots. Gu Xiaosheng looked at Gu Qingyan's face and saw that Mama Lu took carrots for him. Mama Lu realized that her grandson doesn't like carrots as much as her son.

Although Mama Lu and Father Lu were all here, Gu Qingyan knew that Gu Xiaosheng may turn to the old couple for help, but he still refused Gu Xiaosheng's attempt to be picky about food, act pitiful, took advantage of a large number of people and then reach the goal of not eating carrots.

Gu Xiaosheng, like Gu Qingyan thought, turned to look at the old couple with pitiful eyes, hoping that they would help him. Mama Lu looked at Gu Xiaosheng's eyes, her heart softened, she couldn't help but want to help him say something, but her son took the lead.

"Son, you and big dad are same, obedient!"

Gu Xiaosheng sighed at Lu Ran's words and accepted his life.

At last, Gu Xiaosheng and Lu Ran ate it one by one. When Mama Lu saw it, she felt that it was amazing. Her son would actually eat this.

The meal was very enjoyable. When they left, Mama Lu, Father Lu and Gu Xiaosheng were reluctant to part. Mama Lu also told Gu Qingyan that if Lu Ran dared to bully him in the future, he would let her find himself directly, and she would help him teach Lu Ran a good lesson.

Gu Qingyan heard what Mama Lu said and secretly looked at Lu Ran and nodded shyly.

Mama Lu was more and more satisfied with the love of Gu Qingyan through today's meeting. This daughter-in-law was charming, shy and obedient.

Although he was a man, he gave birth to such a cute, intelligent and lovely child to her son. Mama Lu guessed that Gu Qingyan, who knew that he could had a child when he was pregnant, might be scared and at a loss. She could not help but felt some heartache and pity for Gu Qingyan.

When the old couple finally left, everyone could see that they were very satisfied with each other. When Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan went home alone, he took his little crybaby and rubbed against Gu Qingyan's neck. Then he kissed Gu Qingyan and whispered in Gu Qingyan's ear, "Little crybaby, my parents seem to like you very much. My mother also said that she would beat me for you? I'm jealous, who her son is."

"Hehe," Lu Ran chuckled, "but I'm glad they all like you. Do you like them?"

"Um, auntie and uncle are very nice. I like them, too."

Lu Ran listened to Gu Qingyan's words, and he felt the urge to see Gu Qingyan's family as soon as possible, so he asked Gu Qingyan, "Litle crybaby, you have seen my family. When can you take me to see your family? I also want to see little crybaby's family soon to let them know that there is an ugly son-in-law. Do you think it's not good, little crybaby, eh?"

Gu Qingyan heard Lu Ran's words and then he said, "I'm sorry, big brother, but it's not the time yet, ok?"

When Lu Ran heard Gu Qingyan's words, he finally sighed helplessly. He didn't know why Gu Qingyan didn't want to take him to his family, but Lu Ran was willing to wait until the day when little crybaby figured out what he wanted, so he replied, "OK."


Gu Qingyan actually wanted to take Lu Ran to see his family, but he was afraid that his big brother would be bullied. Of course, the most important reason was that he hadn't told Lu Ran about his son so far.

Gu Qingyan doesn't know how to tell his big brother that Gu Xiaosheng was born by himself and gave him a son.

After all, it's a bit inconceivable. He's afraid Lu Ran couldn't accept it. Gu Qingyan was afraid that Lu Ran would be uncomfortable with the existence of Gu Xiaosheng because Gu Xiaosheng was born by himself. Although he knew that Lu Ran loves him very much, Gu Qingyan couldn't help thinking about the fact that men could give birth to a child...

The photos of Gu Qingyan and his family eating together were secretly taken by paparazzi and directly burst out. In this era of developed information, everyone knew in minutes and even this event had become a hot search in Weibo.

Gu Qingyan was so caught off guard that he had to face all the problems and find solutions instead of avoiding the delay.


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